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Financial Results for the 57th

All candidates have filed their financial disclosures for money raised and spent on the campaign to represent the 57th district. For now, the race is focused on who will get the Republican nomination. There are three candidates: Linda Elam, Robert Fields, and Adam Futrell. Here’s how they’ve done over the past 6-9 months:

Fields and Futrell have each raised about $5,000 in contributions. Elam has raised $550. Futrell has spent $11,500 on the race; Fields – $4,462; and Elam $3,245. The biggest difference between the three is the amount each candidate has invested in their own campaign in the form of a loan. Futrell has loaned his campaign $15,000; Elam has loaned her campaign $5,000; Fields has loaned his campaign $-0-.

It’s possible that Elam could put more of her own money into the campaign at the last minute, but it is hard to make a big impact in the closing weeks.

It’s quite possible that Elam will finish third on August 5th.

Early voting starts on Friday, July 16th and continues for two weeks.



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