Commission admonishes mayor

That’s the headline from last week’s The Chronicle of Mt. Juliet.

The Mt. Juliet News has a similar story
Tense city commission approves resolution aimed to set role boundaries; Mayor says ‘it’s a sham’

Apparently, there has been some confusion in city hall as to who’s in charge. Vice Mayor Sellers and Commissioner Floyd co-sponsored a resolution to re-affirm the city charter which spells out that members of the city commission have no authority outside of city commission meetings to direct the operations of the city.

The Mt. Juliet News reports that according to Vice Mayor Sellers, “he has had multiple conversations with city employees and members of the city management teams about the problem.”

Commissioner Hagerty is quoted as saying he’s “absolutely had complaints about the mayor.”

But, according to Mayor Elam, the resolution was a sham, and she abstained from the vote which passed 4-0-1.



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2 responses to “Commission admonishes mayor

  1. Worried Citizen

    Sounds like one commissioner is trying to distance himself from the queen come election year. Oh, wait it is an election year.

  2. Doc Cider

    I don’t blame him, I’d be backpedaling too! But is this politics or has she finally ticked off her last ally?

    Certainly we see the same thing going on in contested county races, with commissioners with a long history of shafting their constituents actively working to get in the newspapers doing nice things, even voting against themselves when necessary.

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