Who “cancelled” the City Commission meeting?

At 6:56pm on Sunday, February 27th, the City of Mt. Juliet’s Nixle account was used to send the following message:

The regularly scheduled Board of Commissioners meeting of Monday, 28 February 2011 at 6:30 p.m. has been moved to the next regularly scheduled meeting date of Monday, 14 March 2011. There will still be a public hearing at 6:15pm on 28 February, allowing the public to address issues that would have received their second reading from the BoC at that meeting.

This action by someone at the city (Mayor Linda Elam? City Manager Randy Robertson?) raises a host of questions.

The most important question, of course, is “WHO cancelled the City Commission meeting, and on what authority?” The Mayor (Linda Elam) has NO authority to cancel a regularly scheduled meeting. The City Manager (Randy Robertson) has NO authority to cancel a regularly scheduled meeting. The City Commissioners, meeting as a body, may vote to postpone a meeting, but there is no record of their having done so. If they met privately, or were even polled informally, such an action would violate the Tennessee Open Meetings Act (aka the Sunshine Law).

Legally, the meeting is still scheduled. If Mayor Elam cannot attend, that is no reason to cancel the meeting. The City has a properly elected Vice Mayor who is designated by the City Charter to chair the meeting in the Mayor’s absence.

The citizens should insist, nay – demand, that the Commissioners meet at their regularly scheduled time and transact such business as is properly before it. We urge Vice Mayor Ed Hagerty and Commissioners Floyd, Maness, and Bradshaw to meet at their regularly scheduled time on Feb 28.

WHO cancelled the meeting, and on what authority?

Could it have anything to do with this?

Tennessee General Assembly –
House Schedule for Monday, February 28, 2011

WHO cancelled the meeting, and on what authority?

Adding insult to injury, there is no agenda for the meeting posted on the city website, nor are there any copies of Commissioner Packets with the text of ordinances to be considered posted either. Such contempt for the law and the citizens is deplorable.



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17 responses to “Who “cancelled” the City Commission meeting?

  1. Butch Huber

    Publius, this is business as usual in Mt. Juliet now. I would think that Vice Mayor Hagerty, as one of his first official duties, would expose what is going on here and drag it all out into the light of day. I believe that the city manager, and possibly the city attorney, met with the commissioners before the commission meeting, however, I know of no executive meeting to discuss pending litigation or any other matter that would legally authorize such a meeting. I don’t know of any public notice of the meeting. They blatantly ignore the law and they will continue to get away with it because the District Attorney General won’t get involve with the politics of this city nor will the state’s attorney general or the TBI. They have free reign until citizens have had their fill and force their compliance through court action. That is the only real recourse that we have. Not a single entity, other than possibly courts of law will bring order to their actions. Even then it will likely take several layers of court action to bring them into order as there are liberal judges who legislate from the bench that we would have to go through.

    I am sure they are thinking, “this is such a little thing”, when it is actually a “big” thing. We are paying them to do a job that they were elected to do, to call off a meeting means they simply are not doing the job they were elected to do and are sworn to do. They are supposed to conduct two meetings per month. By skipping a meeting they are neglecting to do half of their job this month. I wonder how many employees of the city, other than the commissioners, would be allowed to keep their jobs if they showed up to work half of the time? I wonder how many citizens would keep their jobs if they showed up to work half of the time? Shameful, just simply shameful. It is a disgrace. But then, what else is new? By what right do they do this thing? Even if they don’t have business to conduct, which I am sure they do, the three minutes that a citizen has to speak in a commission meeting is the only time they are able to get all five commissioners in the same place at the same time to address their concerns.

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  3. Doc Cider

    I think we can guess who is behind the meeting being canceled. The same person who had a ‘Valentine’s Day conflict’ (yuck factor alert) and moved the February 14th meeting to the 15th.

    I urge the Vice-Mayor to take action on this and move to hold the regularly scheduled meeting. Maybe when Elam FINALLY leaves Ed Hagerty, James Maness and the new D3 commissioner can move to enact ethics standards with teeth and do some other house cleaning.

    I still think tar and feathers should not be ruled out.

  4. Pop Korn

    Elam’s legacy- vote to double your pay, then do half the work.

  5. R. W.

    It is about time to start a recall for District 4, then Mt. Juliet can, possibly start making some positive progress without all the foolish and costly nonsense.

  6. Southsider

    Is it true that Elam introduced a bill to allow collective bargaining for city commissioners in Mt. Juliet?

    Surely not, she won’t be one much longer so why would she do that?

  7. Doc Cider

    It wasn’t Bradshaw that called off the meeting. I have a confirmation that you-know-who wanted to move the meeting to Thursday (moving court downstairs) and when one of the commissioners had a Thursday conflict she canceled the meeting.

  8. Old Blevins

    I asked Bradshaw where I could buy tar and he gave me directions to the Goodyear store.

  9. Ben Dover & C. Howett Fields

    Really “Fields” great being citizens of the grand old city of Mt. Juliet, TN, huh?

    Been happening so long, think i’m gettin used to it. Oh *@#!, did i say that?

  10. Pop Korn

    Elam doesn’t need collective bargaining, she is the Khadafy of Mt. Juliet and just decrees things. Voted to double her own pay, for example.

    Wonder if she has a Bulgarian nurse…..

  11. Ukrainian, wasn’t it?

  12. Pop Korn

    You say Ukrainian, I say Bulgarian

    Potato, potawto, tomato, tomawtoe…

  13. Sonny Griffin

    Has anyone found out why the meeting was cancelled?

    I thought that, according to the Charter, the only thing that could cancel a Commission meeting is an emergency.

    Since the meeting was cancelled and not postponed, I believe that the Commissioners’ and Mayor’s salaries should be docked. This is no small sum of money. I believe the amount to be $2400.00.

    What would happen to you if you decided not to show up for work without a damned good reason?

  14. Southsider

    Elam’s new schedule at the state has already interfered with her ability to be at Mt. Juliet meetings more than once. The odd thing is that I heard there was a public hearing advertised for several issues and three commissioners showed up for that anyway!

    At some point people need to ask the other commissioners why they are avoiding scheduled meetings on behalf of Linda Elam. They are supposed to work for us, not her.

  15. Butch Huber

    I don’t know why I feel compelled to put the law up on this website considering this is Mt. Juliet and all, and considering that they

    “can do whatever they want until a judge tells them they can’t” Linda Elam.

    6-20-207. Regular meetings. —

    The board of commissioners shall by ordinance fix the time and place at which the regular meetings of the board shall be held. Until otherwise provided by ordinance, the regular meetings of the board shall be held at eight o’clock p.m. (8:00 p.m.) on the first and third Thursdays of each month.

    (I think they have changed the time and place by ordinance)

    [Acts 1921, ch. 173, art. 4, § 6; Shan. Supp., § 1997a139; Code 1932, § 3536; T.C.A. (orig. ed.), § 6-2018.]

    6-20-213. Powers of mayor. —

    The mayor shall preside at all meetings of the board of commissioners and perform such other duties consistent with the mayor’s office as may be imposed by it, and the mayor shall have a seat, a voice and a vote, but no veto. The mayor shall sign the journal of the board and all ordinances on their final passage, execute all deeds, bonds, and contracts made in the name of the city, and the mayor may introduce ordinances to the board of commissioners.

    [Acts 1921, ch. 173, art. 6, § 1; Shan. Supp., § 1997a154; Code 1932, § 3551; T.C.A. (orig. ed.), § 6-2024.]

    How can she not be derelict in her duties?

  16. Southsider

    The legacy of Linda Elam is identical to the legacy of the last Mayor who was also a lawyer:
    “We can do anything until somebody stops us.”
    And somebody stopped Waynick.

  17. Pop Korn

    Somebody here should pass an ordinance to not allow real estate attorneys to hold the office of Mayor.

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