2008 Campaign Finances

All four of the candidates for Mayor have filed their third quarter financial disclosure statements. And we have them available for the public here on RFMJ. These forms had to be postmarked by Friday 10/10/2008 and cover the period from July 29 to September 30.

There will be one more required filing. All candidates must report on forms postmarked by Tuesday, 10/28/2008 their finances from Oct 1 through Oct 25. We’ll try to get those forms up as quickly as we can – there is a public interest in everyone having the ability to review them before they vote.

Here are the links to the forms:

Jim Bradshaw $100

Linda Elam $2,499 (+ $14,000 loan from herself)

Kevin Mack $699

Wendell Marlowe $10,725

Because Marlowe’s 25 contributors are spread out over 7 pages of his report, we’ve created a summary sheet that shows them, ranked by contribution amount. Over half of Marlowe’s contributors and over half the total amount come from the Realtor/Developer community.

There is also evidence in the disclosure forms of two questionable campaign contributions.

Two contributions appear to have been made not by individuals, but by businesses to the Marlowe campaign. Contributions by corporations are illegal. The Tennessee

Here’s a quote from the Tennessee Registry of Election Finance (it’s from their FAQ for Candidates):

17. Are corporate campaign contributions allowed?

It is illegal for the officers of any corporation doing business in Tennessee to use corporate funds to aid in the election or defeat of any candidate. That means corporations are prohibited not only from giving money to candidates and their committees, but from giving money to any political campaign committee that supports the election or defeat of any candidate. Corporate officers who violate this provision are guilty of a Class C misdemeanor under state criminal law.

The two contributions are one for $1,000 from Summit Realty Group of Mt. Juliet and one for $200 from Fortune Enterprises of Lebanon, TN.

Here’s a capture of the Secretary of State’s business information on Summit Realty Group showing that it is an LLC, with Benton Forkum as the registered agent.

There is an attorney general’s opinion from 1998 that the prohibition on corporate contributions does not apply to LLCs. It is unclear if the issue has ever been tested in the courts.


6 responses to “2008 Campaign Finances

  1. Butch Huber

    Can anyone explain to me why Elam would lend herself $14,000 for her bid for Mayor of Mt. Juliet? Does she want it so bad that she is willing to pay out of pocket $14,000?

    Folks, this is the woman who ran for county executive on a huge amount of money that came from people who were associated with the development company she secretly went to work for (supposedly after she failed the election bid, but who really knows because that was never investigated.) Do you believe that I have anything to be concerned about regarding her “loans” to her own campaign? I mean, is it possible that someone “gave” her $9,000 and someone else “gave” her $5,000 that she then “Loaned” to her campaign? Is that possible? And how will her campaign pay her back?

    Will Marlowe use the excuse “they asked me to take the money” to justify accepting illegal campaign contributions, just like he justified accepting his pay for being a county commissioner when he wasn’t legally a county commissioner?

    Marlowe appears to be getting his money from the property tax crowd folks. Watch your wallets and pocketbooks closely if he wins. Next thing you know we will be paying for all of the infrastructure upgrades caused by new development. If you want to pay for growth out of your pocket, he is your man.

  2. Paul Deyo

    Marlowe was schmoozing with Mr. Forkum and others from the development community prior to last week’s Planning Commission meeting. He didn’t stay long and didn’t acknowledge my presence when I greeted some of the same folks. I guess he must read RFMJ too!

  3. Butch Huber

    I was at the Republican meeting yesterday and heard Marlowe, Mack, and Bradshaw speak. Kevin continued to respond to questions by saying “I am going to tell you what I have already done” or “I am going to tell you what I did”. That starts to resonate after awhile. The concerns that people are raising are concerns that Kevin already had put things in place to take care of when he was in office. I have gotten Linda Elam’s mailers where they say “Big Time Results”. She is claiming that she has done so much for schools. First off, who is she kidding, there have really never been any “big time results” in her administration…unless big time results means breaking the law again and again and getting away with it. Secondly, Marlowe is a principle of a school, he has probably circled the track a couple times before she gets her feet out of the starting blocks. However, schools are really more of a county issue than a city issue. Her job is to tend to the issues related to the obligations and responsibilities of the city, not the county. Was she doing those things she touts that she did as mayor of Mt. Juliet in order to win points when she ran for County Executive? Is she giving us evidence of her having once again abused her powers as Mayor? Read between the lines and it says “I brow beat the builder of providence to set up a piece of land for the school system (even though that was not my job) and I had the city pay for that land (even though it isn’t city responsibility to fund schools) so that when I ran for county executive I could use that for points with the voters.”

    BTW, Bradshaw is running for the office of Mayor on his perfect attendance record. What has he done though? How many resolutions has he personally sponsored? How many things has he brought forward to better this city? I don’t remember many, if any, resolutions or ordinances that he has personally brought before the commission. He may have co-sponsored a few, but I don’t know many, if any, that he has personally brought to the commission as the main sponsor.

    Both Linda and Jim are do nothing officials. They aren’t “big time”. Showing up doesn’t get the job done Jim, you actually have to do something once you are there.

    Oh, to be fair, I do believe he sponsored the resolution to open the farmer’s market. I did see two stands there yesterday. 11 years, 7 months, 15 days (or whatever) and I can see that he has brought us two venders at the farmer’s market. That is two more revenue generating businesses than I can honestly give Linda Credit for because she isn’t really responsible for what she takes credit for. Marlowe….Zero. Mack, Regal, Petsmart, Old Navy, Dicks, Best Buy, Belks, Wendy’s, Chick filet, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, T.J. Macks, Books-a-million, Men’s Wearhouse, Two Rivers Ford, Red Robin, Logans, Ocharleys, Ruby Tuesdays, Daily Buffet, Kroger, State Farm, Exit Realty, Salsaritos, Billy Goat, Smoothy King, Steak and Shake, Fantastic Sam’s, NYPD, and many more stores south of RT 40, a little growth so far north of the interstate, but many more soon to come including Lowes and Walmart. They all came because Kevin fought and won the battle over roads. The revenue that has come from those businesses is what Linda purchase that land for the school (even though she spent that money on something that isn’t the city’s responsibility). Kevin’s vision and leadership allowed this city commission to consider purchasing the land they want to give to the YMCA (even though that is one of the dumbest damned ideas I have ever heard of in my life). Kevin “showed us the money”. So when he says “I am going to tell you what I have already done”…he isn’t lying. Kevin not only doesn’t need On the Job Training, as Marlowe and even Jim would need, he has already been there and done that better than any other mayor this city has had, at least in a long time, if not ever.

  4. Lex Luther

    I guess the thing that strikes me about Marlowe’s contributors is how few actually live in the City of Mt. Juliet.

    Would you contribute hundreds (or thousands) to a political candidate in a city you did not live in?

    I bet if you did it would be for reasons other than to make that city better.

  5. Concerned Citizen

    I was happy to see so many people at the tea party at the park yesterday. However; it was unsettling to me to see so many politicians that are now conservative. Linda Elam and Ed Hagerty talked about how they have kept our tax rate low and that we should be outraged with out of control spending. I find this statement completely contradictory to their actions. They have raised their speeding tickets, alarm monitoring, and any other “business tax”; but no they have not raised property tax……..yet. They have spent in Mount Juliet like money was going out of style. If we didn’t have so much more sales tax coming in we would be broke…..by the way we are but that is beyond the point. Our bonds are losing their rating and we don’t even have enough money to cover the differance in payments for a few months until we get it straightened out. Another good example is the sidewalks and curbing leading to the park and the skatepark. They just spent 38500 dollars to handle a bond deal because our city staff is too incompetant to handle it. Seems like they have found the good ole’ time conservitism now that it is making a comeback.

  6. Net hick

    Mt. Juliet’s revenue doubled in the last five years and should easily double again in the next five. How fiscally conservative must you be to “scrape by” with those revenue increases?

    I guess it could be worse; they could be paying someone to show them how to borrow more money.

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