City Attorney Jason Holleman leaving?

That seems to be the implication of this story:|topnews|text|News



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12 responses to “City Attorney Jason Holleman leaving?

  1. Old Blevins

    Don’t let the door hit you in the @$$, Jason.

  2. Doc Cider

    I couldn’t open the article, and it’s a Tennessean glitch, not Radio Free. Curiously, Holleman is one of the better Metro councilpersons. But he sure doesn’t have a stellar record in Mt. Juliet. If the full-time City Attorney is in fact opening a practice in Nashville, he needs to retire or be retired from Mt. Juliet. He has already given us the impression he doesn’t take his Mt. Juliet position seriously.

  3. Butch Huber

    Well, it appears that Jason has resigned, however, it also appears that there is some sort of agreement for him to provide Mt. Juliet with professional services. Hmmm….?????

  4. Doc Cider

    Interim services hopefully. And the other question is do they even need a fulltime city attorney?

  5. Butch Huber

    I’m an thinking that they don’t need a full-time attorney. When we have needed a professional attorney, it seems that the city has had to hire outside counsel. I understand that Holleman has worked on some lawsuits, however, I also understand that those lawsuits are something that Tennessee Municipal League would have litigated for the city free of charge. It seems we would be better served finding some lawyer who understands municipal law to work as a part time attorney for the city and then, when there is a need, hire outside counsel that specializes in what is needed for issues that come up. I have had an issue all along with having a metro councilman working as our city attorney. It just doesn’t sit right with me. I think we need an attorney whose interests and focus are “for and on” this city’s well-being.

  6. C.J.

    Whats this about the Police Chief being suspended for stealing from the city? May the circle be unbroken. If the city doesn’t fire him, they got a lot of splainin to do bout bein above the law and all that ya know?
    We have a real City Manager now for sure. Posting this Mar 18, 2012 .
    Just heard about this little bit of news. Just wondering if it is true or just a nice rumor.

  7. DD

    Whoever CJ is you should be ashamed for posting rumors and CRAP OUT OF YOUR MOUTH TO YOUR FINGERTIPS that you know nothing about. That is a lie and for you or anyone to post it without knowing is malicious and slanderous. But, people like you get to hide behind anonymity in order to serve up your particular form of nasty. That’s what you are. Just a nasty horrible person who is not happy unless they can start crap about someone else.

  8. DD

    I would also like to know who the moderator for this blog is and why you would allow such slanderous gossip.

  9. Moderation is done by a team (ie, more than one person).
    In this case, we confirmed with a second source that there had been disciplinary action taken by the Interim City Manager.
    If you know the details, and would like to elaborate, feel free to set the record straight.

  10. Matt

    I have known Chief Andy Garrett for 29 years. He is one of the most honorable men you could ever meet, He was my mentor and taught me how to be a Police Officer. For you to slander him on a public blog with a statement that is obviously untrue is something you should be ashamed of Mr. C.J.! Andy Garrett is a hero cop, a man that so many men could only hope to be! He once told me that “If you start something you put 110 percent into it” and “Your word is your bond.” I hope one day you meet Chief Andy Garrett and shrink in his presence because you are ashamed!

  11. DD

    That is not my place to comment on details, but it was not and NEVER would be theft. You people obviously do not know him or what kind of man he is. You should’ve confirmed that is was not theft. But so many people strive on gossip, malicious gossip, that they can’t be happy any other way. The moderators must love sensationalism. Doesn’t matter if true or untrue if it means someone reads your blog. This will be my last comment. I would never again waste my time on this kind of crap. Bet you won’t post this one, will you?

  12. Randall Patrick "R.P." McMurphy

    Civics 101…the First Amendment. “Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press…” Andy knows this and defends it everyday he puts on that uniform. He knows the job comes with barbs and he is knowledgable and courageous. He is well aware of what I and every other public servant knows about doing the leadership role in public service…you are HUMAN and you WILL have good days and bad. Andy is an honorable and christian man with a wonderful wife and family. He also knows as I and others in this field that WE ARE NOT PERFECT, but we never stop trying to be. Now, that being said, if he crossed a line…I KNOW he will accept responsibility and persevere. LEADERSHIP is a challenging position…been there, done that. Mistakes can AND WILL be made. My advice, and knowing him, his as well, decrease your emtion and increase your patience/understanding. If you are in the field, then you know you cannot be your best when you act on emotion rather than realization. As far as this post, I will tell you this is the MOST LEAST slanted outlet you will find. The contributors here will research an item ad infinitum, so please do not post and run. If you stay, you will be glad you did. Hope you are at least pleased to see your last contribution posted.


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