Provincetown, MA in the news again

Anybody remember Provincetown, MA?


That’s right, when Mayor Linda Elam had the opportunity to hire a new city manager for Mt. Juliet in the summer of 2007, her first choice was the former city manager from Provincetown, MA – Keith Bergman. Bergman was famous for being a self-described “Al Gore acolyte” – he boasted of having been personally trained by Al Gore to deliver his powerpoint presentation on Global Warming to city officials across the country.  Bergman was also renowned for his role in assisting the legalization of gay marriage in Massachusetts.

Provincetown, MA and Mt. Juliet, TN – almost linked by Mayor Linda Elam.

Anyway, Provincetown is in the news again this week:

According to a report in the Provincetown Banner yesterday, this week the school committee in Provincetown, MA unanimously approved a new condom distribution policy for the Provincetown Public Schools, including both Provincetown High School and Veterans Memorial Elementary School.

The policy requires students to speak with a school nurse or other trained counselor to receive the free condoms, but is notable because it does not have a minimum age limit and also because the policy explicitly states that “the school district will not honor requests from parents that students not be allowed to receive condoms.”

Just remember, Linda Elam’s first choice for a new city manager for Mt. Juliet was Keith Bergman, retired city manager of Provincetown, MA.



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4 responses to “Provincetown, MA in the news again

  1. Butch Huber

    This is another example that dramatically and realistically proves that government thinks it owns our children. Parental authority doesn’t mean anything anymore. The government believes it knows best how to raise your children. I wonder what these liberal nut-jobs would think if you were to teach their children about God and Jesus without their consent and approval? I wonder what they would think if the government compelled their children to be present in a specific place, under penalty of law, so that you could teach their children about God and Christ?

    This is a communist regime gone out of control. We need to rid this country of government run education altogether. Privatize education in America!

    The audacity of a school system to refuse any request by parents not to give their children birth control devices! The parent should be in charge of decisions like that, not the government!

  2. Southsider

    This whole episode should remind us of one very important fact – Linda Elam is a democrat.

    It is not a well-kept secret that Elam used “Al Gore” political operatives to run her campaign for Wilson County Mayor in 2006. Many believe it is the main reason she lost to Bob (yawn) Dedman. People figured out who she really was.

    Elam’s support of Bergman for City Manager was simply a return favor for the use of Gore’s operatives. You don’t think Al would actually pay to relocate his global warming groupies to Nashville do you? Not when the taxpayers in Mt. Juliet can foot the bill.

    Anyone who believes Linda Elam is a conservative republican should pay close attention.

    Political chameleons can be properly identified when returning political favors.

  3. Butch Huber

    Southsider, I don’t think I ever considered that this could be an insider’s (Elam) of doing a quid pro quo for the former Vice President of the United States. I just thought Elam was just being her liberal radical self.

    She is the prime example of what is wrong with politics in America. We need to help her find her way into something that could benefit from her sneakiness, like training snakes to be snakier.

  4. Pop Korn

    Maybe we can help her get her a job with BP. In England.

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