Mayor Elam removes Deyo from Planning Commission

Deyo had been on the Mt. Juliet Planning Commission for almost eight years, and had served as Chairman in 2007 and 2008.

Here’s the information, received by RFMJ last night:


Longtime Planning Commissioner Paul Deyo was informed via phone call Monday [February 16, 2009] that he was no longer on the Planning Commission.  The call came a day after Deyo received his planning documents for the month and was made by new Planning Commission Chair Jay Cameli.  Cameli made reference to a meeting that apparently also involved Mayor Linda Elam, Vice-Chair Luke Winchester and presumably City Planner Lisa Keylon in which the decision was definitely ‘made by the Mayor’. 

Paul Deyo was placed on the Planning Commission in April of 2001 by then-Mayor Kevin Mack.  He became Vice-Chairman later that year and served as Chairman from January 2007 until November 2008.  His accomplishments include work on the 2002 revision of the Land Use Plan, the creation of CRC Zoning, and actively working to secure off site improvements from developers as well as on-site improvements in the quality of development.  He has been an active advocate for the existing citizens of the city.   

While no reason has been given for his dismissal, Deyo states ‘given this Mayor’s tendency to ‘get even’ with those who oppose her, my lack of support for her in the last election is the root cause here’.  In addition, Deyo has been a persistent critic during the planning process of the Paddocks retail development.  Developer John Gipson contributed at least 1,000.00 dollars to Elam’s re-election campaign.

Reportedly a replacement for Deyo has been found, rumored to be city resident Charles Goodman.  The appointment has not been announced publicly in a Commission Meeting so this is unconfirmed.  The mayor removed Mack appointee and former County Commissioner Bob Reed last month to place herself on the Planning Commission and was using the state requirement of two Planning Commissioners from within the planning region but outside of the city limits as a justification for another change. 


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  1. Paul Deyo

    Hey, I went and picked up my plaque today. They’re keeping the plaque makers busy down at City Hall. I guess that could be considered an economic stimulus package of sorts.

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