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The trash man cometh…er, returneth.

Darth Jewell soon to be ousted as Grand Wizard of WEMA will be making his return to rubbish in the coming days.  After a supreme stint of trashing the local EMA and filthing up the reputation of emergency services, DJ will now waste away in waste as he is now tasked with trashing the trash department.  He has traveled full circle now, it could only get better if they allow him to mobile transmit radio commercials from the dumpster hooked to the back of a truck.  His replacement?  A minion.  After what will be touted as an exhaustive search from sea to shining sea, my guess is they will “settle” on a mindless, clueless, spineless,  wannabe that made a nasty reputation at the county bus shop.  Oh well, at least Sith Hutto is trying to clean up his mess, hauling his own trash to the dump.  Priceless.

“Who says you can go back…”   Bon Jovi


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Election/Re-election. 2012

Election and candidate info, issues, or just simply VENT!!!


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Path Forward… MJ Emergency Services

Let’s line up our targets.   What is next?  We have a tax…for what?  Butch has given an excellent plan for investigating the county financially and from a liability angle.  Sonny has given direction  on what may be required of the county.  The city shows up as a zone on the WEMA map, thanks to P.’s maptastic overlay.  The county could do it but won’t…why?  Etc, etc, etc.   According to Steve Miller…”time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking…”  Where do we go from here?  How should our thoughts and efforts line up?


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