Wilson County Republican Party has now been reorganized

A slate of officers headed by Kevin Foushee was elected this past Saturday at a mass meeting attended by 200+ Republicans from across the county. The slate headed by Foushee was endorsed by former Rep. Susan Lynn and she sent out multiple emails urging their election. The slate endorsed by the current Republican delegation  from Wilson County ((Sen. Beavers, Rep. Pody & Rep. Elam) was defeated.

What does this mean? Will Susan Lynn run for her house seat again in 2012?
Lynn vs. Elam in 2012…. How would you handicap that race?



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2 responses to “Wilson County Republican Party has now been reorganized

  1. Southsider

    Lynn would beat Elam 2 to 1 in the 2012 Republican Primary if this becomes a two candidate primary race.

    Of course Elam could run against Lynn in the general as a democrat since she is really a democrat anyway. I think Elam would have a better chance running against Susan as a real democrat instead of a make-believe republican.

    There is always a possibility that a real conservative republican could beat both these RINOs in a primary. That would be my preference.

  2. Old Blevins

    I would support Susan Lynn in a primary unless there was a compelling reason to vote for someone else. Elam would be a compelling reason to support Susan Lynn.

    Would the Dems run Elam? On one hand, they will lose anyway and Elam has name recognition. On the other hand, I wouldn’t pay fifty cents for the kind of name recognition she has.

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