What will Mayor Rep. Elam do?

The Amendment to the City Charter which bans dual office holders passed with 87% of the vote.

Mayor Elam said repeatedly that she will “listen to the people.”

So, will she resign the office of Mayor before she is sworn in to a seat in the Tennessee House of Representatives?

Or will she sue (someone? who?) in the courts in a last-ditch effort to hold on to both jobs?

What do you think?



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19 responses to “What will Mayor Rep. Elam do?

  1. Doc Cider

    That now-holder of two offices has also spoken with two mouths. I saw a story in the MJ News not too long ago where she said she would ‘listen to the people’ and in the same story she was voicing opposition to the amendment. She also, in a show of the class she is known for, voted against putting it on the ballot.

    There is a low road and a high road. The mayor couldn’t find the high road if she Mapquested it. I expect her to pull out every slimy trick in her arsenal to stay in the mayor’s seat.

  2. I guarantee you the Red Queen and Bearded Gump have the exact same intention to hold dual offices. The difference will be in the tactics. The queen will use evil manipulation of law loopholes. Bearded Gump’s has been more like a round river rock through the living room window. BTW, Queenie, 87% of ‘the people’ told you no; 13% said yes. Who are you going to listen to? B.G. just wants some attention, someone to listen to him…what is your motivation? Just how much title and power does it take to feed the ego monster? There’s too much self-serving occurring on both sides of 109. Who is actually doing the job FOR US?

  3. Elam will step down from Mayor. Though she would win the suit if she filed one.

    Bradshaw on the other hand is known as “The People’s Commissioner”. And everyone is wanting him to keep his City & County Seat. The votes he obtained by his district said that loud and clear.

  4. Ms. Stephens,
    With respect, I am one of the peoples and I can tesify that Mr. Bradshaw is NOT my commissioner. As a matter of fact, some do not want him to have either seat, but that’s yesterday’s news. Today’s fact is he knows nowhere near enough on the issues. Not that he is alone. MANY of the representatives at both the city and county level are at a deficient knowledge level on the issues of greatest importance to the people. In my dealings with them, their ego seems to equate learning with weakness. They familiarize themselves (or Google) just enough to be dangerous and then add the false pride brought on by the title of commissioner and debate until it is time to act and then…wait for it..form a commitee. When are they going to learn? One size on any issue rarely fits all. Do Something! Find a need and fill the need. Stop trying to talk issues off the table. Listen, learn, and lex.

  5. RP – You are not incorrect in your statements. Here is a quote from Cris Smith as food for thought, “We’ve been moved steadily toward pestilence for decades via
    “bipartisanship” & “political correctness”. Seems to me it’s now
    up to “we the people” to keep government at all levels moving
    toward our intended excellence with every action, and continually
    upgrade our leadership with every future election!”

  6. Old Blevins

    If they used the same pretzel logic in the courtroom that the Supremes used in deciding corporations are people (ie none: an organized entity has more rights than voting citizens??) , then Elam might win in court. But remember this is a good ol’ boy county and most of them don’t like her, no matter how much she tries snuggle up to them.

    And 87 percent is a compelling figure. Many people I know voted for her for assembly because they want her to leave the mayors office. Those people also voted yes on the charter amendment.

  7. Mrs. Stephens,
    We are a full-time city and we need full-time leadership and services. Just as our children grow and we spend a little more as the need arises. From “onesies” to shirts/pants, from bicycles to cars, and from high school to college, each growth level incurs more needs and more expenses. Let’s explore offering full-time leadership opportunities and seeking out full-time leaders. We have outgrown the bunch we have now. Take care.

  8. R.P. – Are you talking about becoming Metro? NO WAY! If you want Metro move to Nashville. Which reminds me of the first time I heard Elam speak 8 years ago. It was at the Sr. Center and I quote “If I am elected Mayor, 4 years from now you won’t recognize Mt Juliet. It will look just like Donelson & Hermitage”. Then she took her seat beside me (I was speaking on someone else’s behalf that had a previous speaking invitation) and I told her the same thing…move to Donelson or Hermitage.

    Old Blevins – Mt Juliet sits in Wilson County. We have a lot of Good Ol’ Boy groups. I don’t know a single person that voted for Elam. Everybody that was able to voted for Robert Fields in the primary. I’m yet to shake hands with a single person that voted for Elam. She is our Mayor by only 33% of the vote. Don’t be shocked by the 87% that didn’t want her holding 2 offices. Again that was not an attack on Bradshaw.

  9. Doc Cider

    32 percent

  10. Ms. Stephens,
    I did not say the “M” word nor did I allude to it and with all due respect I will live and/or move where I want. Given the importance of this day, I will tell you that I and others have earned the right to do so. I am hoping to engage you in a civil discussion. I DO NOT WANT METRO. I want full time leadership in City Hall. I do not want someone deeply involved in the dealings of MY city today who can easily be doing the deals in another city tomorrow. I do not want what I see on cable access Ch. 3….I want MY city back.

  11. Southsider

    Most elected officials take at least a year or so to turn their back on the public. Linda Elam took less than a week. She is trying to hold two public offices even though 87% of her Mt. Juliet constituents are against it.

    It would be bad enough if she was spending her own money fighting this in court. But she is using taxpayer money to fund a legal quest so she can ignore the will of the people.

    I know many people who contacted leaders in the Tennessee Republican Party warning that Linda Elam was not a Republican. The State Party let her have the primary nomination despite multiple warnings that she was a democrat. And now she will soon be a Republican member of the Tennessee House.

    In less than one week she is embarrassing the Republican Party. She is trying to sue her way into violating the Mt. Juliet Charter, the will of the people, using taxpayer money to do it.

    Would a real Republican do this?

    Would a Tea Party member vote for a person who would do this?

  12. In an alternate universe, this entire controversy could have been solved in 60 seconds last Monday night.

    Mayor Elam should have addressed the city during Commissioner Reports and announced:

    “I have clearly heard from the citizens of Mt. Juliet on the matter of serving as both Mayor and State Representative. Although I continue to think that I could serve in both capacities, it is obvious that the voters would prefer their elected representatives to hold only one office. The question of when the charter amendment might take effect is therefore moot with respect to me. I will not be challenging it or filing any court action seeking to set it aside or have it not apply to me. Before being sworn in to the state legislature in January, I will resign from my position of mayor. I urge the commission therefore to think very carefully about the upcoming, imminent election of the vice-mayor, for that person will become mayor in January and will serve the remainder of the current term until the next mayoral election in November, 2012.”

    But I guess that would have been too simple and straightforward. It also would have required integrity.

  13. The 'People's Commentator'

    I believe in the dictionary ‘Linda Elam’ and ‘integrity’ are antonyms. Jim Bradshaw should get out his Funk and Wagnalls and look up the words ‘integrity’ and ‘antonym’. You are following in the wrong footsteps, Jim, and for the wrong reasons.

  14. R.P. – Sorry for the misunderstanding. I am very involved with the community and I’ve been hearing a bit more Metro for Mt Juliet talk than I care too.

    Well, we have all put our 2 cents in and still no master mind plan to get Elam out of office as our Mayor. She doesn’t return phone calls. Should we start encouraging people to knock on her door? How long would she keep her part-time job if she had people at her front door all day, everyday?

  15. Ms. Stephens,
    ’nuff said’ You’re good people. I wish you the best with the Sr. Center issues.

    People’ Commentator…what you have there is one part ignorance/one part arrogance. Mixed LIBERALLY.

    To All,
    How do we get our city back? When they ignore our voice/vote…what recourse do we have?

  16. Butch Huber


    Sadly, there isn’t much we can do to get our city back, at least not legally. We could try a thousand things, but in reality, the way to get the city back is in the 2012 election. Until then there is “influence”. We need to get three commissioners to hold themselves and each other accountable. We need three people with integrity. This will actually require that we get rid of Elam and Bradshaw and replace them with at least one person, if not two, who have integrity.

  17. Southsider

    Power does not corrupt. It exposes people who are already that way.

    These people who are using taxpayer money to subvert the will of the people have always been this way.

    They have always chosen their self-interest over the public’s. This has just exposed them for who they really are.

    Earth to voters – don’t ever vote to loan Linda Elam any more power.

  18. Mr. Huber,
    I for one will not forget the vote. Two men could have voted against this and represented our voice. Only one did. I will not forget.
    Who do we have? Who do we know that has both the integrity and initiative? Not to mention the time. This opportunity may not have the luster to satisfy someone trustworthy. We need some good guys (and/or gals) wearing white hats.

  19. Southsider

    Your right Mr. McMurphy.

    Hargety is the only member of this Commission representing the will of the people.

    He should be commended.

    Many people will remember who was in their corner.

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