City of Mt. Juliet keeping citizens in the dark

There are four basic categories of information related to city commission meetings that ALL city governments have an obligation to keep up to date and readily available to citizens:

  • Agendas
  • Full-text of Agenda Items (sometimes called “Commissioner Packets”)
  • Minutes of previous meetings
  • Video of previous meetings

The City Commission of Mt. Juliet will meet tonight, February 23rd, 2009.

The Agenda for tonight’s meeting is available online. The .pdf of the agenda was created at 5:11 pm on 2/20/09 – or Friday afternoon, after the close of business.

The Agenda Items for tonight’s meeting are NOT available online.

The Minutes for previous meetings are NOT available online. In fact, there are no copies of the minutes for ANY previous Commission meetings available online.

The Video for the previous City Commission meeting (2/9/2009) is NOT available online. Videos of the two January meetings are online.

Is one out of four a passing grade?



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7 responses to “City of Mt. Juliet keeping citizens in the dark

  1. Butch Huber

    No, one out of four is not passing. This city has been under an iron curtain since Randy Robertson showed up here, and that is exactly how this commission likes it, otherwise they would direct him to make things available to the public. It is easier for them to do the things they do if there is someone there to keep the public at bay.

    Take for instance the city budget. It is reported that the city has $900k in the general fund, but what does that really mean? The city has obligations that it pays 30, 60, and 90 days out, which means that despite having $900k in the bank, we could be out of money.

    The city entered this fiscal year with a projected $1.4 million in the general fund. The city received $600K from a land swap deal, which I believe occurred after the budget ordinance was passed. If I am right the city would have been sitting at about $2 million in the general fund when this year began, or shortly thereafter. I remember around September the city manager sent a memorandum to the city commission updating them of the budget. He was gushing in that letter that sales tax revenues were higher than expected and, if I remember correctly, he stated that the FY 07/08 year end balance was actually higher than expected. In a bit of information that is available to the public the city is reporting sales tax receipts of $100,000 more than last year’s sales for December. If I am correct about the timing of money, the city has been very lucky so far. Take the $600K, add the $100K, and then add in the difference between what the year end balance for last year was projected to be in this year’s budget ordinance and the actual fund balance at the end of the last fiscal year, a difference of $300K if I remember correctly and you have a budget that, without one time money and a bit of luck, would be deep in the red. If the $900k is already obligated to pay accounts payable, then we really don’t have $900k.

    I believe it is time to have this commission direct the city manager to give the citizens an accurate picture of what the city budget looks like. I believe we are heading straight for a property tax increase, not because they need the money, but because they can’t control spending.

    Remember, this is the commission that fought all year to give away $2,000,000 worth of land to the YMCA.

  2. Willoughby Resident

    We should have seen this iron curtain coming. It is how our Vice-Mayor ran the HOA here in Willoughby for 10 years. The same community that gave us Elam.

    I’m starting to think that the elitist behaving politicians coming out of Willoughby Station Political Machine studied how Chicago runs it’s political machine.

  3. General Public

    Bring in the clowns

    Light pierces the heart of city. There, surrounded by towering paperwork, is Jelly Johnson. “I have been at this desk all night long, searching for ways to hide the facts,” she cries.
    Major Randy Pinoche is heard prancing towards her door. “Are we done yet? You know whatever the outcome, this all happened before my time.”
    Acme Hollow-man, finishing his cookies and milk, still wearing the white mustache, speaks up. “This could cost the city 12 figures if we were to take it before the Throne. I think we better put off the roadwork and start supplying latrines for all the new developments. And we will need lots of gold from the local banks, so please don’t tell them about the other suits.”
    Inspector Gadget and the Inspector Puppets came bouncing in, wearing masks, and dressed as clowns. “We are ready to hit the banks, Major Pinoche,” they mumbled.
    “What!” Pinoche screams out. “We’ve brought in the clowns. Have things gotten that bad?” Then one of the clowns slammed her fist on Major Pinoche’s desk. “Let’s go get the gold!” It was Linda Lamb. She had now lost her marbles completely.
    “Stop! Stop!” A voice is heard, coming from the entrance to city hall. It was Sir Edward, from the great commission. “What have you people been doing to have cost this city it’s very soul?” he says.
    Then, everyone starts pointing at everyone else. “He did it! She did it! They did it! They shouted. “We didn’t think the enemy had tapes and pictures and copies and the empty cookie jar with the finger prints all over it,” they whimpered. “If we confess now we would be caught in 100’s of lies. What would the blindfolded public think?” they cried.
    Sir Edward sits down, with head in hands. “What have you done? Your deceitfulness will cost this city its future. Start telling the truth! Stop the madness!” he shouts.
    “I really wish someone would have run against me, and won.” Edward murmurs, and then turns to look at Major Randy Pinoche. “Is that job still available in DC?” He says.
    “Well, actually, Sir Edward, I was just joking about that, I mean what’s another 20,000 dollars right guys, well right guys? Everyone stops, stares and starts to approach Major Pinoche. Hollow-man jumps in “OK, OK guys we don’t want anymore sacrifices, we have to stick together. Maybe some more awards, some big flags or a skate park, and maybe Mr. Pinoche would donate 20,000 dollars to build it.
    Major Pinoche quickly changes the subject “How’s that new clown coming along at the Planning Post?”
    “We have more than tripled the fees for all the builders and in exchange they get free rubber stamps from all the Inspectors.” says the clown.
    “Are you getting all this down?” hollow-man says looking at Miss Ever-lost from the Mt Juliet Funnies, “Yes” she says and then quotes her script,
    “The enemy might be ruthless and they are after our babies.” she proudly speaks.
    The Major shouts out “Good Job soldier, your check is in the mail.”
    Just then the lights flicker and go out. “Sorry” Gary Brando’s shaking voice pierces the darkness. “I think the paper shredder is full.”

    To be continued (as long as it takes)

  4. paul deyo

    General Public, I always look forward to the latest episodes of Pinoche, Acme and Lamb. They are hilarious! Well, they would be more so if there were not so much truth in them…..

  5. Butch Huber

    Has the cabal gone national? I heard the Press Secretary say that Vice President Dick Cheney is part of the “Republican Cabal”. Is that what we are, the “Republican Cabal”? If so, are we now National? And if Cheney is a part of it is he in charge? Could someone please keep me up to speed on what is going on in the cabal! To think we started out in little ol’ Mt. Juliet less than two years ago and now the Former Vice President is a member is quite an accomplishment! How about Carl Rove? Has he signed on yet? If not, does anyone have a direct connection that we can use to invite him?

    Power to the cabal!

  6. General Public

    By popular demand
    General Public
    March 13, 2009 at 8:01 am

    It is early morning at The Fortress. Major Randy Pinoche has just finished polishing his Tank and is pacing back and forth in hopes of seeing his fairy godmother. Linda the Lamb had promised he would become a real boy if he played with her marbles. But lately, now that his splinters have wounded so many, he can pretend no longer. Now Pinoche reaches for a bigger stage. Flames of fire fill city hall, a dark cloud appears with eyes that reflect rules of power and fear.

    “I am the great OZ.” comes this thundering voice. “You will all obey me.” Then the prisoner casually walks over and pulls the curtain back. It’s Major Randy Pinoche; the wooden fingers gave him away. “Never mind that strange little man behind the curtain, I am the Great OZ” comes his towering voice. “Get that prisoner before the curtains fall. I said get that prisoner!” Inspector Gadget is on the scene, his flying monkeys take to the sky only to burst into flames when confronted by the many failed inspections held by The Prisoner. “Oh no!” cries Mr. Pinoche “not my inspector monkeys”. Then we find all at city hall fighting over Randy’s ruby slippers as darkness closes in. The only light to be seen is from the New Laptops searching goggle for help and maybe a new job. Then we hear them all in unison “there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no fire codes, there’s no fire codes.”

    The Prisoner turns to Ever-lost. “Are you getting all this down?” “Yes, I am.” She boasts then reads her script. “We see thousands of camels carrying our babies across the great desert in search of the very illusive MRI machine.” “What?” Major Pichoche says. “You have one right next to Mt. Juliet Funnies. I go there because of these trumpets I keep hearing.” Embarrassed, Ever-lost grabs some files and jumps out of the window. “I think I have a dead-line to meet,” she says. And now, everyone is starting to hear distant trumpets. Great Warriors are beginning to surround the city. “Do not be afraid,” Mr. Kill speaks with shaky voice. “These walls are made of hay and stubble, Gary Brando and Aimless Rookie personally inspected them, we have nothing to fear, or is that everything to fear?”(Finding it hard to choose between the Dark and the Light).

    Now one by one people start to flee from the city. “Stop” Acme Hollow-Man and his hired guns, from Harvard, Stanford and of course Radar from Mash (who wishes he were in Kansas) screams out, “Stop running!” We just have to “Wait Them Out.” That’s the sacred code of the hired gun. And remember our oath, “It is not about the truth, it is about the Power of Lies.” And now comes a noble turn of events. Sir Edward is seen standing outside the fortress with Sir Paul, one of the fallen warriors. “I am calling you out,” Sir Edward says to Linda the Lamb. “You and Pinoche will not steal our gold and take our land, for it belongs to the great Mount Juliet.” “Drop your weapon,” he yells pointing right at Pinoche’s nose.

    The Major starts to cry and cowers in the corner. There’s a flash, his fairy godmother shows up then slaps him across the face with a Wet Willie. “Snap out of it!” she screams. Mr. Pinoche looks up “am I a real boy now?” And just on queue Inspector Gadget bursts on the scene, “I’ll protect you my Wooden King!” “We now have permits to carry sticks, now where’s my monkeys?” Another day has fallen from the map of this troubled city. The trumpets are sounding closer and growing in number. Some are starting to believe in their hearts and be saved?

    There is still time, while there is still time.

    ps. “God speed Sir Paul”

  7. butch huber

    How long? How long will we sit and just complain that our civil liberties are being taken away from us? How long will we idly watch as our government usurps its authority, eroding our freedoms and protections? How long will we as Americans complacently stand and do nothing as Obama and the liberal wing of our government attack the ideals of our nation?

    They think it is okay to “regulate” everything! I was beginning to go down the road they are on regarding “regulation” until I came to my senses. The Madoff heist, the AIG blunder, the troublesome loans, and other issues caused it to make some sense that “regulation” might be the answer. But then I got hold of myself, and it didn’t look good anymore! Personal responsibility is the answer. An educated and informed populous is the answer. Our children need to be taught laws and finance, “we” need to be taught laws and finance.

    Think about it, is the government going to be able to afford to pay the caliber of person necessary to “regulate” industries without “destroying” industries? I doubt it. The end game of “regulation” is government “control” of industry. We need to stop relying on the “government” and start relying on ourselves. Instead of putting money into IRAs and 401ks that other people direct and control for us, we need to be putting money into things that we understand and have a grasp of how they work. We need to have Americans investing their own money directly into corporations themselves. In time, rather than blindly throwing money into a fund or stock, people would pick and choose who gets their money a little more wisely. I am sorry, but I can’t help but believe a that 200,000,000 sets of eyes wouldn’t be better than a couple hundred that the government would put in place.

    Make no mistake, “government” got us into this mess, more government won’t get us out of this mess. The government has its hand in way too much already. Reforming our nation has to start with an acceptance of personal responsibility, however, soon after we accept personal responsibility we need to tear down the walls of our government institutions and rebuild only what absolutely needs to be rebuilt so that the government can do its vital functions. American’s vote with their wallets as much or more than they vote with their ballots. We can “regulate” ourselves. The fact that a lot of fat cats were sheared by Madoff is a testament to just how lax and lazy American’s have become. How can so many wealthy people have been ripped off by him for so long without someone noticing what he was doing?

    How could AIG and other companies have gotten so bad off all at the same time without anyone noticing? We need to wake up in this country and become involved in the process. Rather than being sheep we need to be a part of the American Experience by educating ourselves and our children about industry, finance, laws, government, and business. Math, “Social” studies, English, Science, and the other typical school subjects are good to learn, and we should learn them, but there is so much more to learn that is as important, or more important, than those things. Sure, I know that industry, finance, laws, government, and business can be lumped into one of the “typical” subjects being taught in school, but I am talking about another level. We need to be graduating children who have a thorough working knowledge of laws, finance, industry, and business. They need to be taught how to educate themselves as well.

    It is time for us to take control of the children away from liberals who want government to play the roles for us that we should be playing for ourselves. Remember that group of women who got together and invested money together? They were killing the stock market average and they were just a group of grannies who decided one day to get together and do the research on companies and invest their money together. There wasn’t any real magic to what they were doing, they were just investing in what made sense to them. Let the people “regulate” by voting with their wallets. Don’t invite government into any area of your life that you don’t want it to come in and take complete charge of, because every area government enters it becomes master of in the end.

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