State Rep. Linda Elam can also serve as Mt. Juliet mayor, judge rules

Headline from the Tennessean website

“State Rep. Linda Elam will also be able to serve as mayor of the growing city of Mt. Juliet, a judge ruled this afternoon.”

“Chancellor C.K. Smith issued a ruling stating Elam can keep both her state house seat and the part-time mayor position in Mt. Juliet in Wilson County.”

[. . .]

Smith also ruled Mt. Juliet City Commissioner Jim Bradshaw can keep his city seat as well as serve on the Wilson County Commission.

UPDATE: A story in yesterday’s Lebanon Democrat (not yet available on line) confirms that Jim Bradshaw was told of the judge’s ruling on Thursday and that he has resigned from the office of Vice-Mayor, though not from his seat on the City Commission. Chancellor C.K. Smith has ruled that he can continue to serve as both County Commissioner and City Commissioner until the end of his current terms.



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14 responses to “State Rep. Linda Elam can also serve as Mt. Juliet mayor, judge rules

  1. Butch Huber

    It never ceases to amaze me how much government goes the wrong way today. We decide to chart our own destiny as a city by adopting home rule, then we exercise that new power by voting on a charter amendment, then a judge decides that 87% of the voters are insignificant and that somehow the opposite of what the voters wanted is what should happen.

    How is it that the judge didn’t throw this out and order an investigation into the ethics and legality of the city government allowing the city attorney to hire and pay for an attorney to file a complaint on behalf of Linda and Jim? Had Dick Kasnick felt that the outcome of the election was in question would the city have filed a complaint on his behalf? Doubtful. Well, you never know with this bunch.

    Shameful, just shameful. I guess this just proves that it isn’t a “government of the people, by the people, for the people”, but rather a “Government of politicians, by politicians, for politicians”.

  2. Sonny Griffin

    Hey Butch,

    I know it’s frustrating as hell but we can’t quit. I don’t think you’re the type to quit anyway. We’ve got a big old toilet down there that gets fuller and fuller all the time. Needs flushing bad!!

    Think about this. Elam and Bradshaw were the plaintiffs. They sued the City of Mount Juliet and prevailed. The City has the right to appeal.

    There are so many things wrong with Smith’s decision that I believe it would be overturned.

    How do we accomplish this? You and me and the rest of the citizens of Mount Juliet are the City. WE have the right to appeal.

    We appeal through our representatives (our Commission). All that has to be done is make a motion to appeal. Since the will of the voters is at stake here, the commission would vote for the motion or commit political suicide.

  3. Butch Huber

    Quit, no, dismayed, yes. I am so sick of seeing crooked politicians getting away with what they get away with I could spit.

    They have no honor. 87% of us said, “no, you can’t serve us in two elected offices simultaneously”, they said, “yes we can”. Who owns the damned seat, them, the judge, or us?

  4. Doc Cider

    Think about this. The judge has only served to muddy the waters even more. Especially with Elam being sworn in after the charter amendment took effect.

    The dual office charter amendment was to some extent a referendum on Linda Elam’s performance in office. It is clear that voters want their city leaders to stick with one elected position. It is also clear that most of this city wants mayor Elam to hit the road. Even some of the one-third of the voters who supported her re-election are regretting that decision.

    We definitely cannot let this sit as is. The media, the Republican party and the court system should all be brought into play in our efforts to clean up our city government, and getting Ms. Elam out of the mayor’s chair would be a huge step in that direction.

  5. Old Blevins

    The city should send Elam and Bradshaw an itemized bill for legal services involved in the suit. We are living in an alternate universe when the taxpayers tote the tab to sue themselves.

  6. Pop Korn

    Not to mention Elam being put on the ethics committee. Apparently Beth Harwell has a strange sense of humor.

  7. Rather than grousing about it on a website, I asked her directly in an email sent 0351 on 17 Jan 11.

    Subject: What part of 87% do you NOT understand?

    Body: A visitor to Mount Juliet might understandably be pardoned for perceiving that the mayor of said locale is as corrupt as Boss Hogg, as evidenced by her willingness to urinate on the will of her betters.

    I wonder if I can expect an answer (that doesn’t include a masked man showing up at my door)?

  8. Pop Korn

    Holleman will come to your door and whine at you while Ted Floyd performs flip-flops in the background.

  9. correction to above: I did not include “I wonder if I can expect an answer…” in my email to Elam.

    She’s never answered me before, why should she start now?

  10. Doc Cider

    I’m starting to understand why Holleman wanted to distance himself from this whole thing and hire out. Like Elam, he has higher political ambitions and maybe even hoped that ‘the city’ would win. The whole process smells so bad that only Mt. Juliet’s citizens, with a long history of taking abuse from city and county elected officials, would just shrug their shoulders and say ‘oh well’. RFMJ regulars excluded of course.

    But if Holleman does run for higher office, presumably in a more contentious and trending more conservative Davidson county, his history in this sordid affront to Mt. Juliet’s citizens will become public knowledge. As the Men’s Wearhouse dude says, ‘I guarantee it!’.

  11. Too Smart by Half.
    The County Mayor & the County Commission now know they only have to fold up their arms until March 31.
    The deadline is entirely artificial and has little to do with fire protection.
    It has everything to do with the fact that the Tennessee House schedule calls for regular sessions at 5:00pm on each Monday evening. These will adjourn quickly for the first few weeks, but thereafter they will prevent Rep. Elam from attending City Commission meetings.
    Yet another way in which the two offices are incompatible.

  12. Southsider

    Remember that old saying: “You only get one chance to make a first impression”?

    Linda Elam started off on the worst possible foot with House Speaker Harwell. You know a call had to go out to each committee member prior to the media announcement of all the new house committee appointments.

    Elam accepted an appointment to the house ethics committee without mentioning the small detail of being the only Mayor in Mt. Juliet history to be censured for an ethics violation! I bet she also left out the little tidbit that she voted to use taxpayer money to sue the city to get out of complying with the will of 87% of the voters.

    But aside from all that she is as ethical as it gets!

    Way to go Linda, I bet every bill you present now will be met with overwhelming trust and support from all your colleagues.

  13. Pop Korn

    First it was ‘around the first of the year’, then February, then March 31st. Hopefully the Assembly calendar will indeed force madam mayor to take a hike. She is turning into ‘The Thing that Wouldn’t Leave’.

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