Liquor stores in Mt. Juliet

As Mt. Juliet has doubled in population, many of the new residents have been asking, “Why does Lebanon have liquor stores and not Mt. Juliet?”

The answer is that just as legalizing liquor-by-the-drink in restaurants required a referendum, the sale of wine & intoxicating spirits in package stores also requires approval in a referendum. Such a referendum can only be conducted if a petition with signatures totaling at least 10% of the number of voters in the last gubernatorial election is submitted to the election commission. Actually, the practice has been that the text and form of the petition needs to be requested from the election commission and then turned in to them for verification.

Here’s the way TCA spells out the precise text of the petition:

“We, registered voters of  Mt. Juliet, do hereby request the holding of a local option election to authorize retail package stores to sell alcoholic beverages as provided by law.”

So, as a highly unscientific experiment, let’s poll the readers of RFMJ.



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19 responses to “Liquor stores in Mt. Juliet

  1. Can you have them in place by March 31? I’ll have Nurse Ratched set up a kiosk at the train station. Mildred, first round’s on me.

  2. I was spoken with about this petition last Spring. While I don’t want a liquor store in Mt Juliet. I did listen to the reasoning of why they wanted a liquor store. It was based on people spending money in Mt Juliet then driving home to drink instead of drinking while eating out then driving. It is a reasonable thought; but, I still don’t want liquor store here. If it comes to fruition, I will contact as many people as possible to vote no.

  3. Doc Cider

    Are there any state mandated proximity laws from schools and churches in play here? Publius, I know you’ll have the lowdown on that. Of course the city can enact its own restrictions, I assume.

    Liquor by the drink was a necessity to bring in brand-name restaurants. I don’t see the same burning need, or any real need, for package liquor stores. But I’m not opposed to them either.

  4. I don’t think there are any specifics spelled out in state law, but local governments can regulate both location and the number of licensed package stores. A common theme is to grant only 1 license per 10,000 pop. This makes the license quite valuable and creates something of a local monopoly, but it is allowed. Lebanon’s laws also prohibit corporate ownership or granting a license to someone who is not a resident of the city. Lots of possibilities for local control & regulation.

  5. BTW, my initial post was for humor purposes only. Tea sipper, that would be me.

  6. Southsider

    I really don’t care about pushing for or against the package store issue. It won’t matter one iota in the greater scheme of things. People who want to buy liquor will buy it here or somewhere else anyway. Mt. Juliet is probably missing out on some tax money but the tax base looks like it will keep doubling every 5 years for at least the next 10. We will be ok.

    I spend a couple hundred bucks twice a year at Frugal MacDoogal so people who come to my house for dinner will stay out of my beer. My habits probably won’t change at all if Mt. Juliet gets a liquor store.

    It is hard for me to get all moralistic about this issue being such a libertarian. I don’t need the government to dictate sobriety when most people couldn’t tell if the Mt. Juliet Commission is drunk or sober half the time.

    Borrowing money to buy land to give to the YMCA? You tell me – were they drunk or sober?

  7. Butch

    They were probably sober, which makes me wonder what they would come up if they were drinking.

  8. Butch

    I have said it all along that it makes no sense that people can’t own a liquor store in Mt. Juliet, to take liquor home to drink, but they can get drunk in a bar or restaurant and drive home.

  9. Southsider

    Well I doubt Mt. Juliet will be where the next great prohibition movement gets started anyway.

    Some politician here may make this a soapbox issue to tell everyone how much “gooder” than everybody they are. Aside from the entertainment value of that, who cares?

  10. Shawn Donovan

    From the poll results and some of the comments, maybe we should add this referendum on to the special election for Mayor since my representative doesn’t want to do his job as Commissioner and vote for Vice Mayor.

    I do not look at this issue as something to do just for a revenue increase to sales tax, but I also drive to Lebanon or Hermitage to buy wine and liquor. I personally look at the purchasing of alcoholic beverages and tobacco as a personal decision and not one that I need the government to regulate. We already have liquor by the drink in Mt. Juliet that focuses on bringing not only residents in, but non-residents as well, to these establishments. So giving the residents the option to purchase liquor and beer within the city limits I don’t see a problem with personally, since those who want these items are going to get them regardless.

    So put it on the ballot the let the residents decide..

  11. Butch

    Shawn, didn’t you learn anything from the last election? This city would just hire two attorney’s, one for us and one against, to have a judge figure out what we meant when we voted to approve the measure to allow liquor stores to open their doors in Mt. Juliet.

  12. Glen Linthicum

    Too Funny Butch!

  13. Shawn Donovan

    ahahh.. yeah your probably right. They would say something like you need to give us a complete list of every type and brand of liquor and wine that can be approved to be sold in Mt. Juliet. We’d end of with only Jack Daniels and Boones Farm stores… hahaha Better get working on that list…

  14. Sonny Griffin

    Right on Butch!

    Hell, let’s save some money and bypass the referendum.

    Submit it directly to the judge and let him decide.

    Hey Shawn, need Wild Turkey on that list.

  15. Butch

    Shawn, throw a little Captain on the list while you are at it.

    Wait a second, I think we are starting to do someone’s marketing research for them.

  16. Perhaps the Kabal should apply for a liquor store license. Put me down for Harvey’s & Bailey’s

  17. Southsider

    Put Sauza Hornitos Resposado Tequila on the list for me.
    20 million Mexicans cannot be wrong.

  18. Butch

    Okay, where do we apply. I’ll file the paperwork. Who will write up the order for the first inventory? Sounds like fun.

  19. Doc Cider

    Butch, it will only end up in court with dueling taxpayer financed attorneys if Elam is getting ‘worked on’ by a potential liquor store owner while still in office (after Jan 1, make that Feb 28, make that ‘when the fire issue is resolved’, make that March 31, make that ‘when they pick a Vice-Mayor’….). No dough (for her), no go.

    And don’t limit the rum list to the Captain. Mount Gay, Rhum Barbancourt, ElDorado (best in the world, wish I could afford it), Meyer’s, Pyraat…

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