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Lynn vs. Elam?

Is it on?

The Tennessean thinks so: Susan Lynn files to reclaim former state House seat.

My new district

Susan put this map up on her Facebook account.

On the other hand, just a few months ago, former Rep. Lynn was complaining on Facebook that the legislature had deliberately drawn the new district lines to move her out of her former district and into the the 46th (currently held by Rep. Mark Pody).

See here: Susan Lynn: I can see my house from my old district.

Pull up a chair. Pop some popcorn.

This should be entertaining.



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Ed Hagerty elected Vice Mayor – channels Kevin Mack

Jim Bradshaw reportedly changed his mind about continuing to abstain when he learned that a special election would cost $33,000. He voted with James Maness and Ed Hagerty to elect Hagerty as Vice Mayor. Linda Elam nominated and voted with Ted Floyd for Ted Floyd for Vice Mayor.

Hagerty’s comments immediately reminded everyone of the edge city vision promoted by former Mayor Kevin Mack from 2000-2004. Here’s the quote from the story in the Chronicle of Mt. Juliet:

“. . . Mt. Juliet has always been more than a bedroom community of Nashville, and we can be a tremendous Edge City – a place to live, work, shop, play, worship, and raise a family.” – Ed Hagerty, Feb 15, 2011

The next question, soon to be hotly debated by the commission: Who will the remaining four members of the commission appoint to fill the balance of Hagerty’s term as D3 Commissioner?


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The House Schedule for Monday, February 14, 2011

Gosh! Will you look at that! I hope this doesn’t mess up Rep/Mayor Elam’s plans.

Linda's Conflict

She requested that the City Commission move their regularly scheduled meeting on Mon 2/14/2011 to Tue 2/15/2011 because she had “a conflict.”

Perhaps the other Commissioners should politely ask for a few more details the next time she requests a change in the meeting date.

Yet another example of the inherent conflicts that occur when you attempt to serve simultaneously in two elected offices.


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Wilson County Republican Party has now been reorganized

A slate of officers headed by Kevin Foushee was elected this past Saturday at a mass meeting attended by 200+ Republicans from across the county. The slate headed by Foushee was endorsed by former Rep. Susan Lynn and she sent out multiple emails urging their election. The slate endorsed by the current Republican delegation  from Wilson County ((Sen. Beavers, Rep. Pody & Rep. Elam) was defeated.

What does this mean? Will Susan Lynn run for her house seat again in 2012?
Lynn vs. Elam in 2012…. How would you handicap that race?


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The Day of Reckoning Approacheth

The 107th General Assembly will convene on Tuesday, January 11, 2011 at noon.

“When the Legislature initially convenes, the first order of business is the swearing in of the members-elect. The two bodies meet in their respective chambers and the members take an oath of office swearing to support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of Tennessee and to perform their official duties impartially without favor or prejudice and to always to protect the rights of the people.”

– quoted from http://www.capitol.tn.gov/about/

Will Mayor Linda Elam abide by the City Charter (which she has previously taken an oath to uphold) and resign prior to being sworn in as a member of the legislature?

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The Red Light Camera Mess in Mt. Juliet

or The City Manager Tricked Me – AGAIN!

Bad city manager! Tricky city manager!

I Find Your Lack of Faith DisturbingIt seems he’s done it again! Using his nefarious jedi mind tricks, the Mt. Juliet City Manager has tricked Mayor Linda Elam and the City Commission into  voting for an ordinance which now embarrasses them.

He does this by carefully having the city attorney draft an ordinance. Then he actually gives it to Mayor Elam and the Commissioners a week ahead of the meeting. And then, he sits back and allows them to debate, ask questions, and vote on it at two separate meetings!

It’s no wonder that Mayor Elam and the Commission have no idea what they’ve voted on.

Twice this has happened (that we know about!)

Back in May, an outraged Mayor Elam actually put into the introduction to an amendment to the City Personnel Ordinance that the changes were “not brought to the attention of the board of commissioners.” RFMJ covered that debacle in a post titled, The City Manager Tricked Me!

Now she’s complaining that the contract approved by the City Commission with American Traffic Solutions will cost too much money to terminate. Mayor Elam has admitted in an email to The Chronicle of Mt. Juliet that she did not read the contract that she voted for. She blamed staff for not telling the commission about penalties spelled out in the contract if the City terminates it early.

There are shocking numbers in the reports in The Chronicle and in the Mt. Juliet News. In just six months (since January of this year), over $400,000 has been extorted from the citizens of Mt. Juliet. Two-thirds of that amount has been sent to ATS, headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ.

In a delicious bit of irony, just below the Red Light Camera story in The Chronicle is an article about Mayor Elam kicking off her fall campaign for a seat in the state legislature.

We do NOT need another legislator who makes mistakes, doesn’t bother to read the legislation they’re voting on, and then blames staff for all the problems.


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Financial Results for the 57th

All candidates have filed their financial disclosures for money raised and spent on the campaign to represent the 57th district. For now, the race is focused on who will get the Republican nomination. There are three candidates: Linda Elam, Robert Fields, and Adam Futrell. Here’s how they’ve done over the past 6-9 months:

Fields and Futrell have each raised about $5,000 in contributions. Elam has raised $550. Futrell has spent $11,500 on the race; Fields – $4,462; and Elam $3,245. The biggest difference between the three is the amount each candidate has invested in their own campaign in the form of a loan. Futrell has loaned his campaign $15,000; Elam has loaned her campaign $5,000; Fields has loaned his campaign $-0-.

It’s possible that Elam could put more of her own money into the campaign at the last minute, but it is hard to make a big impact in the closing weeks.

It’s quite possible that Elam will finish third on August 5th.

Early voting starts on Friday, July 16th and continues for two weeks.


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