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Town Center overlay on the way out?

According to a story on the Mt. Juliet News web site, posted today, the committee appointed to review the town center overlay district has voted 6-3 to recommend repealing the town center overlay completely.

The Mt. Juliet News has details, along with an editorial urging the Planning Commission and City Commission to follow the recommendation of the committee and repeal.

Mayor Linda Elam called the town center overlay her baby, and she offered a series of amendments to the motion to recommend repealing it. All but one died for lack of a second.

It appears that the Mayor could find little support for the overlay district among the members of the committee.

There’s a carnival being held on the old elementary school property this weekend. You have to wonder, do the carnival rides comply with the town center overlay zoning?


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MJ Planner resigned due to “misunderstanding” and lack of confidence in her

So reads the headline on a story just posted at the Mt. Juliet News website.

According to the Mt. Juliet News story, Keylon had been out sick for two weeks.

“Keylon on Monday did say she simply had a form of the regular flu and the circumstances surrounding her resignation stemmed in part  from possible “mistakes” about how news of her illness was delivered and how it was perceived.”

The editor of the Mt. Juliet News seems to know a great deal more than what she’s reporting in the newspaper:

And while generally the reasons of her resignation are off-record and personal, her resignation letter printed in this issue reveals she “had a role in the outcome” of her resignation, and she apologizes for what she termed a “simple mistake.”

Keylon resigned Monday afternoon via an email message. You can read the full text of her resignation message at the Mt. Juliet News web site.

Then there’s this interesting quote:

Robertson said most cities have three or four planners and now Mt. Juliet “has none.”


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Mt. Juliet Planner Resigns Suddenly

The Chronicle of Mt. Juliet has it as the lead story on their website. The print edition has a front page headline that reads, “Why did MJ planner Keylon suddenly resign?” with a story on page 9.

The Chronicle story includes this sentence:

“Sources inside City Hall wishing to remain anonymous said Tuesday that Keylon was on the verge of termination when she submitted her resignation Monday.”

There’s obviously more to this story than what has appeared in print.


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New Census Data Released – Wilson Co. 3rd fastest growth in Tennessee

The US Census Department released their latest population estimates on March 19, 2009. The new estimates cover the period from April of 2000 to July of 2008.

According to the Census, Rutherford, Williamson, and Wilson Counties are the three fastest growing in the state. The overall growth in the state population was estimated to be 1.1% last year. The growth in Rutherford & Williamson Counties was pegged at 3.48%. Wilson County was close behind at 3.42%. Fayette, Cannon & Robertson were further back at 2.80%, 2.75%, and 2.75%.

Geographic Area 2007-2008 Growth July 1, 2008 July 1, 2007
Rutherford County 3.48% 249,270 240,877
Williamson County 3.48% 171,452 165,690
Wilson County 3.42% 109,803 106,177
Fayette County 2.80% 38,173 37,135
Cannon County 2.75% 13,804 13,434
Robertson County 2.75% 64,898 63,162
Maury County 2.69% 81,938 79,793

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Mayor Elam removes Deyo from Planning Commission

Deyo had been on the Mt. Juliet Planning Commission for almost eight years, and had served as Chairman in 2007 and 2008.

Here’s the information, received by RFMJ last night:


Longtime Planning Commissioner Paul Deyo was informed via phone call Monday [February 16, 2009] that he was no longer on the Planning Commission.  The call came a day after Deyo received his planning documents for the month and was made by new Planning Commission Chair Jay Cameli.  Cameli made reference to a meeting that apparently also involved Mayor Linda Elam, Vice-Chair Luke Winchester and presumably City Planner Lisa Keylon in which the decision was definitely ‘made by the Mayor’. 

Paul Deyo was placed on the Planning Commission in April of 2001 by then-Mayor Kevin Mack.  He became Vice-Chairman later that year and served as Chairman from January 2007 until November 2008.  His accomplishments include work on the 2002 revision of the Land Use Plan, the creation of CRC Zoning, and actively working to secure off site improvements from developers as well as on-site improvements in the quality of development.  He has been an active advocate for the existing citizens of the city.   

While no reason has been given for his dismissal, Deyo states ‘given this Mayor’s tendency to ‘get even’ with those who oppose her, my lack of support for her in the last election is the root cause here’.  In addition, Deyo has been a persistent critic during the planning process of the Paddocks retail development.  Developer John Gipson contributed at least 1,000.00 dollars to Elam’s re-election campaign.

Reportedly a replacement for Deyo has been found, rumored to be city resident Charles Goodman.  The appointment has not been announced publicly in a Commission Meeting so this is unconfirmed.  The mayor removed Mack appointee and former County Commissioner Bob Reed last month to place herself on the Planning Commission and was using the state requirement of two Planning Commissioners from within the planning region but outside of the city limits as a justification for another change. 

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Headlines from the Chronicle of Mt. Juliet and elsewhere

There really was a City Commission meeting on Monday, November 24th. There’s a two page story about the meeting in the November 26th Chronicle. But there’s no story in the Mt. Juliet News.

chron2008-11-26First step taken to rescind YMCA deal
The City Commission voted 3-1 to approve on first reading an ordinance to prohibit futher action towards purchasing the old MJES property from the county. A resolution, sponsored by Commissioner Bradshaw, to investigate the decision NOT to seat newly-elected D1 Commissioner Ted Floyd at the November 10th meeting died for lack of a second.

Land Use Plan approved, Red Lobster ok’d
At the planning commission meeting held on Thursday, November 20th.  A clarification was added to the site plan for Lowe’s stating that no area of the parking lot may be used as a sales area. The site plan for a “Sherwin Williams Pain Store” [sic] in Mt. Juliet Crossings was approved. Hey, typo’s happen. Still funny when they do. Site plan for Famous Jose’s restaurant on Lebanon Road in Coolview Commons was approved.

from the Mt. Juliet News:

Applications to MJPD hand gun safety course skyrocket
Waiting list now extends to April, 2009. Anticipating hope and change from the Obama administration

‘It’s an ugly eyesore’
A house, relocated from Davidson County, is sitting on a lot on Old Lebanon Dirt Road. Just outside the Mt. Juliet city limits, so it will be interesting to see how Wilson County officials deal with it.

Planners lift Red Lobster’s stop work order
The city’s zoning regulations call for 70% brick on the side facing the street and 50% on the other three sides. Red Lobster has 16% on the side facing the street and 77% on the other three sides. They’re switching from siding to red brick veneer on the street side which will increase the percentage to 45%. The Planning Commission granted them a waiver and allowed them to resume work. They have a projected opening date of Feb 2, 2009. But isn’t granting a variance from a zoning requirement supposed to be a function of the Board of Zoning Appeals?


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The Second Elam Administration

is taking shape pretty quickly.

New Vice-Mayor: Will Sellers (replaces Ed Hagerty)

New Planning Commisson Chairman: Jay Cameli (replaces Paul Deyo)

New Parks Board Chairman: Bob Disalvo (replaces Larry Marchese)

New City Judge: Stephen Grauberger (replaces John Gwin)

According to the Chronicle of Mt. Juliet, at last Monday nights meeting, Mayor Elam pointed out that she will be appointing City committees in December and January, and any citizens interested in being on a committee should contact City Manager Robertson at City Hall.

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