Complaints filed by Linda Elam & Jim Bradshaw

At 9:05 yesterday morning (Jan 11, 2011), attorneys for Mayor Linda Elam (paid for by the City of Mt. Juliet) filed a complaint against the City of Mt. Juliet.  The Action in Chancery Court in Lebanon is styled:

Mayor Linda Elam, Plaintiff, v. City of Mt. Juliet, Defendant.

It appears that the City of Mt. Juliet has paid for the filing of two lawsuits  against itself in the name of and for the benefit of Linda Elam and Jim Bradshaw.

Mayor Elam has the audacity to state in her complaint that she has filed her suit against the City “at the instruction and directive of the Board.”

It is both a conflict of interest and a misuse of public funds.

They should both be ashamed.

Here are links to copies of the relevant documents:

Linda Elam v. City of Mt. Juliet Complaint

Brief of the Defendant, City of Mt. Juliet

Linda Elam’s Motion for Judgment on the Stipulated Facts

Linda Elam’s Memorandum in Support of Motion for Judgment on the Stipulated Facts

Links for the Documents in re Bradshaw v. City of Mt. Juliet will follow shortly



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40 responses to “Complaints filed by Linda Elam & Jim Bradshaw

  1. Southsider

    I can think of at least three violations of the Mt. Juliet ethics code here:

    Sec. 2-346. – Abstentions by officials and disclosure of personal interest by official with vote.

    (a) An official with the responsibility to vote on a measure shall disclose during the meeting at which the vote takes place, before the vote and so it appears in the minutes, any personal interest that affects or that would lead a reasonable person to infer that it affects the official’s vote on the measure. In addition, the official may recuse himself from voting on the measure.

    I am a reasonable person who believes that Elam and Bradshaw’s personal self interest affected their vote on this issue. I know that neither disclosed a self interest in the minutes and I think both should have abstained from voting on this matter.

    Sec. 2-350. – Use of municipal time, facilities, equipment or supplies.

    (a) An official or employee may not use or authorize the use of municipal time, facilities, equipment, or supplies for private gain or advantage to himself.

    Sec. 2-351. – Use of position or authority.

    (b) An official or employee may not use his position to secure any privilege or exemption for himself or others that is not authorized by the charter, general law, or ordinance or policy of the municipality.

    Elam, Bradshaw, Robertson, and Hollerman have all violated Sec 2-350 and Sec 2-351 of the Mt. Juliet Ethics Code.
    If the taxpayers are going to pay the legal expenses for Elam and Bradshaw to sue the City, what about the other lawsuits brought by other employees?

  2. Butch Huber

    Yada Yada Yada Yada, blah, blah, blah, whaaa, whaaa, whaaa!

    Linda Elam and Jim Bradshaw: “whaa, I want to be able to hold two offices at the same time”……(hands smacking the ground, feet kicking the ground, as they lay face down throwing a temper tantrum). “I don’t like that you won’t let me have my way.” “Meanies. I don’t like you anymore”! They cry. (Now sitting, they cross their arms, tuck their shoulders in, and pout. Occasionally they stomp their feet uncontrollably) (Now, sitting Indian style, they pound their fists into their knees shouting, “I want my way, I want my way, I want my way” as if they are confusing Dorothy in Wizard of Oz tapping her ruby slippers with their dream world where they always get their way no matter what and their method of enchantment is to slam their fists and repeat what they want three times.
    All I can say is, “I hope that Judge is as helpful to us as the Wizard was to Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Man.” Perhaps the Wizard, I mean “Judge” has something in his bag of tricks that will give the people back their authority.
    Jim, Linda, those offices belong to me, they belong to the guys who live to my left and to my right, they belong to the people in your district Jim, they belong to the people of this city, but you have no vested interest in them whatsoever. We have elected you to sit in them provided you abide by our laws and rules and only for a period of time. The same people who elected you to those offices have now voted to put conditions on those offices that we want you to abide by. You don’t have to abide by them, but if you choose not to you at the same time choose not to hold those offices. It’s okay, we will be alright without you, we don’t mind if you disqualify yourselves. Please, by all means, disqualify yourselves. Now tap your ruby red slippers and say three times, “There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.” Are you gone yet?

  3. Southsider

    Ok are you ready for this?
    I just heard that Linda Elam was put on the House Ethics Committee.
    You just can’t make this stuff up!

  4. Butch Huber

    Does that mean she will now have ethics? There’s a change.

  5. Butch Huber

    I just read a headline regarding an article in the Lebanon Democrat that James Bradshaw has resigned his position as Vice Mayor. I don’t know what the article says yet. I don’t know if that means that he has resigned from our commission, or if he has just resigned from the position of Vice Mayor. This seems like a positive development to me.

  6. Southsider

    Bradshaw is looking out for Bradshaw. He has run for Mayor several times and finished last every time. He knows he could never be re-elected as Mayor.

    For Bradshaw, this is simply about being able to continue to be a career politician. When Elam quits he would become Mayor and finish that term (2 years). The Commission would then elect a District 4 person to complete that term (4 years). Jim would be out of office at least 2 years waiting to run for his old seat again – and might not win it then.

    Those who think Jim Bradshaw is doing the right thing for the right reason should think again.

  7. Old Blevins

    Elam on the Ethics Committee?????? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  8. Doc Cider

    Maybe Elam, in her new role on the Ethics Committee, will introduce watered-down ethics rules like she did here in Mt. Juliet.

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  10. Sonny Griffin

    The following is a copy of the letter I sent to the editor of The MJ news and The Chronicle:

    To the Editor:

    I would like to congratulate Ms. Elam and Mr. Bradshaw for winning their lawsuits against the citizens and voters of the City of Mt. Juliet. I’m sure they must be proud.

    In their lawsuits that they filed against the City, they state that they were instructed and directed by the City to file these lawsuits. In other words, they are saying that the City instructed and directed them to sue the City.

    In my 36 years of living in Mt. Juliet, I have seen the Board of Commissioners do some pretty asinine things but this was over the top, even for them.

    In the Board’s defense, I did some research into the matter and found no directives or instructions from the Board to Ms. Elam or Mr. Bradshaw to file lawsuits against the City of Mt. Juliet.

    I did find a Resolution that had been passed by the board titled #36-2010. The only intent or purpose of that resolution was to determine the effective date of the Charter Amendment. Nothing else. Certainly, no instructions or directives were given to Ms. Elam or Mr. Bradshaw to file lawsuits against the City of Mt. Juliet for any reason.

    At the time that Resolution #36-2010 was passed by the Board, no one knew the effective date of the Charter Amendment. It was found later that the effective date was already determined in the Tennessee State Constitution.

    Ms. Elam and Mr. Bradshaw filed their lawsuits on completely different matters than were authorized by the board in Resolution #36-2010.

    At the time Ms. Elam and Mr. Bradshaw filed their lawsuits against the City, the effective date of the Charter Amendment had already been determined and Ms. Elam and Mr. Bradshaw knew that. This fact was admitted in their lawsuits so what were their lawsuits all about?

    Ms. Elam and Mr. Bradshaw say in their lawsuits that they bring the actions “against the City at the instruction and directive of the Board, which has determined that this Court should resolve a genuine controversy over the construction and application of an amendment to the City’s Charter”. This seems to be a highly inaccurate statement as nothing can be found to corroborate it. Please enlighten me if I have missed something.

    Ms. Elam and Mr. Bradshaw also say in their lawsuits that the City, by majority vote of the Board, hired outside counsel to represent them on this disputed issue of law. The only time the City agreed to hire counsel in this matter is in Resolution #36-2010 where attorneys are authorized to be hired to assist in determining the effective date of the Charter Amendment. Nothing else. Absolutely nothing was said about hiring attorneys to represent Ms. Elam and Mr. Bradshaw personally in any matter. Ms. Elam sponsored and voted for Resolution #36-2010 and Mr. Bradshaw voted for it. Would they do anything like that if Resolution #36-2010 benefitted them monetarily, like paying attorneys to represent them in a lawsuit against the City? Of course not, that would be highly unethical and probably criminal.

    So, who is responsible for paying Ms. Elam’s and Mr. Bradshaw’s attorneys and other costs associated with their lawsuits? I don’t know but it certainly is not the City of Mt. Juliet.

    Sonny Griffin

    1409 Fairview Drive
    Mt. Juliet, TN 37122

  11. Old Blevins

    Well said, Sonny, as always.

  12. Southsider

    Elam and Bradshaw both voted for a resolution deliberately crafted in such a way to deceive the public into believing that it wasn’t about them. It was about when the charter amendment was to go into effect.

    Instead, the subcontracted Lawyer sued the city in the names of Elam and Bradshaw for the sole purpose of allowing them to serve dual offices against the will of the people.

    And not one member of this commission is asking who approved this legislative slight of hand? It looks like the City Manager and City Attorney have some ‘splainin to do.

    Since when does the city pay to sue itself on behalf of self-interested politicians?

    Elam doing this does not surprise me, but I always thought Jim Bradshaw had an ethical compass.

  13. I will post this here, but it could also go on many of the other topics especially fire protection, ethics, and the rest of the catagory cloud list…

    “Not enough people care”.

    The sentiment here in this city, county, and area seems to be a reflective microcosm of the world’s view. As long as my house is not on fire, there’s no elephant on my chest, no new taxes, and my cable ain’t messed up…everything is fine, in order, no need to worry, no need to get involved. Very, very sad. And what’s more…Publius, Butch, Southsider, Blevins, Sonny, Doc (sounds like the starting line-up for the local brewery’s company softball team…Ha) can’t care enough, try as they do, for the rest. It breaks your heart when you see things this wrong, fortify your soul with making them right, scream to the heavens with every fiber in your being, “Who’s with me!!!”, and the turn around and see just us…120,000 people and just us 12 that care. You don’t need meds to make a difference…you just gotta want to matter.

  14. Southsider

    Well put Mr. McMurphy and very true.

    Our founding fathers gave us a system of government that was certainly far from perfect – yet still the best system ever devised.

    The biggest problem seems to be the span of time between visionary leadership. Our election systems only produce great leaders every 30 to 40 years. Thankfully, great leadership can set direction for decades and so far we have been blessed as a nation with just enough of that. Sometimes you have to live through a Carter to get a Reagan. In Mt. Juliet, we had to get through a Waynick to get a Mack. Doesn’t mean you won’t ever get another Carter or Waynick – I think we presently have versions of both right now!

    There is value in exposing poor policy as we wait for strong leadership. In between great leaders we need citizens who pay attention to keep the pressure building. Those who don’t pay attention everyday will slowly become frustrated with politicians who constantly exploit our government for personal gain. One day, another very talented person will have had enough of it and will stand up and pursue election for all the right reasons, and win. And we may have another great leader to point us in the right direction for a short while. We will be fine.

    We seem to be in between great leadership right now in Mt. Juliet just as we are at the federal level. Mayor Elam was a talented Planning Commission Chair and a decent City Commissioner, but she is just not a very good leader as Mayor. Critics have had to stop her from buying herself a legacy with taxpayer dollars several times. It looks like we will now be getting an eastern bypass instead of buying a 20 million dollar aquatic center for the YMCA after all.

    People have certain buttons most politicians know not to push. Suing the city with taxpayer dollars to circumvent the will of 87% of the voters just might be one of those buttons. Somewhere out there a very talented leader may have just thrown his newspaper down in frustration, vowing to run for office. We’ll see.

  15. Agreed. I sincerely hope you are right that we have the talent here ready to serve, not themselves but the greater good of the public. How do we allow the system to fail us by putting in place w/o checks a leader with barely 30% of the vote? Our soon-to-be-ex-vice mayor bouncing around like a stripe on a bumper pool table? Commissioners that make self serving deals with one while placing the mark of Cain on another? A city manager that is just one hissy fit away from being manager of another city. Our city’s direction and daily business has become a joke with no punch line. If there is someone out there that is credible, then we as civic minded caretakers need to make sure that when we check them out, we do not pick them apart. At the same time, when they speak of a plan…they need to be ready to speak about the plan. I want someone to vote FOR, not against.

  16. Butch

    This city is still thriving on the work of Kevin Mack, Rob Shearer, and Bobby Franklin, along with Paul Deyo, at times Ed Hagerty, and a few others who crafted a vision for this city and put in place a plan for the future.

    This city needs people who will put things in place for 5, 6, 10, and even 15 to 20 years from now as it takes that long to get things done and in place. There has been a complete dearth of vision to the point of utter blindness in this city since Kevin left as Mayor. Rob and Bobby couldn’t really accomplish much when they were not elected leaders after Kevin left office.

    This commission has allowed Mayor Elam to determine the vision and direction of this city rather than relegating her to her lawful and appropriate powers as not much more than a commissioner with a gavel. Sure she appoints board members, and that does have a lot of weight, however, they could have been curtailing her wrongs and forcing rights all this time, but they haven’t. It is time for change.

    I am not one to be a huge proponent of governments growing for the mere sake of growth itself, however, like a tomato, you are either getting ripe, or you are getting rotten. This city needs some viable plan for future growth and infrastructure that will enable responsible and reasonable growth, while at the same time ensuring that we have adequate facilities and services (facilities and services that are facilities and services only government can do well). We do ourselves a disservice to grow beyond what we can responsibly handle as a city. However, we do our children and ourselves a disservice to unnecessary inhibit growth. Open the doors, roll out the mat, put up the welcome sign, and make it easy for growth to happen, then govern it as it occurs. For most of the time, government would be best if it just simply got out of the way.

  17. I think you hit on something in the third paragraph. In the case of this mayor, she has appointed around herself her people. Of course, they are going to give her free rein, she put them there and she can unput them there. If the wrong person makes it to the top, you can expect a liberal sprinkling thru-out of like minded wrong appointees. This takes me back to where I mentioned a candidate speaking of a plan and being expected to detail this plan….very detail. In addition, the opportunity offered needs to be one that truly reflects the needs of a growing and prosperous city. In talking with those who have lived here between 2-5 yrs. their comments are almost to a person, “Well, how much can a part-time mayor/council do”? Amazingly, I have found they can do maybe a tea cup of good and a truck load of bad if they are so inclined.

  18. Butch

    Actually, our form of government in this city is probably the best form available unless we develop our own unique model. They just don’t use it right. The city manager is like a full-time mayor in this city, except he gets his marching orders from the commission. The problems we have in this city are caused by the triumvirates that seem to form, this time between the mayor, the city manager, and the city attorney. The mayor is good at getting two other people on the commission to do her bidding as well. The backroom deals, coupled with the Triumvirates, cause an ineffectual government in this city. They spend more time trying to get around laws and policy to get their “little” deals done, that they can’t get the “big” deals done. We need one or two more conservatives on the city commission and I believe Randy Robertson and Jason Holleman will be on the George Washington Plan….a part of history. Then, perhaps, we can unwind the damage and get something accomplished in this city.

  19. Doc Cider

    The biggest problem is the mayor just runs roughshod over the rules, is manipulative, and doesn’t tell the truth. She is trying to get Ted Floyd into the Vice-Mayor’s seat and thinks that will give her some lingering influence. All that has accomplished is Ted Floyd no longer has any credibility.

  20. Southsider

    You are so right Dr. Cider. One would think our ex-police chief would be a better judge of character.

    One opinion I heard is that he and Elam are the only real democrats on the board. Could it be their shared political philosophy that keeps them so close?

  21. Butch

    I am convinced that Ted is a good man with good intentions. Wanting to be Mayor is not a bad thing. The problem that Ted has is that he isn’t aware that you can’t strike a good deal with a bad person and that, when playing with snakes, you eventually will be bitten. Every person I know who trusted Linda has been bitten so far, she does have a very consistent track record. The question isn’t whether she will bite him or not, the question is, “will it be a dry bite or will she envenomate him?”

  22. Old Blevins

    ‘If you lie down with dogs, yer gonna get fleas’.

    This is why Ted should not be mayor in waiting. Everyone should call Bradshaw, ‘The People’s Commissioner’ according to Melani Stephens in Wilson Extra, and weigh in. It wouldn’t hurt to mention Ted is on record in the MJ News as being open to a property tax.

    Poor Ted. Who did The Tennessean’s Wilson Extra get to comment on the ‘con’ side of the two-office fiasco? ‘Mt. Juliet resident and former city commissioner’ Ray Justice. So Ray, who also caused alot of eyebrow raising while in office, is The Tennessean’s voice of 87 percent of the voters. How funny is that?

    I think Ted, like Ray, is basically a decent person. His ambition, like Ray’s, caused him to ally with those who are not. Come to think of it, the commissioner before Ray was a decent guy who wasn’t careful about picking his friends. Power corrupts etc.

  23. Southsider

    Look folks, I respect Floyd too. I really do. But sucking up to Elam for any reason shows bad judgment.

    A lot of good people sacrificed their jobs pointing out Elam’s crookedness. Floyd watched all that unfold while an employee and has to know how corrupt she is.

    His recent actions are not what I would expect from a man who spent a career defending right from wrong.

  24. Doc Cider

    And this is why he should not be, as old Blevins said, mayor in waiting. Poor judgement clouded by ambition is not a good leadership quality, and Mt. Juliet has lacked good leadership for just over six years. We can’t afford two more years of a ship without a reliable rudder.

  25. Butch

    Well, for what it is worth, you would walk into just about any crowded room, throw a dart in the air, and whoever got stuck when it landed, no matter what age, would be better than Elam.

    Hagerty should probably be the next Mayor of Mt. Juliet. At least he had sense enough to vote against what they were trying to do with this whole election thing.

  26. Southsider

    I think Floyd would be better than Elam, no question. Bradshaw would be better than Elam for that matter.

    There are a few people in Mt. Juliet who found some advantage in holding their nose to support Elam. They will be associated with that stench they put up with long after Elam is forgotten. Unfortunately, so will Floyd.

  27. Doc Cider

    The mayor’s ability to appoint would be handled responsibly by Hagerty. Elam has tended to appoint her supplicants, those who shifted campaign money her way, and, curiously, just about everyone who has run for public office here during her tenure (Winchester, Brydalski, and I think Jarod Scott). I imagine she’ll appoint Will Sellers to something before she leaves.

  28. Glen Linthicum

    You can bet on that Doc!

  29. Jonathan Brydalski

    Doc Cider,
    A friend told me you mentioned me in your last post, I am flattered. I do believe though that you are WAY off base with your belief …”Elam has tended to appoint her supplicants, those who shifted campaign money her way, and, curiously, just about everyone who has run for public office here during her tenure (Winchester, Brydalski, and I think Jarod Scott).”… I worked extremely hard during my last campaign for Commissioner and used my campaign money strictly for MY campaign. I can assure you NO MONIES from me or my team were ever “shifted” to support another candidate. I don’t see how I would be grouped as a “supplicant”, I don’t work for her nor have I ever asked for something from her in any way, shape, or form.
    Thank you for your time though, I appreciate the support.


  30. Southsider

    Here is my problem with Linda Elam:

    She has never fulfilled one elected term of office in Mt. Juliet before pursuing something else.

    Two years into her term as District 2 Commissioner she ran for Mayor and won.

    Two years into her first term as Mt. Juliet Mayor she ran for County Mayor and lost.

    Two years into her second term as Mt. Juliet Mayor she ran for the 57th House seat and won.

    She now wants the voters to believe she is only holding on to dual seats against their will to benefit them on the fire issue. We are now supposed to believe she is sticking around only to fix an issue she has done nothing about for 6 years while running for every other political office imaginable.

    Linda Elam does everything to benefit Linda Elam, period, explanation point.! Anyone who believes anything else is either naïve, doesn’t pay attention, or both.

    Straighten up the stupid sticker on our backs. It must have fell crooked.

  31. Doc Cider

    Southsider, dead on.

    Mr. Brydalski, if you had read my comments more carefully, you would notice that I had separated categories for Elam appointments, labeling the category you fell into- any candidate for city office- as ‘curious’. Abraham Lincoln, perhaps our greatest President, knew to keep his enemies close. Linda Elam, perhaps our worst mayor, is smart enough to do the same unless they have the goods on her.

    I never intimated you were a supplicant of Mayor Elam. In fact, since many alleged that you ran as Ray Justice’s ‘wingman’ in 2008 and Elam and Justice are like oil and water it would be wrong to label you as a supplicant and I don’t think I did that. Even if you were actually totally independent of the Justice campaign I don’t think you were the horse Ms. Elam was betting on.

    So your defensive response is, if anything, hard to understand.

  32. Pop Korn

    Don’t count your turkeys (out) before they leave…

  33. Logic al

    Possible conversation behind closed doors at the State Capital

    Beth Harwell: Thanks for coming down here with such short notice Ms. Elam there are a couple of things we need to discuss this morning.

    Elam: Please address me as Mayor Elam, Speaker Harwell, as I have worked very hard to acquire that title.

    Harwell: Yeah right. Funny that you should mention that because that is exactly the reason I have asked you here today. Why didn’t you mention that you had been censured as Mayor of Mt. Juliet for unethical behavior before I announced your appointment to the state ethics committee?

    Elam: That was a bogus charge and completely politically motivated.

    Harwell: Ms. Elam, it is customary for people to wipe their shoes before entering another person’s house. You may have noticed that most people have welcome mats in front of their doors for the purpose of visitors wiping their shoes. Why did you come in my house without wiping your feet?

    Elam: Whatever do you mean?

    Harwell: I mean you shouldn’t soil my house with your bad reputation without warning me first. Is that how you do politics in Mt. Juliet?

    Elam: Again, I am completely innocent. I couldn’t have violated an ethics ordinance before it was in place. I should not be penalized at the state level for something that happened in Mt. Juliet.

    Harwell: Ms. Elam, this is a different game down here. You were a big fish in a little pond but now you are minnow in a sea of political sharks. The only thing standing in the way of you being fed to those sharks right now is me. Get that? If you had a tenth of a clue of what was going on right now you would be asking yourself why I haven’t already thrown you off every committee including the ethics committee! Have you asked yourself why I haven’t already done that?

    Elam: No, why?

    Harwell: Because I wipe my feet before soiling up someone else’s house. I am not going to further embarrass the Governor and the rest of the Republican Party over you. The best thing I can do to make all this go away is to resist the temptation of throwing you to the sharks. So here is the deal. You cannot be trusted. If you want to be a part of any House leadership activity you will go back to Mt. Whatever and resign as Mayor.

    Elam: But..

    Harwell: If you don’t I will take you off every committee except the central parking committee which you will have full oversight over from your new office overlooking the garage.

    Elam: But

    Harwell: I don’t care how you do it – you can wrap yourself in any flag the townsfolk might believe down there. But you will quit as Mayor by March 31 or you will be getting your new assignment down here. Got that?

    Elam: Yes mam.

  34. Doc Cider

    LOL. Central Parking is actually familiar territory for Elam. Maybe Ms. Harwell could give her a small plexiglas booth and give her something useful to do.

  35. Sonny Griffin

    For the life of me, I can’t understand what goes on with Jim Bradshaw.

    He says he wants the people to decide who the new vice mayor will be in a special election, at a cost upwards of $35,000 to the taxpayers of Mt. Juliet.

    Yet he files a lawsuit against the peoples’ decision in the 2 November, 2010 referendum at a cost of $10,000 plus.

    This is so #$!$&*# bogus, I can find no words to describe it.

  36. Southsider

    I feel your pain Mr. Grffin. Jim Bradshaw just took the oath of office and swore to uphold the charter. The charter specifies that the Commission is required to elect a Vice-Mayor after elections.

    Jim’s sudden choice to re-write the rules here violates an oath he took just a couple of months ago. Again.

    Jim, if you read this blog, please consider the possibility that you are not more important than the charter.

  37. Pop Korn

    Chris Sorey is in the Chronicle saying he might run for mayor if there is a special election, but there shouldn’t be a special election. Illegally researching other people’s private information kinda shows an incredibly serious lack of judgement, but that just means he’d fit in well at City Hall.

  38. Old Blevins

    And Elam aka ‘The Thing that Wouldn’t Leave’ is now saying she will stick around until the Vice-mayor issue is resolved. Which it won’t be as long as she is around.

    Where is the nearest tar and feathers store?

  39. Sonny Griffin

    Southsider, it seems to me that the oath of office to support the Charter means less than nothing to Bradshaw or for that matter, Elam.

    After all, it was Bradshaw and Elam who filed lawsuits against the City of Mt. Juliet which directly challenged the Charter. The Charter Amendment, put in place by the voters, had already gone into effect when they filed their lawsuits. It was officially and legally part of the Charter.

    So, instead of supporting the Charter, they filed lawsuits challenging the Charter which ultimately resulted in the Charter being overturned.

    Talk about violating their oath of office. They trampled on it, urinated on it and defecated on it.

    And we, the tax payers of Mt. Juliet are paying their legal fees to overturn our own City Charter.

    No, you really can’t make this stuff up. As old “Dirty Harry” once said: “MARVELOUS!”

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