“It was a surreal city commission meeting . . .”

Monday, September 14, 2009.

Mayor Elam attempted to pass a new benefits package for the Mayor and City Commissioners. It was defeated.

Mayor Elam proposed converting the 60-acre York Road property (home of the police department’s firing range) to a “passive park.” It was defeated.

A study committee had unanimously recommended the repeal of the restrictive “town center overlay” zoning from the center of Mt. Juliet. Mayor Elam has previously pointed proudly to this as “her baby.” It was repealed, with even Mayor Elam voting to repudiate it.

The Mayor had sharp words for the other commissioners.

The Mayor had sharp words for the city attorney.

The Mayor had sharp words for the city manager.

The Mayor had sharp words for the acting parks director.

And the Mayor went 0-for-three.

When the City Attorney opined that adding full health insurance benefits for the Mayor and Commissioners might be considered salary or compensation, and could be challenged unless it applied only to commissioners elected in the future, the Mayor blew up.

“I want to see that! They’ve acknowledged there are no Tennessee cases on any of this and they are looking at other states and that’s not binding!”

“We can do as we choose. . .”

Got that citizens of Mt. Juliet?

According to Mayor Elam, she and the other commissioners “can do as we choose. . .”

(the headline comes from the Mt. Juliet News story. We’d link to it, but they’re website seems to have the hiccups. Click through if you want to try on your own.)



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6 responses to ““It was a surreal city commission meeting . . .”

  1. Butch Huber

    From what I have read, and what I understand, they aren’t just looking for medical coverage while they are commissioners, they are looking for lifetime coverage of medical expenses. Regardless, if there is something that comes up while they are in office, and they have medical coverage during that time, I believe the city would be responsible for any health issues that occur during that time or that have been accepted in the policy while they are in office. This amounts to what I believe would be an enormous risk for the city. Pre-existing conditions are covered in the city’s policy.

    Why would someone like Linda be pushing so hard for this coverage and why would she be pushing so hard at this time?

    She said that the costs of travel for her duties are breaking her. Is it really that expensive for her to travel to city hall twice every month? That is the only time she is actually acting in her official capacity as mayor (With some possible exceptions). Could she be hurting financially? I doubt it, but it could be the issue. I hope it isn’t, I don’t like to see anyone struggling financially, but I have to bring it up as a possibility.

    Could it be that she has a pre-existing medical condition that she knows or believes will cost her a lot of money if she doesn’t get this provision? I hope not, I don’t want to see her have a medical problem. But it is the first thing I think of when I hear of how hard she is pushing for this benefit. Would she be voting in a multi-million dollar benefit for herself? It is funny how they ignore the city attorney when he says things they don’t want to hear and they hold firm on what he says when he says what they want to hear. Amazing.

    There is something more going on here than we know, I can sense it. What exactly the angle is I don’t really know for sure yet. I sure wish they would all just behave.

    The whole comment that says, “we can do as we choose” kind of says it all, doesn’t it? I think it is time to order a signet ring for her royal highness. Then all her royal subjects will have something a little more palatable to kiss as they bow before her and beg for her blessings.

    I don’t mind commissioners being paid well, I don’t mind them getting benefits, I don’t mind them being reimbursed for their legitimate expenses, I don’t mind them even getting overcompensated just a little, but lifetime medical for doing a job that requires 8 to 10 hours per month? Please! Right now, it appears, on an hourly rate, the commissioners are the highest paid people in Mt. Juliet government.

    On another note: Is this how to run for office? Piss off everyone around you and they will vote you to a higher office? Strange way to run a campaign, but to each their own.

  2. Aunt Bea

    Perhaps Ms. Elam is worried because expense receipts are public record and hers could reveal her actions.

    She obviously only respects the law when it can be found to benefit her agenda. Voting for future (predetermined) personal expenses without supporting documentation is pretty arrogant.

    I wonder how Mayor Elam would feel about a recall petition signed by an undisclosed amount of people?

  3. Paul Deyo

    Is a recall petition even an option? I recall the last time we had an imperial mayor who ignored the citizens. A petition was circulated to disband the entire city government and re-form it. Perhaps a word from the experts. I signed that one and would sign a new one. I certainly don’t wish the mayor ill health or financial troubles either but it is clearly time for her to leave office.

    Another issue is the first reading on two topics voted on second reading here, the Elam benefit package and the Town Center overlay. Both were brought to the table for first reading by suspending the rules. Aside from avoiding the realtor/developer whining which is all too prevalent in Mt. Juliet, the rule suspension (by Madam Mayor of course) allowed them to consider important agenda items without prior public notice. This is not representative government.

  4. Butch Huber

    Good point, Paul

    I think there is more. Seems I remember that, if they are going to vote on anything that is going to require that they spend money like this, they have to properly notice the community, they have to do it in two consecutive meetings that have been noticed to the community, and they need certification from the City Manager and the City Finance director that the funds will are available that that the city can afford it.

    Rules? We don’t need no stinking rules! We have Mayor Elam, she can do anything she “chooses”!

    Paul, I would help you sign people up. I do believe it is high time to re-found this city, just like I believe it is time to re-found the country.

  5. Butch Huber

    Don’t have a better place to post this.

    Are there any patriots out there that read radiofree that are completely fed up with this sort of thing? Are you prepared to do something about it?

    I am fascinated with the unprecedented growth of the Tea Party movement. The Tea Party isn’t just going after Obama and his minions, they are setting the stage to go after every government in this country. I am with them.

    They have their aim set at refounding this nation on the Principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. They aim to refound this Country at ever level. And I am with them.

    They have as their aim a goal of re-establishing your rights as a citizen. And I am with them.

    They have as their aim the goal of re-establishing a moral country. And I am with them.

    They have as their goal to put good men and women in public office at all levels. I am with them.

    They have as their goal exerting State’s rights. And I am with them.

    If you are fed up with government doing whatever it wants, are you prepared to do something about it? Get involved in the Tea Party. Go to Tnteaparty.com and join the revolution. I promise you, you are in the middle of the biggest revolution to ever occur on the face of the planet. There are most likely already more people active in this revolution than there has ever been in any revolution since the dawn of civilization. Right now it is a bloodless revolution….thank God. Freedom came at the price of blood, let’s hope it doesn’t require that in order to re-establish it in this country.

    If you fail to act. If you turn your heads and look the other way. If you fail to become a member of the side of this revolution that is fighting to re-found this country and restore your civil liberties. If you allow someone else to fight your fight for you. If you choose to be pacifist when you very liberty is at stake. I you fail to rise up and inform government that you “have had enough. You are mad as hell and your not taking it anymore, and you are taking your country back”. If you are afraid and won’t do your duty to protect the freedoms that were won for you at the price of the blood of countless thousands of young men who fought battles so that you and your family can be free and have inalienable rights. If it just isn’t important to you to be involved with this bunch of crazy people who are stirring up such a mess. Well, I only have one thing to ask of you. Look at your children and consider what kind of country you are going to leave them with. If you think this country is heading in a direction that will be good for them when they are your age, do nothing, stay home, turn off the television, don’t look at the paper, don’t listen to the news, and don’t get involved with any political conversations. We will do your duty for you. But if you think we are heading in the wrong direction, how long will you tarry? We need to put 20,000 people in the sommet center before the end of the year. We need to pressure congressmen and congresswomen at all levels and all parties to join our cause. We need to identify people who will run for office who will actually restore our rights. We have to develop campaigns, there is, as I am sure you are aware, an election coming up. It is time to take our country back.

    If you are interested in doing more than sitting on the sidelines and watching, I suggest you get involved. If you “have had enough, and your mad as hell, and if you are through taking what they are doing, and if you are prepare to take your country back”, I am with you. Let’s work together to refound this country on the Constitutional, moral, and Biblical, foundation upon which it was originally established!

  6. “I must be crazy to be in a looney bin like this.”

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