Franklin’s termination letters removed from file, replaced with resignation letter

so runs a headline from a story on the Mt. Juliet News website (registration required, but it’s free).

Here’s a .pdf scan of the agreement.

Here’s the text of the agreement:

1. The claims against Sheila Luckett & Linda Elam will be dismissed with full prejudice.

2. TML will pay $85,000 to settle the case; The claims adjuster will use best efforst to obtain this authority. It is anticipated that this will be paid with $6,000 in discretionary costs as well.

3. City Manager Randy Robertson, City Attorney Jason Holleman & Lane Moore, atty will use their best efforts to obtain a payment of $75,000 from the Mt. Juliet City Commission. Upon payment of these sums in #2 & #3 and the other conditions, a dismissal w/ full prejudice will given to the city.

4. The two termination letters will be removed from Bobby Franklin’s personnnel file and a letter of resignation effective 7-13-07 will be substituted. Upon request, city personnel will advise that Bobby Franklin voluntarily resigned.

5. Bobby Franklin will not disparage Sheila Luckett & Linda Elam & Linda Elam & Sheila Luckett will not disparage Bobby Franklin with respect to the issues in this case, or the city administration to the date of the dismissal of this case.

6. If these monies are not paid within 10 days after the commission approval, the case will be reinstated and proceed with the current scheduling order.

Jack B. Hays, TML

Jason Holleman, City

Linda C. Elam

Sheila Luckett (by her atty)

Bobby Franklin



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6 responses to “Franklin’s termination letters removed from file, replaced with resignation letter

  1. Butch Huber

    Interesting. How can the say that Franklin voluntarily resigned when that isn’t what happened? When I was in the military, if I tried something like that, I would be charged with “gun-decking”. Gun-decking was something, that if found to be guilty of having committed, was grounds for being reduced in rank or worse. Isn’t this a matter of falsifying a public record?

    I think that he record should have a letter in it that says: “This man was the unfortunate recipient of unmitigated, deliberate and vicious attacks by one or more government officials who were seeking revenge upon him for having the nerve to stand up to his government by exercising his constitutional right of free speech in a public meeting and in depositions in an attempt to keep a government official from inflicting harm upon another employee. Their retaliation against him caused his termination under false pretenses. Franklin served this city well, and he will be greatly missed by all who have ethics, morality, and a sense of decency” That, in my opinion, would be much closer to the truth.

  2. Surfer

    mayor linda elam said she was opposed to the settlement when it came to the city commission for a vote.

    she had already signed the settlement agreement.

    how can she say she was opposed to it?

  3. Larry Whitney


    Linda Elam is a lawyer, and now a politician. Speaking out of both orifices is second nature to her and she has no ethical problems doing it.

    We are the ones that have to clean up the mess both ends leave.

  4. marketing_101

    The BS gets deeper and deeper with every passing month. The lies are piling up, and eventually Randy and Linda will be up their little turned-up noses in it.
    The amazing irony of their lack of ethics and downright law-breaking while crucifying Chris Sorey for trying to find out who and what these people are is making me physically sick. And the way our local press treats them as some kind of “untouchables” makes it even worse.
    I am no longer afraid of the dam in KY breaking – I’m more afraid of having 70 feet of crap coming through the windows of my home when national news of MJ City Hall’s exploits hits the fan.
    This stuff is worthy of national attention, and I’ll dance the jig when Linda Elam’s picture is plastered all over Nancy Grace. Good news is, we’ll finally have something other than the Tot Mom to watch. Now it’ll be Mother Gooser.
    The audicity of these people and their disregard for the intelligence of the people of Mt. Juliet makes me madder than a wet hen. But what makes me ever more angry is that only a few are willing to stand up to them.

  5. marketing_101

    And yes, I used the term, “Gooser.” It brings the connotation of what you get when you have a prostate check. Pretty much what we’re getting from City Hall, without the lube.

  6. butch huber

    The problem, marketing_101, is that the problems we are having in Mt. Juliet are endemic to our society throughout our nation. What we need in this nation is a vast grassroots citizen’s organization that is well funded and girded up to its ears in Pitt Bull type lawyers who passionately believe in the rule of law. We need to instill fear of the people in the minds and spirits of those who hold public office. One or two people acting alone are brushed aside because no law enforcement branch of the government wants to deal with the ugly truth that politicians are breaking laws all of the time. If they start listening to one or two of us every time we see an infraction of the law they would never stop chasing down politicians. The only difference between a prison and congress is that congressmen and congresswomen are free to move about the country.

    Will Mt. Juliet ever have justice? Unlikely. Sadly, there are just too few of us willing to stand up to them and hold them accountable. We only need 10 people who are willing to put it on the line to stand in the gap, but we cannot seem to find even 10, in fact, I believe I could count on one hand the number of people who have been willing to stand in front of the commission and call them to account (and I think I would have fingers left over). The apathy, cowardice, and complacency of the American people when it comes to standing up to our own government is shameful. Hundreds of thousands of young men and women have been willing to go to war to fight a terrible dictator over another country and to topple a terrorist regime, yet we can’t even find 10 in Mt. Juliet who are willing to put it on the line to bring down the terrorism that exists in our own town.

    Freedom is lost when the free no longer value it, the shackles need not be on our hands and feet, if only it is around our minds and spirits. We see the violations, yet we do nothing about it. We wonder how someone could stand by and watch the woman in New York being stabbed again and again without going to her aid, but our nation is being stabbed again and again as we watch and do nothing! Cowards!

    It was said that America would rot from the inside. It was said, “American will cease to be great when America ceases to be good” (or something like that). It was said that all it takes for our country to lose its freedom is for good people to idly stand by and do nothing. We have been warned of what it will take for us to fail as a “Great Experiment”, and we are doing all of the things we have been warned against!

    Marketing_101, the only way that Linda and Randy will get theirs is if they step on the “Wrong” toes. Isn’t that really how all people of power, at just about any level, eventually fall? The bright and shiny spot in all of this is Linda’s ego. She is “too” clever for her own good. Eventually, in the process of what she does, she will step on the wrong set of toes, and she will get what is coming to her. Who knows where she will be when that day comes. However, that doesn’t really fix the real problem, does it? I mean, if stepping on the “wrong” toes is the only way to be brought to justice, isn’t still about politics and not about law? How can a government long function if the people running it are moved by philosophy, opinion, and personal agendas and not by law? If they don’t fear the people they don’t fear the law, and if they don’t fear the law then all is lost. If we are unwilling to stand against them then there is no need for fear of the people! Who would be afraid of a Pitt Bull with no teeth? What could it do to you?

    Think of it this way. The Constitution starts with the words, “We the People”. I have grown to love those three words. I saw them on television just yesterday, they were emblazoned over a backdrop of the constitution of the United States. When I say, “Love those three words”, I mean “really” love. I mean right down to the core of my being. I am passionate about those three words! They are words that once shook the world and set in motion a “Great Experiment” that became the envy of all humanity! To think of a land where the “people” are in charge! Unless you know something about world culture you cannot really grasp how magnificent the words inscribed on our Declaration were. Our Declaration of Independence doesn’t say, “We the elect”. It doesn’t say, “We the chosen”. It doesn’t say, “We the nobles”. It doesn’t say, “We the wealthy”. It doesn’t say, “We the powerful”. It says, “We the People”!

    We the People of the United States are the powerful, except we are babies playing with loaded 45 caliber pistols! We have no idea the power that is within our grasp, we are just enamored with the shinny thing we hold in our hands! In all the world there are no people who hold such power to shape their own destiny and yet we have no idea how to use it! The leaders of a small town in Tennessee are able to wield their agenda and schemes against us with blatant disregard to the law, and we don’t band together, not even 10 of us, to bring them to justice. How will we ever win back our nation from the radical fringe groups if we are not even willing to win back Mt. Juliet? Ten landholders constitute a group called “relator” citizens, and “relator” citizens have tremendous power, however, when you can’t find ten men or women with the courage to stand for what is right this provision means nothing!

    If there is a national news story in all of this the headline would be: “How will we win back our Nation if the citizens of Mt. Juliet can’t even win back their little town?” The story would chronicle the obvious violations of the law that have occurred in Mt. Juliet. It would chronicle how I sent repeated appeals to the FBI, the TBI, the Governor, and to others with no results. It would Chronicle how Chris Sorey brought the media attention into the fire codes issue and how difficult that has been, only to have the city retaliate against him and how the city is able to use the media against Sorey to divert attention from themselves. It would Chronicle how Bobby Franklin was retaliated against for standing up for the law and standing up to Linda Elam. It would Chronicle how Rob Shearer was illegally forced to resign under duress and how the commission ignored me when I brought the issue to their attention. It would chronicle how someone stole a bunch of money from the city coffers and was never prosecuted. It would chronicle how the District Attorney General has turned his head to Mt. Juliet and refused to get involved. It would chronicle how the TBI said that there was no sense in them getting involved if the District Attorney General would not prosecute. It would chronicle how the SEC didn’t get deeply involved when proof was given to them, by me, that the city was moving headlong into bond fraud. It would chronicle how Randy Robertson has brought an iron curtain to the city of Mt. Juliet and the commission stands by and does nothing to lift it. It would chronicle the city mayor’s involvement in a fraudulent sexual harassment claim against a city employee who had the audacity to stand up to her as she tried to get him and others to issue illegal permits to a builder who had offered a bribe. And, sadly, it would chronicle how a people stood by and watched as all of this occurred and did nothing to stop it. (except the very few who have tried anyway)’

    Cowards. I can’t say it another way. I would like to find another way to put it, I really would, but no other word fits. Any man or woman who knows that their government has run afoul, who does not take action, is a coward. Apathetic? Yes. Complacent? Yes. Scared? Yes. Uneducated? Yes. But at the core of it all lies….”Cowardice”. When you “know” something is wrong, and yet you do nothing about it, and when it is your duty (as it is the duty of every citizen to stand in the gap), and yet you do nothing, you are being a ‘coward’, and no other word can quite fit when describing the inaction. When I know that something is going on that shouldn’t be happening, and I refrain from taking an action, any action, however small that action would be, however, ineffective it would be, I am shrinking back, and to shrink back is to display…”cowardice”. I have been as guilty as the next man. There are matters in which I have shrunk back. Rather than dealing with them head-on, rather than taking them to task for every little infraction of the law, rather than doing everything within my power as a citizen to bring them to justice, I have shrunk back. Oh, I could easily convince myself that the fact that there is nobody following or joining me in the effort, or relatively few anyway, that I am justified to withdraw, but the truth is I have no justification. There can be no justification for not doing everything we can to hold our government accountable, for when we hold government accountable we hold ourselves accountable, for we “are” the government. We are either going to be a nation of strong people, people who stand up and fight for their freedom, even if it means wrestling our freedom from our own government, or we are a nation of slaves. There is no middle ground. We are either freemen and freewomen of the greatest nation on earth, or we are slaves to the ourselves, for how could we be slaves to the government when we “are” the government?

    What we need in this country is not, “Revolution”, what we need is, “Reformation”. We the People need to reform our nation and reestablish it upon the foundation of the primal documents upon which it was first formed, along with a strengthened bill of rights. We need to expand our freedoms and expound upon the laws that ensure our freedoms so that no one will be able to erode those freedoms using radical interpretation of the law. We need to ensure that there is no question of “intention” in our Constitution when the country is reformed. We need to end the constant radical and extreme swaying of the social and philosophical pendulum that divides us as a nation and work to raise that pendulum more vertically in an atmosphere and environment of cooperation and collaboration. We need to depoliticize our nation as much as possible so that all are free to live and thrive, but still under confines of a common set of rules and guidelines that we all agree to live by. We need to have the debate over how we shall live in America. I am not afraid of that debate because I still believe in the core values and fundamental sense of decency that rests in the depths of the hearts of the people. Though, how will we have that debate if we cannot even hold five or six or seven people with very little power and authority accountable in little ol’ Mt. Juliet?

    Until we find our backbone we will be yet pawns in the governmental game of chess. Courage is what we need, but where will we find it? Will we be like so many other peoples of this world, who failed to take action until tyranny had overtaken them? Those people could no longer stand for themselves, they needed us to free them and stand up for them. Who will stand for “We the People” when all is lost?

    We have a President that we cannot even verify is a citizen of this country, Congress won’t act to verify his citizenship, the media won’t verify his citizenship, who will do the dirty work of finding the truth? This is what it has come to in this nation! We can’t even verify the citizenship of the President of the United States! Let me say that again, but in a different way….”Citizenship in America no longer matters!” What could be a more telling sign that citizenship in this nation is lost then someone climbing to the highest office in our nation without his citizenship having been verified. Doesn’t it strike you as being “odd” that the only person we are aware of who could testify that Obama was born in Kenya suddenly falls ill and dies just before he is elected? Conspiracy theory? No, just pointing out how oddly things happen in politics, you decide if you believe there is a conspiracy. However, you should know that Obama’s grandmother has been reported to have stated that Obama was born in Kenya. We know that his citizenship has not been verified, yet we stand idly by and do nothing! Nothing!!

    Cowards! A nation of lost people. That, unfortunately, is what we have become. Tea Parties are great, but what will they produce? Are we still a nation that is willing to, “Pledge our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor”, to gain, remain, and sustain our freedoms and rights? Really? Do you really believe that we are? I am skeptical. I believe we have become a bunch of suckling babies feeding off the government teat. How can we stand up to the very source of our sustenance? Courage is what we need, but who will be the example? Rush Limbaugh is the metaphor, the real target is freedom. Will you remove the teat from your mouth and stand? Will I? Will anyone? One would think that when the realization really hits us that we own nothing in this country, but rather the government owns it and leases it and rents it to us, we would reform, but sadly, we won’t. We are the proverbial frogs in the pot of slowing heating water…we won’t take action until it is too late….or will we?

    This city really only needs nine more men and women of courage, because I am and have been willing to take them to task as a relator citizen. We need nine more, but it would be great to have a couple hundred. The power of ten is fearsome, but the power of hundreds is overwhelming. I cannot in good conscience idly stand by and do nothing…my children are watching me. Twenty years from now, as they are overburdened with debts brought on during my watch, as they oppressed by government because of freedoms lost on my watch, as they toils as slaves to the government that is no longer made up of “We the People”, but rather “We the Elect”, they will be asking me, “why didn’t you do something, dad?” Those, my friend, are words I never want to hear!

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