One political mailing – two howlers

Tis the season for the mailbox to be full of political direct mail.

A 4-page 8.5×11 piece from Linda Elam arrived today.

Reading it provoked howls of laughter all over the city!

She pledges to reduce the inefficiencies in state government. . . but she can’t spell inefficiencies:

And then, on the facing page there is this howler:

Really? SHE has grown Mt. Juliet? Really? All by herself, SHE is taking credit for having grown Mt. Juliet?

Linda Elam is the perfect example of someone who woke up on third base and wants to convince us all that she hit a triple.

Of course, worse than that:

  • She is NOT a Republican – The first two chances she had to vote in Wilson Co., she voted in the DEMOCRATIC primary
  • She is NOT a conservative – A conservative does not champion borrowing millions to buy land to give away to the YMCA
  • She is NOT responsible for the growth in Mt. Juliet – Providence (both residential and retail) were in the works long before she was elected. She arrived just in time to be able to cut the ribbons, but she had nothing to do with starting those projects.

Were she to be elected, she would have an immediate conflict of interest between her roles as mayor and as state legislator. Her inability to recognize this should surprise no one. She was censured by the city commission in 2007 for failing to recognize a conflict of interest when she went to work for a developer while mayor and then lobbied city staff on behalf of her employer.



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27 responses to “One political mailing – two howlers

  1. Butch Huber

    There is no such thing as a “conflict of interest” in Mt. Juliet, there are just “unique opportunities to take advantage of one’s elected office for one’s own personal benefit”. See, if you say it just right it sounds so much better and no laws are broken, right?

  2. Sort of like, “We can do anything we want until a judge tells us we can’t!”

  3. Paul Deyo

    There was plenty of laughter here at my house! Even funnier were some of my daughter’s voice animations for the photos. One has to laugh when the alternative is to cry.

    At least she isn’t flooding the mailboxes as she did in 2008. Adam Futrell and Fields aren’t the easy targets that Wendell Marlowe was- in fact this laugher makes her the easy target. And the slow economy likely has decreased the number of developers who are ‘working on’ her.

    Publius, has anyone pulled financial contributions on the various races

  4. Don’t know of any reports on financial data. I think the filing deadline is Jul 15. If anyone does get them, forward them to us and we’ll post them

  5. Concerned Citizen

    All financial reports for state level canidates can be found online:

    June 30th was the cut off for the 2Q reporting period and they were all do in by July 12th.

  6. I got another “howler” in the mail yesterday. The header read “Economic Growth AND Low Taxes?”
    …on the flip side…
    “Linda Elam says YES!”

    Which succinctly illustrates this candidate’s inability to grasp the simple fundamentals of economics.

  7. Pop Korn

    But I thought she singlehandedly created the economic miracle that is Mt. Juliet?! (lol)

  8. Old Citizen

    There is always a conflict of interest in politics. I just did today’s poll, in another forum about immigration, and one thing stands out to me as bogus. I’m a conservative ex Republican now Tea-partier so I really don’t have an ax to grind against the Conservatives but I did find it ridiculous that almost 80% of the people polled in today’s polls said they voted for McCain and less than 10% voted for Obama. Was this poll only sent out to conservatives? I don’t get it. Maybe those polled didn’t want to admit they voted for Obama? Was it only dead people who voted for him? What gives? I know Acorn accounted for a lot of his votes but I’d not think there would be this much difference in an unbiased poll.

    This is another good reason to reform our voting procedures and bring voting into this century. We need the peoples vote on any Legislation affecting us. Given that nobody should be voting without a social security number, everybody in this country who wants to should be able to vote through the internet on any new legislation and even past legislation. That way, there won’t be any possibility of the far right or the far left to influence legislation through massive undocumented contributions to our esteemed Legislators (politicians) We need an outcry in this country for new voting procedures by referendum on all legislation. We have the capability and we should be using it. Representatives are outdated. They were needed back in the horse and buggy days but this is a new day, a new time when all Americans should have the right to vote on any law, any war, anything at all that affects their lives and their families. We need to stop the corruption and this is the only way to do it. Ya can’t buy the votes of 300,000,000 people.

  9. Doc Cider

    I just got the latest Elam mailer. This may be the funniest one yet. Pictures of babies and children, “Elam Supports the Culture of Life”, etc. She portrays herself as the ‘family values’ candidate and takes credit for expanding the school system. How did she do that, I wonder? All those ‘yes’ votes for new subdivisions?

  10. Pop Korn

    I just got the latest Elam mailer. My parrot really likes election season, always fresh paper at the bottom of his cage!

  11. Old Blevins

    I hear that in the next Elam mailer, she will photoshop Sara Palin into a pose with her. But in a Freudian mistake by the printer, she will be identified as a ‘Mama Grisly’.

  12. Paul Deyo

    Someone in the Villages told me they had gotten six Elam mailers. I’ve only gotten four. Not that my feelings are hurt. Wonder if they are targeting voting districts with plus four zips.

    Remember it was the Providence newbies (who didn’t know better) who put her over the top (if 32 percent can be considered ‘over the top’) in the mayor’s race in 2008.

  13. Concerned Citizen

    Pop Korn my parrot took one look at the picture and fell over dead.

  14. The whole election process makes me sick. Who in their right mind thinks this woman is going to make a good state rep?

  15. 4,623 voters out of 12,190. 37.9%

  16. lol @Publius. Good come-back 😉

    The results could be interpreted by some as weak support for all three. And by others as evidence to support a runoff process in Tennessee.

    In order to overcome my disappointment with some of the other races…

    …I will spend my time between now and November campaigning for Heather Scott.

  17. Do you have any information about which rock those 4,623 people have been living under.

  18. Michael, if I were to guess, I’d say they left the house on election day and heard Ralph or Steve say “it’s election day.”

    These folks then thought “is it going to rain today?”… “Do I have time to stop at the polling place on the way to work, and still go through the drive thru?”

    The few who actually made it to the polling place probably thought to themselves “I’ve seen her name somewhere haven’t I?” “I guess I’ll vote for her, she’s the only female… that makes her different from the other two…right?”

    On a separate note. The reason I voted for you was because you were the only one who had a website that clearly articulated your position. And I spent hours looking for info about the race (I’ve recently decided to forget national politics and focus on local races only… because that’s the only way to save Tennessee; get some good strong Secessionist candidates into office).

  19. I appreciate your vote Ron. I wish others had taken your approach, but it seems as though everyone just went with the name they knew. Adam has declared a couple of times that this will be his last term, so we’ll go out and work harder in 4 years and see what happens.

  20. Pop Korn

    The good news is that Gilbert Graves has completed his last term. That one was no surprise. Billy getting beat was. Clariday must have really done some good door knocking to pull that off.

  21. Southsider

    Dr. Clariday worked hard going door to door in 99 degree weather. I talked with him about fire-tax districts when he came to my door. It was 98 that day.

    I thought Graves would lose since even his own family was campaigning against him. But Lisa Patton’s daddy has been tough to beat.

    I cannot believe they both went down. We now have a chance to be heard in Lebanon.

  22. Old Blevins

    Looks like Lisa Patton’s dad was ‘under the gun’ this election cycle. A chance for sunnier skies on the county commission. Even Bradshaw is an improvement over his buddy Chicken Man as a confused front moves in from the Villages.

  23. Doc Cider

    And now, the first official mailer by Elam as Republican nominee:

    “The Conservative IDEAS to attract and grow real jobs!” She is shown sternly pointing to a subdivision lot while two men in hardhats (city employees? Village People?) look on.

    Page Two: Scary photo.

    Page Three: A hodgepodge of tea party bromides, once again taking credit for the work of Kevin Mack and a city administration she ran off or fired, and a self-defined reason for being endorsed by the NFIB. I’m guessing the main qualifier for getting the NFIB endorsement is a yes answer to the question “Are you a Republican?”, truthful or otherwise.

    Page Four: Here she is yelling at that poor guy again. I can just picture Cartman saying ‘respect my authoritie!’ And a recap of earlier false claims and stock tea party lines. Anyone who takes her claims seriously is not drinking tea, but rather, Kool Aid.

  24. Old Blevins

    A more likely scenario for the cover is she is telling those guys where the developer should deliver the campaign contribution.

  25. Butch Huber


  26. My, My…the red queen is generating quite a list of “ineffiecenies”. Almost as many as she has stole credit for. She needs to be silenced by the 62% that did NOT vote for her.

  27. Pop Korn

    The latest Elam mailer is the funniest one yet. Shows a gun on the front claims she is Tea-party and NRA endorsed. Do those groups just not check out these candidates or is she lying again? All these Elam mailers make good birdcage lining, at least. And my parrot has already weighed in on Elam’s credibility.

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