Coming on the November ballot?

Home Rule Charter Amendment One

and it’s a very interesting one. Monday night, on second and final reading, the ordinance proposing Home Rule Charter Amendment One and submitting it to the voters for their approval was successfully amended from a proposed election date of August 2012 to the November general election in 2010.

Sponsored by Ed Hagerty and supported by Commissioners Floyd and Sellers, the amended ordinance passed 3-1-1 with Mayor Linda Elam voting against and Commissioner Jim Bradshaw abstaining.

If it is approved by the voters it will prohibit both the mayor and commissioners from holding any other elected office while they serve on the city commission. If the Charter Amendment passes, and Mayor Elam is elected to the state legislature, she will have to choose between being Mayor or being a state representative. Likewise, if Commissioner Bradshaw is elected to another term on the City Commission, he would have to resign his County Commission seat before he could be sworn in for his City Commission seat.

Several accounts of the meeting confirmed that the mayor is furious that this charter amendment has been proposed and placed on the ballot for this November.

Her only strategy at this point is to attempt to stall any official notice of the amendment from reaching the Wilson County Election Commission. According to the Sec. of State’s website, the deadline for candidates to file is 8/19. The deadline to withdraw is 8/26. After 8/26 absentee ballots can begin to be printed.

Can Mayor Elam stall the official notification of the referendum for eight more days? What will the City Manager do? What will the City Recorder do? What will the other City Commissioners do?

Pull up a chair and pop some popcorn. This should be entertaining.



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17 responses to “Coming on the November ballot?

  1. Glen Linthicum


  2. Mr. Wilson

    Hopefully she will try to hold this up. Once that gets out, her opponents in the House race can have a field day.

  3. Reminds me of something Nurse Ratched once said, “If Mr. McMurphy doesn’t want to take his medication orally, I’m sure we can arrange that he have it some other way. But I don’t think that he would like it”. Sister, you can give my meds to your ego, it redefines loony. See ya’ll in group.

  4. Butch Huber

    Someone just threw a bucket of water on Linda Elam, I wonder if she will melt? She is gonna get Ed Hagerty for this, and his little dog, too!

    The three who voted on for this should walk this through the process personally, watching it at every step and staying on top of things so that she cannot interfere (Mind you, they have to stay within the law themselves, but they should all take it as a personal responsibility to see to it that she can’t play games with this). If she does attempt to interfere she should be charged with official misconduct and the board of commissioners should immediately remove her from office. If she is removed from office for misconduct she would almost for sure lose the election in November and she would be out of politics altogether. We need to get Susan Lynn to run as a write-in Candidate for the District 57 seat.

    Linda wanted to “Speak with the voters” regarding her holding both offices at the same time. Well, it looks like, thanks to Ed and two other commissioners, that we will have a voice come November. Let’s tell Linda very loudly and very clearly what we think of her.

  5. Southsider

    Ed Hagerty rolled a grenade right across the Commission table this time. And it might be the single most important legislation he ever sponsored in his 10-year political career.

    Here is why:

    It establishes a standard in Mt. Juliet that exceeds any that exist in Lebanon or Wilson County. That’s right. The City of Lebanon has had many Councilmen serving dual roles as County Commissioners through the years. The municipal corporation of Lebanon has been over-represented on the County Commission for decades. The County Court has had too much say in Lebanon politics as well. This political incest has been a major factor in producing the Wilson County east / west political divide.

    Fast-forward to 2010, a census year. Mt. Juliet is going come out great when the County Commission districts are realigned. The abundance of County Commission seats produced in Mt. Juliet will make inter-commission incest much more likely here than in Lebanon. Yes, sports fans, the political incest crown should become Mt. Juliet’s, ratcheting up the east / west divide another notch.

    Hats off to Mr. Hagerty for finding the high ground with this Charter amendment. Hats off to Vice Mayor Sellers and Commissioner Floyd for supporting what could erode tensions supporting this stupid east / west county divide.

    Bob Rochelle was the State Senator, County Attorney, County Delinquent Tax Collector, and the Attorney for the Water and Wastewater Authority of Wilson County all at the same time. No conflict of interest there, right? This added to the east / west county divide enormously.

    Linda Elam is oblivious as usual. She now wants to be State Representative and Mayor of Mt. Juliet at the same time? I guess everyone needs a role model; but Bob Rochelle? Really Linda? Surely you can find other footsteps to follow in.

    Thank-you Ed Hagerty for proposing to end political incest in Mt. Juliet. Maybe the Wilson County family tree will grow some branches.

  6. Doc Cider

    The mayor is on record saying she wants ‘the citizens to decide’ whether she should hold two offices. Then she turns around and actively works to keep the citizens out of it. Hats off to Ed Hagerty and the two commissioners who supported this.

    And hats off to Bradshaw for abstaining. If charter amendments still require a two-thirds majority, he allowed this to move forward. I wonder if he knew that.

    Elam also showed what she is made of by trying to stifle the Public Works director because she wanted political signs in the right of way and he was pointing out the negatives. Hagerty’s motion to overrule her and allow him to speak passed.

    A local realtor spoke to the signs issue. He is best known for having the biggest, brightest and ugliest monument sign in Mt. Juliet at one time. He even made the cover of the Chron when he whined about being cited for it. He indicated that it’s about time realtors will be able to fill up the rights of way with signs again. Thanks, madam mayor. Glad to know you’re still ready to boldly go backwards on quality of life issues when it suits your purposes.

    Of course there is another referendum on whether Elam and Bradshaw should hold two offices. It’s the ballot for their contested offices.

  7. Pop Korn

    Publius, thanks for the mention.

  8. Aunt Bea

    I wonder if Elam is still claiming credit for getting Home Rule passed?

  9. Old Blevins

    In her own tribute to John Kerry, first she was against it and then she was for it.

  10. Southsider

    Doc Cider,

    Jim Bradshaw should have abstained because he was elected to the Wilson County Commission. This issue could be a conflict of interest for Jim because he is running for re-election to the Mt. Juliet Commission.

    Linda Elam should have abstained too. The case could be made that Elam is more likely to be elected to the 57 District House seat than Bradshaw being re-elected to his. After all, Elam won the Republican primary for the most Republican House seat in the state. Bradshaw has a candidate in his race that may beat him.

    This vote exposed Elam for choosing her own self interest over the voter’s. Bradshaw chose the voter’s self interest over his’.

    Somewhere, Ed Hagerty just winked..

  11. Paul Deyo

    I’m thinking there may be three candidates in Bradshaw’s commission race. As I am well aware, this favors the incumbent. But you are right on both points, Bradshaw may have the tougher race and Elam will only be beat if the voters wake up and everyone coalesces behind one independent candidate. And of course she should have abstained but her motto is ‘Elam for Elam’.

  12. Logic Al

    Let me get this straight. Linda Elam sees no conflict of interest being both a State Representative and the Mayor of Mt. Juliet at the same time.

    And she votes against letting the people of Mt. Juliet decide the issue while clearly having a conflict of interest on this very issue!

    Perhaps Jim Bradshaw should tutor Ms. Elam on ethics.

  13. Paul Deyo,

    You are absolutly right. I am a supporter of Susan Lynn, but there is no way to win a write-in race. Heather Scott is a much better alternative than Linda, and everyone needs to stick together behind her. I have heard that Robert Fields is also considering a write-in run. If that happens, then go ahead and roll the red carpet Linda’s way. Her best chance to win is if we allow the anti-Linda vote to be split up.

  14. Mr. Wilson,
    that is how she got her MJ scepter.

  15. Southsider

    I am not sure that multiple candidates would hurt Susan Lynn in a write-in campaign. After all, she is the incumbent and just carried Wilson County in the Senate race.

    And, her name is only 4 letters long and could easily be written in.

    I hope Susan knows a democrat chameleon is posing as a republican just to steal her seat.

  16. Butch Huber

    The fact that Linda would vote on something that is a conflict of interest should be of no shock to anyone.

    This is the woman who voted against an investigation into her own misconduct.

    This is a woman who tried to get the former city planner to remove an item on the technical review committee agenda, in contravention to law, to benefit her real estate developer boss.

    This is the woman who tried to get a group of city employees to provide illegal building permits to a developer who had just offered her a bribe (one that would benefit the city directly, but would also benefit her employer boss).

    This is the woman who illegally force the resignation of the former city manager under threats of intimidation and under duress.

    This is the woman who entangled herself and perhaps even precipitated an unfounded, scandalous complaint of sexual harassment against a former city employee, forcing him to resign from office under threats, intimidations, and public embarrassment, when he had so obviously not done anything wrong, so that she could exact revenge on that city employee for standing up to her when she was trying to force him and other city employees to provide illegal building permits.

    This is the mayor whose first pick for city manager of Mt. Juliet was that pro-gay-marriage, Al-Gore-acolyte, bow-tie wearing, liberal from the north east somewhere.

    This is the woman who does what she can to shut up anyone who is trying to bring some sort of rectitude to this city if that person isn’t in her camp.

    Shocking that she would vote against the voters of this city in an effort to remove the voters from the political process…just shocking! We little people just aren’t smart enough to make these decisions for ourselves, she has to make them for us.

  17. Paul Deyo

    This is a watershed year for America. We have to decide on the local and national level what direction this country will take.

    I sadly will have to separate myself from the Republican party in some races although I will vote Republican in many races.

    In the D57 race, the candidate brings a whole new twist to the acronym ‘RINO’. The acronym ‘DID’, democrat in disguise, is more appropriate. A serial liar with a political record that relies on taking credit for the work of others, this person needs to be denied higher office. I will be voting Independent this year.

    In the Congressional race, the Republican candidate has been linked to positive press for domestic terrorists. Sorry, guys, but a terrorist is a terrorist whether he wears a ballcap or a turban. I will have to go with the incumbent, who answers all my emails whether or not he agrees with them. If the Republican candidate’s TV interview responses to questions were less mealy-mouthed, I would be more inclined to support the standard ‘liberal press’ argument.

    In other races, such as the State Senate race, I am comfortable with the Republican candidate.

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