Was it a revolution?

There will be 10 new members of the Wilson County Commission when they meet next month. Three incumbents retired, and five were unopposed for re-election. Of the 17 contested elections, incumbents won 10 and challengers won 7. That’s a historic number of defeated incumbents. Together with the winners of the 3 open seats, the 7 victorious giant-killers will dramatically change the complexion of the county commission.

Retiring were Chris Sorey, Bob Neal, and Heather Scott. Winners of those open seats were Stephanie McDonald, Jim Bradshaw, and Wendell Marlowe.

The seven defeated incumbents were:

  • Larry West – beat 272-193 by Becky Sevier
  • Jim Emberton – beat 593-432 by Chad Barnard
  • Georgia Franklin – beat 416-346 by Terry Scruggs
  • Gary Tarpley – beat 476-472 by Sara Patton
  • Billy Patton – beat 382-366 by Nathan Clariday
  • Gilbert Graves – beat 856-564 by Jason Brockman
  • L.T. Jenkins – beat 478-245 by William Glover

Fred Weston, Jerry McFarland, Kenny Reich, Frank Bush, Clint Thomas, Jeff Joines, Gary Keith, Adam Bannach, Paul Abercrombie, and Randy Hall were all re-elected.

Billy Rowland, Mike Justice, Annette Stafford, Eugene Murray, and Bernie Ash were unopposed and will all continue to serve.



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17 responses to “Was it a revolution?

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  2. Doc Cider

    On the surface this looks like a revolution. Gilbert Graves, the carbon-datable enemy of his own constituents is gone along with Billy Patton. Their replacements will be exponentially better. Jim Bradshaw is arguably much better on constituent services than the guy he replaces, who voted to take away fire protection.

    But it isn’t all perfect. Wendell Marlowe, whose entry in the last mayor’s race attracted the support of every out-of-town developer in the area, is back in place of Heather Scott. That one would have to be considered a step backwards. And she who shall not be named somehow won a primary in a party other than her own with a blizzard of dishonest mailers that are almost comical to those who know her. Hutto’s victory is also a surprise and may not be the best outcome we could have hoped for.

    On balance, though, the county commission should be better. Some of the incumbents who remain, like Weston and Bush, have done a good job for Mt. Juliet.

  3. Will Mr. Marlowe skip his pay for the first few months, to rightfully return the monies he accepted in 2007-2008 while serving a district he no longer lived in?

  4. Pop Korn

    My guess is…no!

    I’m wondering how much the average age of the county commission dropped, we’re looking at something like 40 plus years with Mr. Brockman alone. But I’ll bet that average is still north of 60.

  5. Southsider

    Hutto could be ok too. I will certainly give him every chance to run this county properly before claiming he can’t or won’t. IQ point average also jumped a bit at the Court House in this cycle.

    I have been told Hutto was Bob Rochelle’s horse in this race. That will be obvious very soon, if true.

  6. I’m with ya, Southsider. Hutto deserves a fair shake to right some of the wrongs he is about to encounter. Truth is, he’s gonna need some time to get over the surprise of what his backers have gotten him into. He’s taking quite a pay cut for the headaches to come. Education will fair well, obviously, but fire protection will not. The former mayor will leave him with the directive of hate and discontent all the while the current director will run roughshod over him, garanteed. It will be interesting to see if this educator will be willing to educate himself. It’s like I said back in ’75…”It’s easier than you think, Chief.”

  7. don’t think it will be a pay cut for two reasons. A)The County Mayor’s pay is supplemented by his pay as chairman of the county road commission. B) about midway through his term the new census pop figures for Wilson County will bump the county into a new bracket in terms of what state law requires the county mayor to be paid.

  8. Hope you are right, “P”. Like to see him do some good and maybe get our $$$’s worth. From one Randall to another, “I’m with ya…I’m with ya 100%.”

  9. Southsider

    I think Mayor Hutto will get a lot of support from west Wilson County early on. He won the election with votes that came from all across the county.

    He didn’t get mine but I will support him, at least early on.

  10. I doubt anybody was more surprised with Hutto being elected county mayor than Hutto.

  11. Doc Cider

    The first few county commission meetings should be telling. And appointments made by the county mayor’s office. Interesting to see if the initiative to move forward fixing problems starts with the mayor or the commission. Or neither.

  12. Doc,
    In checking my newspaper clippings collected during the campaign, I see where the new mayor, when asked if he would make any administration changes, stated something along the lines of ‘no, the people currently in place know what’s going on’. Now, in reviewing the research and information on this blog concerning fire protection, and the panel’s assessment that it is grossly inadequate, I am curious to see what he will do IF he realizes that he was wrong. He is an educator, but can he still learn?

    P.S. Speaking of candidates and questions answered…Did anyone catch the response from Mr. Warren in Norene concerning improvements in fire protection? Went something like this, “perhaps the solutions is in another Wilson County fire department”. Mr. Warren, please see Nurse Ratched, it’s medication time. WEMA 1 and WEMA 2? I must be crazy to be in a loony bin like this.

  13. Southsider

    Mr. Warren finished a distant third for some reason.

  14. Mr. Wilson

    Wasn’t much of a revolution with 30% voter turnout.

  15. Southsider

    Turning 30% of the county good ole boys out of office is a decent revolution. Just ask them.

  16. Doc Cider

    On to November….

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