2010 Election Guide

A number of important political races will be on the ballot in Wilson County this year.

The Primary election for statewide and federal offices AND the general election for county offices will be held on Thursday, August 5th, 2010.

In the primary, Wilson County voters will help to choose the nominees for Congress. The eastern half of Wilson county is in the 6th Congressional District, whose Congressman, Bart Gordon (D) is retiring. There are SEVEN republicans vying for the Republican nomination, FIVE Democrats who want the Democrat nomination, and FIVE independents who will be on the ballot in November.

The western half of Wilson County is in the 5th Congressional District. Jim Cooper (D) will be seeking a fifth term. There are two other Democrats challenging Cooper for the Democrat nomination. On the Republican side, there are an unprecedented ELEVEN candidates seeking the Republican nomination. More detailed information, candidate lists, and web site links for both congressional races can be found here: 2010-election-guide/tn-05-and-tn-06/.

The County offices on the August ballot will include:

  • County Mayor
  • Trustee
  • Sheriff
  • Circuit Court Clerk
  • County Clerk
  • Registrar of Deeds

There’s only one candidate filed in the Sheriff’s race (incumbent Terry Ashe) and for Registrar of Deeds (incumbent Bev Spickard). Here are the candidates for the other four county races:

County Mayor:

County Trustee:

  • Ernest Lasater (was Trustee from 1986-2006, then did not run)
  • Jim Major (incumbent, first won election in 2006)

Circuit Court Clerk:

  • Dena Ferraro
  • Linda Neal (incumbent)

County Clerk:

  • Jim Goodall (incumbent)
  • George Snodgrass

In addition to the six constitutional county officers, all 25 county commissioners will be elected. Here’s an overview map showing all 25 county commission districts. Click the map to load a more detailed .pdf (from the state comptroller’s office) that you can zoom into if you want to find the precise boundaries of any district.

Here are the candidates for the Wilson County Commission (four year terms):

  • District 1 – Becky Siever, Larry L. West (incumbent) and Dean Pilkinton
  • District 2 – Stephanie McDonald and Jim Wiedman
  • District 3 – Fred M. Weston (incumbent) and Don E. Breedwell
  • District 4 – Chad Barnard and Jim Emberton (incumbent)
  • District 5 – Jerry A. McFarland (incumbent), Stanley Moss and Sam R. Saylors Jr.
  • District 6 – Kenny Reich (incumbent) and Wayne Drennan
  • District 7 – Georgia Franklin (incumbent), Lisa C. McMillin and Terry L. Scruggs
  • District 8 – John W. Brown and Frank Bush (incumbent)
  • District 9 – Tim Fish, Sara B. Patton and Gary Tarpley (incumbent)
  • District 10 – Nathan Clariday, Bill Patton (incumbent) and Judy Morgan
  • District 11 – Janice Branchaud, Wayne Hamblen and Jim Bradshaw
  • District 12 – Billy Rowland (incumbent)
  • District 13 – John (Ricky) Robinson and Clint Thomas (incumbent)
  • District 14 – Jeff Joines (incumbent) and Jim Roberts
  • District 15 – Mike Justice (incumbent)
  • District 16 – Jason Brockman and Gilbert Graves (incumbent)
  • District 17 – Gary R. Keith (incumbent) and Robert Pelt
  • District 18 – Adam Bannach (incumbent), Michael Cole and Tim Garrett
  • District 19 – William Glover and L.T. Jenkins (incumbent)
  • District 20 – Annette Davis-Stafford (incumbent)
  • District 21 – Eugene Murray (incumbent)
  • District 22 – J. Wendell Marlowe, Michael A. Gallion and Garfield L. Boyce
  • District 23 – Bernie Ash (incumbent)
  • District 24 – Paul Abercrombie (incumbent) and Chase A. Williams
  • District 25 – Michael Bennett, Randy Hall (incumbent) and Anthony  Orange

note that in Districts 12, 15, 20, 21, & 23 only one candidate (the incumbent) has filed  for the ballot.

Republican & Democrat primary races:

For Governor of Tennessee, there are five Republicans and only one Democrat (Mike McWherter). The Republican Candidates for Governor are:

For Tennessee State Senate, District 17:



For Tennessee State House, District 47, there are no primary contests. Stratton Bone (D) is the incumbent and only Democrat to file. Mark Pody is the only Republican to file. They will face each other in the November General Election.

For Tennessee State House District 57, there are three Republicans who will face each other in the primary (this is the seat that Susan Lynn is vacating to run for the Senate):


Democrat Allen Barry and Independents Nathan Clariday, Luther C. Lenning and Heather Scott will all be on the General Election ballot in November.

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  2. Kathy Fields

    This is the first time I’ve stumbled across your website but I’m glad to find it. Appreciate your comments and help w/ the 2010 election decisions and agree w/ many of the comments.

  3. Mark Charest

    Why I’m Voting for Adam Futrell in the 57th…and you should too! Now that Susan Lynn is running for the 17th District of the State Senate, we have been blessed with having three well qualified candidates to choose from in the Republican primary in the 57th District. Susan Lynn was a true conservative with an excellent track record of leadership and will be big shoes to fill. However, with all the attributes the three primary candidates have to offer, only one can be chosen. The three candidates are Mt. Juliet Mayor Linda Elam, local retiree Robert Fields, and local small businessman Adam Futrell. After researching each candidate’s background and campaigns, Adam Futrell seems to be the best candidate to replace Susan Lynn.Linda Elam and other Mt. Juliet city leaders have done an excellent job controlling spending and not wasting tax revenue that has also grown over the years. However, I do not believe it’s in the best interest of the city to have our mayor doing double duty in the State House. With explosive growth comes challenges. We still have not solved our fire protection issue and our police force is not at the appropriate size to handle a population this large. There are also other smaller issues such as more space for youth sports, park and recreation space, and as nice as our city library staff is, I would rather have a library card to Mt. Juliet High School’s library. Linda would be performing her full time job, Mayor of Mt. Juliet, and a State House member if elected. One thing that I question comes from July 12th’s City Commissioner’s meeting. When discussing putting an ordinance to a vote by the citizens to not allow City Commissioners to hold more than one office at a time, Ms. Elam said voting on that this November would have a “negative drag” on those candidates running for dual offices, meaning if vote to stop candidates holding dual offices, you probably won’t vote for the candidate either. The commissioners then discussed moving it to the August 2012 primary, but Ms. Elam objected saying more people vote in the November election during a Presidential year and the voters have a right to decide the issue. Sounds to me like the voters can decide when it doesn’t affect her election. Robert Fields is another candidate with good credentials. He is an NRA member, against any income tax, has a right to life endorsement, former Military man, and devoted family man. However, you really can’t learn much about his specific stances on issues because he does not really offer any on his web site, http://www.fieldsforthe57th.com. There are some entertaining videos but nothing regarding his campaign. One video titled, “Robert speaks out against Obama Healthcare,” doesn’t mention his name at all so I’m not sure why it’s titled that way. I did hear Mr. Fields say in a public forum that he is a free market conservative, but then said he is against wine in grocery stores. That is one of the silliest laws we have in Tennessee and it should be decided by voters, not politicians. I want more specific stances on the issues before I cast my vote. Adam Futrell has those specific ideas and plans which makes him ready to go as our next House Representative. Visit his website at http://www.futrell2010.com and learn what Adam will do for us if elected. He has a clear understanding of the issues at the state level and would compliment well the hard work Susan Lynn has done for our district. He also will not have a city to run in addition to his work responsibilities. As a small business owner, he is on the front lines of economic challenges and understands that our economy will only recover only when the private sector does. Please, do your own homework and research each candidate yourself. I hope you will join me in voting for Adam Futrell in the August 5th Republican primary for District 57. Respectfully,Mark Charest Mt. Juliet, TN

  4. Paul Deyo

    I am also supporting Mr. Futrell and have already voted. I researched two of the candidates and am already quite familiar with the mayor. I agree with Mr. Charest that Adam Futrell is the best choice to represent us with vision and integrity.

    It is interesting, but certainly not surprising, that the mayor voted against citizens deciding whether elected city officials can hold two offices after telling the local newspapers that she would ‘ask the citizens’ about the issue.

  5. I’m leaning towards Futrell in the primary; and Heather Scott in the General.

    However, I have reservations about Futrell, hinging upon an early response he had to my concerns over increasing federal government tyranny.

    I was left with the impression that Adam hasn’t yet reached the point where he feels it is necessary for the states to “step up” and use the power of interposition or nullification to protect her citizens from the federal government.

    What say you?

    Additionally, where can I find more information about the candidates for county commission? In particular, I’m investigating Adam Bannach, Michael Cole, and Tim Garrett.

  6. Paul Deyo

    Without knowing details, my own take on this year’s political environment in general is that there is a difference between a legitimate constitutional demand for state’s rights and futile, opportunistic political posturing that would, if acted upon, only burn up state resources in court to no benefit. The line is murky, and the states should have more control. But candidates who use inflamatory rhetoric for the sake of political gain are part of the problem, not part of the solution. We should look beyond ‘red meat’ statements and give credence to thoughtful responses.

    I think this 57th primary is a race where they are all strong candidates and are clearly different from one another. Should be an interesting night tomorrow.

    Don’t know much about that county race where you are but the incumbent should have an extensive track record on schools, taxes, fire and emergency services, etc. I think Heather is a great person and was a very good county commissioner.

  7. Butch Huber

    Now that they have recognized the tool that is “Home Rule”, perhaps it would be a good idea to put citizen control over property tax increases on the referendum as well. We should be able to vote whether we want to increase property taxes, or any other tax for that matter, and we should be able to vote on the enactment of any additional taxes as well. If we can clip their wings as far as spending is concerned it will be a good thing.

  8. Paul Deyo

    This is a great idea, but of course it would only be doable in Mt. Juliet. The county will still be subject to ‘politician rule’ on that front.

  9. Butch Huber

    I wonder how we could get out in the public eye that Linda Elam was trying to spend $20,000,000 of public money to build an aquatics center in Mt. Juliet and was planning to turn the keys over to the YMCA so they could make profits off of it?

    I wonder how we could get it out in the public eye that Linda Elam was punished by the city commission for having acted under the color of office to try to influence a city employee to remove an item from the technical review committee agenda that would have been detrimental to her builder employer?

    I wonder how we can get the testimony out of the city employees who she called to a meeting where she tried to obtain illegal building permits for a local builder after that builder offered to make a sizable donation to a city ladder truck fund when the only builder in town who would benefit from a ladder truck was the builder she had gone to work for?

    I wonder how we can get it in the public eye that Linda Elam illegally acted as mayor and illegally arranged a special meeting of the city commission for the purpose firing the former city manager after he wouldn’t force a city employee to apologize to her for embarrassing her in the meeting where she tried to illegally obtain building permits for a local builder who had offered to provide a substantial amount of money to a ladder truck fund for the city if she could get him the building permits?

    I wonder if the public would like to know that the mayor forced the former city manager out of office through illegal threats and intimidation?

    I wonder how we can get it in the public eye that she actually “encouraged” a city employee to file a sexual harassment complaint against the employee she wanted to get an apology from, even though there was absolutely nothing in the original writing authored by the complainant that would even indicate the possibility of sexual harassment by that employee? I wonder if the public would like to know that a six page writing was provided to Linda Elam which outlined many, many things, but which contained not one mention of anything remotely resembling sexual harassment against a particular employee and that, by the time the mayor was finished, it had been turned into a sexual harassment complaint specifically targeting an employee who had done nothing more than to stand up for the citizens against a mayor who was trying to provide illegal building permits to a person who was offering a substantial amount of money to the city if she could get those permits for him?

    I wonder how we can get it out in the public eye that linda elam violated city policy as she publicly attacked the employee she asked for an apology from when he wouldn’t apologize to her? I wonder if the public would care that this employee was just trying to protect the city?

    I wonder if the public would like to know that every person, to the person, who provided damaging testimony against Linda Elam during depositions has either been forced to resign or has been fired from their service to the city even though they had personally done absolutely nothing to deserve being fired or pushed out?

    I wonder if the public would like to know that one of the people that was pushed out of office in all of this mess was awarded a settlement after filing a wrongful termination suit?

    I wonder if the public would like to know these things and others and I wonder how the word can be gotten out?

    I know, I think her competition should be made aware of this, what do you think?

  10. Doc Cider

    Linda Elam’s only serious competition in this race is Heather Scott, and I think she knows what Elam is. The people who need to read this are voters outside of Mt. Juliet, for example in Sumner County. It is possible that Elam will lose Mt. Juliet but win easily with the ‘R’ in front of her name on the ballot and the avalanche of mailers.

    Excellent recap but you left off the liklihood that she anonymously mailed a complaint about Ed Hagerty to ‘get even’ for her censure. Also, she spent at least 50k of city money on the creation of the Town Center overlay, enforced it erratically, then singlehandedly maneuvered its demise when a developer known for political contributions ‘worked on’ her.

    Anyone pull financials on this race yet? Lots of hilarious mailers have been lining our mailboxes (and Pop Korn’s birdcage) lately.

  11. Southsider

    Elam will get in the same way she always does, by splitting the vote of people who do pay attention.

    Those that don’t will elect her again.

  12. Butch Huber

    I believe most, if not all, of the liberals have stopped posting on this site. I am sure they still read it, but they don’t post. Perhaps the conservatives posting on this site are making way too much sense to the liberals and they can’t actually substantiate their positions anymore.

    Liberals have no basis for their positions except emotions, feelings, conjecture and opinions. They can’t refer to the Bible for their foundation for their positions as the Bible seems to favor the conservatives. They can’t refer to the constitution for the constitution favors the conservatives. They can, at times, refer to laws, but only for a brief time before it is shown that the laws they refer to are unconstitutional and can therefore not be used to substantiate their position. They can’t refer to the successes in other countries when those countries adopt their philosophies as, invariably, those countries are on the same path as other countries that have fallen in utter failure. I have been listening to the arguments of the left for some time now, I have engaged in debate after debate with liberals, I have listen to others debate liberals, and in every situation I have watched the liberal lose their case provided they will continue to engage and continue to answer questions about their positions. Ultimately, in every case so far, the dialog between liberal and conservative has ended with the liberal personally attacking the conservative rather than the conservative’s position and the conservative attacks the liberal’s position. You can exchange the word “liberal” here with the words “socialist” or “communist” and the word Conservative with “capitalist” or “individual freedoms fighter” and everything I have said here remains true.

    If the media were truly fair and balanced the socialist and communist movements in this country, along with liberalism, would die.

  13. Concerned Citizen

    What is everyone predictions?

    District 2

    District 4

  14. Sue Sthayer

    These are probably the most interesting and unpredictable Commission seat races in a long time. Especially since the result will determine the next mayor. Sadly, Elam’s barrage of blatantly lying mailers espousing the fundamental lie that she is a conservative pro-life Republican will be enough to overcome the votes of those who know the truth. Thankfully, the Mt. Juliet-only referendum will probably pass easily meaning she has to pick an office.

    Maness will give Sellers a serious run. Boyer will be a distant fourth. Cole will be somewhere in the middle.

    Kasnick will come as close to beating Bradshaw as anyone, but Jimbo may squeak by. He spends four years running for re-election and is at every public function in the city. But as the city grows around the Villages and newbies pour in, this will be probably be Jim’s last term.

    These are only guesses but semi-educated ones.

  15. Southsider

    Linda Elam tried to vote early but they wouldn’t let her take the fifth amendment.

    She was leaning undecided anyway.

  16. Old Blevins

    Two neighbors voted for Elam because they want her out of the Mayor’s office. I told them that if you want to kill a snake you don’t give it a bigger rock to warm itself on. They voted yes on the amendment of course.

  17. Southsider

    If elected, Elam might sponsor a surcharge of one dollar on all footballs sold in Tennessee and give those proceeds to the YMCA to enhance livability in our great state.

    This should not be seen as a tax increase on footballs, it should be seen as an investment in our recreation future – because nobody does that better than the Y.

  18. Pop Korn

    Looks like 60 percent of the 57th district thinks that Linda Elam, stealth democrat and queen of the mailers, should be their state representative.

    Looks like almost 90 percent of the residents of Mt. Juliet think that Linda Elam, incompetent blame-passer, should no longer be mayor.

    Good riddance. Wanna fight it, Linda? Do it on your dime, not ours.

  19. Sue Sthayer

    Wow, I got it right. Didn’t expect a Maness victory to be quite that impressive, but kudos to Mr. Maness for his hard work. Now the fun begins.

  20. Old Blevins

    Shame on Elam if she fights the 90 percent of Mt. Juliet residents who want her to take a hike. Who knows how many voted for her to get her out of City Hall.

    Double shame if her power hungry manuevers cost the taxpayers more than she’s already cost us. Good riddance.

  21. butch huber

    Does this say what I think it says?

    I believe that 6-53-105 may necessitate a special election under homerule for them to be able to raise property taxes. Perhaps my mind is a little fuzzy right now, but this appears to be saying, when you read between the lines, that any municipality that has a property tax rate, whether set to zero or some other amount, must put the matter to the voters in a referendum before they can increase or decrease a property tax rate. Is that how you read it?

    6-53-105. Home rule municipalities — Elections on questions requiring local approval and on amendments to charter. —

    (a) In any municipality that has adopted home rule, where any question subject to local approval, under the provisions of the Constitution of Tennessee, article XI, § 9 has not been approved by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the local governing body, a petition signed by the qualified voters of the municipality in a number amounting to at least ten percent (10%) of the votes cast in the last election for mayor may be filed with the appropriate election commission officials not later than sixty (60) days prior to the day of the next regular election, or primary and the question shall be placed on the ballot of the next regular election. Where the total cost of conducting a special election pursuant to the Constitution of Tennessee, article XI, § 9 is defrayed completely by private financial contributions, a special election may be held for the purpose of approving or disapproving the question.

    (b) Except in counties having a metropolitan form of government and having a population of not less than four hundred twenty thousand (420,000) nor more than five hundred thousand (500,000) according to the 1970 federal census, the local governing body of any municipality that has adopted home rule may, by ordinance, propose an amendment to the charter of such municipality by a majority vote of the body and submit the same for ratification by approval of the qualified voters of the municipality, in a special election to be held for such purpose, the amendment to be limited in its substance and applicability to the establishment of a property tax rate, or the increasing or reduction thereof. When such local governing body has proposed any such amendment, it shall notify the election commission, which shall call and hold an election for the municipality after giving forty-five (45) days’ notice that such election will be held. The ballot shall set forth the proposed amendment as set out in the resolution adopted by the local governing body, and the voters shall vote “For the amendment” or “Against the amendment.” Following the election the vote shall be canvassed by the county election commission and if a majority of those voting vote for the amendment, it shall become a part of the charter of such home rule municipality.

    (c) On any ballot on which an amendment to the charter of a home rule municipality appears for approval or disapproval by the electorate, a statement certified by the chief financial officer of the municipality shall appear immediately after the language describing the amendment but before the questions “For the amendment” and “Against the amendment.” The statement shall indicate the chief financial officer’s estimate of the net cost savings, net cost increase, or net increase or decrease in revenues, on a yearly basis, if any, that will be effected if the amendment is approved. The statement by the financial officer shall be made readily distinguishable from the language describing the amendment itself.

    [Acts 1972, ch. 512, § 1; 1973, ch. 225, §§ 1, 2; T.C.A., § 6-509; Acts 1993, ch. 199, § 1.]

  22. Butch Huber

    Well, it is Thursday. It is the day that the packet for the Agenda of the City Commission Meeting is supposed to be posted online. I didn’t see it there.

    I wonder? Did Jason Holleman ever figure out which end is up with this election? Did he figure out that, because he advised the commission to extend Bradshaw’s term of office beyond its original limit, and because Bradshaw was elected to be Vice Mayor under that extended term of office, that Bradshaw has to be re-elected to the office of Vice Mayor? Oh, no, wait a dog gone minute. Bradshaw can’t be elected to Vice Mayor now because he is still a county commissioner and he cannot enter into the office of Vice Mayor while still a county commissioner. Okay, so the office of Vice Mayor was not specifically mentioned in the question on the ballot in the November election, but to be vice mayor you have to be eligible and capable of fulfilling all the official duties of the vice mayor, including being eligible to serve as mayor in the mayor’s absence. Because the Vice Mayor cannot be sworn in as Mayor of the City, Bradshaw is not eligible to be Vice Mayor of this city. Since Mayor Elam will soon have to step down as our Mayor, Bradshaw would immediately have to fill her spot.

    I think they definitely have to hold another election for vice mayor, but will they make the mistake of voting in Jim Bradshaw?

    What is he doing on the commission anyway? It is after January 1, 2011, he is a county commissioner, he cannot be a city commissioner while he is also a county commissioner, so what is he doing on our commission anyway?

    Time for new leadership in this city. Commissioner Maness, you have your hands full my friend.

  23. Southsider

    “We can do anything we want until someone stops us”
    Linda Elam 2008

  24. Pop Korn

    “Since Mayor Elam will soon have to step down”…..she should be gone already! All she’s doing now is grandstanding to the press and getting in the way of the duly appointed fire issue representative, Commissioner Maness. I can see that Mayor Hutto wants to support his fellow Democrat, Elam, but it’s five days past her time to go.





  26. Butch

    Republican! Republican! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! REPUBLICAN! LINDA ELAM?!!! A REPUBLICAN?!! She is not a “republican”, she is a RINO, and only then to the people who don’t know her. What self-respecting Republican would try to spend $20,000,000 of taxpayer money on an aquatics center to then turn the keys over the YMCA for them to make the money from it? Who does such a thing except a true, liberal Democrat? She even calls herself a fiscal conservative! What fiscal conservative is willing to spend money like that? She spent thousands of dollars of taxpayer money to fight to save her position as Mayor as she ramps up her career as a State Representative, that doesn’t sound “Republican to me”, nor does it sound like a “Fiscal conservative” to me, unless of course you are talking about her saving her own money. Mr. White, I am not having a love affair with the Republican Party right now, but I take great offense when you call someone like Linda Elam a Republican! I am still a card carrying member of the Republican Party, and as such, I would appreciate it if you would not equate her actions with my party as it is an insult to me and to republicans everywhere. She may even do some things right (Republican), but then again, a broken watch is even right twice per day.

  27. Doc Cider

    Whether she is a Democrat, Republican, Druid or Know-Nothing is less of an issue than what she is fundamentally, a corrupt, power hungry, egotistical serial liar.

  28. Butch

    Doc, you are being nice.

  29. Publius,
    I know it is early, but what seats are up for grabs at the city and county level in 2012?
    Much appreciation…

  30. Doc Cider

    City offices are Mayor, D1 and D3. County, anyone who didn’t run in 2010 (Publius can correct me if I’m wrong).

    All three incumbents in the city race are vulnerable. Ted Floyd has been such a joke that Ray Justice could even get back in if he wanted too. Floyd would need to find a wingman as Ray always did to win reelection. Ed and Art are starting to do their job better but they would have a fight on their hands. Hopefully a developer-financed hillbilly mafia RINO like Wendell Marlowe won’t fool the voters with a blizzard of mailers. We’ve already seen that that works.

  31. Publius,
    think we can get a updated version of this? Thanks in advance.

    Publius, Butch, Sonny, et al…
    Outside the need for better fire/ems service and holding the county liable to provide adequate service for the money…What are the other MJ issues?
    What else should we be expecting from those wishing to represent us? What do we need to work on? What do we need to leave alone?
    Thank you guys in advance as well.


    Woodchuck Hard Cider Pear…WOW! Highly recommended for taste; however, it does tend to screw up your typing. Available at your local MJ Beer Co. Get some, Deyo.

    Good night, John Boy.

  32. Butch Huber


    The thing we need most of all is a vision. What kind of community do we want to be and where do we want to go as a city. That has to be determined before we start trudging off to slay some other dragon.

    We are a conservative town today, but a lot of liberal leaning and very liberal people are moving into this area and that is and will change the landscape here. We are probably going to have to try to find some point of commonality that all citizens, liberal, conservative, libertarian, socialist, etc can agree on. We can’t all have everything we want. Now, that may sound strange coming from me, but that is something that I understand on a deep level.

    When I was young I saw government as this great big pendulum swinging in one direction and then another. I saw that the conservatives want to pull that pendulum all the way to their side and try to hold it on that side for as long and raise it as high as they could, but they couldn’t hold it there forever, so when it swung back the other way it would swing way to the other side and they, in turn, would try to hold it up as high as they could get it and keep it there as long as they could keep it there, but inevitably, it would swing back. I saw the goal of each side in keeping the pendulum as high as possible being for the betterment of everyone seen through the eyes of those who were currently holding the pendulum on their side. However, the other side always sees the pendulum on the other side and they want it. They don’t see the pendulum being on their side as being better for everyone, they see it as being better for those who believe in the same manner and fashion as those who currently hold the pendulum.

    I saw the solution. Instead of having the pendulum on one side or the other, which always inevitably ends up with the pendulum swinging to the other side, lets raise the whole pendulum vertically. If the height of the pendulum has everything to do with making things better for everyone, then raising the pendulum straight up would seem to be something that would have to be better for everyone.

    So, how do you raise the pendulum straight up? You work together on points of commonality. Remove ideology and philosophy from the equation as much as possible and work on those things that you can agree on first.

    Some want this city to stay small. That horse has already left the barn. Some want us to be Brentwood. I wouldn’t mind that, but how can my children live here if we are Brentwood? They couldn’t afford it. Some want us to be a very socialistic type of community with free everything for everyone. I am certainly not behind socialism in any way, however, I do think that there are things that this city can do to support those who want certain types of services or facilities. A citizenry that feels it is part of the process is more likely to be excited about where they live.

    The city should spend a lot of time asking us what we want and how we want it. There should be programs put in place to discover who we want to be as a community and then a plan should be put in place to work toward becoming that community.

    Developing and implementing a plan takes money. That money can come from increased taxes or increased tax bases. I prefer increased tax bases. We are in a perfect position to bring in businesses that generate revenues in this city. Cash registers are best, but any business that creates tax revenues of any type and that create good paying jobs help our economy in this city. So, I think we need a plan to bring in a diversity of businesses in this city. The plan to become the community that we want to become needs to be funded through the plan to usher in businesses and increase the revenues from current taxes.

    Good growth planning can help keep our growth costs in balance. We need to develop a good working relationship with the county if that is at all possible to ensure that we have the services and amenities that the county supplies when the growth occurs. Without a good working relationship with the county growth in this city is painful. If we can’t develop a good working relationship with the county then we have to enforce strict compliance to state laws by the county by taking them to court until they relent. Carrot and the stick.

    Roads and road development need to be a part of the equation. We pay for roads in this city, so we need to make sure that our growth is met with adequate roads and thoroughfares. Growth needs to pay for itself, however, if all growth pays for itself upfront it can have the effect of stifling growth. A new business is not going to want to invest tens of millions of dollars to widen East Division from Mt. Juliet road to Route 109 in order to be given permission to build class “A” office space down East Division in other words. The city may want to think about how it can build a nice connector road from Mt. Juliet to the Eastern Connector road to encourage Class “A” office Space development in that area (As well as retail space).

    There are many social programs that can be seeded by government and then taken over by non-profits that are self-supporting.

    R.P., There is a lot that this city can do, it just needs leaders with vision or at least leaders who are willing to listen to those who have vision.

    We need a common focus.

  33. Paul Deyo

    The first time I see my name in print in months and it has to do with hard cider roflmao! I’m not even a cider guy, though I have picked up a growler or two from the MJ Beer Store.

    I think the quality of the built environment is an issue. Before the 2000 elections, the city commission and plannig commission were basically rubber stampers for developers. There were exceptions- Fred Weston was always called a naysayer for wanting some control over ‘growth’- but when Mt. Juliet acquired ‘unlimited’ sewer access we immediately headed in the wrong direction in terms of planning. That has mostly been fixed since 2000 but we’ve backslid a little. Variances galore and two mortgage bankers on the Planning Commission. Even my 11 year old daughter laughs about the adjoining car washes on South Mt. Juliet Rd.

    The argument that demanding quality stunts growth is absurd if you look at what has happened with our housing stock- people want to buy homes in Mt. Juliet . And what has happened with our retail development -people come from miles around to shop in Mt. Juliet.

    Which brings us to the next big issue- traffic. The ball was dropped on several major traffic projects after the Mack years and we are lucky to have the greenway and North Mt. Juliet Road projects proceeding. The fact that two people not even in city government anymore helped save those projects should be embarrassing to City Hall.

    Also on the list, Mt. Juliet should continue to actively recruit a hospital and an institution of higher learning. And sell Mundy for the purpose of aquiring real parkland.

    I don’t even live here anymore but my daughter still does. A former city commissioner always said he wanted Mt. Juliet to be a place his kids could afford to live in when they grow up. I want Mt. Juliet to be a place my daughter would WANT to live in when she grows up.

  34. Thanks, Butch. Agreed, no question, dead on as usual. Hope all is well with you.

  35. Good to read you in here, Mr. Deyo. Insightful. Especially on the medical facility… in my opinion Level 2 at least. Education (no satallite campus) Jr. College or trade school(s). As far as City Hall being embarrassed…I believe they are past it. Their scale is way off…they think groveling to the county is getting the job done. Kudos to Butch et al for the fire/ems effort. Hope to read you in more often, I’m lifting a George Killian’s Irish Red in your honor. Que Dieu vous benisse.


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