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  1. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    Got 5 minutes? Check these out…


    Remember Dove soap? I’ll go 99 44/100% in on these. Have a great weekend and keep your britches rolled up.


  2. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    Good Morning Gents!
    Did anyone else notice how fast the legislation to get those protesters off the Capital grounds got spun and done? WOW!!! When politicians want something for themselves…ain’t no bickerin’ or BS…they can get something done with a speed that will out drag a Cheverolet. Makes you go huhm??? don’t it Butch? Everybody have a good one!


  3. Doc Cider

    Anybody know who’s running for anything? I’ve been out of touch.

  4. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    This is what I have been told by a very reliable and energetically active motivator…
    Ed Hagerty will run for re-election as Mayor. Jamie Luffman is considering a run as well.
    Ted Floyd will seek re-election in D1. Ray Justice will challenge.
    Art Giles will run to make his appointment sealed with a vote in D3. Britt Linville to challenge.

    I am so very sure there will be others…there always is/are. Package stores in MJ will more than likely be on the ballot as well as who will reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue…as soon as the republicans quit screwing around and give us a good “product” to put in the race to challenge the “big O”. Should be, and I hope with all hope, a big turn out. That is what is MOST important. Please encourage everyone to take full advantage of the priviledge puchased by the blood of patriots.

    “Anything important is never left to the vote of the people. We only get to vote on some man; we never get to vote on what he is to do”. Will Rogers

    Let’s change that. We owe it to those who have sacrificed ALL.


  5. Jonathan Brydalski

    So do you think anyone else will run against Ted and Ray?

  6. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    I have heard your name mentioned but I have not heard from you. The names listed above, I have spoke with…heard it from them. Michael Gallion, we may hear from…Kevin Mack may dust it off again for Mayor…my 2 cents…refrain from regurgitation…if they have already had a shot…by the looks of things…they may not need another. If they say they have a plan…they better damn well have a good one…THEY WILL BE ASKED FOR IT!!!


  7. Jonathan Brydalski

    Would love to meet the character from One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest. Let’s discuss, In My Opinion, a plan for the future of our fine city of Mount Juliet. Coffee at McDonalds sounds good. I would love to hear your input as well.

  8. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, who wouldn’t? Listen, kid, this is NOT now, nor will it ever be about me. This is about you and your plan…LET’S HEAR IT!!!…IN DETAIL. As you may or may not know, my collegues here are very astute. Let’s share with them your grand plan. It will be the equivalent of checking the boat for holes BEFORE you put it in the water. You get your plan past them…you get your plan past me. Let’s see…hmmm…how ’bout starting with your fire plan…the specific aspects that would bring about adequate fire service to the citizens of the City of MJ. Mr. Brydalski, it is your time to shine.


  9. Jonathan Brydalski

    WOW…I have heard of an arrogant reply before but that almost takes the cake. I didn’t insinuate that this was about you. Nor did I insinuate that I was a kid. I don’t know you but offered to discuss my opinion. Obviously, you prefer to throw stones immediately before listening to the message. I have spoken with your colleagues before in a very civil and calm conversation. They are more than welcome to join us for coffee.

  10. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    GOTCHA! Welcome to Politics 101. You did not get the response you were looking for and you are showing the dents. Get ready, young man, people will throw stones at you…Be ready, catch ’em, and smile. Now, I am all ears to any plan/opinion/suggestion/etc. that you may have to improve the lifestyle and secure the safety of our neighbors. The word on you is a good one, let’s hear what you think.


    P.S. BTW, JB, it was also a JOKE! You know the movie, now know the character.


    I’m still laughing at that one. Good job. For the record, Jonathon is a good guy and I received a message from him saying he was running for District 1. He was a gentleman and gracious throughout the race last time and I expect the same this time. Just for confirmation sake, I am running for District 1 and will be announcing next week. Further, for the record, I do have a plan for fire service in Mt. Juliet but as a commissioner you are but one vote. Butch, if you happen to read this, while you and I have had our differences in the past regarding Mt. Juliet politics, I will give credit where credit is due. You did an excellent job in your research regarding the fire issue and the information was appreciated. Looking forward to a long hot Summer in Mt. Juliet and hope everyone is well.

    Ray Justice

  12. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    Welcome, Ray. “…but as a commissioner you are but one vote” ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    That might suffice if this were your first go ’round, but you know better. A great plan will sell itself. A good plan take marketing and influence. Which do you have? Before you get my one vote for the opportunity to give your one vote, I, AND OTHERS, want to know your plan. What is your detailed plan?


    P.S. To the regulars, you remember the time I said they would start showing up here speaking of having a plan but never “having a plan”? I am looking for someone with a plan they lead with, not sheepishly uncover bit by bit out of coersion. Just a thought…

    Watched Audy Murphy (no relation, ha)yesterday in “To Hell and Back”..second greatest line of all time.

    radio operator: How close are the Germans?
    Murphy: If you hang on a second, I’ll let you talk to ’em!

    True story. Part of the reason we can post here and debate plans for a better way. Just sayin…

  13. Jonathan Brydalski

    Good morning all. First of all, thank you Ray for the compliment. I know I am getting old, but Ray, when did I ever send you a message? I don’t think I have spoken to you in nearly four years.
    RP, no problem. I am a business man, not a career politician. I don’t give quick answers as I tend to look at the big picture and weigh out both sides. So being called young, I also appreciate the compliment.

  14. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    Good recovery JB. Doing this from the road. Heading to Indiana, will return Sat. You and Ray put your plans out. Running them thru the RFMJ think tank filter will make them better and get you some points/votes. Be safe…see you in the funny papers. RP

  15. Butch Huber


    Yes, I am here and I am reading. Thank you for the compliment on the fire issues. Yes, we have had our differences. I am not sure you fully understand my involvement. For that matter, I am not sure anyone who has been involved understood, nor do they understand now. I was never in it “For Rob” or “For Bobby”, as many thought I was. Yes, I did stick up for them as much as I could when I thought they were right, but “they” were not the reason for my involvement. You personally had more to do with me being involved than anyone. When you said in a meeting one time that, “most people, as long as their toilet flushes, thinks government is working right”, it struck way to close to home for me. I have known about the injustice of government for many, many years, but I had never done anything about it. Yes, my entry into the arena was when you, Haggerty and Bradshaw were about to fire him for cause, but my actual involvement was because it appeared to me that you and they were abusing your power to inflict harm to Rob and, based on our conversation, you were going to go through Rob to get to Bobby. It was during the process that followed where you made your statement about toilets that kept me in the process. I am not just involved in Mt. Juliet politics, though, Ray, I am involved all the way to the president of the United States to the degree that I have found a platform to be involved. I expect every person who accepts an elected office to conduct themselves in a dignified and appropriate manner and to hold themselves to a high standard of character. Why? Because our county is going to hell-in-a-hand-basket and it is doing so in a hurry. My philosophy is that, if we can’t keep local government in a small town like Mt. Juliet in line, how in God’s name will we keep the federal government in check? It is a process. If citizens won’t learn the ropes of reigning in government in small towns and cities, how will we ever learn to hold states and the federal government accountable.

    Over the last 6 to 7 years I have learned a very stark truth about politics. Nobody gives a damn! Anybody who gets on our city or county commissions can do just about anything they want and no citizen can hold them accountable unless they are willing to put their own money on the line and personally take that person to court. General Thompson will never do anything to a politician in this county provided that politician has the good sense not to step on the “Wrong” set of toes. He told me himself personally on the phone as he was yelling at me that he will not get involved with the politics of Mt. Juliet. He said that basically anyone could call him “except” me and he would look into the matter, but that otherwise he was just too busy. He said that those folks in Mt. Juliet have been going after each other for years. The TBI will not investigate any wrongdoing because General Thompson has made it clear that he will not prosecute. The attorney general will not get involved. There is no accountability over this city commission of Mt. Juliet, and the county commission is even more impervious. The media won’t cover the truth. The only place where you can actually hear about what is going on is on this site. There aren’t enough people who are willing to band together to do something like relator citizen action. Basically, this commission will do as Linda Elam said. “We can do anything we want until a judge tells us we can’t.” That sums up the philosophy of virtually all politicians everywhere. All wise politicians learn which toes are okay to step on and which aren’t, and they avoid the right set of toes in order to keep themselves out of hot water. They are virtually free of threat from citizens because they rest in the knowledge that nobody of authority will ever do anything to them provided they watch carefully where they step.

    I have another motive also. I do plan to one day enter the world of politics. I realize you don’t like to be called a politician, but I do not see any negative connotation to the term. You can be a good politician or you can be a bad politician. A good politician does what he or she does for the good of the people and they stay within their bounds. A bad politician does whatever they want until a judge tells them they can’t and they do what they do for self-serving reasons. I intend to be the former. But that isn’t enough. It isn’t enough to do what is good, you have to do what is great. This nation needs people who do great things that advance freedom and democracy and capitalism and who make the world a better place. The trick is to do that while at the same time observing the law and while observing the people’s rights. Sometimes, even though something would be a great thing, you simply can’t do it because it would usher in a lot of bad things as a result.

    The $20 million dollar aquatics center would have been a great thing, but the problem is that she, and as I remember it, you, were going to use everybody’s money to pay for something that wouldn’t benefit everyone and it was going to be given over to the YMCA in effect so that they could exact profits from it. Nothing about it made sense, but, then again, today, not much about politics does make sense. Things like this project are using the people’s money to buy votes. In the end, that is what it is about.

    I can’t predict what comes out of this next election, but I am hopeful that those who strive to hold office will endeavor to do great things and will occupy those offices with character and integrity and honor. If you have been watching, you will notice that I have been pretty scarce on the scene lately. It isn’t because I have lost interest, it is because I have noticed that our City Commission has been acting much, much better since Linda has left and since Randy has left. I do not agree with where they are going with things in a lot of respects, but they aren’t doing things that bring discredit to the government in terms of poor character. (Bradshaw should have the character to step down and honor the wishes of the people, but that isn’t going to happen.)

    Ray, evidently you will be in the race this time. I am hoping that if you do win we will not have occasion to lock horns or bump heads again. Believe me, I have better things to do with my time than to go fight politicians. You know it goes without saying that, regardless of who sits in those seats, if they do wrong I am going to be on them to the degree that I am able.

    R.P. is right about the fire issue. Anyone running for office should be able to articulate a workable plan that address the issue of fire protection, but that plan has to really address “emergency services” and not just “Fire protection.” R.P, I think, means “emergency services” when he says “Fire Protection.” If not, he will surely correct me in the next post.

    The plan to address the issues needs to be legal. What is happening in this county is a flagrant violation of several laws, but it doesn’t seem that there are enough people who are willing to do anything about it. I just paid over a hundred dollars because our local politicians, as a group, will not address this issue. I will pay more next year for the same reason. Mt. Juliet wins this issue hands down if it stands up, but it won’t stand up. We need people who will present a workable plan and who will demonstrate the will and courage to take it to the mats if necessary in order to being about positive change and lawful order.

    I will put it out there for anyone who is running for office, including you Ray…I will spend what time is necessary to educate anyone running for office regarding the ins and outs of the emergency protection issues, I will help them draft their plan, and I will give them as much insight as possible into why that plan should be the course this city takes. I simply do not care who gets the credit, I don’t care who takes the ball over the goal line, I just care that the city scores a win in this game. The “Fire” issue is “The club” which the County and the other cities use to beat Mt. Juliet about the neck and ears, and, the truth is, we should be the one’s holding the club, though we should not be using it to beat anyone. I have no grudge against anyone in this county, I don’t want to see harm come to anyone. I want equality and fairness and I want justice when people do wrong, but I also want grace and mercy when it is deserved. I want to have this community be the example of what can happen when government is done right. I believe in my philosophy that, when politicians endeavor to fall smack dab in the middle of the law, not swaying to the right or the left shoulders, but rather right smack dab in the center of the law, they are doing all that they can in that instant to do their jobs correctly. The next step is, when the law is wrong, you change the law, not your character. You never sacrifice integrity or the honor of your office because you don’t agree with the rules, you do your job and change the rules. Until the rules change, you do what the law says, unless the law is unconstitutional, in which case the law is null and void anyway. In those circumstances you just have to ask your heart, “What would mom say if she saw what I am about to do?” Politics is not a hard game to play if you are not more concerned about winning than you are about doing what is right. Fight for the people, let them see what is happening, and, when you can’t do what you want to do because the law says you can’t, make sure the people know that you are constrained by the law and let them decide whether it is important enough to change the law. If they are apathetic it is their fault, not yours. Eventually, in time, the people will rise up and hold all government accountable. My fear is that they will wait until it costs millions of lives to set things straight. They will endure much despotism before they awaken and stand in unity.

    Ray, it all starts with personal integrity at the city level. If the city can hold itself accountable it has the license to hold the county accountable. If the county is held accountable and holds itself accountable it has the license to hold the state accountable. When states are held accountable and hold themselves accountable, they have a license to hold the federal government accountable. Without this structure, all is lost. Perhaps now you understand my passion….time will tell. I fully and whole-heartedly believe that if we can’t get it right in Mt. Juliet, we can’t get it right anywhere.

    All I can say about the next election at this point is that I hope the best person wins in every seat.

  16. Ray Justice

    Thank you Butch. If you will remember, my comment about “toilets flushing and the police coming when called” were aimed at the those folks who really do not care what happens in Mt. Juliet. To me, that is so very sad. I have spent my life in this city. I have fought numerous battles, winning some and losing some, but no one should ever question my love for this place that we call home. As for a plan for emergency services, I believe the city should eventually be in the fire protection business AND the emergency medical response business. The plan that I will lay out, I’m pretty sure, is not one that you will like because it does not address as much the legal issues as it does the common sense issues of the total emergency services package. Please keep in mind that I work daily with the men and women of the Wilson Emergency Management Agency and I have always found them to be professional in all areas. However, to expect them to come into a city, or urban, area and fight fires in the same manner they fight rural fires is not practical. There is more to it than that. They are not equipped to do more than they do right now. Also, I do not want a fire department in our city that will leave the city unattended to run somewhere out in Gladeville to fight a fire. Finally, I am furious that we are being forced to pay a property tax in Mt. Juliet in order to build a fire station that will ultimately only help the good folks in the Providence area. I could write all night about some of this stuff but my break is over and its time to go back to work. I would love to have some conversations about the issue and if I am misinformed I welcome the opportunity for someone to set me straight. Jonathon….September 22, 2011, 3:34 pm you sent an email to me stating you had heard I was running for office and “we” should have a good race. My response was “Looking forward to it. Stay on the issues and have fun.” When you start getting older its always a good idea to save emails. All, please have a good night and be safe. Ray

  17. Jonathan Brydalski

    Hey Rae,
    Sorry you did not understand the body of my message. The word “we” that I used should have been interpreted as “we” like the “City” not “we” like “you and I”. Heck, back in September 2011 I probably sent that same message to Ted too. Put this in your oops file along with ““…but as a commissioner you are but one vote”, “but Jonathan is my friend, why would he run against me” and ““toilets flushing and the police coming when called”. Let’s move on and lead our fine city forward.
    Bottom line Rae is that the election is not about you, Ted, or myself. It is about the right plan to lead our city positively and legally into the future. Let’s try to keep it that way.

  18. Butch Huber


    I agree that we should have an entire emergency services department owned by the city. In fact, I am a proponent of a “Public Safety Department”, which would include police, fire, rescue, ambulance, hazmat, emergency response, etc. Further, I believe that Mt. Juliet should establish its own Emergency Management Agency and call it the Mount Juliet Emergency Management Agency (MEMA). That would potentially open us up for homeland security grants that we otherwise would not qualify to receive.

    The legal aspect really need to be addressed, Ray, unless you are okay with us paying twice for services that we only receive once. The county is taxing us, but yet is not providing us with services that are commensurate with the amount which they take from us. Wilson county is providing Lebanon with $88.85 worth of services per person, it provides Watertown with just under $85 worth of services per person, yet it provides us with less than $55 worth of services per person. The expenses that the county is paying for in this area would not change unless the city annexes all of the area in this section of the county, except those around station 4, into the city. The county wants Mt. Juliet to pay for all of its fire protection services, but it wants to keep rescue and ambulance. If Mt. Juliet were to annex all of the area of the county within its existing and planned urban growth boundary, the county would still want to keep ambulance. Why? Because the ambulance in this area makes them money. They lose money in Lebanon, but they make money here. They like the idea of Mt. Juliet subsidizing the rest of the county. They are preparing to build two stations around Lebanon and one in Norene. Ray, where does all that money come from? Lebanon and Mt. Juliet. It comes from the urban centers.

    Ray, as a police officer, I would think you would be very concerned about the legal aspects of this issue. The very first role of law enforcement should, in my opinion, be to ensure that government isn’t violating the rights of citizens. If government is ever going to have the respect of the people, it has to start following its own laws. If the government is not going to follow its laws, isn’t it hypocrisy for police to enforce laws on the citizens? I know you can see this conundrum. As a politician, it is your “Duty” to uphold the laws and to protect the citizens. You plan should have a legal solution to it, Ray. That does not mean that the city has to necessarily go to court. Ray, I am a fairly good negotiator. The biggest cause of this mess, in my opinion, is that Ed Hagerty rolled over and showed his soft underbelly from the very beginning. You know I can’t stand Linda Elam as a politician, that is no secret to anyone, but the county would not have been capable of getting this far with her, nor could it have gotten this far with Mack. They both would have told the county to pack sand. This isn’t about fire protection, Ray, this is about property taxes. That is all it is about. The county could not stand that we did not have a property tax, nor could lebanon or watertown. This issue is, and always has been, about Mt. Juliet having to have a property tax. Now they are joking about the relative low amount of tax the city charges. This is about taking money from Mt. Juliet so that they can spend it elsewhere, but it isn’t about fire protection. They know that, unless Mt. Juliet annexes a lot of property, they still have to spend at least as much money here as they are currently spending and they may even have to spend more money if we start our own fire department. They just think that we will let them keep our station, run their ambulance and other equipment out of it, and we will pick up the tab for the rest. They think that they can force us into a situation where they can make us pay for our own services, and use our money to provide services to the people of Unincorporated Wilson County to boot.

    I don’t think the two of us want our own emergency services for quite the same reasons. I want our own because I don’t want someone who hates me to be in charge of my protection. The absolute best solution for all of this would be for the state to take over all of these issues. The second best would be for the county to provide all emergency services on a rational and equitable and fair basis. The problem we face is that the county “HATES” us. The sentiment at the county level is still that they hate this city. I don’t know why, but it is obvious from their demeanor that they do. You can see it in the way that they act toward us. I am not talking about the guys and gals on the trucks here in Mt. Juliet, I am talking about the cabal in the county that has elected officials in their pocket. They are the ones who control things and they hate us. We will never, ever, never ever ever have a decent emergency service operation here unless we take it over ourselves.

    There is a way for us to have what we want without having a property tax. I am willing to present that plan to anyone who wants to hear it. Ray, I can help you, or anyone else, put together a plan for a world class fire department here in Mt. Juliet and it could be a plan that would end up costing the city “Zero” tax dollars and could actually effectively lower the costs to the average taxpayer and home owner and business person in this city over time. Just because nobody has done something before doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

    To all who are running:

    If you will let me, I will help you draft and construct a plan that could potentially provide this city with world class levels of emergency services, answer all the concerns about fire protection and emergency services, provide better protection levels, erase the property tax (which will infuriate the county, Lebanon and Watertown), get back some of the tax money we have been paying to the county, reduce our insurance rates, not put the city in a huge financial crunch to execute the plan, provide jobs, provide opportunity, that can be used to bring the community together, and that could provide a buffer for the vitriol that exists at the county level. If the county wants to straighten up and fly right, the plan that we draft could open the door to better relations to the county and could further offset costs to the city through interlocal agreements with the county. I can even show you how, if Lebanon were willing to play nice, we could save each other some money in the process. I can show you how my plan could open things up so that everyone in the entire county has better levels of service without having to pay more, or much more, in tax dollars to achieve it. It is the stiff-necked stubbornness that exists throughout this county that is costing us so much. There is a better way and I can show it to those who have the power to do something about it if they would only clear their minds and open their ears and eyes. They are stuck in a paradigm and they are stewed in enmity and vitriol. They are blinded by hatred. For the record, again, I don’t “hate” anyone in this county…not even Linda Elam. I don’t like her much, but I don’t “hate” her. Ray, you and I are never going to be taking warm showers together (In the words of Clint Eastwood), but I don’t hate you. I don’t really hate anyone anymore. I used to have a lot of hate in my heart, but not anymore. I hate a lot of things, but I don’t hate people. I hate certain ideals, but I don’t hate those who possess them. I don’t like being hated by those who don’t even know me, but I certainly sense it in this county.

    Ray, if you are intent on fixing the problem, you probably aren’t “wrong” about it as much as your plan may not be “complete”. You can’t half-fix this problem and expect it to go away. All you will be doing if you have a half-plan is to solve symptoms of the problem and not actually cure the cause of the problem. I cannot tell you that I can cure the cause of the problem because the cause of the problem is hatred, envy, and greed. I can only help to quarantine the problem and isolate it from us so that their hatred, envy and greed doesn’t have as much of an impact on our lives here in this city. I can also help ensure that those who receive the benefit from our department also help pay for our department. Ray, if you develop a plan without making sure that you are covering all the bases, you could really make an already bad situation into a much worse situation. I really do suggest that, before you start putting together a plan in earnest that we get together so that I can provide you with the insights into this that I have developed as I put about a full year’s worth of man-hours into studying it. I will walk you through it bit-by-bit if you would like so that you see for yourself, based on the laws and evidences, that what I am telling you is true and factual. I do not think anyone could gainsay what I present.

  19. Old Blevins

    Interesting District One race this time. Ray was actually turning into a halfway decent commissioner at the end but don’t know if it was in time to make up for the first few years. Ted has been a seat warmer, and his alliance with Elam on the referendum issue sullied a good reputation of integrity. Maybe it’s time to get someone new in there, if Mr. Brydalski proves to have any substance.

    District three is a no-brainer. Art Giles has exceeded expectations with thoughtful representation. Britt Linville is a joke. Bring on the debates so Britt can make a fool of himself again.

    For Mayor, Hagerty and Luffman are both good candidates. Ed has a fairly consistent positive track record and would likely get my vote, but Luffman is worth a good look. I seriously doubt Kevin Mack, who was this city’s best mayor, will run.

  20. Doc Cider

    I think there will be more than two candidates for mayor. The entrenched developer/chamber/hillbilly mafia element will anoint a gofer like Marlowe to run and finance him well. Neither Ed nor Luffman will play their game.

    The biggest problem with Ray is that he works for ‘Boss Hog’ Ashe. His sentiments have tended to lean toward that bunch anyway but this is almost a conflict of interest. I agree that Ray in his last year or so, other than the Lebanon Road gaffe, was much more effective than Ted has been.

    Surely Britt Linville knows he might have to talk in public again if he runs? He makes Bradshaw sound like Abraham Lincoln. And in today’s Mt. Juliet, subsidising youth sports (“It’s fer the kids”) is not a compelling issue.

  21. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    To All,
    My bad. It seems I brought the Indiana temperatures back with me. I hope I brought back a moderate frost or 2. I hate what it will do to the buttercups, but I need these crane flies and yard fleas GONE.

    Good start on the discussions. Still no plan to speak of or critique. That is going to be an issue…NO PLAN=NO VOTE. It is and will remain THAT SIMPLE. Butch has made a very benevolent offer to all. It comes from an honorable man with honorable intentions for ALL. He does not seek to save just his own money…he wants what is best for all, that even includes those who might ridicule him. Such character is in too short of supply in this city, county, state, and nation. Use it wisely, gentlemen…if you try and go it alone here, you better be ready at every VERY PUBLIC debate. YOU WILL GIVE A DETAILED PLAN SOONER OR LATER…you can bank on that, I give you my word. Please do not view this as a threat, it is NOT in any way meant to be coersive. Your plan nor your name will be flogged with disrespect. We, as members of a Jeffersonian democracy, have the right to be informed of your intentions if we are to give you our eductated vote. Lives have been sacrificed selflessly for this process and those lives WILL BE HONORED. Truth told, each of you should bum-rush this opportunity. Search yourselves and ask why you are here. Shame on you if it is for selfish glory. Be ready to be lumped into the list of regurgitated names of those that have let our city fall behind in some very important areas. Give us what you got and let us give it back. You will be better for it and so will the citizens of this great city. It is always good to be home. Let’s get to work.


    “Coming to gether is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working to gether is success”. Henry Ford

  22. Jonathan Brydalski

    That’s right, Mr. Martini. There is an Easter Bunny…good point RP

    Butch , I would be more than happy to sit down with you and discuss future plans. I would love your input. Thanks.

  23. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    Thanks, JB. If you liked the movie, then please read into and learn what my character is trying to do. The choice I made was by no means random.
    If you are sitting right now, we can discuss your future plans. Whether you talk to Butch and then he shares with us, or you do it now and get direct near immediate feedback…we will know your plans before we vote. I give you my word…I will. If you want just one vote, then talk to just one person…if you want more than one vote, this GROUP here can help…it is your call. Have a safe day.


  24. Butch Huber

    R.P. Thanks for the kind words. J.B. I can probably meet with you for awhile this coming Sunday Afternoon if you would like.

    Also, if you just go back and read my posts you can really get the gist of the situation. The county is violating the law. That should be clear. Additionally, the county has the responsibility for providing all of the emergency services we are to get in this city and they took on that responsibility by their own vote. They are responsible for providing that service everywhere in this county and they are responsible under the law to provide it. Remember, they took on this responsibility, they were not required to do it.

    The twenty year growth act requires a city to provide a plan of services for fire protection. If a city is required to provide fire protection services, then shouldn’t our legislators actually “Require” that they provide fire protection services to all areas of the county not currently covered by either volunteer forces or by cities? So, part of the plan should include lobbying the congress of the state of tennessee to adopt legislation that requires that all counties in the state provide emergency services to those areas of the county mentioned herein?

    The county should be held accountable. WHy should the government be allowed to illegally use our money? Why does the county get a pass? No, anyone running for office should be willing to stand up for us or they shouldn’t get our votes. If the county recognized that they were about to go to court on this, and that the court they were going to was not the county court, but rather they were going to be going to a court in a different venue, and if they realized that there would be an appeal all the way to the state supreme court if necessary, the county would relent and would come back to the table and act mature. The legislature would have to get out in front of this if it were to head to the state supreme court and they would have to straighten out the law. The change in the state law would make the lawsuit unnecessary except perhaps to get some of our money back.

    The state has adopted the Civil Defense laws, which almost for certain require that counties have adequate services available, but it doesn’t necessarily say that exactly. That needs to change.

    We have never had a better chance to fix this issue. You have what will definitely be a bitter battle between Elam and Lynn coming up. They are going to have to deal with this issue. Lynn promised to do something the last time she ran for this seat. Elam had several years to fix it. She has also had the past year to sponsor legislation to fix the issues also.

    There is a tremendous amount of information available if you do the reading. I will fill in the blanks for you as much as possible and to the degree that I am able.

  25. Butch Huber

    When one aspires to occupy an office that approves resolutions, ordinances, or laws, it would seem to me that the first thing they would want to do is to develop the good habit of relying on the constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the State of Tennessee, federal and state laws, and other such documents and items when they are making decisions. He is a question for those who would be a city commissioner.

    “The Countywide Fire Department Statute allows for the department to be funded through fire taxes, and as an alternative to fire taxes, it may be funded either through situs based taxes collected only in the unincorporated portions of the county “Or” through other sources of revenue that have already been shared with the Municipalities.” The county is using TVA in-lieu of money as a funding source to pay for the costs of the countywide fire department. TVA in-lieu of money is an alternative to property taxes and is not already shared with the Municipalities. The municipalities get their own TVA in-lieu of money, but they do not get that money unless they have a city property tax. The money that the cities get from TVA in-lieu of is separate from the money the county gets from TVA. The money counties get from TVA in-lieu of is intended for the benefit of all citizens of the county and not just those who live in the unincorporated portions of the county. I have asked the comptroller about this and, based on my interpretation of that conversation, TVA in-lieu of money is not eligible to be used to fund the countywide fire department. So, what are you prepared to do about this if you are fortunate enough (or unfortunate enough) to be elected to office. The county is obviously illegally funding the countywide fire department, so what are you prepared to do to correct this? If you answer is, “nothing”, then, in my opinion, you don’t deserve to be allowed to fill the seat. Remember, “All that is needed for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing”, or some such thing. We need people who have steel in their spines, not lead in their butts.

  26. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    With the lack of interest from those who should be, have you considered contacting the NC5 Investigates Team? They are fresh off the UCDD fund mismanagement story with results. Just a thought…
    Fax: 615-244-9883
    News Channel 5 Investigates
    474 James Robertson Parkway
    Nashville, TN 37219


  27. Granny Oh Slow

    As usually the commission is about two years too late with the charter change for the recall provision. Wonder how this will play out in November with the votes.

  28. Butch Huber

    I suspect it will be nearly 100% for and close to 0% against. Hopefully it will anyway. Granny, we needed to get a commission that wasn’t trying to do something illegal in order to get this on the ballot. When politicians are trying to do illegal things they certainly don’t want to have to answer to the voters any more than they have to face them.

  29. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    Morning Gents!
    Let’s get right to it. Word on the street this morning is that DISTRICT 22 COUNTY COMMISSIONER Wendell Marlowe is planning to run for Mt. Juliet City mayor. Now I know this cannot be true…especially since 87% of us voted that we did not want an individual holding dual offices at the city AND county level. Now, am I missing something or is he??? I know, I know, Cuzin’ Jim is doing it, but that is to be expected from the spawn of Linda. I was under the impression that Marlowe was a bit more virtuous, ethical, eminent, and esteemed…yes? no? too much? Disheartening to say the least, easy call to say the most. Parallels with the decision on Charlie Manson’s parole…not just NO, but NO HELL NO!!! Unbelieveable. Only in MJ, can you find public servants passing around pecker pictures and politicians pissin’ on the public plebiscite. Please, Publius, pontificate.

    In other news, saw Luffman’s announcement. Shot him and email requesting a blurb for plans, thoughts, and intentions. We’ll see…

    Friends, in all seriousness, we need to get it right this vote. Our city direction needs a huge shot of ethics and education. Of my history here, this is becoming a very surreal time.


  30. The Outsider

    Just a thought.. Couldn’t Commissioner Marlowe still have time to resign his position as a County Commissioner before the election?

    Its not the night after the election and he’s won.. we are still in May if my calender is still correct

  31. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    What rationale would he use to do such a thing?


  32. The Outsider


    I wouldn’t have a clue on his rationale. Guess the question needs to be posed to him or wait to see if he submits his petition before the deadline. It has been well publicized the citizens of Mt. Juliet don’t want you holding dual offices, so why someone would want to attempt it after the waste of taxpayers funds that allowed “Cuzin Jim” to continue doing it just for his last terms in office, or his last term being both a City and County Commissioner.

    83 days to find that answer out (deadline for petitions to run) and
    165 days til election day..

    let the summer and campaigning begin.

  33. Southsider

    I heard the previous city manager, Randy Robertson, had appointed 4 of the 5 terminated employees to a committee heading-up the “Spring Fling” event at Charlie Daniels Park.

    One of the few city committees with an even number of members..

    Ya just can’t make this stuff up, can ya? Well maybe.

  34. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    OMG…hilarious!!! Wonder what was next with the change in seasons…”SUMMER _UMMER”…Oh, the digression. On a serious note, though, one of the “Feloniuos Five” WAS an integral contributor to the “fire protection effort”. Explains alot. No wonder it has taken 8 yrs just to buy an under sized peice of property…publishing pics of your “pud” had a priority.


  35. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    …to those who gave all.

    We will never forget because you never gave up. Thank you for your spirit of courage, honor, and duty. Thank you for your sacrifice and that of your families. We are forever grateful.


  36. Jonathan Brydalski

    Hey Butch,
    Can you give me a call. Thanks.

  37. Butch Huber

    I can’t seem to find your number on here, Jonathan.

  38. Jonathan Brydalski

    Hi Butch,
    What does your schedule look like next week?

  39. Butch Huber

    Busy, but I can find time. 598-2405

  40. Pop Korn

    Oh, Jeez, you’d think Wendell would have learned his lesson after the last run. His debate performance wouldn’t have passed muster at his middle school, and he was so blatantly a tool of the developers and out-of-town interests that the other tool was able to slide under the radar and beat him. So now that he’s blatantly in violation of the referendum if he runs, he thinks he’ll try again? The hillbilly mafai must be pretty desparate if all they can come up with is Wendell and Britt Linville.

    Waiting for Jimbo to announce. He will run on a platform of no more sex stings.

  41. Doc Cider

    Does Wendell even live inside the city? I thought he moved somewhere west of Nonaville Road above Windtree.

  42. The Outsider

    Here’s his address as listed on the Tennessee Property Assessment website.

    434 TYRONE RD
    MT JULIET , TN 37122

  43. The Outsider

    And you are correct Doc. He does NOT live in the City Limits based on the most up to date city map


  44. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    Ted’s out.

  45. edlisa

    Teds out, Rays in, hopefully we will have one more candidate for district 1 and make it a horserace to the finish.

  46. Butch Huber

    Perhaps we could get someone on the commission with the courage to actually do something about the fact that Linda Elam and Jim Bradshaw illegally used taxpayer funds to fight the city in a lawsuit that allowed them to remain on the commission even though they were serving in another elected position and perhaps they would be willing to cause an investigation into the fact that their complaints stated that they were told to file their complaints by the commission when that is not what occurred. Perhaps, but I would not hold my breath. Law and order and justice and all of that only apply to citizens. Public Officials can do whatever they want until a judge tells them they can’t, and a judge won’t tell them they can’t unless they are willing to take themselves to court. Can anyone else see the paradox there?

  47. Doc Cider

    So is this what we have so far? It seems pretty obvious Wendell is totally ineligible on two counts, unless he moves again and resigns the County Commission. Ted is retiring?

    Mayor: Hagerty
    D1: Brydalski
    D3: Giles

  48. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    Guys!!! Are you reading the same MJ news front page that I am? The sixth paragraph, then the seventh. Huge strides made on the fire issue during your tenure??? Are you HIGH??? What you have mister is a wasteful spit in the ocean! After eight years you have bought 2 acres in a piss poor location and come to realize you should have bought 4 acres somewhere else. THERE ARE SOME AT THE COUNTY THAT ARE LAUGHING THEIR ASSES OFF AT THE MENTION OF YOUR NAME OVER YOUR “HUGE STRIDES,” and the ignorance you possess of the whole issue. You have a solution in sight? At this pace, NOT IF YOU LIVED 2 LIFETIMES!!! The only reason you and the other four bumblers are doing anything is because you think NOW you finally HAVE TO not never nor now because you have ever WANTED TO. Begging for COUNTY SCRAPS ain’t NO plan. Wrapping up the fire service issue? Inheriting a city inadequately served by one fire station and leaving it a city inadequately served by two fire stations won’t wrap up a damn thing. You go this route and THAT will be your legacy. My advice…PRAY SOME MORE.


    P.S. We ain’t never been as STUPID as you thought we were or needed us to be.

    P.S.S. OMG, I almost forgot…””I feel we have been able to keep gov’t. small yet effective, and focused on what it should be doing.” REALLY? Passing around pictures of your peepee and hoohoo on public time and money, whoring our your self and your old lady on some internet cheat site, with a small town paper reading big time headlines of a SEX SCANDAL @ MJ CITY HALL…that’s your focus on what it should be doing??? You do not have a grip on your government and you do not have a clue what to do. MT JULIET CANNOT STAND FOUR MORE YEARS OF YOUR GOV’T. You feel called to do it? I’m calling for you not to.

  49. Butch Huber

    RP, dude, you are going to have to learn to let it out. Repressed anger and suppressed rage turn into anxiety, which turns into depression. Release your feelings and express yourself so that others can understand how you truly feel, don’t bottle it all up inside until you pop your cork.

  50. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    Hahahahaha!!! Yeah, that was kind of a rant, wasn’t it. Got to admit…I do feel better. It’s just one of those “Don’t piss on my head and tell me its raining” moments. Poor Ed really does need us to be a little more stupid and forgetful if he is going to get us to think that he has been the driving force. Remember when he got the job? He said he didn’t really want it and only took it cause “Spineless Jim” saw the writing on the wall. It would be comical if there weren’t so much at stake. But it’s cool…thanks for calling me on it. I have enjoyed a good dinner, couple of family phone calls, and one el grande “suffering bastard”. This night has Hemingway writ all over it.


  51. Doc Cider

    Publius, just a suggestion…can links to these candidate announcements be put up here. The ones for Lynn v Elam and the city races would be plenty.

  52. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    Ed better watch it…if the red queen or spineless Jimmy get in…he’ll take the hit harder than Luffman. I can see her now out fixin’ her signs like a teenage tagger…”Elect Linda As Mayor…ELAM”…ad nauseum and Jimmy will probably misspell his name or run on the “I abstain from everything” platform”…I haven’t dun anything wrong cuz I hadn’t dun anything. You know, come to think of it, that’s better than what we got and what we’ve had. Time to spice up my coffee, jeez.


  53. Pop Korn

    The more candidates that are in a race, the better for the incumbent. Ask Ray, he liked to have a wingman when he was the incumbent. He won’t have that issue this time, though.

    I thought Jimbo would be in by now. After the sexting scandal, his platform would be no more sex stings. He will also try to run on his two records.

  54. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    his record for most abstentions and what else?

  55. Pop Korn

    Filing suit against the city? Oh, wait Elam would already have that covered if she runs.

  56. Doc Cider

    Alright, we have our State Rep back. Now all eyes on the city elections:

    Will Elam enter the race for Mayor? And what about Jimbo? Who will the Chamber-pot and Hillbilly Mafia folks line up behind? It won’t be Hagerty, but despite her willingness and ability to be corrupt, it probably won’t be Elam either.

    Will Ray Justice return to the D1 seat? Can Art Giles run an effective campaign against the bumbling but well known and probably well-funded Linville?

    Are there still some secret candidates who will emerge from under rocks?

    For now, I’ll just enjoy the primary results!

  57. Southsider

    I heard that Elam never called to concede the election and congratulate Susan Lynn for her victory. If that is true, and I have every reason to believe it is, Elam is finished in middle Tennessee politics. Susan Lynn ran a very positive, high-road campaign and was outspent at least 10 to 1.

    Being gracious in defeat is expected in southern politics – among democrats and republicans. Elam failed again – hopefully for the last time.

  58. I wonder if McCall PAC will be asking Elam for a refund? They didn’t get much of a return on their investment.

  59. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    you and the boys are blowing it on every front…keep up the good work.


  60. It’s been a while since I’ve been on here. LOVE all the comments and even the ‘rants’. I have difficulty calling the truth a rant but whatever. We really do need some new blood in this town and I wouldn’t mind seeing Ray back. We live in his district and I can assure you he was a lot better than Uncle Ted. It’s also going to be great to see Lynn back in her seat. With ANY luck we will be able to grant Ed his wish and remove him from the seat he didn’t want to start with. Cuz’n Jimmy…he needed to go a long time ago. He just needs to cut us a check for 1/2 of the money he and Linda wasted so that he could abstain from voting at the meetings he made it to.
    I have started looking to the TVA in lieu of and it does appear that it is for roads and schools. If they put it to what it is supposed to go to maybe we can stop paying that ‘temporary’ wheel tax!!

  61. Butch Huber

    Lisa, I would be interested in learning what you were looking at when you saw that TVA in Lieu of money is for roads and schools. That sounds like impact fees. The chart that I saw regarding state shared revenue in Tennessee says that TVA in Lieu of Property tax money is unrestricted. If there is something that shows that TVA in Lieu of money is for roads and schools only it could help bring down the county’s house of cards in emergency services.

  62. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    Interesting…petitions pulled as of 8/7/12

    District 1 Justice Brydalski Hibbett???
    Gallion MacClary

    District 3 Giles


    P.S. There’s something rotten in the state of Dell Webb. Ed needs new friends both on the commission and in the community…they are going to cost him as he waxes desperate with imagination. Tis not fit thus to obey/vote for him as he attempts to rule the unweeded/unprotected garden of things rank and grossly inadequate in nature.

    “We, ignorant of ourselves,
    Beg often our own harms which the wise powers
    Deny us for our own good; so we find profit
    By losing of our prayers.”
    William Shakespeare, Anthony and Cleopatra

  63. Butch Huber

    Hibbett is not in.

  64. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    Copy that. After strong consideration concerning age and the rigors of first year of college. Maybe next time.


    “Show me who a man’s friends are and I will tell you who he is.”
    Ralph Waldo Emerson

  65. Southsider

    I don’t know about Ray for district 1. He voted to borrow money, to buy land, to give to the YMCA. Sounds like something Obama would want to do,

    Remember, if Ray had not been defeated in 2008 city taxpayers would now be now paying interest on a YMCA land note – and the YMCA would already be complaining that 8 acres on the corner of Division and Mt. Juliet Road were not enough for their operations and would want even more subsidy from taxpayers!

    Another thing you may have forgotten about Ray – he was the only Commissioner to be against widening Mt. Juliet Road. He voted against the project every time. Ole Ray was a true visionary when it came to traffic plans..

    Ted may not be all that great but Ray ‘lets funnel some city money to my friends’ Justice is not the answer!

  66. Doc Cider

    Some may remember Ray with a gauze of nostalgia after Ted’s supporting of Elam’s ‘Let’s Sue Ourselves’ initiative so he could play Mayor for a few months. That move made Ray look like a statesman by comparison. And Ray had mellowed and mostly made sense toward the end of his tenure. He may even turn out to be the best candidate for the job.

    But potential opponents have plenty of ammo to bring to a debate. The constant bickering with Mr. Mack and Mr. Shearer, misquoting the Election Commissioner, supporting subsudizing the Y with Elam, supporting taxpayers spending two million on a developer’s isolated rockpile with Sellars, advocating ‘special treatment’ for prominent citizens in traffic stops, the attempts to fire Rob Shearer and Bobby Franklin and that’s just the highlights.

    But they will need all that and more as it looks like there are multiple candidates and Ray is the closest thing to an incumbent with some name recognition plus and minus. He may have a ‘wingman’ among those names as it’s worked for him before.

    Surprised only one pulled in D3 but it’s not over yet….or is it?

  67. Doc Cider

    It’s official; all three Commission seats will be contested.

    D1: Ray Justice, Beer Board chairman and past County Commission candidate Michael Gallion, and Jonathan Brydalski. I know little about Gallion and not much about Brydalski, but Gallion doesn’t look like Ray’s wingman on first look.

    D3: Art Giles and Britt Linville, who turned in 4 hours before the deadline. The ‘clean house’ mentality would be a mistake in this race.

    Mayor: Hagerty, Luffman, and Jimbo, who turned in an hour before the deadline.

    Also of interest, the D2 County Commission seat is contested by Richard Moses and Terry Duncan. I’m assuming this is a special election to replace Chris Sorey. I know nothing about either candidate but this will be as important a race as the City Commission races and shouldn’t slip under the radar. Butch, I think that’s your district. Any thoughts?

  68. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    D2 is vacated by Stephanie McDonald.

    Fire Plans:

    Hagerty: has one from the city that is bad, one from the county that is worse, at least 2 dozens plans that include creative ways to beg something for nothing, and an empty vanilla folder with a worn tab that says ‘plan b’. The flip side of this tab says ‘mega church’.

    Luffman: has 2 plans, one with county and one without ready to be fine tuned by an advisory group with over 100 years experience plus finance and research/legal…this follows the recommendations of not one but two MTAS studies.

    Bradshaw: has no idea or plan for fire protection…but IS ready to wave crazy arms and jazz hands while screaming abstention repeatedly. Plans on replacing the stop light sign he waved in last election with “I HATE ED” t-shirts…guess what size?


  69. Old Blevins

    He’s planning on getting a bunch of old Elam shirts for a rock-bottom price, spray-painting the front with white paint, and writing ‘I hayt Ed’ with a Sharpie. The print will look like it was done by the Chil-fil-A cows.

  70. The Outsider

    Heard the fire plan RP, but what else do they plan to do in their term in office. Having a 3 way race favors the incumbent but just looking at the 3 who are running only we have one with loads of experience and has served the position, one with tons of fire experience and a hometown boy but never held elective office, and one with lets see 12 plus years with a seat on the Commission but never done anything of note his entire time.

  71. Southsider

    Interesting data now available online from the Wilson County Election Commission website.

    There is a blank for party affiliation on the form and no form (I saw) had one person write in ‘Democrat’. Several listed themselves as ‘Republican’ but most left the space blank.

    Elam’s form didn’t say ‘fake republican’ either.

    I predict the percentage number victory for Art Giles over Britt Linville will be exactly the number difference of their teeth.


  72. Southsider

    Reluctant Republican Blues

    You know you’re in trouble when I title one of my rants. Sorry. One of the best things about this site is the way one can blow off steam – RFMJ is like Xanax for the politically frustrated without the cost or side effects.

    In my 50 plus years of living in Tennessee the number one thing I do not miss is the democrat party. They controlled this state pretty much since reconstruction and drove it into the ground most of that time. I don’t miss Bob Rochelle or all the horn honking he caused as he led his party off a political cliff. I find great comfort in watching Tennessee donkeys further self-destruct as they now have a litmus test to be a democrat candidate – you must now be in favor of gay marriage and government funded abortion on demand to be a TN democrat candidate. Just ask Mark Clayton: http://thenewamerican.com/usnews/politics/item/12331-establishment-balks-as-tenn-democrats-nominate-pro-life-conservative-in-senate-race

    In the midst of all my laughter I cannot help but see a cloud on the horizon. I know the donkeys and know that they will never stop running for office – they will just stop running as democrats. Look folks, if a political cripple like Linda Elam can pull it off in the most Republican county in the state, it can, and will happen elsewhere.

    So what should real conservatives do? All our elections are going to be decided in the primaries. Three or four candidates in the race and a little donkey crossover vote could push even a Jim Bradshaw in office – okay maybe not Jim, but you get my point. It is more important than ever to check these candidates out before loaning them power. If a Republican candidate voted in the democrat primaries several times in the last ten years – you need to be suspicious!

    I can tell you what we should not do – exactly what the Republican House members did this cycle. They endorsed each other in the primary! They even gave each other pooled money in what became the incumbent protection act of 2012. Thank goodness the architect of that idiocy (Maggart) was its first casualty. Isn’t this what the democrats did? Build incumbent political machines with pooled money? Do we think the voters actually long for the Republican version of Jimmy Naifeh? I don’t.

    And this is the source of my political frustration. As the democrats imitate Republicans to get back in office, the Republicans are imitating democrats to stay in office. Sheeesh!

    Call your representatives and remind them that the state party prohibits county parties from endorsing candidates in primary elections. Making rules and not abiding by them is what democrats do.

    And be careful whom you vote for. All Republicans are not equal – especially now.

    There. I feel better now.

  73. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    Here is what I found in the achives:

    Hagerty: eastern connector from I40 to Bender’s Ferry to relieve traffic and promote future economic growth, also new interchange @ I40 and Central Pike.

    Luffman: infastructure needs in N MJ Rd neighborhoods, community, parks, recreation increase opportunities for al ages, attract large mfg entity to give first full time/benefit jobs to MJ residents, better business friendly actions, possible recruit or create institute of higher learning/voc/trade school for young and “older” kids.

    Bradshaw: better HMO for stray cats.

    Just my 2 cents…Ed has the experience of sitting in the chair, but he has some baggage 12 years with the fire issue and he is in worse shape now than then…bad plans getting worse. The sidewalk to NOWHERE… Also, he has a sex scandal on his watch and even though it is a part time gig…IT IS STILL HIS WATCH. He is a good man…he is not a good mayor. He has too much of the MJ future riding on Providence. Luffman has never held public office, but he has built a fire dept. and over the course of his career I’m sure he has made some tough calls under pressure. His reputation among his co-workers is impeccable. Ed doesn’t have a experienced fire advisory team, Luffman said that would be his first order. And Jim, WOW, he holds the record for most abstentions by a city suing double dipping arm swinging short fused public official…BY GOD, that ought to account for something! And, btw, he is willing to spend your hard earned tax dollars to make sure the stray cats in this community do not hack up a cancerous fur ball on your back porch. That’s a helluva platform. Again, just my 2 cents…

    Can’t wait for the debates.


    P.S. 2 cents, hhmmm, ain’t that what a .22 caliber shell costs…that will cure kitty leukemia too.

  74. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    JB the shaggy dog and MJ the citizen kitty.

    JB: Wow, you smell like leukemia.
    MJ: Cram it in your cram hole…you smell like pissed off politician.
    JB: Seriously, you oughta get checked out.
    MJ: Can’t…I’m a stray…no insurance.
    JB: Doesn’t matter…I gotta plan…25,000 unwilling and unknowing dopes…I mean donors…hahaha.
    MJ: Dell Webb folks know you’re puttin’ the screws to their money?
    JB: Uh…you wanna come over and see my stop light sign?
    MJ: Where do you live?
    JB: Farmer’s Market at the end of the sidewalk to nowhere.
    MJ: Where’s that?
    JB: heh heh heh.

  75. 4Gone

    RP, enlighten us on which is the ‘sidewalk to nowhere’. I’m guessing it was planned long before Ed’s tenure and may have even been completed on Elam’s watch, if it’s one of the two I’m thinking of. If you really want to see a sidewalk to nowhere, drive into Metro on Central Pike and look at the sidewalk they made the architect put in when he renovated his office.

    Don’t forget Jim Bob also has a plan for dead cats before you load your pistol. I don’t think anything ever came of it, but his road kill initiative
    was hilarious theater, even by Jim Bob standards.

    I know you fire guys stick together and Luffman’s fire plan seems to be the best one so far, but Outsider does have a point, even the most important issue shouldn’t be the only issue. My support would probably be based on where the money and support comes from, although Hagerty and Luffman are both honorable men.

    I would hope whoever wins plans to keep the other involved. If Hagerty wins, he should have Mr. Luffman directly involved in the fire issue and if Luffman wins, he should keep Mr. Hagerty on the Planning Commission. I’m not anticipating a Jim Bob victory. Much of Elam’s 2008 victory came from his district.

  76. Old Blevins

    Mr. Hagerty supports the Central Pike interchange now, but he was not for it ten years ago. He and Justice were against spending money on it then, Ed because he ususally doesn’t like to spend money and Ray because he was against anything that wasn’t the Waynick Bypass and against anything supported by Kevin Mack.

  77. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    Agreed and MAN do I love this dialog!!! Like you, I hope they do see fit to utilize each other’s talent. For Luffman the newcomer, it would behoove him to retain Ed in some capacity due to his experience. For Ed it is the same…even his supporters know the fire issue will result in a mess without some help. And, yes, we fire guys stick together…we have to just like in the military, fraternity, sport team, etc. That is why I pulled from the Mj News issues of 5/23/12 and 7/25/12. Luffman states there in print that he has listened to what the people are asking for…living here all his life, he addresses that line of thinking by declaring he is more than just a FF and fire is not the only issue. I know he has never held public office, which means he does not have public office baggage…but he has dedicated his life to public service. How many job descriptions come with the requirement “risking your life for another?” Again, just my input…he qualifies for an opportunity. Have a good ‘un!


  78. Doc Cider

    This is the first MJ Mayor campaign in a long time with two good choices. And then there’s Bradshaw, with ‘Let’s Sue Ourselves’ baggage he didn’t have four years ago.

    To Mr. Hagerty’s credit, he was the lone ‘nay’ vote on the ‘Let’s Sue Ourselves’ issue, he tried to introduce a resolution to retract it after Maness was sworn in (quashed by the Hollow Man with legalese), and he had a lot to do with the referendum issue being on the ballot in the first place.

    I’m sure that Ted regrets his stance on that issue, when you deal with the devil you’re gonna get burned. Whatever one might think of Ray, he would have been a ‘nay’ vote on that one, if only to take a shot at Elam.

  79. Southsider

    I wonder if Jim Bradshaw has given any thought to the story his actions are telling about his character as it relates to his public service?

    When defending his actions to sue the city (and voters) to hold two public offices, Jim made the point that both the county and city voters who elected him deserved to have the representation they chose – Jim Bradshaw. He was simply fulfilling his obligations to serve all the voters who elected him.

    Now, less than 2 years later, he is choosing to ditch both sets of voters if elected Mt Juliet Mayor! I suppose that assumes he will not engineer another taxpayer funded lawsuit in quest of holding all three seats.

    I believe everyone in Mt. Juliet assumes Bradshaw will finish a distant last again. Everyone except Bradshaw – he thinks he can win. So he must be willing to walk away from serving the two sets of voters he violated the city’s charter to represent!

    Jim, we know you read this blog because you badmouth it. So I want you to ask yourself a question and be very honest how you answer:

    Do you think people now believe that you are running for Mayor to serve the public, or in the race to serve Jim Bradshaw?

    ‘To thine own self be true’ WS

  80. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    Ditto Southsider,
    You don’t even have to read his blurb carefully to hear the ringing of the “self serving bell.” If he had an inkling of a plan about ANYTHING, it might be overlooked, but this man wants to be king solely for the purpose of the feel good warm fuzzy that this office will bring him. I know he is entrenched in Dell Webb…and that is fine if that is what those citizens want…that is their right and I will defend it evem though I don’t understand it…I just hope they ask him the tough questions and demand the tough answers. Lower co-pays for you cat ain’t the big issue. ‘I HATE ED’ ain’t a good reason.


  81. Southsider

    This is a reason I will be voting for Ed Hagerty for Mayor. On November 8, 2010 the full Board approved the Mt. Juliet City Commission minutes. The following is District 3 Commissioner Ed Hagerty’s comment in those minutes:

    “The referendum question concerning holding dual offices passed with an 87% to 13% rate. This is an overwhelming mandate. 87% of the citizens of the City of Mt. Juliet said no, you cannot hold multiple offices. Not sure if any other referendum has passed with an 87% rate. Remembers liquor by the drink passed with approximately 55%, more recently home rule passed with 75%. 87% is an overwhelming mandate. Prior to the election he remembers that one of the two representatives on this board, that is affected, stated that they would like to have a conversation with the voters concerning holding two offices. Does not know of a better way to have a conversation with the voters than through a referendum. You have had your conversation, and the citizens have spoken loud and clear.

    The citizens expect you to serve in one and only one office. It is appalling an unconscionable that both of you have sponsored a resolution to sue the city and requiring the citizens to pay for your legal fees, despite the overwhelming decision by your constituents. If you persist on taking the citizens to court, spend your own money, not the taxpayer’s money. If either of you intend to make a legal challenge to the referendum – that is hearing the voters but choosing not to listen to them. There is a difference.

    Choosing a legal challenge to an 87% referendum is political suicide. If you find a favorable judge and get a favorable legal ruling, you will have lost. Any future political opponent worth his salt will use this against you. We all know of times when legalese is used to get what you want. It does not make it right. Encourages each of you to drop your legal efforts and listen to the voice of the citizens, choose one office that you wish to serve and serve that one office well. Urges both to do the right thing for yourself and the citizens of this City.”

    Ed got this 100% right.

  82. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    Excellent point. Ed is to be commended indeed for taking that stand on OUR behalf and I, for one, do appreciate that. However, consider this…our choice should consist of not only what the candidates have done in the past, but what they will do in the future. I appreciate your commitment to your choice, I hope you will appreciate mine.
    My vote will be for Luffman for the following reasons:
    He has not one but two plans for the premiere issue of fire protection.
    He has stated he will use an all emcompassing group approach.
    He has vision for city in other areas as well. (parks, police, infrastructure, etc.)
    He has experience/education in leadership and public service.
    He, too, has listened to the citizens.
    He had the stones to come on this blog and present his vision/plan…to me, that was huge.

    Either way, we should be in good shape as long as the “Pied Piper of sick kitties” gets hammered in the vote count. Take care.


  83. Southsider

    I respect how anyone chooses to vote for two of the three candidates. The fire issue, to me, seems misplaced as a Mt. Juliet issue. There are 650 square miles of county and only 20 in Mt.Juliet. This is a county issue. Fire districts solve the problem for all 650 square miles.

    An even bigger county issue right now is the proposed tax increase to fund another school being built in the wrong location. Watertown has a zero growth rate and a falling adolescent number due to our aging population demographics. To get enough students for a minimum size high school, the redistricting will have to stretch past LaGaurdo to the north and past Wilson Central to the west.

    The cynic in me cheers this debacle so I can later laugh at the county residents who will be paying higher taxes just to have their children bused 2 hours each day to a ‘Metropolitan Watertown High’. Can’t wait for the spoiled daddy’s girls to start having to bring a covered dish to their prom.

    All this will cause the great Wilson County controversy of 2020 – should the Watertown High School football team be allowed to play with less than 11 players?

  84. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    With respect as well to you…the county is tasked and is solely concentrating on those 650 sq miles…they are not concentrating on OUR 20 sq miles…that is why there is not a fire station that is dedicated to the city of MJ. The county mayor is tasked with providing equal coverage (notice, not adequate) for all 113,000 souls in the COUNTY…NOT adequate coverage for MJ’s 23, 000 souls. That said, if you are in the city and you have an emergency and station 3 is out on another call…it is very much a city problem, it is your problem, therefore it is an elected official of the City of MJ’s problem. Don’t get me wrong I see your point; however, you need to come to grips with the fact that if WEMA/Wilson County has a problem and they are OUR (the citizens of MJ) SOLE SOURCE of fire/rescue/ems…then, my friend, their problem just became OUR problem. If you or your loved one suffers and/or dies from the INADEQUATE service…then all the legal and financial righteousness does not mean spit. We need to realize this to the fullest extent…all the facts and issues raised by others on this blog have credible merit…but if you have an emergency and have to wait 15+minutes for help…all of that pales in comparison to YOUR suffering. They (County) do not recognize this as a problem for themselves…some but certainly not all, see it as a possible concern…and nothing more. Luffman has plans…good sound sustainable plans, Ed and Jim do not. He put his preliminary plans here on this site…Ed and Jim will not. He will work quickly and effectively to protect you ASAP…Ed and Jim not so much. Again, though from me to you…respect and thank you patriots for the right to debate and choose.


    BTW, the entire county contributed to the MJHS, the LHS, and now Watertown High School…it is what it is. Someone needs to take that $50 million rubber stamp away from the county. Write this down…LaGuardo will get the next one.

  85. Southsider

    RP. I get it that Mt. Juliet and Lebanon voters are getting screwed by WEMA. I get it that inadequate fire protection is a real problem. What I do not get is why people tend to only concentrate on the symptoms of that problem and not try to solve the actual problem? Only the county can solve a county problem.

    I do not agree with Luffman’s assessment that emergency service in Wilson County is a city problem. Not any more than I would if a city candidate campaigned to build more county schools! He appears to be concentrating his campaign on a county issue using his expertise in that area. I wish he would run for County Mayor or County Commissioner and use that expertise to actually help solve this county problem.

    Mt. Juliet and Lebanon voters can only solve the WEMA problem at the county ballot box – but not as long as people continue to make believe it is not the county’s problem. The county may be successful in transferring blame and double taxation through voter ignorance and misplaced blog campaigns – but even those things will not fix WEMA.

    Wilson Central was built in Gladeville only because developers needed the taxpayers to finance a water line out there. Now the Watertown Mayor and County Attorney (the same person) needs economic development and hopes that a new High School there will encourage relocation of people and business. I am not against Watertown, just against building another school where the county is not growing.

    Wilson County politics is a strange sport. Like reverse bass fishing. County politicos lure the public to stare at shiny objects and financially abuse the taxpayers where they are not looking. Like building a new firehall and school for 3500 people while ignoring the needs of 35,000.

    Sorry, I’ve been living here too long to go for political head-fakes..

  86. Butch Huber

    RP, considering that the lack of adequate emergency services is endemic throughout the entire state, shouldn’t this be considered a state problem and not a city problem? What I am saying is that, based on the fact that the county won’t do the right thing, you assume this is a “City problem”. The State has a problem. It was ranked the second worst in the entire nation in terms of deaths by fire. Using the same logic, then the lack of adequate protection state wide is a “county problem.” I say that this problem needs to go the other way. In other words, the state should recognize that it is not adequately ensuring that you and I have the level of service that we need.

    On another note, the county doesn’t ensure that we have the same level of coverage per person, it is trying to make sure that we have the same level of service per square mile. The level of coverage necessary would seem to be a calculus of square miles, density per square mile, type of structure in each area, type of dangers and hazards in each area, demographics, access roads and a whole host of other issues that are beyond my understanding of the emergency services equation. If they were to provide equal coverage per person there would be significantly more service available in this area considering the density of the population in this area. What we are looking for is exactly what you said the county is doing, equal protection per person.

    I come back to the question, what about the guy who lives just over the city limits? Are we going to let him burn up in a fire because he is in the county? Seriously, if we have a city fire department and the county is too busy to cover him because they won’t enhance services in this portion of the county, are we, the city fire department, going to allow him to die? If not, then the county will just sit back and let us provide fire protection to the unincorporated portion of the county. I really don’t think the solution is just to build a Mt. Juliet Fire Department and call it a day, problem solved. I think there are a lot of other factors to consider.

  87. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    You know better than that. You know exactly what the state is going to say , or should, probably better than anyone else here. They are going to say the citizens of MJ have a government…let the government take care of them. That is not my opinion, that is what I come across alot in my line of travels. That is why in post 9/11, the federal gov’t. gave and is still giving so much money away…to aid the small governments as well as the large. Butch, you have the right answer, but no one will listen or act. The city won’t, the county won’t, you have even gone to the state and they won’t. THEY WON”T EVEN LISTEN. You want to sue, good luck, that the right approach but that takes money…lots of it… and I for one don’t have it. I have built myself up a nice retirement with full health coverage and suing the state was not planned in. My concern is if I have an emergency, will I get too use that coverage or will I die waiting on a ride. No disrespect, but if you guys want to roll the dice with your safety…be my guest, it ain’t a new concept, the city and the county have been doing it for years…all they are doing is dealing you in. I have a message and this Luffman has a pair of solutions and you guys won’t listen…Butch, I now know how you feel. Let’s get a solution in place, it doesn’t have to be stone, that gets people what they need RIGHT NOW. Then, we can go back and clean out the “issues that beget issues” And please ,in the future, give me just a bit more credit. I know you are smart and astute, but you are not cornering the market in intelligence. “…based on the fact that the county won’t do the right thing, you assume this is a ‘City problem’.” REALLY? That damn near hurt my feelings. Your message is constant, true, and strong…it’s your messenger that sometimes falters. Back on topic…you want to fix the world and finish up in MJ. I want to start in MJ and branch out. Same results…polar opposite approach. No disrect, just disagree.

    I don’t know about politicos and shiny objects, I do know we have been asking for a good man with a good fire plan and now we have it, yet it ain’t enough. Our fire issue and the county’s approach to schools cannot exist in the same argument. If we take follow that path we will not EVER fix either…for if it ain’t fire and schools, it will be taxes and services, etc. etc. MJ does not have any way to correct the ills of the county school system…it can fix, in a variety of ways, the deficiency that could cost you your life. You don’t want to vote for Luffman, fine, that is so certainly your choice…but what is also certain is what you will have in the realm of emergency services with Mr. Hagerty…status quo. If you are ok with that, the county is ok with that, the city is ok with that, and I am ok with that. Stay safe.


  88. Butch Huber

    You know better than that. You know exactly what the state is going to say , or should, probably better than anyone else here. They are going to say the citizens of MJ have a government…let the government take care of them. That is not my opinion, that is what I come across alot in my line of travels. That is why in post 9/11, the federal gov’t. gave and is still giving so much money away…to aid the small governments as well as the large. Butch, you have the right answer, but no one will listen or act. The city won’t, the county won’t, you have even gone to the state and they won’t. THEY WON”T EVEN LISTEN.

    RP, there is a lot more listening going on now than you know. Things are actually starting to move. Things are being accomplished even though you aren’t hearing about them.

    You want to sue, good luck, that the right approach but that takes money…lots of it… and I for one don’t have it. I have built myself up a nice retirement with full health coverage and suing the state was not planned in.

    Actually, RP, as this develops, a class action lawsuit isn’t out of the question. You may become involved in a lawsuit, unless you opt out, whether you want to be or not.

    My concern is if I have an emergency, will I get too use that coverage or will I die waiting on a ride. No disrespect, but if you guys want to roll the dice with your safety…be my guest, it ain’t a new concept, the city and the county have been doing it for years…all they are doing is dealing you in.

    I have a message and this Luffman has a pair of solutions and you guys won’t listen…Butch, I now know how you feel.

    Who won’t listen? Where is Jamie? I am not hearing anything from him to listen to, RP. He came on here and posted and we haven’t heard from him since. We are listening, he isn’t talking, you are.

    Let’s get a solution in place, it doesn’t have to be stone, that gets people what they need RIGHT NOW. Then, we can go back and clean out the “issues that beget issues”

    RP, you know this is far more complicated than that. You can’t really move forward the way that the county has things put together. There has to be some meeting of the minds on this issue in order to move things forward.

    And please ,in the future, give me just a bit more credit. I know you are smart and astute, but you are not cornering the market in intelligence. “…based on the fact that the county won’t do the right thing, you assume this is a ‘City problem’.” REALLY? That damn near hurt my feelings. Your message is constant, true, and strong…it’s your messenger that sometimes falters.

    RP, please explain to me how this is an untrue statement. You keep “saying” this is a “city” problem, but there is no basis for what you are saying. The city is not required in any way to provide fire service. The county has a legal obligation to provide fire service, they passed a resolution to establish a countywide fire department for the purpose of providing fire protection services to “all” of the county. The city turned over our fire department to the county at the county’s request. The state requires that the county be prepared to prepare for, respond to, mitigate the damage from and recover from disasters. That means that the county must have assets to do those things, yet there is not one requirement on the city to be able to do those things unless the city elects to do it. The city is no more responsible for this issue than you and I are personally responsible for it, RP. You are assigning responsibility where there is no responsibility and you haven’t got the power to assign that responsibility. It isn’t your prorogative to tell the city that it is responsible for something that the law clearly exempts them from, RP. This is a county issue. This is a state issue. This is a federal issue. What this isn’t, is a city issue. Even if the city were to take this issue on, those who live outside this city are either still left with inadequate service or they will be leeching our service from us.

    Back on topic…you want to fix the world and finish up in MJ. I want to start in MJ and branch out. Same results…polar opposite approach. No disrect, just disagree.

    You are incorrect, RP, I want to fix the world from every angle all at the same time, for we do not live in a vacuum, RP, we live in a real world that has interrelationships and you can’t solve local problems without involving the surrounding communities and you can’t solve those issues without expanding to the state level. Sure, you can fix small things in small areas, but that doesn’t mean that the problem doesn’t exist everywhere else just because you fixed it in one area.

    I don’t know about politicos and shiny objects, I do know we have been asking for a good man with a good fire plan and now we have it, yet it ain’t enough. Our fire issue and the county’s approach to schools cannot exist in the same argument.

    I disagree with you, RP. I think the county schools and the fire issue are one in the same issue. The issue isn’t fire, it has never been fire, RP, the issue is the county’s propensity to take from us all that it can and spend that money elsewhere. If the county were being equitable we would have the level of service we need in this area and we would have the level of education in this area that we are paying for and we would have county projects going on here in Mt. Juliet and the surrounding area, RP. Just because you form a city doesn’t mean that the county is completely off the hook for that area of the county, but that they can keep taking money from that area and never give it back.

    If we take follow that path we will not EVER fix either…for if it ain’t fire and schools, it will be taxes and services, etc. etc. MJ does not have any way to correct the ills of the county school system…it can fix, in a variety of ways, the deficiency that could cost you your life.

    I disagree with you, RP, we do have ways to fix the school system issue. We can form a charter commission and develop a county charter that seriously hampers their efforts to continue to bilk northwest wilson county of its riches. We can form a new county. We can annex areas of the county in, become the largest city in the county, and then go metro. We can take the county to court again and again until their eyes pop out. We can start a propaganda campaign the likes of which they have never seen. We can form political action committees to get friendly candidates in office throughout the county. We are not mice.

    You don’t want to vote for Luffman, fine, that is so certainly your choice…but what is also certain is what you will have in the realm of emergency services with Mr. Hagerty…status quo.

    If you are ok with that, the county is ok with that, the city is ok with that, and I am ok with that. Stay safe.


  89. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    Brother Butch,
    We have been over this dirt so much it is now a hardened path. With respect, I wish you and your efforts the best. I contribute from a career spent doing the job and now researching better ways of doing it. I make no apologies, my ways ain’t always right…but my ways ain’t always wrong. I know more about what is going on right now behind the scenes than you give me credit for…I make phone calls too. I’m too old for “I know something you don’t know” Your dedication to the cause is admirable, your ways are not mine, but your desire to make wrong right is. My best to you.


  90. Butch Huber

    And, again, you fight from the angles you know, I will fight from the angles I know, and perhaps, just perhaps, we will get something accomplished.

  91. The Outsider

    Butch made a good point that we haven’t heard from Jamie Luffman in a while, but everything we read from RP sounds like Jamie.

    The fire district concept sounds good, so why will the county not look into that option Butch

  92. Southsider

    RP, there are a lot of challenges in Mt.Juliet. Lots of shiny objects.

    We just disagree that fire protection is a Mt.Juliet city problem. I am probably in the minority since everyone nowadays wants every government to solve all their problems.

    But I pay a lot of taxes to the county, many times more than I do to the city. WEMA does fire protection. WEMA stands for Wilson Emergency Management Association. I am a Wilson county resident and taxpayer.

    WEMA should adequately protect my properties. Allowing WEMA’s failure to become a Mt Juliet City responsibility is not something I am willing to do.

    Luffman is probably a great guy – but his ‘shiny object’ is not a city issue to me. We just gonna have to disagree – but that’s fine. At least you have an opinion and the guts to stand up with it.

  93. Butch Huber

    Outsider, they won’t look into it because the plan that the have right now means we get to pay more than our proportionate share for services and they don’t have to provide the level of services for which we pay. It is a scam, Outsider, and they love the scam.

    Southsider, RP, at al, this is a federal, state, county, city and citizen problem in my opinion. We really do need to become actively involved in straightening out our culture and our government. It won’t get straight on its own. I don’t care where the person is, if they need help, we need to do what we can to provide the level of help they need. That said, there is only so much we are able to afford and willing to pay. Somewhere we have to strike a balance. It isn’t all about what I want, or what fire men want, or what the county wants, or what any other particular person wants, it is about doing the right things, the right way, at the right time, and for the right reasons. As long as one entity is trying to get over on another entity, like the situation we have in this county, it won’t be right.

    Practically, I agree with southsider, this is a county issue in the immediacy. Long term, with a ranking of second worst in the nation in terms of fire deaths, this is obviously a state issue. What this isn’t, from a technical standpoint, a city issue. We need to take it out of the hands of the county, that much is clear, but not because it is a “city issue”, but because of the idiocy of the county.

  94. Butch Huber

    The great sucking sound you are hearing is another $4 million or so being siphoned out of West Wilson County to be spent in East Wilson County. The county commission approved the property tax increase. That means that we get to pay for another $4 million per year worth of infrastructure in East Wilson County every year from now on. We get to pay for the new high school in Watertown, we get to pay for Watertown’s shiny new fire station, we get to pay for Lebanon’s new High School, and who knows what else they have planned.

    Meanwhile, Wilson County is working hard to force Mt. Juliet to start its own fire department even though it will ultimately cost the county more money for us to do that than it would for them to just leave things alone and equitably work with the city on the enhancements.

    $4 million per year could do an awful lot for West Wilson County in terms of building infrastructure here, where that $4 million is coming from.

  95. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    What do you think of Jim’s new approach? Instead of abstaining, he now introduces a proposal to vote on the county tax to stay the same…brilliant! Voting on a resolution for legislature that is already in place without a change…almost takes the heat off the county mayor who did not do his job.


  96. Butch Huber

    I am not so sure the County Mayor didn’t do his job. It depends on which side of 109 you live on and whether or not you work for the school system. For those who live on the east side of 109, and those who work in the school system or are married to someone who works in the school system believe he did a great job. As for the rest of us, he failed us on this issue. Instead of being rational and saying no to a high school where there are practically no high school students, they voted to increase our taxes. Well played to those who live in East Wilson County and in the school system, you got you way no matter how much you are ripping us off and no matter who you are harming.

  97. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    Well put.


  98. This is a copy of my reponse to the Mount Juliet News article on Jimmy Bradshaw running for mayor.
    How can this man, who sued the city to hold two positions, possibly think we would want him as Mayor? He said he wants the job so he can get people to ‘think of him as a leader of the city’. He has been on the board a long time and I can’t come across anyone who thinks of him as a leader.
    I have followed his ‘record’ since he sued to hold both offices. I cannot think of ONE time that he his vote was anything other than ‘abstain’in either job.
    Of course he STILL wants to keep both jobs and his five county committees but is willing to give them up to hold the ‘head seat’. Well, there’s nothing wrong with his ego.
    Didn’t he sue to keep both jobs so he could ‘tear-down the walls between the city and county’? If he hasn’t started that by now why would we think he would do that if he were grand-poo-pa?

  99. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    Did he say “his conservative views”? Ah, young Shaggy Dog Padawan…I see the Red Queen has taught you well.


  100. Butch Huber

    The county passed a 7 cent property tax increase. Three cents of the seven cents is dedicated toward paying debt service for schools. The debt service that three cent increase will pay for is the Watertown School. The other schools have already been funded. The county will raise over $800 thousand per year from this new three cent tax. That is over $300 thousand than the total property tax collected from Watertown.

    Okay, so that school will serve more than just Watertown, I get that. There is a lot of country out there around Watertown and I suspect that in those homes there are a few kids that go to high school. Therefore, we have to consider the property value of not just Watertown, but also the territory around Watertown from which the students who attend Watertown High School hail. Perhaps, if you include the value of all of the land in South East Wilson County you might come up with $800 thousand per year in Property taxes. Maybe. Let’s say that you can even come up with four or five million per year in property taxes that come from that area. The taxes that flow out of North West Wilson County surely exceeds $30 million and possibly goes over $40 million. Where is the county spending that money? Sure there are a lot of things that have to be paid for, but clearly the tax base in this area pays a disproportionate share of the costs based on geographical size. The sixty square miles that makes up North West Wilson County arguably pays half, or substantially half, or more, of the taxes that this county receives from county residents and businesses. I think it would be exceedingly difficult for anyone to say that we get back half of the taxes spent in this county in terms of services provided by the county.

    There-in is the problem. People who sit on county commissions seem to believe that all money that goes into the county coffers that the state doesn’t specifically designate to a particular project or cause is free for them to use exclusively for those who live in the unincorporated portions of the county. They also use this money as political favors for Cities that play nicely with the county and as a weapon against cities that don’t play nicely and bow before the county’s presence. The problem is, the State government allows this situation to exist. Why? Probably because the state is doing the same thing and because that is what the federal government does. Superior and more powerful governments use the money of the people against them. This is part of what I am fighting against in my own way….abuse of power. The county is clearly abusing its powers and it is high time that the people of North West Wilson County stand up and fight back against their illicit actions and their tyranny. They are stealing from us, pure and simple.

    The county is clearly going out of its way to do all manner of things for South East Wilson County, especially Watertown, while at the same time they are trying to force Mt. Juliet not only to start its own fire department, but to subsidize the services that are provided to Unincorporated Wilson County. I am trying to stop them. I know you don’t like being robbed by your own government, and can tell you that I certainly don’t like being robbed by my own government, and I believe we need to do something about it. I think we need to start a charter commission for the county as soon as possible. That charter needs to spell out in minute detail what the county may and may not do with our money and it should require a vote of the people to raise taxes. That charter should provide a recall provision and it should mandate complete transparency and openness on the part of the county commission. That charter should include a requirement that the county maintain a blog so that citizens can communicate with County Commissioners and so that other citizens can hear opposing points of view. That charter should require that the county commission meet with citizens at least once per month to hear input from citizens. The commission should not only be required to listen to citizens, but to provide proper attention and response to questions and inquiries. We need to clip the wings of those who control our local governments and make the local government more accountable and answerable to the citizens. That charter should mandate that an accounting be made as to where money has been spent in the past and also where the county will have to spend money in the future due to past action by the commission and it should mandate that spending be equalized so that money taken in by the county is distributed retroactively to the areas from whence the money came and it should go forward mandating that all future spending is done equitably. It is not acceptable to take money from one person for the purpose of benefitting another, which is exactly what this county is doing and will do until we stop them. Future spending must be balanced against past spending to ensure financial equilibrium in this country. If you clip the purse strings you will limit the reasons why someone would run for political office to those who do so as a sense of duty.

  101. Butch,
    Missed your earlier note. I looked further into the TVA funds and further in the article and saw that they can also do ‘other things’ with it. It was an older article that I had to dig for.
    I was somewhat amazed and amused when Jimmy threw his hat in the ring. Then I came to my senses and actually got a little angry that he thinks we are stupid enough to think he would make a good ‘head seat’.
    In my opinion those who run for office that have time left on another office should have to give up the position they currently hold. That would potentially keep them out of office period. I am sure that when Jimmy loses his bid for mayor he will keep his hot little butt in both seats until he has to give one of them up.
    I have always thought of Mt. J as a bit of a Peyton’s Place. One would think that the way most of our “leaders” act they would be embarrassed by most of what they do or even fail to do. But, I suppose they are content to just embarrass the citizens by their actions.

  102. Butch Huber


    The county can do all things that are statutorily authorized with TVA money. However, they can’t do what is not statutorily authorized with that money. What is not statutorily authorized is to use state shared revenues that are not situs based only collected from the unincorporated portions of the county or other sources of revenues that have not be shared with municipalities to cover the costs of a Countywide Fire Department. I do not believe that TCA in lieu of property tax money falls into either category and therefore cannot be used to cover the costs of the fire department. Further, all emergency services provided by the county must be provided pursuant to and funded pursuant to TCA 5-17-101 et seq, which means the county has to cover $8.8 millon in costs with only $3.3 in total state shared revenues (meaning every dime of state shared revenues). If they can do that I need to have them pay my bills for me. If they can’t then they have to have fire taxes. It is as simple as that.

  103. RFMJ Contributors and High Council,
    I received a call from a man last week telling me my name was being used in vain on this site. I was unaware that you were allowing my wife to post. LOL haha My apologies. I have checked in from time to time, but unfortunately, I have been tied up with the 2 jobs, caring for my ill father, taking care of Momma and the boy, and this campaign trail. My following has been relegated to “batch reading”. In the meantime, if you need me just fire a shot across my bow at luffman4mjmayor@tds.net or call me 615-566-7571. At present, Southsider, Ed Hagerty is a good choice and I applaud yours. I met with Ed 2 weeks ago and while we could not agree on me dropping out and supporting him, we did agree that Mt. Juliet is in a unique position at this time. Wonderful opportunities exists for our citizens and while we may not share the same direction, we do share the same destination. We agreed to keep the campaign free of what you see on the grander stage. We will not speak bad of each other, only our own intentions. We will give the citizens a good, decent show. Outsider, he is not me and I is not he. I do know RP and met at his office some time back for a consults on my emergency services (fire, rescue, and ems) plans. He is one of 3 firefighting professionals that I have sought advice and input. We are very different in our approach and demeanor. He is colorful and I will leave it at that. Which brings me to those plans and a certain aspect thereof. Mr. Huber, I called you a few months ago to inquire as to your participation and your battery was dying. I had not heard back. I thought I would try again as time grew near. I enjoy our talks and enjoy your posts. One theme recently that seems to come from them is your concern of the areas just outside out city limits and the citizens that live there should they need help. One aspect, and I stress that this is just a small part of a larger pair of plans based on the MTAS studies. This aspect is common to both plans, the joint venture with the county and/or the sole operation by the city. This aspect involves the use of ALS engines, that means Advanced Life Support Engines. In this, each engine will have on it a paramedic with ALS skills and tools. In example, say somewhere in the county just outside the city in a zone to be negotiated with the county, both plans will offer “enhanced mutual aid”. This means that if a person on East Division east of Clemmons Road has a medical emergency, their ambulance will come from LaGuardo, Lebanon, or Gladeville. Quite a time and distance to travel even at emergency traffic. Through this enhanced mutual aid, the ALS engine in the city will respond to stabilize this patient till its county transport arrives. I would not commit a city ambulance to a county call and be tied up for 1-2 hours, but I can send the same aid with exception of transport in the form of the ALS engine. The paramedic and crew would stabilize the patient and prepped for transport so that when the county anbulance arrives it can simply “load and go”. Then the engine will be back in service total time out @ 20 minutes. Personally, I would like to offer this at no charge to the patient or county if possible and instead trade for true mutual aid to be negotiated. Now in the event of stroke and/or major trauma where immediate transport is primary, in those rare occassions, I would be willing to commit an ambulance. The people come first. City and county can be served if the plan is creative, custom, educated, and free from adverse attitude. Hope that is helpful, like I said it is just an aspect. I hope the opportunity to reveal both plans in detail presents itself soon. In the meantime, feel free to call and meet. God bless you all with peace, safety, and health.
    In HIs service and yours,
    Jamie Luffman

  104. Butch Huber


    According to the law, there is “mutual aid”, and then there is “mutual assistance”. Mutual aid, is something, I believe, that only occurs during a declared state of emergency. Mutual assistance is something that is negotiated between cities and counties, and counties and other counties, and even cities and other cities, through interlocal agreements. To be reimbursed for Mutual Aid, a declaration of a state of emergency must be in place, otherwise, the aid would actually be “assistance”, and reimbursement would then be slaved to the interlocal agreement.

    An interlocal agreement should be, and my be, required to be advantageous to both the city and the entity with whom the city is entering into the agreement. That interlocal agreement, whether mutual beneficial or not, would dictate the terms and conditions for the provision of such services and the terms and conditions for reimbursement of expenses.

    That interlocal agreement must be agreed to by the City Commission, however, on a county level, technically, John Jewel is the person who would decide for the county whether or not to sign it, not the mayor of the county and not the county commission or the EMA committee. Therefore, you have another problem. Would John Jewel make such a unilateral decision on his own, or would he defer that to the county commission, and even, is it legal for the county commission to sign the agreement considering that John Jewel has all of the power of the Countywide Fire Department, not the county commission. Do you see how complicated and intertwined this issue is? This isn’t a simple easy deal, it has all manner of twists and turns.

    The best solution, given the real conditions we have, not the ideal conditions we don’t have, is for the city to develop a city owned and operated public safety department that provides all aspects of emergency services not only to Mt. Juliet, but to all areas of North West Wilson County. The county could pay the city to provide such services to the unincorporated portions of the county, but this only works if we have fire taxes, otherwise we are back to paying twice for services we only receive once. If I have to choose, I would rather pay once and receive twice than the other way around.

    There are also available funds out there that I do not believe that the county is taking advantage of, nor do I believe that they are even aware of such funds. If their bilking scheme is preventing them from taking advantage of available funds that they otherwise could take advantage of, they are costing all of us yet more money.

    Jamie, you know I like you, or at least I hope you know I like you, and you can call me most anytime you want, I am always willing to talk if I have the time, but something you have said here has to be addressed, and I think it needs to be asked and answered on here. The reasons you stated for not being able to spend much time on here are of interest to me. If you are elected, will you have enough time in your schedule to give the position as mayor the proper amount of attention? I need to know that, if I give you my vote, you will be available to do the job properly. Being mayor of this city, while it is supposed to be nothing more than a glorified commissioner’s position, is a time consuming position that extends beyond the two meetings per month. Are you prepared to put the kind of time into that job that is necessary to effect positive change and instill vision? Know what you are getting into Jamie, this is not a walk in the park position (I am not indicating that you don’t know that already, I am just reinforcing that you will have to dedicate yourself to this job if you are going to do it right.) You stated that you felt called to run for this office. If you are called by God, then, I believe, you are called by God to give it your absolute best. That means you are going to have to go above and beyond the call of duty. Are you prepared to do that? Will you have the time?

    Welcome back, by the way, good to hear from you.

  105. Pardon the interruption, I am taking a break from the go kart situation. (don’t ask) My mechanical knowledge has served me well over the years but it does not peter out, it hits a wall. There is no point beyond that pointand I will leave it at that. Thank you, Butch, for the kind words. It is most certainly mutual. Speaking of mutual, you are right between aid and assistance. In the field, we loosely refer to both as aid and I will correct for future. The plans I have at present I’m going to hold close to the vest and I do hope you understand. I am hoping to unveal them at a forum or debate. There has been talk of this effort and I am anxious to discuss this further then. I will tell you that in careful reading of the MTAS studies it recommends that the city work with the county. It does not say Mt. Juliet should work with WEMA in specifics. Hint. But to close, I would like to thank you for the question you pose. It has been brought up before and to answer simply, yes. I have studied and prayed about the responsibility. I know right off the bat and in the foreseeable future this position will require a great commitment. i have spoke with my wife and son, they know and support. I will scale back my duties at the hospital and work to keep my prn status. I have looked into this deeply and I assure you I am committed to you and the people of this city. I am excited at the prospect of working together, all of us. I will not let you down. I welcome the opportunity to go above and beyond to make you and both my Fathers pleased and honored.
    His will be done and glorified.

  106. Doc Cider

    The D1 candidates were interviewed in the Chron (minus Mr. Galion). Lots of similarities, and Ray’s responses were predictable and safe. I wonder how Kenny Martin feels about being described as a longtime close friend?

    Everyone against building a new City Hall and great interest in building a new Police Station. I think they have it backwards, as the current City Hall makes a great police station (location, location!) and a less great City Hall. It even looks more like a police station! Plus who knows what they’ve invested in communications equipment, etc, at that location.

    But I digress. One thing that is clear is that whoever wins in D1 between Justice and Brydalski, we’re looking at a bigger spender than Ted was-other than court fees for Elam and Bradshaw. Interested in knowing where Galion stands.

  107. Doc. Unfortunatley I was not asked to be interviewed by the Chronicle. I sent an email to the paper a week ago and offered to meet and discuss my candidacy. I have not heard back.

    I was interviewed by the Mt Juliet News, and my interview is posted on their website. I would encourage you and everyone else to check out the article. If you have questions or would like further explanations, please feel free to email, call, or Facebook me at anytime.

    I am dedicated to making this election about the future of this city. My vision is about building Mt Juliet for tomorrow today! We’ve had tough decisions continually delayed for years. Issues that were talked about 8 years ago (and longer) are still not resolved.

    I believe in this city, and I am asking the people District 1 to choose the candidate that they believe will lead with unbiased ties, grace, and vision.

    God bless,

    M. Gallion

  108. Butch Huber

    Welcome to the party, Michael.

    How about we start a question and answer session right here on Good ol’ Radiofree? I’ll start.

    To all candidates running for office who care to answer some questions:

    What do you believe is the proper role of government?

    What is your vision for this city. (Be specific)

    What do you, as mayor, believe you can do for me, as a citizen, to help improve my life?

    What is your solution to the east/west divide? (if you are not aware of the east/west divide, you already have a strike against you)

    What will you do to help stop the flow of North West Wilson County Tax Dollars that is currently flowing to the Eastern portions of this county?

    What, if anything, will you do to promote growth in Mt. Juliet?

    What are your thoughts regarding how to fix the countywide fire department. (Jamie, I know you have a plan or two that you have posted herein, however, the game has changed so you may want to revise and update. The county has been caught red handed. They have not been using either fire taxes or the alternative funding as authorized by TCA 5-17-101 to cover the costs of the countywide fire department, nor have they been following even their own resolutions. I suspect, now that the truth is out, there is going to be a shift from this shell game they have been playing with our money to fire taxes. So, what would your plan be regarding how to address this question using fire taxes?)

    What is your plan to address sewer? We do not have our own sewer plant. We rely on Davidson County. Do you believe we need to look at building our own sewage treatment plant, or do you think we need to continue to use Davidson County’s Sewage Treatment Plant, and why?

    What are your thoughts as to what we should spend any growth money on in this city? Roads? Social issues? A new City Hall? Other?

    What are your thoughts about building a new police station?

    The city took 8 acres of land from the developer of the Paddocks. It essentially stole that land from the owner. What are your thoughts as to what the city should do with that property?

    The city has other assets such as some sixty acres up york road. That land is just sitting there not being used for much of anything except for a city gun range for Police. The city also has about two acres in Providence, four acres on Mt. Juliet Road, and perhaps more. What are your thoughts regarding using those pieces of land either to generate funds to build city projects, leaving them alone and doing nothing with them, or some other option?

    What are your thoughts about the spiraling costs of city government. A few short years ago we had a $5 million dollar budget, today it is closer to $15 million. Obviously we cannot continue to grow our city budget like that. The number of city employees has not tripled during that time, so something else has driven those costs. Can you identify the factors that have driven those costs so high, so quickly, and what do you intend to propose as a means of turning the tide of rising costs?

    What are your thoughts about expanding the geographic size of the city?

    What are your thoughts about marketing the city to entice people to move here and shop here and build their businesses here?

    What are your thoughts about whether or not to reach out to Lebanon with a spirit of cooperation, and if you believe that we should, what is your plan?

  109. I got a call about a “bullet post” and was advised to ‘get thee to a com-pooter’ so here I is. Thank you, Butch for the barrage (artillery defined) line of questions. I will reciprocate as best I can.

    The proper role of government is as our founders intended. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Our gov’t. does this by caretaking for our lives, our living, and our livelihoods. This allows us to do what we need, then want, to do to personalize the aspects of our lives in a way that satisfies our souls and bring us daily peace. Government should not be expected to do it all for us, just pave the way by providing initial safety measures to make our own way. We as individuals have a responsibility to ourselves and our families to bear the detailed tasks to make this work.

    As Mayor, I see my role as a facilitator of sustainability (capacity to endure). Working on plans of cooperation between the government and its people for safety, economic, social, environment issues. Listening and communicating (more than what we do now) to your needs and developing creative and multiple solutions to provide for these needs. Opening up the front and back doors of city hall and letting you know what I know and interacting for improvements. That is the basis of our Jeffersonian democracy, to have educated voters/citizens. The information that you are entitled to, you should have with ease. As an aside, one item that I would like to address to improve our sustainability at present is to attract a big name manufacturing outfit that will employ full time with benefits its first 500 employees MJ residents. This will compliment and secure our healthy at present retail and residential holdings thus giving us the opportunity to bank our future on something more long term than retail.

    The east/west thang, according to my father, has been going on since before I was an “itch in his britches”. (Dad’s not a Sunday School teacher)
    As a leader of MJ, I would stand ready to meet any compromise that could be reached, but it would limited somewhat to our half of the responsibility. MJ cannot fix both sides. That said, I would explore every opportunity to work out issues in a “win/win” effort; but I love this city and I will not sell it short in bargaining.

    On the fire issue, forgive me. i do not have the dexterity to put all of it here. My heart worries about the lack of real time interaction. I would love love love to do this face to face, forum or debate. I will say that given this latest revelation, the essence and results of my plans will change little. It does however, change the course.

    Sewers? What do you need/want? I will listen.
    Roads? What do you need/want? I will listen.
    Social issues? What do you need/want? Other than that, to say I want the drug and sex element to know without a doubt that it is not wanted here and will find it difficult to exist here.
    New city hall? For me, no. You let me know what you want.
    New Police Dept. Yes, either a new facility or work the current to meet federal guidelines so our officer’s efforts do not get hindered by inadequate security issues.

    Increased city budget? Let’s all get into that file and see. I will open the drawer and we can get together and insure that our money is well spent. it is hard to say, not having access to that info. Again, open the doors and let’s talk about what we find. Your needs and wants.

    In closing, if we acquired land by less than honorable means, let’s remedy that. If we have parcels and opportunities, let’s work together through the means of community meetings to match them up best. I would like to study the possibility of bringing the NW corridor into the city, if the citizens want this and if the city can provide services to make it beneficial. Again, dialog open and often. They have been MJ just as long as the city, yet not. That includes the “Old Hickory” section. Old Hickory is over near DuPont and stops at where Lakewood ‘used’ to be.

    Hope that is helpful. Thank you for this Butch, Publius, and others. These are just some thoughts, my dream is to put into action your needs and wants. If elected, job #1 will be to represent then govern the majority opinion of the people of this city. To do this, there must be opportunities for you to speak (more than 3 minutes, I promise) and to have access to the necessary information. Being Mayor does not make you the sage of the age. It makes you the responsible party to an idea of the masses. God bless you all, please keep me in your prayers as I keep you in mine.

    Jamie Luffman

  110. Southsider

    Mr. Luffman,

    To have any chance in the debate you will need to devote some time educating yourself about the powers of the City Manager / Commissioner form of government. You should also spend 20 hours or so at City Hall reading every Ordinance and Resolution from the last 5 to 10 years.

    Some additional time needs to be spent learning about every plan that has been adopted – Land Use, Growth, Major Thoroughfare, etc. The city has been actively recruiting Commercial and Industrial development for the last 10 years. You should get up-to-speed with all present city efforts in place to recruit employers.

    You will be debating two candidates who have been involved in city government for over a decade – they know the issues, constraints, and possibilities. If you don’t have some basic understanding of these things, even Jim Bradshaw will embarrass you in the debate.

    “Tell me what you want, and I will make it happen” will not work as a vision for Mt. Juliet.

    Good Luck

  111. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    Easy to say, Southsider, especially when your guy ain’t got the balls or backbone to show up here…the Bradshaw remark was low even by your standards.


  112. Doc Cider

    Looking now at the D1 race, I urge everyone to look at the links provided above by Mr. Gallion. I would suggest to him the same thing Southsider suggested to Mr. Luffman- do some homework to understand the specifics and give us some details. Gallion will be facing an experienced politician and aggressive speaker in the debates- and that’s just one of the candidates! That being said, I think this candidate is worth a look, with a positive vision and no baggage.

  113. 4Gone

    I might point out two areas where a lack of experience and knowledge by Mr. Luffman has been exposed in his post. Said with all due respect to Mr. Luffman, who is a good man and a good candidate.

    Butch’s opinion on the aquisition of land in Paddocks is exactly that- an opinion. We are talking about an out-of-town developer who proposed a big-box Providence-style shopping center then built a WalMart bargain strip mall by sneaking a design change around the Planning Commission and through the ample back doors of a former mayor and planner. It is not prudent for a candidate to suggest he will act on opinions.

    Also, the northwest corridor presents several issues a far as annexation. 1) They don’t want to be annexed. 2) There is abundant existing housing, much of it built to the less strict (largely nonexistant) county building codes. 3) We are looking at a large number of square miles, putting a greater burden on city services, Police in particular. Perhaps some of the undeveloped land on the west side of Nonaville Rd. could be annexed, but that would be the only win-win for the city in that area. The only way a large scale annexation there would make any sense at all is if there were a property tax increase or a city fire dept….hmmm.

  114. Butch Huber

    I am not sure what you would call it when a developer is strong armed into giving land to the city in return for getting his property approved other than stealing his land. If the developer was doing something underhanded, then he should have been smacked down for having tried it using legal means of discipline. You don’t break the law (contract zoning) in order to punish someone for breaking the law. Politicians need to learn that there are limitations on their power and authority and that the law is their bylaws as a corporation and the general assembly, and through it the people, is the authorizing body. The Land at the paddocks is not a in-kind payment for costs the city incurred by this project, it was an out-and-out taking of this man’s property in return for his project being approved by the city commission, and I think you already know that 4gone.

    The 8 acres was originally 4 acres with conditions. The conditions required that the city build a police station on that property within three years or the property would revert back to the owner of the paddocks. By the time the city machine that was in existence then got through with it that four acres with conditions was turned into 8 acres fee simple. The owner clearly didn’t want to give the city the 8 acres, but could see that, if he didn’t, they would put the brakes on his entire project. Yes, I would say that the city stole that man’s property.

    Now, if the city is not going to give this man his property back, the least they could do is offer to sell it back to him at a fair market value and agree to use the money from it to build a police or fire station and give credit for the gift to his company or him personally by naming the station after him or doing something nice for him. For the record, I don’t know this man, nor his company, and I have nothing to do with him, I just don’t like seeing my government stealing from people, which is what I believe occurred here. Yes, it is my opinion, but my opinion seems to be backed up with a lot of evidence to show that my opinion is sound.

    Just because government does something wrong and gets away with it doesn’t mean that what they did was right. Oh, and if he was able to sneak a design change around the planning commission, what does that say about the planning commission? The Paddocks is a decent enough looking center in my opinion, and yes, that is “my” opinion. I am not sure it is the planning commission’s job to dictate every detail of every development. Perhaps our planning commission is being to difficult to deal with, have you ever considered that?

    The rest of the northwest portion of the county will eventually be annexed into this city whether we like it or not, that is only a matter of time. That annexation will likely include the area around Langford Farms. I think that is inevitable. Pressures will eventually dictate that.

    If the city starts its own fire department, as I suspect it will now that it has re-established it, eventually it will need to annex those areas of the county into the city for the city to charge a property tax on that land in order to force the owners to contribute to the costs.

  115. Southsider

    My guy RP? I was unaware that I ‘had a guy’. At this point the guy you will see leaving the voting machine with a clothespin on his nose will be me – having just voted for Ed. Ed is receiving no ringing endorsement though. He just appears to be the only one in the race capable of even leading the meeting, much less the city.

    I could be persuaded to vote for Luffman. But not given his current level of city-issue expertise. He is going to be humiliated in the debate if he doesn’t take immediate crash course action. You can all take this the wrong way if you wish – but check some of my other political predictions first.

    Mr. Luffman could find great value in taking a couple of previous MJ City Managers to lunch. If I were him, I would track down Danny Farmer and Rob Shearer and try to pick their brains asap. I bet both would help him.

    Look folks, Luffman has a (city issue) ignorance problem not a stupidity problem. I point this out because he (now) has enough time to get a firm grasp on city issues. One he does that, a clear vision of where he intends to take this city can be believed – because he will be able to explain how it can achieve his goals.

    Here is an example of a well-articulated Mt. Juliet city vision: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqFrFjCg7g0

    Ed is simply campaigning on Mack’s 2000 vision again in 2012!

  116. Southsider,
    I owe you and Butch an apology. I gave him just that earlier this morning. In re-reading my post and yours, I see that I was over simplified and in the wrong direction of what you were looking for as an answer. I do humbly apologize. At the time, I was multi-tasking and will not make that mistake again. Thank you for the whooping, lesson learned.
    The video was helpful and a great reminder of times past. Mr. mack and I were neighbors once in Brookstone and when he began his campaign, mine was one of the first homes he visited. I enjoyed what described as his vision of the “edge city” and did keep up with it through the media and during his administration. Ten years ago it was a good philosophy for where we were, today it is still very valid needing to be reaffirmed in the stage of managing current growth as well as projected growth in Beckwith and other pockets of opportunity. To do this, we must be steadfast in the desire to provide transportation, h2o, energy, public safety/health, education, etc. These areas provide us the opportunity to insure more jobs/cash registers than bedrooms. My personal interest comes from the addition also of a major named manufacturing opportunity. I spent 17 years with DuPont starting in operations and working my way to administrator of emergency services. I see manufacturing as a longer term offering than logistic distribution and fulfillment centers. I know that the premise behind the edge city concept is not to have heavy industry so close, but I would like to be a part of an effort to locate such nearby MJ but in the county. We offer interstate travel, rail, air, and with some creativity the access of water. That’s my flavor to the mix. I can recognize the difference between long and short term intentions of business, it is as simple as ‘is the machinery set into the floor or just bolted down?’ If it is bolted down, it can be un-bolted down and shipped elsewhere, I have witnessed this first hand. Being aware of this, negotiations will conducted accordingly. The point being to have this in close proximety to complete the effort to limit vehicle miles traveled and focus on sustaining the community. This would add to particular community character and allow us to become increasingly dense. Well paid workers with benefits and job security having many retail outlets suited to many needs in close proximety can offset some of the negative effects of a boom. To personalize this, I would also encourage the use of redevelopment strategies of any areas that might have been overlooked or are now on the books where they were not before. Butch offered a great point of widening the eastern old RR bed to 5 lanes and some of the areas of opportunity between the 2 locations. I believe in the theory that you have to do some of the leg work to attract businesses. If not, then you will have a bunch of opportunities waiting for the others to make the first move and bear the larger burden of initial expense, thus possibly missing out. As as the fire issue, we have verbage. I noticed a few VERY important questions were unanswerable at this time.(pay, benefits, insurance, operataions, incident management and command) I would like to work this to action and answer those questions by forming a customized and sustainable life safety/loss prevention effort. My experience comes from starting from near scratch and formulating an adequate, affordable, and legal offering that will be logistically sound and effective from day one. I too, offer a plan with financing that does not raise taxes nor adversely affect the 72 page city budget. To close, I am going to take your advice and educate myself more .The essense of my last post was to let you know that I would check my opinion at the door and represent yours. Again, I apologize for the over simplification, I was in a hurry to repond to you and did not think it through. What I have articulated for you here, I hope you will see that as in 2 Timothy 2:15, I have studied to show mysel approved to God…and to you. I will continue to learn and do His will and yours.

    Thank you and God bless.

    Jamie Luffman

  117. And by the way, sirs, I grieve over the fact that you have to use the clothes pin. I know how you feel. I am tired of feeling compelled more to vote against someone than for someone. The lesser of two evils is not a good choice and not worthy the shed blood. I pledge my best effort now. I humbly ask for a chance. Thank you.
    Jamie Luffman

  118. Southsider

    Mr. Luffman,

    You owe me no apology. I appreciate your receptive response to my wake-up call. Please know that my observations were not meant to be a ‘whooping’ – I like you.

    Reality – Tennessee political incumbents are re-elected 93% of the time. In contests with 3 or more candidates, that percentage is even higher! You are a statistical long shot going up against two incumbent office holders. But they both have high negatives.

    You have but one chance to win and it is based on the weaknesses of your two opponents – they are both lazy. Jim is a lazy legislator but a rabid campaigner; Ed is a lazy legislator who has had only one opponent in his last three election races. You should be able to outwork these guys with ease.

    You have to be seen as a viable alternative to Ed in the debate. If you do that, a lot of people will be willing to vote for you – including me. If you don’t, it’s over.

    I am not going to advise you on political stances as if there is some magic button to push that will cause instant victory – there isn’t one. Not in this election. You have to have a grasp of every relevant city issue related to growth – Roads, Parks, Planning, Police, and Fire. Go talk to the most knowledgeable people in the area about these things.

    Your stance on job creation is admirable; just remember that Wilson County already exceeds most counties in the state with job recruitment– not to say that more would not be great. Most large employers now deal directly with the state since it has the most taxation to defer. The best person to T/W about industrial development is GC Hixon with the JECDB: http://www.doingbiz.org/About-the-JECDB.html He is very, very good.

    For roads, the local expert is Jones Brothers, one of the largest road builders in the southeast – located right here in Mt. Juliet. http://www.jonesbrosinc.com/ Dale McCulloch is CEO and I would try to talk with him.

    Parks is a tough subject since Mt. Juliet’s policy always seems to vacillate. Larry Marchese used to be the Chairman of the Parks Board and was a City Commissioner for two years. He seemed to be MJ’s most energetic leader on this issue. He would be a great contact.

    Planning – Paul Deyo. He posts to this blog sometimes and was the Planning Commission Chair through most of the high growth approval period. I would contact him to talk about planning / land use policy.

    Police – I hate to say this but most people think the Mt. Juliet Police department has too many officers with very little to do. You should sit through a couple of court sessions and watch the tickey-tac tickets being issued on a regular basis. Form your own conclusions but every Police employee will tell an elected official they need more taxpayer funding. James Hambrick is the assistant Chief and has been with the department a long time. He is a good, honest man and would be good to talk to.

    Fire – Butch Huber knows more about this issue than anyone in Wilson County. He has investigated and exposed the county’s illegal funding of WEMA. If you want to win voter support on this issue you need to address the double taxation solution the City Commission seems to be headed toward. But Butch knows what is wrong and how to fix it. I would cut the police department to build a fire department and then sue the county to get our residents their taxes back. Sorry, I told you I wouldn’t give you political stances 🙂

    You also need to talk with Michael Skipper with the MPO http://www.nashvillempo.org/.
    Federal funding for all road projects comes through the MPO. You need an understanding of this process because it is the most misunderstood piece of the infrastructure puzzle.

    Ask, listen, win, and then lead. Good Luck

  119. Butch Huber

    Jamie, as I told you earlier, I did not, and do not, feel you owe me an apology for anything. The question was posed to those who run, you are the only one who provided any answer to the question. Southsider actually, as you agreed, did you a great favor by speaking straight to you. Educating yourself on the issues, not just fire, but all of the issues, and developing your own vision in a way that you can articulate it, and being able to back up your vision with a workable plan is the only way that you have hope of being able to overcome the incumbent (s).

    Also, as I told you earlier, for me the jury is still out.

    I am not going to cast my vote before I have to on this one. The one “BIG” thing that you have going for you, in my opinion, is not that you are a fireman, although I do appreciate your willingness to do that job, but rather that you don’t come to the table with any baggage from previous terms in office. You are a fresh face.

    You have precious little time to convince the public that they need a new leader, and that you are the leader they need. Your biggest obstacle is probably not that you are inexperienced in politics, but rather that the job Ed is doing doesn’t make the masses feel uncomfortable. Not that everyone is in love with Ed, not that there isn’t ample numbers of people who are dissatisfied with things in this city, but that they aren’t “uncomfortable” enough with how things are going in this city to make a change.

    Kenny Martin becoming City Manager, Gino Marchetti becoming the city attorney, Linda Elam being gone, these are all very positive things in this city. The commission doesn’t fight with each other and they treat each other with decorum for the most part. You see what I mean? You are going to have to convince the public that there is a need, and you are the guy to fill that need. You can’t just run as another candidate, you have to run as the “Best” candidate and present something in such a way that the people say, “You know, I am going to take a chance on this guy.”

    Vision, Vision, Vision, Vision, Vision, Vision, Vision….. in case you haven’t quite gotten the point yet…..”YOU NEED TO HAVE A VISION FOR THIS CITY!!! It has to exude from every orifice of your body. Do not try an anti-Ed Hagerty campaign or an Anti-Jim Bradshaw campaign, you have to run a “Jamie Luffman” campaign. Distinguish yourself and what you offer from what they offer and sell the sizzle and not the steak. You have to turn their heads. You have to capture their attention. You have to make them forget about the other guys. To do that, in my opinion, you need to be able to spell out your vision and convince me that you can make it happen. That vision has to line up with what I believe is best for the city or even make me say, “you know, that’s even a better vision than the one I would have if I were running. I like this guy!”

    Being willing to listen is a very admirable trait, and I hope you keep that trait, but you have to lead. You can’t take the position that your position is the position of the voters, it has to be, “this is my plan and my vision. It is subject to change if the public wants something else. However, in the absence of direction from the public otherwise, this is what I intend to do with your office if you should be so inclined to entrust it to me for four years.”

    Bam! There it is! Make people feel really, really good about living in Mt. Juliet. Convey the message that makes people feel like Mt. Juliet is the bomb. Make people feel like there is no place in Middle Tennessee that would be a better place to live right now than right here in Mt. Juliet. Express what Mt. Juliet could be with the right vision and leadership. Distinguish yourself.

    Light this city on fire with a compelling message and a clear and exciting vision. Be different.

    I hope this helps. It is my unsolicited opinion. I would give essentially the same, but slightly modified advice to the other candidates if asked. I want to see a race. I want for you all to fight for it. I don’t want to see anyone have a cakewalk to elected office, I want you to have to fight tooth and nail and earn it. I want you to all promise things and say things that you are willing to be held accountable for doing. I want concrete, dependable things to count on if you are elected. Solid, good, moral, ethical, clearly defined positions and vision. Man, to have a race where the victorious and the defeated walk off the battlefield completely drained…sweating, exhausted, breathing deeply, having left it all on the field. That’s what I want to see. I want you to earn it. I want all of that, and I want you to be able to hold your heads up knowing that you have kept your integrity and character intact during it all. Yeah, I don’t want much, I just want candidates that really, really want to do the job with all that is in them. Jamie, if you truly believe God has called you to this, I want to see the passion. You should be able to light up the room. I want to be able to see evidence all over you that God truly has called you for this office at this time and in this place. This city desperately needs a leader who will lead this city to greater things. This city hasn’t reached its peak, it has just begun to grow. We need someone who will lead us to the kind of growth and prosperity this city has the potential of achieving. Show the people you are that guy. Run such a good campaign that the other guys look around and say to themselves, “I would vote for him!” If you don’t do these things and more, I am afraid you don’t have much of a chance. If you allow the public to feel that nothing is really wrong in Mt. Juliet, and you don’t give them a vision that Mt. Juliet could be so much more, they will vote for the incumbent. You can’t be an alternative, you have to be the only logical choice and, most of all, you have to be an “emotional preference.” That’s how you beat an incumbent.

  120. Doc Cider

    I would agree with Butch that leadership and vision are the keys for ALL the ‘new’ candidates for office. We have seen Ed and Jim for a long time. Ray is also a known quantity in District 1 even though he is technically not an incumbent. In the district 3 race, the challenger is perhaps better known than the incumbent, although being known as a buffoon is not neccessarily a plus.

    For Mr. Luffman- Ed is honest and has done alot to improve the quality of the built environment in this city. He knows how to run and control a meeting. He has stood up to some of the nonsense coming from the Red Queen. Bradshaw is perhaps getting close to involuntary retirement as his self-anointed ‘people’s commissioner’ status has been tarnished by blatant politically motivated hypocrisy. Ignoring Bradshaw would be smarter than picking on Bradshaw- the voters have his number now but have a ‘bless his heart’ attitude towards him. Make your campaign about you.

    For Mr. Gallion, be aware that Ray will sandbag you in a debate. Make yourself aware of his ample baggage. Also make yourself aware of the workings of the city. Go to commission meetings. Talk to Kenny. Talk to some of the people mentioned by Southsider.

    For Mr. Giles, you are the incumbent but not the ‘old school’ status quo. Distance yourself from Linda Elam. Her behavior in the Assembly campaign was yet another shameful chapter in her 10-year policial career. Point out your good work on the Planning Commission and City Commission. Campaign in the west side of your district where you are less well known.

    Good luck.

  121. Southsider

    Bumper sticker just spotted in the Mj area:

    Vote – Brit Linville
    ‘Because we need another Bradshaw’

  122. Pop Korn

    Southsider, too funny. I feel sorry for whoever wins the Mayor’s seat if the commission includes Justice, Bradshaw and Linville. Combative, Clueless and Clueless Jr.

  123. All:

    Moving Mt. Juliet from Good to Great!

    During this election you should hear two words: vision and trust; and I believe these are critical questions for Mt Juliet in 2012.

    My vision for Mt Juliet is not simply a set of goals to check off a list; it is rather a direction that I believe Mt. Juliet needs to go. In the past we pursued an “edge city” concept, and through leadership that was both good, and sometimes in spite of that leadership, Mt Juliet prospered and became much more than an edge city. As we look to move forward I believe in the following:

    We must become more proactive when it comes to infrastructure and planning. We need to keep the proverbial “big picture” in focus as we ask ourselves what does traffic on Lebanon road look like over the next ten years and how do we plan accordingly? How do we encourage more businesses to invest in sidewalk shops along Mt Juliet road, Lebanon Rd, the Providence area, and how will the future Beckwith development impact south Mt. Juliet? How can we maximize the future YMCA site to add more to the city, and how are we going to promote downtown growth (rather than just wish it to happen)? Are our schools ready for our expected growth? These questions and others like them are fundamental, and I will be dedicated to taking proactive approaches to addressing these vision questions.

    I am running for City Commissioner to answer: how do we implement the needs of our growing community today and the needs of tomorrow? My vision is flexible, but not breakable. I believe Mt Juliet is ready to move from an edge city to an independent city, and in that vein, bold leadership is required.

    My vision is that Mt. Juliet continues to focus aggressively on businesses starting or moving here. My vision is that we promote our community through our parks department by adding land, recreational leagues for all ages, additional greenway trails, and expanding the farmers market. My vision is that our city sustains itself in regards to emergency services. My vision is that people searching for a place to raise their kids, enjoy their empty nesting years, or age gracefully will start and end their search in Mt. Juliet because there is no other city so affordable, community focused, and vibrant.

    Community leadership is more than simply being elected; it is about desiring the opportunity to serve your neighbors. We’ve kicked the can down the road on many issues in the past; refusing to take action because it was not politically expedient. Maybe those that have lead in the past just simply lacked a vision of their own, but I submit that, if elected, you’ll always know where I stand and I’ll always desire to serve my community before biased whispers, or political gain.

    Trusting our leaders to act in the best interest of the city is paramount. I’ve never held an elected office in this city, and so I am asking people of district 1 to give me a chance to earn your trust through service, my vision, and your concerns. I know that I can work with the city manager and the other commissioners to make sure that we are moving this city in the right direction!

    If you agree with my vision than I ask you to support me in this election; if you live in District 1, I am asking for your vote. If you don’t live in District 1 but know folks that do, I ask you get the word out that new leadership is READY and ask them if they’d consider voting GALLION! This is a good city, with good people, and limitless potential – and we are ready to become great.


  124. Michael,
    Regarding the school issue. When they built Mt. Juliet Elementary it was almost to capacity. The small town I lived in and went to High School in built their new school in the mid 1960’s. They made a plan that included growth and the design was such that if needed they could add a wing which they did about 10 years later. Today’s schools have to be show places when all they need is a brick building with lights and chairs.

  125. Butch Huber


    I will take it one step farther. Well, I will agree, it is a giant step. Tear down the walls of the school building. With today’s technology, we don’t even need school buildings in order to educate. In fact, I would submit to you, the effectiveness of education would be enhanced if we took the teacher out of the classroom. Radical? Not really. With technology and economy of scale, we could have the premier expert of every subject imaginable produce, along with the help of experts, courses on what it is that they specialize in. Those courses could be produced in such a way that you can go as fast or as slow as you want and/or need to go in order to grasp the material and remain interested in it. Children, given access to such a system, if it was built to be vibrant and interactive, and if the child could control his or her own pace (with some parental supervision and intercession), would gravitate toward those things which they had both an interest and an aptitude and would gravitate away from those things which were less interesting to them or for which they simply didn’t have an aptitude. Granted, some course work would require the guidance and oversight of a professional for safety and talent reasons, but only those who were truly interested in those subjects would attend. Instead of spending billions and billions of dollars each year building more institutions, we could invest that money into building online learning systems that are fun, exciting, interactive, that have remedial applications that are so well designed and delivered that any child that had even the slightest aptitude for something, but who had a deep passion for that subject, could excel, or at least do well.

    The problem comes in with the aspect of baby-sitting. Who will watch the children while the mommy and daddy go to work? That could be solved by providing a twenty year patch program where parents could receive a voucher that they could use to cover their bills as they raise their children, instead of paying someone else to raise their children, or they could use it to pay for pods where children are sent to work on their studies while their parents were at work. Those “Pods” could be a parent that watches 5 to 10 children in their homes, or they could be commercial enterprises where children could be sent. They could even include using already existing school facilities, only under the new concept. Ultimately, it would shift the power over our children away from government and back into the hands of parents.

    We are doing education in this country based on an 1850’s model that is so outdated and so abused that it has become completely, in my opinion, useless. It is time to rethink education.

  126. Butch Huber

    Terry Ashe resigned. Tell me they didn’t have this wired from the get go. He knew 4 months ago that he was leaving. He waited until now so that he could be sure that the sheriff’s department had the funding that it needed. He wanted to wait until after the budget process was over. Could it possibly be that they wanted to wait until it was too late to have a run for county sheriff? I don’t know, but it looks awful suspicious to me. We should have a special election for county sheriff.

  127. Speck Tater

    Mr. Gallion, the generalities sound good, keep researching the specifics. We had an opportunity to sell Mundy Park and buy a much larger, highly accessible plot (the Baltz farm) for about the same money. The latter opportunity was virtually handed to Elam on a silver platter by a former City Planner (the good one, not Elam’s crony who wanted to turn Mt. Juliet into Antioch). Elam fumbled the ball on both ends of that one and to the best of my knowledge nothing has happened. Mundy has alot of liabilities as a park, and those liabilities are the kind of thing that at least two of the parties interested in it before wanted- high visibility from the interstate and location in an established industrial park.

    With home rule, the citizens can decide whether they want a tax or bond
    issue on any number of the issues facing the city, including park land. Federal dollars are available for many pedestrian-friendly initiatives that enhance the value of a city, and therefore, property values throughout the city.

    An example of infrastructure improvements done right is Mt. Juliet road north of 40 (one of your opponents consistently opposed this widening). Two examples of infrastructure done wrong are the Waynick-era redo of Nonaville Road that netted one turn lane, and of course Mt. Juliet Road south of 40. A widening to Central Pike is needed there. An interchange at Central Pike, perhaps at Chandler Road, is needed. Lebanon Road should be widened to the east to Rt. 109. People like Bobby Franklin, Rob Shearer and Kevin Mack know the how-to about moving forward with infrastructure.

    As far as encouraging business, the focus should be on high paying jobs. Mt. Juliet has done well as far as prodcing jobs in retail and services but many of those jobs are not high-paying career jobs. Mt. Juliet needs a full service hospital and hospitals create and bring jobs that pay well. The southeast area of Mt. Juliet- near Bel-Air, the Eastern Connector and Del Webb- is possibly a good location.

    Keep gathering knowledge as well as selling your vision, you are off to a good start.

  128. Doc Cider

    Butch, something involving Terry Ashe looks suspicious? Say it isn’t so! (ROFL!). I’ve heard Asst. Chief Hambrick might have an interest in the position, that would be a radical improvement. But the good ol’ boys probably have it set up so a hillbilly mafia protege can step in.

  129. Bumper stickers:
    Britt Linville for City Commission
    Because one Jim Bradshaw is not enough.

    Ray Justice for City Commission
    The Thinking Man’s Jim Bradshaw

  130. MR.97

    Mr. Gallion, a little food for thought. 2.25% of everything sold in MJ goes to the city budget, Agreed. Now lets add in everything We (MJ) get from the Fed, state, and little old ladies that out lived all there friends, Ohhh can”t forget those gifts from developers and what do we get? Me paying for my own al-carte plan. I get to use my own money and pick who I pay for GARBAGE pick-up, after I pay my WATER,SEWER, and kick in for the street lights. Hey, lets not forget about my new property tax bill so the city can bless me with emergency services. Now that I have $50 in my pocket I think I’ll go get my picture taken by a stop light camera and send the 50 out of state…..Just saying, at a time when we should be seeing the fruits of our retail growth why are we not seeing more fiscal responsability from our leaders? I would be more appreciative to a Public Servant who brought my utility bills in line with other cities our size, Than any LEADER who brought us his grand vision of the future. A man is Known by his works.

  131. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    Put this arrow in your quiver…


    This is indicative of the nature of the people at the county level that this city’s leaders are choosing follow and be advised by. If you want your city as crooked as the county and your fire effort/money as screwed up and wasted as the county’s…Stay The Course. As mentioned long ago, THE COUNTY WILL TAKE MJ’S LUNCH MONEY.


    Sometimes it won’t work…go to the Wilson Post homepage, it is the lead story from Wed. 9/26/2012

  132. I’m putting Mt. Juliet Political Forum together. It will be held at Mt. City Hall, Monday 10/29/12 starts at 6pm. Hope you will all be able to make it!

  133. It will take an awful big event to keep me away.

  134. Michael Gallion

    Melani, I would like the opportunity to participate. As I have made my number public, 765.215.0223 please let me know your thoughts for how the forum will be constructed. Thanks! M. Gallion

  135. Thank you Michael. I’ve been calling 615-758-7626 for 3 weeks with no answer. If you would please send me your email address to: MS@AbsoluteAutoRepairTN.com. I was asked to Mediate the forum. I decided it would be better to work the logistics and have a gentleman Mediate. There will be question from the Laurie Everette and from the floor. I am also asking 3 people from every 10 year generation, “If you could ask the Mayoral and/or City Commissioner Candidates one question before you vote, what would it be”. (I have separated the age group of 18 to 21. There will be 3 questions from that age group. Then age 22 to 29. The remainder will be 30-40, 41-50 and so on). Some of the questions will be emailed to you. Other questions will not be emailed to you all so the public will know that you all are equipped in knowledge for the office. The forum will be live streamed by the Mt. Juliet News and The City of Mt. Juliet. It will also be live on Channel 3. Have a blessed day and I appreciate you responding to the post. -Melani Stephens

  136. Doc Cider

    Melani, your interest in providing a forum for voters to meet the candidates is admirable. I hope that all candidates participate. Those of us who know some of the candidates would like to compare them to some new faces. I hope you are careful to choose a panel that doesn’t have a dog in the hunt and can ask intelligent questions.

  137. Actually Doc, I’m trying my best to only approach people that I do not know. As I’m sure you are well aware that is a difficult task in an area where we are only 1 degree apart. I’m hoping spark an interest from the general public. 7 times out of 10 I can guess the answer to the questions they are asking, but I do not tell them. Hopefully, they will watch the forum or better yet show up at City Hall. The more we educate people the more involved they will want to be.

  138. So, my online blog friends…y’all coming tonight, watching it on Chan. 3 or live stream on the web? I’ll be greeting everyone at the door with pen & paper for questions from the floor. I collected 75 questions from the general public that got narrowed down to 24. Basically they were the same questions over and over. So, I used the question best worded & to the point. If there was only one question on the topic, it was put in the 24. Laurie Everette and I were suppose to pick through the 24 and through her own 9 questions. She picked them all, emailed them out and informed me later. It is what it is, there are a few I would have chosen that she did not. She said she misunderstood. Being that the majority of us that read this blog are like minded, you’ll have to tell me who you are when you walk through the door.

  139. Melani, here is a question for you:

    Since 2001, the City of Mt. Juliet has contributed an additional $75 million in additional sales taxes and property taxes to the county coffers over and above what it would have contributed if the value of real estate in Mt. Juliet were frozen in time and if the level of sales taxes were frozen in time. If you add in all forms of taxes, the increase in revenue to the county is likely over $100 million during that timeframe. Then, if you add in the rest of West Wilson County, it is possible that the number is more than $150 million, possibly as high as $200 million. During this same time, Wilson County has built two high schools east of 109, it is building another high school east of 109 in Watertown. The county has built two new WEMA stations east of 109, and it contributed $850,000 as a gift to Watertown for Watertown to build a new fire station and it loaned Watertown $600,000 so they could build additional space in that same building for other purposes. The county mayor has spoken of building at least three more WEMA stations east of 109 as well. It seems like the growth that is occurring in West Wilson County is being used to fund projects in East Wilson County, if elected, what will you do to stem the tide of our money flowing out of West Wilson County to be spent in the east? How will you accomplish that?

  140. Richard Moses

    Interesting comments here folks. I’ve enjoyed reading them so far. Looks like I’ll have some folks who had plenty of knowledge to help me out in the event I win the County Commission seat next week.

  141. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    “Rise up, warriors, take your stand at one another’s sides, our feet set wide and rooted like oaks in the ground’.

    “Let’s roll…to the poll”.


  142. Old Blevins

    Amazing that Bradshaw polled 38% for Mayor, I’m surprised he got ten. Well, at least Linville didn’t get in. With TWO morons on the commission AND Ray back to pick fights it would have been some long Monday nights for Hagerty and Maness.

  143. Ray Justice

    Gentlemen, I have no desire to pick fights and anticipate little fighting. Without the former Mayor in place I see no reason to be anything but productive. Irregardless of your opinion of me I am elected to serve the people of District 1 and the city of Mt. Juliet to the best of my ability but I will not sit on my hands and keep my opinions to myself. If there is anything I can do please let me know.

  144. Ray Justice

    Quickly, I would like to point out it was actually an honor to run with Michael Gallion as an opponent. He is truly a very nice and sincere young man and has gained my respect. He was also the only one who contacted me after the election offering congratulations.

  145. Doc Cider

    Congrats to all the winners. Ray, I’ve been a critic but I think you can be an effective and productive Commissioner. Good luck to all of you as Mt. Juliet wrestles with some tough issues.

  146. Southsider

    A quick observation and challenge to the incoming Mt. Juliet Commissioners:

    The most productive era in the City of Mt. Juliet happened between Nov of 2000 and Nov of 2004. TDOT dropped a western bypass and agreed to widen Mt. Juliet Road instead. The MJ Interchange improvement project was approved and the Beckwith Rd Interchange was added. Two Regional Shopping centers were recruited and the City’s annual income doubled. Mt. Juliet’s real estate market went from being an “Antioch wannabe” to becoming the hottest one in Tennessee. All this was accomplished with a property tax rate of ZERO.

    Now, three of the five members on that Commission are back together on the Board – Hagerty, Bradshaw, and Justice. Okay guys, if you can’t move this community forward similar to the above mentioned standard – perhaps that productivity wasn’t a result of your presence on that Board.

    Just sayin.. Good Luck.

  147. 4Gone

    For half of that time, Linda Elam was a member of that board. But I don’t think that’s where the vision came from.

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