Mt. Juliet to consider banning guns in parks

according to a tweet from the Tennessean’s Wilson AM




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9 responses to “Mt. Juliet to consider banning guns in parks

  1. Butch Huber

    I hope they ban crime from the parks as well. Crime is the problem, not guns. In the history of the world not one person has ever been harmed by a gun. People are harmed by the use of guns, or the misuse of guns, or by accidents caused by people being careless, but there has never been a case of a gun making up its mind to harm a human….ever. Wherever guns are banned only criminals have guns. While it may seem rational to limit when and where a person may carry a gun, wherever there is a limitation on the lawful possession of a gun there is a corresponding increase in danger caused by criminals being the only ones possessing a gun.

    The truth is that most violent crimes such as massacres are stopped by civilians, not law enforcement. Usually there is one or more law abiding citizens who take heroic action to end the carnage. How else do you account for mass murderers who are armed to the teeth, who still have plenty of ammo, being subdued or killed before police arrive at the scene? The media seldom reports about citizens who fire the fatal shot that ends such carnage, but if you read the reports of the people who were there it seems there is always someone there who has the courage to pull the trigger and end the mayhem. I am not at all fearful of the lawful carry of firearms at a public park, I am fearful of criminals carrying firearms at parks and not having anyone around to stop them when they start shooting.

    Again, guns don’t harm people…people harm people. Throughout history, humans have always found ways to harm and kill other humans….murder was being committed long before guns were invented, murder will continue regardless of whether guns are completely outlawed or not. Remember, criminals don’t obey laws…that’s why they are called “Criminals”.

    Outlawing guns or banning guns is like killing the messenger, it just doesn’t help. If we are going to assert that guns kill people then we have a lot of other things that need to be outlawed. Dogs have been used to kill people, are we going to outlaw dogs? Knives have been used to kill people, are we going to outlaw Knives? Sticks have been used to kill people, are we going to outlaw sticks? Fire has been used to kill people, are we going to outlaw fire? Water has been used to kill people, are we going to outlaw water? Stones have been used to kill people, are we going to outlaw stones? Rope has been used to kill people, are we going to outlaw rope? Automobiles have been used to kill people, are we going to outlaw automobiles? The fact is that not one of those things would actually kill a person if it were not for the intentions and/or carelessness of humans. (I realize that acts of God and acts of nature do occur, but even then, to some degree, human intention and/or carelessness usually has a hand in what happens.)

    I find it interesting how the second amendment gives us the right to keep and bear arms and then we spend so much time trying to keep people from having them. We need to hear more accounts of how law abiding citizens fire shots that stop carnage. The people who fought the terrorists aboard Flight 93 are called heros, wouldn’t it have been nice if they would have had guns to fight with? Perhaps 9/11 wouldn’t have happened if law abiding citizens would have been packing on those flights. Taking guns away from law abiding citizens doesn’t make us safer, it makes us less safe.

    Unless the city is prepared to post guards around the perimeter of the parks to prevent anyone from getting into the parks except through a set of metal detectors and have guards there to search people like they do at the airport the only thing a ban on guns at the park will do is force law abiding citizens to leave their guns at home and provide murderous criminals with a set of soft targets. Some laws just don’t make sense.

  2. Bobby Franklin

    Most local politicians take the position that they are “Independents” when running in non-primary local elections. They avoid commenting on national issues like abortion claiming they will never vote on the issue anyway. The public seldom gets to know how far to the political left or right the local candidate is. You’re told things like, “I’m not really a republican or a democrat” or, “I always vote for the candidate instead of the party”. And voters are left to guess about their political philosophy.

    And then the state legislature throws a curve ball right across their plate – gun control. The citizens of Mt. Juliet are now going to see how their elected officials interpret the United States Constitution – where every elected official stands on the second amendment.

    I wonder how many people will be surprised at what they see.

    I predict a lot of people will want their votes back.

  3. Nathan Clariday

    Doesn’t this law only allow individuals that are registered carry permit holders to bring guns into the park? I really don’t see the problem. This is alot less questionable then the guns in bars; which opposition agianst is still unfounded

  4. Nathan Clariday

    To comment on Butch’s comments:

    In England guns are illegal. They had also outlawed other weapons like pocket knifes, pitch forks(sarcasm) and other common utensils because after they outlawed firearms the crimes with these other items sky rocketed. People will use whatever means nessecary to commit crimes whether with a gun or knife, roll of quarters.

  5. Paul Deyo

    My understanding of the guns in bars law is that permit holders still cannot carry in the 21-plus smoking permitted establishments. I would have to seriously question the sanity of the guns in bars law if that were not the case. I would rather see two drunks duke it out than shoot it out, probably hitting everyone but each other.

    However the parks don’t allow alcohol so I don’t see a problem there. There are probably plenty of people already bringing both into the parks, of course.

  6. Butch Huber

    If the report I received regarding last night’s meeting holds true, it appears that the Constitution of the United States of America somehow slipped stealthily into Mt. Juliet while nobody was watching. How did that happen?

    I was already convinced that Sellers, Bradshaw, and Elam were going to opt out of the “guns in parks law”. I was so convinced in fact that I opted not to show up at city hall and voice my opinion. I didn’t want to chance that my getting in the way of some of the commissioner’s agendas in the past would cause them to vote against something that I am for. (Not that I am important, I just don’t believe that some of these folks have the ability to put their own agendas behind the good of the city.)

    From what I have been told, the effort to opt out of the guns in parks has failed….which means we have a fresh case of the Constitution of the United States being upheld in Mt. Juliet. Am I seeing a ray of light shining through the iron curtain?

    Criminals beware!

  7. Butch Huber

    I agree that guns in bars is not a really good idea, but until bars start searching everyone (with metal detectors and other methods) before they enter the bar you still have a situation where criminals have guns and law abiding citizens don’t.

    Wherever a criminal can enter with a concealed gun we are safer if a law abiding citizen can enter that place also carrying. The goal should be to keep guns out of the hands of people who have shown they will use them illegally, not to keep guns out of the hands of people who mean no harm. If the government is going to spend time and money on gun control, it should spend it on providing classes (non-mandatory) to teach people how to control their guns. The government would do well to educate people on issues like how to take cover and how to handle themselves in a hostile situation. If the government were to pre-screen people to weed out the bad apples and then offer to put law abiding citizens through training we could have many, many more highly trained people on the street looking out for all of our well-being and safety. Law abiding citizens are not to be feared.

    That having been said, I don’t think it is a good idea to serve alcohol to someone who is packing a gun. Perhaps the law should simply disallow anyone from drinking alcohol and carrying a gun in a public place. If you think about it, some people will carry a gun into a bar and drink whether the law says they can or not. When those people start shooting I would appreciate it if someone would put them down as soon as possible, wouldn’t you.

  8. Westsider

    I went through the Mt. Juliet class and have a gun carry permit. That class is a valuable public service.

    Many people think of the Wild West when they think of gun possession. The truth of the matter is that the legal use of deadly force is limited to self-defense only. Using deadly force any other way can land you in jail, debt, or both. The Mt. Juliet carry permit class does an excellent job explaining the legal use of deadly force.

    Why would anyone on the Mt. Juliet Commission not want gun permit holders in the park? They should be proud of their class and proud of its graduates.

  9. Perry Mason

    I watched the Mt. Juliet Commission opt out of opting out last night.

    Now there are a couple of other good things to celebrate.

    It looks like Jim Bradshaw and Will Sellers have opted out of re-election.

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