City of Mt. Juliet now wants to sell Mundy Park

from a story on the WKRN website (video report at the WKRN website):

Mt. Juliet seeks buyer for Mundy Memorial Park

MT. JULIET, Tenn. – The city of Mt. Juliet has put Mundy Memorial Park up for sale.

The park is named in honor of Mt. Juliet Sgt. Jerry Mundy, who was killed in the line of duty in 2003, and at 29 acres, is the largest park in Mt Juliet.

It has four softball fields, an all purpose athletic field and a playground.

The park, however, is landlocked and hard to access, according to City Manager Randy Robertson.

“It is a nice park, a very nice urban park, but it is very hard to access Mundy Park,” he told News 2.

To the north of Mundy Memorial Park sits Interstate 40, to the west an industrial park and to the south and east, a sprawling neighborhood, leaving no room for the park to expand.

Robertson said they decided to put the park up for sale to “see what the market will bear.”

If a buyer is found, Robertson said city commissioners would use the money from the sale to buy land for a larger park closer to the city.

“It is kind of a domino story if you will, one of has to fall in place of another,” he explained.  “If Mundy Park sells that would be the seed money to go somewhere else and do a bigger and better job for the citizens of our community.”

If Mundy Memorial Park was to sell, the new park would also be named in Sgt. Mundy’s honor.

“The fervor of this commission has given me the notion that certainly the name of Jerry Mundy would be sustained hopefully in even a bigger, more prominent format,” Robertson said.

City commissioners originally got the idea to put the park up for sale after receiving a proposal from a local church.

They, however, rejected the church’s offer.

Hmmm. . . It’s difficult to access, but we’d like someone to buy it. Really sellin’ it there!

And then. . . We got the idea to sell it when a church made us an offer. But we rejected the offer.

Where to begin?



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4 responses to “City of Mt. Juliet now wants to sell Mundy Park

  1. Southsider

    The tail continues to wag the dog in Mt. Juliet.

    Someone once said, “lead, follow, or get out of the way”. There is no evidence that “leading” or “following” is possible with this commission.

    So this deal can only happen if the commission can “get out of the way”.

  2. Doc Cider

    Should the church deal be considered dead? And should the commission (or the self-appointed commission czarina) be allowed to turn down future offers without scrutiny by city staff or taxpayers?

    With the Baltz Farm option in play and Mundy (formerly Millennium) Park receiving some attention even in this depressed market, it is a no-brainer to sell Mundy on its strengths (interstate access and visibility) in exchange for a larger, better and more centrally located property.

  3. My issue is what is considered to be a more “centrally located property.” Mayor Elam wants to put a sports complex close to the new MJ High School, on the far end of the city. Elam and our council want to take everything away from the residents south of the tracks. Elam and some other commission members are so threatened by Providence, and are obsessed be making the “heart” of Mount Juliet closer to Lebanon Rd., away from the freeway traffic that helps our city grow.

  4. Paul Deyo

    Your post whether intentionally or not alludes to two deficiencies in our community- adequate park facilities and a town center.

    The geographic center of Mt. Juliet is N. Mt. Juliet Rd at Division St. That’s also where city services and the rail station are located. But most of the area is vacant lots and scattered older buildings. The mayor torpedoed her only accomplishment while in office by first over-enforcing, and then manipulating the elimination of, her town center plan. Her explanation for the latter was that ‘a developer worked on me’. You can’t make up stuff like that. Truth is always stranger than fiction.

    Mundy Park is located in an area that has another city park in the Villages as well as several pocket parks, a greenway and a pool and clubhouse within Providence. Landlocked at about 30 acres, Mundy is a great location for a business wanting high visibility from the Interstate. But high visibility from the Interstate is not on most persons’ lists of desirable park attributes. And the featured use as an adult softball league park is a high-maintenance use that offers little for residents.

    The Baltz farm proposal as I understand it offers almost three times the land that would be located at the eastern connector when that road is completed. The location would be easily reached from Providence as well as many other areas of the city with the completion of the road.

    We should not miss opportunities to make Mt. Juliet a better place to live. Lack of leadership and vision will eventually end the forward progress we have enjoyed in this decade.

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