RFMJ adds 2010 Wilson County Election Guide

We have added a page devoted to the 2010 election races in Wilson County. There is a listing of candidates for Governor, State Legislature, and all County offices, with maps of the County Commission districts.

Use it, comment on it, visit the candidates sites and get informed.

It’s in the header above, just to the right of “HOME”

You can also get to it by clicking here: 2010 Election guide



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7 responses to “RFMJ adds 2010 Wilson County Election Guide

  1. Paul Deyo

    Publius, thanks for putting this up! As Publius has done, I invite all candidates to post here. Especially county and city commissioner candidates on the issue of equitable fire and ambulance protection, county commission candidates on how to fix the east-west rift, city candidates on fixing the mess at city hall and state office candidates on dealing with the economy’s effect on Tennessee.

    The political silly season has begun. I have been visited by several candidates or canvassers for candidates as well as quite a few robocalls. I was totally clueless as to who some of these people were, especially primary candidates for Congress.

  2. For more information about my campaign for State Representative, please visit http://www.ElectHeatherScott.com.

  3. I am running for County Commission District 18. For more information about my campaign, please visit http://www.vote4cole.com.

  4. Judy Morgan

    As a candidate for County Commissioner District 10, you can find out more about my campaign by visiting: http://www.judymorgandistrict10.com.

  5. Doc Cider

    I saw one of Ms. Morgan’s campaign signs in a certain former mayor’s yard. And it’s not Kevin Mack.

  6. I have one in Kevin Mack’s yard as well.

  7. Pop Korn

    If you can get those two to agree on something, you are to be congratulated. The incumbent needs to go.

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