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Liquor stores in Mt. Juliet

As Mt. Juliet has doubled in population, many of the new residents have been asking, “Why does Lebanon have liquor stores and not Mt. Juliet?”

The answer is that just as legalizing liquor-by-the-drink in restaurants required a referendum, the sale of wine & intoxicating spirits in package stores also requires approval in a referendum. Such a referendum can only be conducted if a petition with signatures totaling at least 10% of the number of voters in the last gubernatorial election is submitted to the election commission. Actually, the practice has been that the text and form of the petition needs to be requested from the election commission and then turned in to them for verification.

Here’s the way TCA spells out the precise text of the petition:

“We, registered voters of  Mt. Juliet, do hereby request the holding of a local option election to authorize retail package stores to sell alcoholic beverages as provided by law.”

So, as a highly unscientific experiment, let’s poll the readers of RFMJ.



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The Red Light Camera Mess in Mt. Juliet

or The City Manager Tricked Me – AGAIN!

Bad city manager! Tricky city manager!

I Find Your Lack of Faith DisturbingIt seems he’s done it again! Using his nefarious jedi mind tricks, the Mt. Juliet City Manager has tricked Mayor Linda Elam and the City Commission into  voting for an ordinance which now embarrasses them.

He does this by carefully having the city attorney draft an ordinance. Then he actually gives it to Mayor Elam and the Commissioners a week ahead of the meeting. And then, he sits back and allows them to debate, ask questions, and vote on it at two separate meetings!

It’s no wonder that Mayor Elam and the Commission have no idea what they’ve voted on.

Twice this has happened (that we know about!)

Back in May, an outraged Mayor Elam actually put into the introduction to an amendment to the City Personnel Ordinance that the changes were “not brought to the attention of the board of commissioners.” RFMJ covered that debacle in a post titled, The City Manager Tricked Me!

Now she’s complaining that the contract approved by the City Commission with American Traffic Solutions will cost too much money to terminate. Mayor Elam has admitted in an email to The Chronicle of Mt. Juliet that she did not read the contract that she voted for. She blamed staff for not telling the commission about penalties spelled out in the contract if the City terminates it early.

There are shocking numbers in the reports in The Chronicle and in the Mt. Juliet News. In just six months (since January of this year), over $400,000 has been extorted from the citizens of Mt. Juliet. Two-thirds of that amount has been sent to ATS, headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ.

In a delicious bit of irony, just below the Red Light Camera story in The Chronicle is an article about Mayor Elam kicking off her fall campaign for a seat in the state legislature.

We do NOT need another legislator who makes mistakes, doesn’t bother to read the legislation they’re voting on, and then blames staff for all the problems.


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City faces public records requests over sign ordinance enforcement

The Chronicle of Mt. Juliet has filed a public records request for the number of signs confiscated and the number of citations issued under the newly amended sign ordinance.

Realtor Monica Doll has filed a public records request for documentation on all citations for violations of the sign ordinance issued over the past 24 months.

Realtor Bob Sorey, chairman of the Governmental Affairs Committee of the Eastern Middle Tennessee Association of Realtors (EMTAR), has filed an open records request for the number of signs confiscated and the number of citations issued under the newly amended sign ordinance.

The issue is the City’s admission that it is issuing citations to realtors who place signs in the public right-of-way, but is not issuing citations to citizens who place yard sign or similar signs in the public right-of-way.

The Chronicle of Mt. Juliet has the full story.


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Lowes & Walmart on track despite rumors?

That’s the headline on the front page of this week’s Chronicle.

In the story on page 7, the developer is quoted as saying everything is on track and that Lowe’s is now set to open in May of 2009 and Walmart in September or October of 2009.

This is a curious definition of “on track.”

In the February 13, 2008 Chronicle the headlines announced that Paddocks was “full steam ahead” with a target opening date for Lowes and Walmart of December 1, 2008.

And the City Manager made a big deal of announcing that this year’s City budget had NOT included anticipated sales tax dollars from the opening of Lowes or Walmart. Which turns out to have been a good thing. The City’s current budget year ends on June 30, 2009. If there had not been talk/speculation/announcements about opening Lowes and Walmart by Christmas of 2008 (or early in 2009), then there would have been no reason for the City to have even considered including projections of the sales tax revenue that would be generated.

So, it’s pretty clear that the initial opening dates for Lowe’s and Walmart have changed. They were originally scheduled to open by December of 2008. Now, it appears that they will open in 2009, with Walmart pushed back almost a year from the original estimates.


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Somewhere in Target . . .

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Headlines from The Chronicle and The Mt. Juliet News, Oct 8 2008

YMCA lease could be done by the end of Oct.
Inside: Long term lease for YMCA could be signed by end of month

YMCA has sent draft of master development agreement to the City
“Wilson County Attorney Mike Jennings is drafting a purchase agreement for the property that would have to be approved by both the city and county commissions.”
“Holleman said the property has a price tag of $1,050,000.”
“. . . the city commission could be signing off on it by the end of this month or early November.”
[Want to bet?]

Political signs slashed in MJ
McCain/Palin sign slashed in broad daylight on Lebanon Road

YMCA, property tax hot topics at mayoral forum
All of the candidates now opposed to the deal, but Mack charges “this whole debacle is the result of her efforts to do some city-funded aquatic or YMCA program.”

County fire fighters’ chili cook-off informs on public safety and upcoming election
Firefighters say there is not enough man power in Mt. Juliet

New Land Use Plan could bring new look to face of MJ
[That’s what we’re afraid of. . .]
City Planner Lisa Keylon: “Businesses have some obligation to step up and pay for part of the roads, water and sewer.”
[And who has the obligation to pay for the rest?]

MJ candidates reveal priorities at forum
– District 1

Justice calls for a full-time paid fire department, says it was “almost criminal” that the city didn’t have its own fire department . . . and 70 police officers, just like Lebanon! Justice further claimed his work with the county toward building the “Reverse L Connector” to the new high school was evidence that cooperation between the city and the county already existed. [How’s that “Reverse L” construction going, by the way?]
Brydalski says he’s not a policeman or a politician, but a businessman. Floyd said it’s time to settle down as a team, and I have the maturity for the job.

Candidates for Mt. Juliet Mayor speak out on issues at chamber forum
[does anyone else find it odd that coverage of the D1 race is on the front page and coverage of the Mayor’s race is on page 5? What’s up with that?]
Marlowe says he can bring order to chaos, “I can build relationships.”
Mack highlighted his service as a veteran, an engineer, former commissioner and mayor
Elam claimed she had “something to do” with changing the face of the city
Bradshaw said he had perfect attendance.
Mack let everyone know what he thought of the new Land Use Plan. He ripped it up.
Elam was the only candidate to support the Town Center Plan.
Mack said the Town Center concept was a ‘colossal failure’ and had stifled development.
All of them said they were opposed to the City giving the YMCA the old MJES site. Mack blamed Elam for focusing on building the YMCA an aquatic center.

Too bad some type of compromise couldn’t have been reached over signs
The realtors aren’t happy. [And of course, the politicians exempted themselves during this year’s campaign]

Breaking news:
Wilson can expect population explosion

[Say is isn’t so! Really? Do ya think? Hello! McFly!]

In a related story:
Fewer apple trees mean fewer apples for everyone

And finally
Meaning of ‘quintessential’
[text of the story does not mention the word ‘quintessential,’ but it does define ‘ambition’]

Really… we’re not making these headlines up.


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Video of the Candidates Forum posted online

The Mt. Juliet / West Wilson Chamber of Commerce held a forum for the candidates for Mayor on Thursday, Oct 2, 2008.

The web site for Kevin Mack’s campaign has posted videos of the forum online.

Thanks to a dedicated Mt. Juliet citizen who recorded it on a Tivo, we are able to present the entire forum here. The format allowed for 1-minute introductions, 9 questions selected by the chamber, and then 3-minute closing statements. You can watch it all, question by question – or jump to the question that interests you the most.

There are 12 videos in all (introduction, 9 questions, and 2 videos for closing statements). They run 4-5 minutes each.

click here to go to the page with all of the videos.

Watch them all. Listen carefully to the answers that each candidate gives.

– Publius


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