Older pages

Links to older static pages have been moved here:

  • Open Records – by Bobby Franklin, 2008
  • Open Records 2 – by Butch Huber, 2008
  • Bergman – the 2007 attempt by Mayor Linda Elam to hire Keith Bergman as City Manager
  • Franklin – the 2007 firing of City Planner Bobby Franklin. Franklin’s suit against the city resulted in Mt. Juliet cutting him a check for more than $160,000
  • Signs – The history of Mt. Juliet’s sign ordinance from 1987 to 2006 (because the city took all of the older versions down, and Mayor Elam has a tendency to forget and/or make things up)
  • YMCA – the 2008 misguided attempt to buy the former MJES site and give land to the YMCA
  • 2008 Budget (FY08-09) – city budget follies
  • 2008 Campaign Finances – from the Mt. Juliet mayoral race
  • 2008 Land Use Plan – critique by former City Planner Bobby Franklin

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