New index to City Ordinances available on Radio Free Mt. Juliet

In 2007, for reasons unknown, the City of Mt. Juliet took down its online archive of city Ordinances, Resolutions, and Minutes. In 2008, the scanned Ordinances and Resolutions (but not the Minutes) reappeared, now hosted on But they were practically unusable without any index indicating the captions/subject matter. There are approximately 1500 ordinances in all.

As a public service, Radio Free Mt. Juliet has reconstructed the index to all the ordinances. It can be accessed by clicking on the word Ordinances in the page list at the top. Or by using the URL:

Radio Free Mt. Juliet – doing the job that City employees can’t (or won’t) do.



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7 responses to “New index to City Ordinances available on Radio Free Mt. Juliet

  1. Butch Huber

    This is would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. We have to piece together the truth, one painful process after another, in order to put together the picture of what our government is up to in Mt. Juliet. They don’t want us to know what is going on, but apparently they don’t know what is going on either.

    Passing an ordinance when there is already an ordinance on the book takes the cake. Shouldn’t every ordinance this city passes be investigated to see if it is legal and to see if another ordinance has to be repealed before the new ordinance can be passed? I know, I know, I am being too logical.

    Thank you Publius for putting together this file. Now if only we had someone who would be willing to smuggle out electronic copies of our public records. Can you go to jail for smuggling public records? Is that against the law?

    One day we will elect three public officials who actually care about the law and who understand the duty to the public that every public official must fulfill. Oh, that one day we would have a majority of people on that commission. One day the doors and windows of city hall will be flung open and the light of day will shine in and there will be a reckoning in this city.

  2. Paul Deyo

    I remember when my daughter and I were delivering Girl Scout cookies to Kevin Mack’s house and I remarked to Kevin that ‘it might be time to tell Gracie the truth about Linda Elam’.

    In the car she pressed me and I gave her the whole story- CRS and Bobby Franklin, etc, etc- in simplified form. What bothered her most of all was that Linda had asked me to put out negative information about an opponent at a lunch meeting about two weeks before the election. Gracie was dining with us but out of earshot. Gracie also read the Chronicle story about my being dismissed from the Planning Commission which caused her to literally shred an Elam for County Mayor t-shirt she had kept.

    I was exiting my car in the parking lot at Kroger and two older citizens were ranting about the mayor and city hall. One man saying, ‘I’m sixty– years old and I’ve never seen anything like these people’. Well, it was just as bad in 1999 but sometimes memories are short.

    Butch, you commented elsewhere that the Mayor would outsmart herself. I think that is already happening. Certainly I never trusted the mayor as far as I could throw her. But I thought she had good ideas that would help the city. Anything I could do from the inside to help with what I thought was good for the city I would do and I would keep my mouth shut about the lack of ethics and ‘respect my authoritie!’ mentality. Now I am on the outside and can speak freely.

    She is already backpedaling on promises to existing citizens. She is also taking over the Planning Commission by steering from the back seat and we will see less crafted and thought out and more developer friendly decisions in the future. Bobby was replaced by a well-read but inexperienced utopianist who wants to turn Mount Juliet into Antioch. The city is spending money like drunken sailors in port while ignoring the basic needs- fire, police, open space. I am reminded of the book ‘Animal Farm’ Orwell’s excellent treatise on the sham of Communism. But in this case, in the later chapters all the people are turning into pigs instead of the reverse.

  3. Butch Huber


    I have so much to say, however, I am going to limit my post at this point to one part of your post. As a former sailor, and in consideration of the fact that I have been drunk in port more than once, I am going to take the liberty to speak for all drunken sailor’s everywhere when I say that any comparison you make between the goings on in this city and drunken sailors is an egregious insult to drunken sailors…besides, drunken sailors spend their own money…even if they temporarily borrow it from someone’s slush fund. However, I am glad to hear you speaking up and speaking out on what you have seen. Always remember, Paul, you can’t strike a good deal or a good balance with bad people, it just doesn’t ever work that way.

  4. Paul Deyo

    My apologies to all past and present drunken sailors.

  5. Paul Deyo

    I do want to clarify that negative comments I made about a candidate on this forum were my own opinion. The mayor told me she hadn’t seen those comments, then gave me ideas on how to escalate them, which I never did. Makes you wonder.

  6. General Public

    By popular demand

    General Public
    February 27, 2009 at 9:58 am

    Bring in the clowns

    Light pierces the heart of city. There, surrounded by towering paperwork, is Jelly Johnson. “I have been at this desk all night long, searching for ways to hide the facts,” she cries.
    Major Randy Pinoche is heard prancing towards her door. “Are we done yet? You know whatever the outcome, this all happened before my time.”
    Acme Hollow-man, finishing his cookies and milk, still wearing the white mustache, speaks up. “This could cost the city 12 figures if we were to take it before the Throne. I think we better put off the roadwork and start supplying latrines for all the new developments. And we will need lots of gold from the local banks, so please don’t tell them about the other suits.”
    Inspector Gadget and the Inspector Puppets came bouncing in, wearing masks, and dressed as clowns. “We are ready to hit the banks, Major Pinoche,” they mumbled.
    “What!” Pinoche screams out. “We’ve brought in the clowns. Have things gotten that bad?” Then one of the clowns slammed her fist on Major Pinoche’s desk. “Let’s go get the gold!” It was Linda Lamb. She had now lost her marbles completely.
    “Stop! Stop!” A voice is heard, coming from the entrance to city hall. It was Sir Edward, from the great commission. “What have you people been doing to have cost this city it’s very soul?” he says.
    Then, everyone starts pointing at everyone else. “He did it! She did it! They did it! They shouted. “We didn’t think the enemy had tapes and pictures and copies and the empty cookie jar with the finger prints all over it,” they whimpered. “If we confess now we would be caught in 100’s of lies. What would the blindfolded public think?” they cried.
    Sir Edward sits down, with head in hands. “What have you done? Your deceitfulness will cost this city its future. Start telling the truth! Stop the madness!” he shouts.
    “I really wish someone would have run against me, and won.” Edward murmurs, and then turns to look at Major Randy Pinoche. “Is that job still available in DC?” He says.
    “Well, actually, Sir Edward, I was just joking about that, I mean what’s another 20,000 dollars right guys, well right guys? Everyone stops, stares and starts to approach Major Pinoche. Hollow-man jumps in “OK, OK guys we don’t want anymore sacrifices, we have to stick together. Maybe some more awards, some big flags or a skate park, and maybe Mr. Pinoche would donate 20,000 dollars to build it.
    Major Pinoche quickly changes the subject “How’s that new clown coming along at the Planning Post?”
    “We have more than tripled the fees for all the builders and in exchange they get free rubber stamps from all the Inspectors.” says the clown.
    “Are you getting all this down?” hollow-man says looking at Miss Ever-lost from the Mt Juliet Funnies, “Yes” she says and then quotes her script,
    “The enemy might be ruthless and they are after our babies.” she proudly speaks.
    The Major shouts out “Good Job soldier, your check is in the mail.”
    Just then the lights flicker and go out. “Sorry” Gary Brando’s shaking voice pierces the darkness. “I think the paper shredder is full.”

    To be continued (as long as it takes)

  7. Mrs. Lincoln

    >in this case, in the later chapters all the people are turning into pigs instead of the reverse. Paul Deyo

    There you go again, Mr. Deyo! First it was the drunken sailors, now you go and slander the pigs. Have you no decency, sir?

    Mrs. Lincoln

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