Elam ‘seriously’ considers bid for District 57 State Rep seat

so runs the headline in today’s Mt. Juliet News (not up on their web site, but we’ll link to it, once it is).

Interestingly, Elam says that if she runs, “it would be as a Republican, an acknowledged party alliance she would have preferred kept under wraps a bit longer.”


The jokes just write themselves. . .



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17 responses to “Elam ‘seriously’ considers bid for District 57 State Rep seat

  1. Butch Huber

    I thought I was a republican! If she is a republican I am going to have to consider changing parties. I thought republicans believed in rule of law. Hmmm. I thought republicans were friendly to business. Hmmmm. I thought republicans loved the Constitution. Hmmm. What is the penalty for party fraud? You can go to jail for car-jacking, is there a penalty for Party-jacking?

    She masqueraded as a conservative to get into office in Mt. Juliet then turned hard left, could she be masquerading as a republican in an attempt to get into office so she can change parties. The “Specter” of her being in even higher office is daunting.

  2. Westsider

    This is an old political trick that seldom works in Wilson County. The democrats know they cannot win if identified so they slip into the Republican primary and hope to get 30% in a 4-candidate race.

    She would then face another democrat in the general election and either way her party steals a seat by fooling the public.

    Historically, Wilson County voters are way too smart for this. Especially since her attorney and probable campaign manager is Margaret Behm.

  3. Aunt Bea

    I wonder if Governor Bredesen knew Elam was a republican when he appointed her to the state planning board?


  4. Glen Linthicum

    AW! Shucks Aunt Bea! LOL

  5. Paul Deyo

    Somebody should add her name to the poll here and see how she does.

    At least if she runs as a Republican she’ll only be around until the day after the primary.

    Heather Scott more or less announced in the Chronicle also.

    ‘Under wraps’! Hahaha

  6. Nathan

    The question on heather scott is whether she will run as republican, libertarian, or plain independant

  7. Paul Deyo

    I imagine it would depend on the primary scenario, at least in part. She doesn’t shy away from her Libertarian affiliation at all but it would be more politically practical to run as a Republican.

    But in the unlikely event Elam is the Republican candidate, Scott could win big running as an independent or Libertarian.

    Alot could happen in a year, but I don’t see things looking up for the mayor.

  8. Paul Deyo

    Westsider, somebody I can think of had a fair amount of unexpected good fortune getting 30 percent in a four candidate race. But multiple mailers get a lot more expensive if they are covering an entire state assembly district.

  9. Westsider

    It is unlikely that Elam could pull off a victory in a republican primary without a substantial amount of democrats crossing over to vote for her.

    Most democrats will want to choose their favorite for Governor in the primaries and would not give that up just to vote for Elam. I doubt many republicans even voted for Elam in the last election – the republican vote was split between the other three candidates.

    Elam won’t be able to draw much democrat support in this republican primary.

  10. Paul Deyo

    Speaking of “the jokes just write themselves…”

    The mayor reportedly said- after suspending the rules to bring up ‘her baby’ the Town Center Overlay and voting against it- “A developer worked on me and changed my mind”.

    After the CRS incident and all the fallout and despicable conduct by the mayor that followed, one can only guess what ‘worked on’ really means.

    I’ll probably have something more to say when the Chronicle story is posted here.

  11. littlebird

    Question for the press conference where she announces her candidacy:

    “Mrs. Elam! Can you explain why your first choice for city manager of Mt. Juliet was an Al Gore acolyte who helped bring about gay marriage in Massachusetts?”

    [crickets chirping. . .]

  12. Butch Huber

    Speaking of suspended rules, why do they even have an agenda anymore? Why not just save the paper and put a permanent sign out in front of city hall that says, “If you want to know what is on the agenda attend the commission meeting?” Wouldn’t that be better than lying all the time?

  13. marketing_101

    I think it’s about time for an old-fashoned community uprising. I can put my hands on plenty of tar if someone can find a mess-load of feathers…

  14. Aunt Bea


    Lets not forget about Elam’s reaction to being censured by the Commission after an ethics investigation. She immediately voted to change the ethics ordinance:


    What a great solution! Get caught breaking the rules – change the rules.

    I guess the bright side of her being elected to the State house is that she shouldn’t have any trouble fitting in with the self-serving politicians already there.

  15. Butch Huber

    Aunt Bea,

    I think you are wrong on her fitting in, the self-serving politicians that are there would be offended at how she acts. They would be saying to each other, “All she ever thinks about is herself and what she wants. Who does she think she is?”

    Marketing 101,

    I think it is time for an old fashioned uprising all across this nation. It is time to send the illegals home, it is time to end all governmental social programs including Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare, and Public Schools by replacing them with functional private entities and by empowering the non-profit entities and by deregulation of religious institutions in this country. It is time to pick up the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, and the Constitution of the State of Tennessee, role them into a club, and beat back government until it has been utterly and completely chased out of the private lives of the citizens. I am tired of government being able to operate outside of the confines of the box whose dimensions were laid-out by the Founding Fathers while if we operate outside the law we go to jail or pay outrageous fines and penalties. Yes, I agree, it is time to rise up, but we can’t stop until the job is finished. It is time to return to a land of liberty and justice for all.

  16. Jack

    She is a disgrace and, thankfully, neither a Republican nor a conservative.

  17. Thanks for the input everyone. I am happy to be learning more about the community in which I have lived for the last three years.

    Having triplets has made it difficult for me to follow more issues than I normally do, but now, they are potty trained and in preschool five days a week. This seat needs to be in the hands of someone we can trust to reform our state government according to the federalist model. I will do all I can to assure that this comes to pass.

    Our precious, individual liberty and states rights are guaranteed by the 10th Amendment. Neither liberals nor big government Republicans are the answer for what ails the United States of America.

    There is only one libertarian, conservative, “bona fide” Republican running for Governor in Tennessee. I also happen to be a resident of Mount Juliet. Please follow my link above for more information and get involved!

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