MJ Planner resigned due to “misunderstanding” and lack of confidence in her

So reads the headline on a story just posted at the Mt. Juliet News website.

According to the Mt. Juliet News story, Keylon had been out sick for two weeks.

“Keylon on Monday did say she simply had a form of the regular flu and the circumstances surrounding her resignation stemmed in part  from possible “mistakes” about how news of her illness was delivered and how it was perceived.”

The editor of the Mt. Juliet News seems to know a great deal more than what she’s reporting in the newspaper:

And while generally the reasons of her resignation are off-record and personal, her resignation letter printed in this issue reveals she “had a role in the outcome” of her resignation, and she apologizes for what she termed a “simple mistake.”

Keylon resigned Monday afternoon via an email message. You can read the full text of her resignation message at the Mt. Juliet News web site.

Then there’s this interesting quote:

Robertson said most cities have three or four planners and now Mt. Juliet “has none.”



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2 responses to “MJ Planner resigned due to “misunderstanding” and lack of confidence in her

  1. Tennessee Jed

    Perhaps Ms. Keylon incited a health scare by calling in sick with the swine flu.

    It is understandable how this would be an issue in a city recently plagued by sexual-harassment-with-spiders syndrome.

    Ya just can’t make this stuff up.

  2. Butch Huber

    All kidding aside, given the abuses this city has been dealing with since Linda promoted herself to tzar, I am concerned (Albeit glad Ms. Keylon is gone). Nobody, and I mean nobody, should be abused by government (except liberals, terrorists, socialists, and communists, but they don’t count….by the way, has anyone seen my garden hose?), so if Ms. Keylon is another victim we should be made aware of the abuse so that we can add it to the list of wrongs done by this administration. Perhaps one day we can nail a piece of paper with some scribbling on it on to the door to city hall, okay, we can tape it, but I would rather nail it. On that piece of paper we can list the wrongs this administration has inflicted upon the employees and citizens of this city. Perhaps we can include a copy of the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Tennessee. We all know what they will do with those pieces of paper, but at least it will give them some humorous (to them) reading material to read while they are sitting on their throne.

    The biggest story in the news today was about the apparent rift between the police department and the new Judge. Apparently, the police department feels that the Honorable Judge isn’t convicting enough of the suspects brought before him for their tastes. Reference was made to the previous Judge as a comparison. This issue should alarm everyone.

    Consider a world where police can exert pressure on Judges to convict the people they bring before the judge. The judge is paid by the City of Mt. Juliet, his budget comes from the City of Mt. Juliet. If the Chief of Police can gain political power over the judge can the judge officiate properly? Justly? I think not. A conversation such as this, in my opinion, should never occur! The job of police is to ensure that when they bring a person before a judge they have their ducks in a row. If they have done their job properly the suspect “will” be convicted. If they aren’t 100% certain a person committed a crime, and if they can’t prove it beyond a reasonable, or “shadow of” when necessary, doubt, then they aren’t done their work. I couldn’t be more uneasy about this issue. This is the kind of thing that get’s honest, innocent people thrown in jail, and ultimately, due to the eventual backlash, guilty people set free. The government was separated into three branches for a reason, I suggest that we keep it that way.

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