Wilson County threatens to put trash collection station on old MJES site

The Wilson County Commission took two votes Monday night on the former Mt. Juliet Elementary School site in the center of Mt. Juliet.

By a vote of 16-7, they denied a request from County Commissioner Fred Weston (who represents Mt. Juliet) to extend the purchase option to developer Odell Binkley. The initial 120 day option period has expired, and Binkley has not secured approval for his development from the City of Mt. Juliet. Commissioner Weston had asked for an additional 120 day option period for Binkley.

County Attorney Mike Jennings says that anyone who wishes (including Binkley) may now make an offer to purchase the property.

The County Commission then passed a resolution (also by a 16-7 vote) asking the county landfill manager (Bill Arnold) to study whether it would be economically feasible to use the site as a collection center for the landfill.

The story is not up on the Lebanon Democrat website yet, but we’ll update this post and link to it when it is posted.



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11 responses to “Wilson County threatens to put trash collection station on old MJES site

  1. Watchin the Westside

    Nice, lets look at putting a garbage pickup in the middle of town. Hopefully the Democrat will list who voted for and against this brillant idea. Hats off to Commissioner Weston for trying to get the extension for a great sounding development for our town.

  2. Southsider

    This is another opportunity to see which area County Commissioners are representing the interests of Mt. Juliet residents.

    I bet the same ones who voted for this voted to stop Mt. Juliet’s fire protection in 2006.

    -Earth to MJ voters- “There is a county election coming in August! These idiots work for you!”

  3. Butch Huber

    Is this the county’s fault, or the city commission’s fault? If you were a land owner holding this property, and the city was holding you over a barrel, what would you be doing? If you could do something like this to force them to move on this issue, wouldn’t you?

    Let them put the extension there, it won’t be there long. The city will fold and allow this property to be moved.

    I for one don’t blame the county on this one.

    Do I want an extension there? No, I don’t. But if that is what it takes to get this commission to act on this, then so be it. They have held this property up for way too long in my opinion. If the county were to vote to approve this the city would change course post haste. And if they didn’t, election year is this year. Sounds like the county is starting to play chess.

  4. sean

    I said it before, this land is over valued. The economy is in shambles and there is a huge supply of land available in and around Mount Juliet.

    Comments from Odell Binkley:

    “Nothing is right to go forward”
    “The timing isn’t right, the money is not right. I never dreamed I would have a problem FUNDING this.”

    He confirmed he had “no solid commitments as of yet”.

    This sounds more like a developer who wants out of a deal than a city government preventing him from moving forward.

    A landfill is probably all this land is worth considering the humongous glut of undeveloped and yet to be leased developed property in Mount Juliet.

  5. Paul Deyo

    Southsider, the MJ news lists the way the votes went and you are (mostly) right. And despite the numerical sameness the yeas and nays do not line up on the two votes.

    Two who voted against or abstained on the question of fire protection for their constituents, Graves and Patton, voted ‘nay’ on Binkley’s contract extension and ‘yea’ on the idea of considering a ‘convenience center’. Bob ‘Chicken Man’ Neal, also voting against fire protection in 2006, was absent. All three of these guys have worthy opponents and should be run out of office.

    Voting for a contract extension: West, Sorey, Weston, Emberton, Thomas, Murray and Ash.

    Voting against a convenience center study: West, Sorey, Weston, Thomas, Bannach, Murray and Scott.

    Neal and Frank Bush, both representing the Mt. Juliet area, were absent.

    It is the second vote that is damning for Graves and Patton. They have once again shown themselves as unfit to even begin to claim to represent their districts.

    There is no real danger of a ‘convenience center’ actually happening as the CTC zoning alone should prevent it. Of course our flip-flopping ethically ambiguous mayor has certainly done us no favors by engineering the removal of the town center overlay which would have offered additional protections against convenience centers, and for that matter bad private development.

    Butch, I don’t know how closely you’ve been following the news outside of RFMJ, but Binkley’s project was pretty much greenlighted here, with a lot of help from the mayor. We the taxpayers aren’t obligated to rent a city hall from him for 43k a month just because he ‘worked on’ the mayor so that issue was not, and should not have been, expedited quickly.

    With this project sidelined, one wonders if it will have any negative effect on the mayor’s state assembly run.

  6. Southsider

    Perhaps we have this all wrong.

    A Town Center Dump site could be very nice.

    People would have to park in the rear so cars are not visible from the road. There should be bicycle racks available so people can bring trash in their baskets. And lets not forget the sidewalks and park benches that will add comfort to the pedestrian dumping experience.

    Problems should be minimal. The streetlights would have to use bug bulbs – especially in summer months.

    The use of parapet construction should conceal trash overflow in almost every dumpster.

    The smell could be mitigated with streetscape ceiling fans. It could then smell like Sunday morning on Bourbon Street all summer long. On a clear day this unique aroma might make it all the way to Gladeville.

    There could be skywalk access built to the Commuter Rail Station making this the first mass-transit dumpsite in the US – federal stimulus money may be available!

    Sometimes you have to get behind the visionary leadership of your representatives. It may be hard for the layperson to envision the architectural integrity of a Mt. Juliet Town Center Dumpsite. That is why you have elected such skilled visionaries like Gilbert Graves and Billy Patton – to do this intellectual “heavy lifting” for you.

  7. Paul Deyo

    Ha! Good one!

    I am still picturing a giant dumpster with a parapet. Not to mention three sides brick.

    But the county would likely turn it over to a private contractor. Then of course if the right pockets (or purses) were lined I’m sure variances would be granted wherever asked for.

  8. sean

    maybe they will put some fake windows on it with bricks that you can see on the other side like Whitts BBQ. That kills me every time I drive by.

  9. Paul Deyo

    Yeah, I remember Whitt’s. They worked so hard to dodge the Town Center Overlay, including presenting drawings that complied and building something completely different. Eventually they did comply after a fashion. I felt like they were the bad guys then but with Elam later flip-flopping on her ‘baby’ after being ‘worked on by a developer’ (she said it, I can’t make this stuff up, it wouldn’t be as funny or sad as the truth) I kinda feel sorry for them. Maybe a BBQ lunch next week….

    Meanwhile, Mr. Binkley has pulled out of the MJE project. madam mayor has stated that Binkley should have been granted an extension, saying ‘from all appearances, the county is not interested in selling the property’. Binkley stated that mayor Elam ‘was trying to work with me’. I’ll bet she was! From news reports.

    What does the county want? Unclear, but what is clear is that we have county commissioners who live here but vote against Mt. Juliet every chance they get. Get out a big giant broom in August if you live in the districts ‘represented’ by Billy Patton, Gilbert Graves and Bob ‘Chicken Man’ Neal (that really is his nickname, here again the truth is funnier than fiction).

  10. sean

    Whitts should have been forced to fixed their building to match the original design, the commission let them off easy.

    I saw the commission meeting where Ed Haggerty held up a huge design drawing of what Whitts was approved to build, and they very obviously and intentionally deviated from that design. It was in black and white, no argument.

  11. Doc Cider

    In the latest county meeting where it was shown a convenience center would be cost-prohibitive, Graves and Patton made an about face and motioned and seconded a dismissal of the convenience center folly. Somebody must have told those guys they were up for reelection in August.

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