Ed Hagerty elected Vice Mayor – channels Kevin Mack

Jim Bradshaw reportedly changed his mind about continuing to abstain when he learned that a special election would cost $33,000. He voted with James Maness and Ed Hagerty to elect Hagerty as Vice Mayor. Linda Elam nominated and voted with Ted Floyd for Ted Floyd for Vice Mayor.

Hagerty’s comments immediately reminded everyone of the edge city vision promoted by former Mayor Kevin Mack from 2000-2004. Here’s the quote from the story in the Chronicle of Mt. Juliet:

“. . . Mt. Juliet has always been more than a bedroom community of Nashville, and we can be a tremendous Edge City – a place to live, work, shop, play, worship, and raise a family.” – Ed Hagerty, Feb 15, 2011

The next question, soon to be hotly debated by the commission: Who will the remaining four members of the commission appoint to fill the balance of Hagerty’s term as D3 Commissioner?



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4 responses to “Ed Hagerty elected Vice Mayor – channels Kevin Mack

  1. Butch Huber

    I already suggested to Ed Hagerty that he nominate Bobby Franklin.

  2. Sonny Griffin

    Hey Butch,

    I second the motion. I will talk to Ed and do the same.

  3. Doc Cider

    Thankfully Bradshaw came to his senses. Time for mayrep Elam to take a hike.

    Bobby Franklin would be a good choice, and District 3 probably has several other conservative quality choices. But Franklin could hit the ground running.

    The next question is how Ted will act now that his unholy alliance failed to produce a Vice Mayor victory. Will he remain Elam’s ally while the mayor lingers on or will he represent the people of District 1 rather than himself and Linda Elam? How he votes on this appointment will offer a clue. Elam will certainly have a crony or ‘benefactor’ picked out for this seat.

  4. Southsider

    This is a blast from the past but one of the funniest things I ever read here. Maybe not impossible given the recent Daytona victory by Trevor Bayne.


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