Senator Mae Beavers decides to run for Wilson County Mayor

A few more details at the Lebanon Democrat, and the full text of her announcement at Post Politics.

The election for Wilson County Mayor will be held on the first Thursday in August, 2010 – 14 months from now.In 2006, Bob Dedman ran for re-election and was challenged by Linda Elam. Philip Warren filed as a candidate, but then withdrew and was not on the ballot.

Don Fox has already announced that he is running for Wilson County Mayor.

A.C. Kleinheider discusses who might be running for the open Senate seat currently held by Mae Beavers.



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3 responses to “Senator Mae Beavers decides to run for Wilson County Mayor

  1. A Political Observer

    Is Dandy Don Meredith still around to sing “Turn out the Lights, the Party’s Over” for the Elam for County Mayor campaign?

  2. Butch Huber

    Is an election for county mayor even necessary now?

  3. Paul Deyo

    If there are only two candidates- Fox vs Beavers- it will be closer than you think. It will basically be east versus west. I doubt other Lebanon good ol’ boy candidate possibilities mentioned will jump in now. Since Elam really doesn’t have a base in the east or west- thirty percent isn’t exactly a vote of confidence for an incumbent mayor- her vote total might be embarassing if she ran.

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