TN-05 and TN-06

Candidates and websites, where available:

(credit for the list goes to

District 5:
Jim Cooper (D)*(Campaign Site)
Eric Pearson (D) – Tea Party Activist
Michael Barbuto (R)
Brendan Finucane Jr. (R) – Physician
David Hall (R) – Building Contractor, Electrician & ’08 State Sen. Nominee
Jeff Hartline (R) – Businessman
CeCe Heil (R) – Attorney
Vijay Kumar (R) – Telecommunications Salesman, Ex-Insurance Agent & ’08 Candidate
Patrick Miranda (R) – Businessman & Tea Party Activist
Bob Ries (R) – Businessman & Veteran
Robert Schwartz (R)
Jarod Scott (R) – Banker
Lonnie Spivak (R) – Graphic Designer & Tea Party Activist
Al Strauss (R) – College Professor & ’02/’06 US Sen. Candidate
Tracy Tarum (R) – Avionics Technician & USAF Veteran
John Miglietta (Green) – College Professor, Middle Tennessee Green Party Co-Chair & ’08 Candidate
Stephen Collings (Libertarian) – Computer Engineer
William Crook (Independent)
Nathan Harden (Independent) – Musician & Blogger
Jackie Miller (Independent)
Eric Schechter (Independent) – College Professor, Mathematician & Peace Activist
John Smith (Independent)
Thomas “Clark” Taylor (Independent) – Broadcast Journalist & Vietnam War Veteran
James Whitfield II (Independent) – Software Consultant & Army Veteran

District 6:
[ Bart Gordon (D)* – Retiring in 2010. ]
Henry Barry (D)
Devora Butler (D)
Brett Carter (D) – Attorney & Iraq War Veteran
Floyd Conover (D) – Investor
George Erdel (D) – Businessman, Retired Air Traffic Controller & Navy Veteran
Martin Kelly (D)
Ben Leming (D) – Iraq War Veteran
Diane Black (R) – State Sen., Ex-State Rep. & Nurse
Dave Evans (R) – Retired Army Reserve Major General, Ex-Defense Department Civilian Official & GOP Activist
Gary Mann (R) – Realtor & Ex-Psychologist
Bruce McLellan (R)
Kerry Roberts (R) – Bicycle Shop Owner & Tea Party Activist
Jim Tracy (R) – State Sen., Insurance Agent & Ex-NCAA Basketball Referee
Lou Ann Zelenik (R) – Ex-Rutherford County GOP Chair, Construction Company Owner & ’08 State Rep. Candidate
Jim Boyd (Independent) – ’06 Gov. Candidate
Brandon Gore (Independent)
Tommy Hay (Independent)
David Purcell (Independent)
Stephen Sprague (Independent)

Bill Boner


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