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Lynn vs. Elam?

Is it on?

The Tennessean thinks so: Susan Lynn files to reclaim former state House seat.

My new district

Susan put this map up on her Facebook account.

On the other hand, just a few months ago, former Rep. Lynn was complaining on Facebook that the legislature had deliberately drawn the new district lines to move her out of her former district and into the the 46th (currently held by Rep. Mark Pody).

See here: Susan Lynn: I can see my house from my old district.

Pull up a chair. Pop some popcorn.

This should be entertaining.



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Wilson County Republican Party has now been reorganized

A slate of officers headed by Kevin Foushee was elected this past Saturday at a mass meeting attended by 200+ Republicans from across the county. The slate headed by Foushee was endorsed by former Rep. Susan Lynn and she sent out multiple emails urging their election. The slate endorsed by the current Republican delegation  from Wilson County ((Sen. Beavers, Rep. Pody & Rep. Elam) was defeated.

What does this mean? Will Susan Lynn run for her house seat again in 2012?
Lynn vs. Elam in 2012…. How would you handicap that race?


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Susan Lynn lets all of her supporters know that the NRA has endorsed Mae Beavers

You can’t make this stuff up. On the evening of July 14, 2010 Susan Lynn sent out an email to all of her supporters proudly announcing that she had received an “A+” rating from the NRA. At the end of her press release, she invited readers to click on a link to the NRA website for further information.

And there, on the NRA web site it does show that, indeed, Susan Lynn has an “A+” rating. And two lines above Susan’s Lynn’s name is Mae Beavers’ name, also with an “A+” rating, but in larger, bold type, underlined, and with a big check mark next to it, indicating that she has received the NRA Endorsement in the primary race for the 17th Senate District.

And now, all of Susan Lynn’s supporters know that too.


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