Lynn vs. Elam?

Is it on?

The Tennessean thinks so: Susan Lynn files to reclaim former state House seat.

My new district

Susan put this map up on her Facebook account.

On the other hand, just a few months ago, former Rep. Lynn was complaining on Facebook that the legislature had deliberately drawn the new district lines to move her out of her former district and into the the 46th (currently held by Rep. Mark Pody).

See here: Susan Lynn: I can see my house from my old district.

Pull up a chair. Pop some popcorn.

This should be entertaining.



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38 responses to “Lynn vs. Elam?

  1. Southsider

    This will be a lopsided defeat for Linda Elam. I cannot see her getting more than 30% against Susan Lynn.

  2. Old Blevins

    I suspect an unholy alliance at work in this redistricting. The sneaky and crafty Elam teaming up with Mae Beavers in a ‘portly ladies’ alliance’. Mae has shown she doesn’t care a hoot about sticking it to her constituents as long as it hurts Susan Lynn more, and Elam is and always has been all about Elam.

    We can already thank Mae for being stuck with Hutto. She would have gotten my vote for County Mayor but hasn’t gotten my vote since she jumped off that race and back into the Senate race.

    If Susan can’t run, won’t somebody PLEASE step up and get into the race?

  3. Eager Beaver

    3-1-104. Residence requirements — Counties electing two or more direct representatives.

    In those counties entitled to elect two (2) or more direct representatives and divided by § 3-1-103 into representative districts, a candidate for election to the office of representative shall not be required to reside in the representative district from which such candidate seeks to be elected, but shall be a resident of the county.

  4. Livin South of I40

    This is great news for us in the Pro-Lynn camp.

    I can see it now.. Elam loses in a landslide to Lynn and then we see her pop up again in the MJ Mayors election trying to get her “old” seat back again!!

  5. Doc Cider

    I’m thinking Elam would have to file for Mayor before the August election. If Susan Lynn enters the race it would be fun to keep an eye peeled on the Election Commission to see if Elam pulls a petition for MJ mayor in late June-early July.

    Hagerty and Luffman will both be able to hold Elam accountable for her track record in any potential debate. She’s smart and sneaky, but not a good debater. And her nose usually grows when she speaks during debates . Those things would be true of debates with Susan Lynn also.

  6. Butch Huber

    Did Linda even file? I read in the paper that she had picked up her petition, but that she hadn’t filed it as of the time that paper was printed.

  7. Southsider

    Elam will get more democrats to cross over and vote for her than Lynn. The demos who crossed over for Lynn in the Senate race were just trying to get rid of Mae. They won’t cross over for Lynn against Elam since Elam is really a democrat anyway. But it won’t be enough – there is no one who can beat Susan Lynn out of that House seat.

    Perhaps Elam can figure out a way to use taxpayer dollars to finance a court challenge to Lynn’s residency issue. That would be her only chance to hold the seat.

  8. Butch Huber

    Am I to understand that the scam to cut Susan Lynn out of her district didn’t work? Could Linda Elam finally be finding her way out of office?

  9. Southsider

    I suppose we should never underestimate Elam’s ability to send piles of glossy color postcards to unsuspecting voters. But it won’t do her much good this time.

    My prediction: Lynn – 67%, Elam – 32%, with the other 1% being the combined write-in votes for Donald Duck, Terry Ashe, and Luther Lenning.

  10. Butch Huber

    Found the answer to my question. Elam filed to run on April 3 and Lynn filed to run on April 5. This is going to be fun and interesting.

    I think I need to do a data dump for Lynn regarding Linda’s past. Lynn could wrap Linda’s past around her neck like an anchor chain.

    To start with, perhaps a post card that has a picture of Linda in the meeting where she said, “we can do anything we want until a judge tells us we can’t”. Those words on the post card in a caption bubble coming out of Linda Elam’s mouth and on the post card it could say, “These are the words of Linda Elam. This is an example of her political ethics.” Followed by another card that quotes her when she said that the developers were working on her and informs people about the episode of the issue with Pulte Homes and, how, after she couldn’t obtain the illegal building permits she was seeking for pulte homes in response to the offered bribe from Pulte Homes that they would contribute six figures to a ladder truck fund to the city if she could get the permits, every person who provided testimony in depositions that was harmful to Linda they found themselves out of a job.

    A post card saying, “This is your fiscal conservative. She pushed to build a twenty million dollar aquatics center using taxpayer money and was intent on turning the keys over the the YMCA for them to run it and make the money from it.”

    Oh, the list goes on and on and on.

  11. Ima N. Oldphart

    Elam’s mailers were always laughers for those who knew the real Linda. Susan will likely avoid running a nasty campaign but enough people have been shafted by Ms. Elam that there will be no shortage of informed messengers.

  12. Butch Huber

    There is nothing nasty about the truth. There is nothing wrong with informing the public of the record of a politician.

    There is nothing wrong with telling the public of all of her escapades. When someone runs for and occupies a position in public office they should be able to wear their record like a badge of honor. If they can’t, then they have acted improperly.

  13. Doc Cider

    Not to mention that Elam will likely run a surface campaign of disinformation (mailers) combined with some nasty verbal campaigning and rumormongering. But Susan will have to get support from those who know the facts to verify them.

    With Elam’s record as mayor, she should have worn tar and feathers.

  14. Old Blevins

    Or a ‘badge of offer’, as in job and money offers from developers.

  15. Butch Huber

    Doc, fortunately for us, and unfortunately for Linda, it is all a matter of public record. All Lynn would have to do is build it all into a website and run commercials that show Linda in all her glory.

  16. Pop Korn

    @ Southsider….no write ins for Bozo?

  17. Old Blevins

    I looked at a sample ballot for August. As Publius indicated above, this will be interesting. Probably the most interesting race, with maybe second place going to the Congressional primary. And I’m wondering if someone named “Park Overall” will win the chance to be shellacked by Bob Corker.

  18. Doc Cider

    I received a mailing from Susan aimed at likely supporters. She says she will basically move around the block to reside in the district if she wins. Because it’s Susan and not Elam, I believe her. And I hope she’s already packing and holding yard sales.

  19. Old Blevins

    I found out ‘Park Overall’ is not only a real person but a somewhat famous person. If I was voting in that primary, I’d probably vote for her just because she’d make that race more interesting.

  20. Doc Cider

    I have ‘Ding Dong the Witch is Dead’ cued up on You Tube and a high gravity cold one chilled and ready for tonight’s D57 primary results. Hopefully the evil one won’t slither back onto the ballot.

  21. Butch Huber

    Unofficial results shows that Lynn stomped Elam more than 2 to 1!

  22. It is gratifying to see that the voters were not taken in by Elam’s scurrilous direct mail campaign.
    Elam’s tactics actually cost her votes – she received fewer votes this year than she did in a 3-way race two years ago.
    Susan Lynn’s restraint in not responding in kind to Elam’s wild attacks was commendable.

  23. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    You know she’s thinkin…”there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.” Will definitely be watching the Wilson County Election Commission site for a petition pull…landscape has changed somewhat since she abdicated the local evil empire…should be interesting…you got any high gravity cold ones to spare? I’ll grill some brats.


  24. Butch Huber

    “She can do anything she wants, until the voters say she can’t”

  25. Sonny Griffin

    There is some justice in this world.

    I don’t think I’ve enjoyed anything more in a long time than pushing the button for Susan Lynn.

    Take that, by God! That’s for stealing my vote and suing me, Linda Elam.

    Sonny Griffin

  26. The Outsider

    Makes me want to take a break and watch the Wizard of Oz..

    Just thinking we will be seeing Luffman vs. Elam for Mayor, Hagerty taking back Distrcit 3, and Justice back at District 1. Gonna have a record turnout with the Presedential, Mayor, Commissioner, and Liquor Stores all on ballot this time.

  27. Doc Cider

    RP, she can say “there’s no place like home” all she wants, but it’s Susan wearing the ruby slippers today. The Red Queen is just shod in the usual comfortable shoes. I’ll bring a few bottles of Delerium, apropos I think.

    Sonny, Amen!

    Southsider, you nailed it (see prior post by Southsider)

    Outsider, if Elam pulls that will help the incumbent, and I think she doesn’t like the incumbent. She may have a Waynick-esque epiphany and realize she can’t win.

  28. Boys, I’m enjoying your comments. I’m gonna pop some corn, kick back, and have a cold one while y’all have at Elam. Don’t disappoint me. I love quality entertainment.

  29. Butch Huber

    Unless she runs for office again, once she is out of office, I am going to try my best not to say anything about her anymore. That is, except for things that are relavent to her behavior while in office. Once she steps down from office and she is back in the world as a civilian, and no longer occupies a seat that was won and maintained by the sacrifice of others, she not only doesn’t deserve my attention, she needs to drift off into the pages of history politically. I hate her behavior, not her.

  30. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    Doc, absolutely and thank you in advance.

    Sonny, sincerely, I have missed you and your input. Welcome back and congrats.

    Butch, you think she’ll sue the voters and stay in her office chair till someone calls Steiner Lift to come get her?

    Southsider, that was freaky accurate…nice.


  31. Old Blevins

    Now that this one’s settled, let the City games begin. With some Olympics in between.

  32. Butch Huber

    Southsider, you are a prophet.

  33. Southsider

    Thanks for all the kind words but in a two candidate race my prediction was easy – Elam always gets 32% in every election. Donald Duck, Terry Ashe, and Luther Lenning combined always get another 1%.

    Simple math gave Susan 67% (the percent of sane people in Wilson County – maybe).


  34. Butch Huber

    You! “your good, you” “you’ve got a gift my friend”.

  35. Pop Korn

    Let’s not forget at least one write-in for Bozo.

    Have you heard the Dems are disavowing their own Senate candidate? I was hoping it would be Park Overall. That might have kept that race from being a total snooze.

  36. Southsider

    As much fun as the race would be, I doubt Elam is going to run for the Mt. Juliet Mayor seat again – at least not now.

    One, she will not be able to raise any money to campaign. She got all that lobby money in the state race by being the incumbent and none of the McCall money came because of a love of Linda – it was because of the hate of Lynn. The McCalls have probably thrown away their last dollar to help Linda Elam. Talk about bad investments!

    Two, Linda has never faced Mt. Juliet voters since voting to use taxpayer money to sue the city to hold onto two seats. After spending 10 – 20 thousand (taxpayer) dollars to go to court she resigned the seat six weeks later anyway.? The taxpayers should have been offered a chance to give her 5 thousand dollars just to go away! I bet 87% would have been in favor of that.

    Three, I think Linda knows the other candidates in the Mt. Juliet Mayor’s race will run negative campaigns against her. There is no love lost between her and Hagerty and he knows about all her baggage – and it is a lot of baggage!

    And four, another loss this quick would completely end any chance she could ever get elected again to any office in middle Tennessee.

    I think it is safe to say goodbye to Linda Elam.

  37. Southsider

    Another prediction comes true – 8/6/12 post on Elam’s campaign website:

    “I don’t know whether I’ll get back into politics in the future, but I will NOT be a candidate for Mayor in November. I called Mayor Hagerty on Friday and shared this news with him personally.”

  38. Pop Korn

    Ha! Probably by saying “I’m not going to help you win, you Chik-fil-A eating man who wouldn’t respect my authori-tie!”

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