City faces public records requests over sign ordinance enforcement

The Chronicle of Mt. Juliet has filed a public records request for the number of signs confiscated and the number of citations issued under the newly amended sign ordinance.

Realtor Monica Doll has filed a public records request for documentation on all citations for violations of the sign ordinance issued over the past 24 months.

Realtor Bob Sorey, chairman of the Governmental Affairs Committee of the Eastern Middle Tennessee Association of Realtors (EMTAR), has filed an open records request for the number of signs confiscated and the number of citations issued under the newly amended sign ordinance.

The issue is the City’s admission that it is issuing citations to realtors who place signs in the public right-of-way, but is not issuing citations to citizens who place yard sign or similar signs in the public right-of-way.

The Chronicle of Mt. Juliet has the full story.



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12 responses to “City faces public records requests over sign ordinance enforcement

  1. Butch Huber

    Isn’t adverse enforcement of the law the rule, rather than the exception, in Mt. Juliet? What do these people think they are doing requesting information from the City of Mt. Juliet? What do they think they are doing challenging the ultimate authority of Randy Robertson and the Board of Commissioners? How dare they expect to be treated equitably and fairly in this city? Do they really believe the press clippings about how Mt. Juliet is “so” business friendly? Don’t they know that we have a governmental mafia in this city, and that in order to do anything you have to make “donations” first? The friendliness comes only after you have giving your pound of flesh!

  2. Paul Deyo

    I worked with Monica Doll some years ago when I sold a previous home and found her to be very pleasant and professional. Her observations about unequal enforcement are certainly credible.

    Bob Sorey is familiar to me by reputation. I remember when he operated an office on Mt. Juliet Road fronting Clearview. He put up a large, attention-grabbing monument sign that I thought was too busy and lit brightly to the point of being distracting. He also parked a large box van bearing the same logo right behind the sign. When the sign was found to be out of compliance he and his sign made the front page of the Chronicle, with the accompanying article portraying him as a victim.

    Now he is in print again with a complaint. Certainly the Sorey family has generated alot of newsprint in recent months.

    Whatever the validity of the issues two things are clear. One is that the city has at best blundered in both cases involving Mr. Sorey’s complaints, once by enforcement after the fact and once by unequal enforcement. Whether or not Mr. Sorey understood the rules when he built his monument sign-apparently he didn’t- somebody should have clarified them before he went to the expense of building it.

    The current sign ordinance was designed to meet Constitutional challenges and it defeats the purpose of having a well-researched ordinance if it is being selectively enforced. Mayor Elam’s desire to allow political signs in the right of way during the fall election is yet another example of selective enforcement.

    The other thing that is clear is that the city should be more forthcoming with public information. Certainly there are ethical lapses at City Hall, particularly from the middle chair at the commission table. Witholding public information only amplifies the sense that all is not kosher at City Hall.

  3. Butch Huber

    The biggest reason there is a sense that all is not kosher at city hall is because all is not kosher at city hall.

  4. Insider

    Randy has called all the department heads for a special meeting on Friday to prepare for the incoming lawsuits. They will try to get all their stories straight. What a joke that will be. Maybe they will tape it for Monday night. “It’s a fool who plays it cool by making the world a little colder”
    The Beatles.

  5. Paul Deyo

    Think of how much more money there would be for police officers, roads and parks if the city was not in court all the time addressing the mayor’s vendettas and City Hall’s administrative blunders.

  6. Butch Huber

    As I have been saying from the beginning of all of this, “it’s going to get worse before it gets better”.

    When government fails to enforce laws against itself it no longer has an ethical basis for enforcing the law upon the masses. When government loses its credibility it isn’t long before that government falls. Those of us who have been involved in all of this for the past couple years have as a goal to get government to self-regulate and self-correct. This has been quite a task because there are so many special interests and agendas.

    It is time for the Government of the City of Mt. Juliet to realize that they need to recognize that it is their duty to ensure that its members act according to the law. Again, I believe that it should be the central focus of the government to discern the boundaries of the law and endeaver to land dead center, that is the only way that government can refrain from benefitting one while harming another.

    P.S. From what I can tell Chief Garrett is going a great job and nothing I have said was intended to cast any doubt or dispersion upon him personally or on his staff. The problems that this city have are at a higher paygrade.

  7. Paul Deyo

    Or perhaps at a lower, but recently doubled, paygrade.

  8. Cordell W Splivens

    Rumor has it that Nancy Pelosi has appointed ex-MJ Planner Lisa Keylon to a special task force.

    Lisa will head up an effort to add a “sense of place” in Napa Valley by implementing affordable public housing through density incentives.

    She will be missed.

  9. Paul Deyo

    Another one bites the dust….

    Waiting for today’s Chronicle to learn more.

  10. Insider

    What the commissioners really do behind closed doors.

  11. Paul Deyo

    Hilarious, in a creepy kind of way…..

  12. General Public

    Worth remembering

    General Public
    March 13, 2009 at 8:01 am

    It is early morning at The Fortress. Major Randy Pinoche has just finished polishing his Tank and is pacing back and forth in hopes of seeing his fairy godmother. Linda the Lamb had promised he would become a real boy if he played with her marbles. But lately, now that his splinters have wounded so many, he can pretend no longer. Now Pinoche reaches for a bigger stage. Flames of fire fill city hall, a dark cloud appears with eyes that reflect rules of power and fear.

    “I am the great OZ.” comes this thundering voice. “You will all obey me.” Then the prisoner casually walks over and pulls the curtain back. It’s Major Randy Pinoche; the wooden fingers gave him away. “Never mind that strange little man behind the curtain, I am the Great OZ” comes his towering voice. “Get that prisoner before the curtains fall. I said get that prisoner!” Inspector Gadget is on the scene, his flying monkeys take to the sky only to burst into flames when confronted by the many failed inspections held by The Prisoner. “Oh no!” cries Mr. Pinoche “not my inspector monkeys”. Then we find all at city hall fighting over Randy’s ruby slippers as darkness closes in. The only light to be seen is from the New Laptops searching goggle for help and maybe a new job. Then we hear them all in unison “there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no fire codes, there’s no fire codes.”

    The Prisoner turns to Ever-lost. “Are you getting all this down?” “Yes, I am.” She boasts then reads her script. “We see thousands of camels carrying our babies across the great desert in search of the very illusive MRI machine.” “What?” Major Pichoche says. “You have one right next to Mt. Juliet Funnies. I go there because of these trumpets I keep hearing.” Embarrassed, Ever-lost grabs some files and jumps out of the window. “I think I have a dead-line to meet,” she says. And now, everyone is starting to hear distant trumpets. Great Warriors are beginning to surround the city. “Do not be afraid,” Mr. Kill speaks with shaky voice. “These walls are made of hay and stubble, Gary Brando and Aimless Rookie personally inspected them, we have nothing to fear, or is that everything to fear?”(Finding it hard to choose between the Dark and the Light).

    Now one by one people start to flee from the city. “Stop” Acme Hollow-Man and his hired guns, from Harvard, Stanford and of course Radar from Mash (who wishes he were in Kansas) screams out, “Stop running!” We just have to “Wait Them Out.” That’s the sacred code of the hired gun. And remember our oath, “It is not about the truth, it is about the Power of Lies.” And now comes a noble turn of events. Sir Edward is seen standing outside the fortress with Sir Paul, one of the fallen warriors. “I am calling you out,” Sir Edward says to Linda the Lamb. “You and Pinoche will not steal our gold and take our land, for it belongs to the great Mount Juliet.” “Drop your weapon,” he yells pointing right at Pinoche’s nose.

    The Major starts to cry and cowers in the corner. There’s a flash, his fairy godmother shows up then slaps him across the face with a Wet Willie. “Snap out of it!” she screams. Mr. Pinoche looks up “am I a real boy now?” And just on queue Inspector Gadget bursts on the scene, “I’ll protect you my Wooden King!” “We now have permits to carry sticks, now where’s my monkeys?” Another day has fallen from the map of this troubled city. The trumpets are sounding closer and growing in number. Some are starting to believe in their hearts and be saved?

    There is still time, while there is still time.

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