Traffic Cameras, Quiet Zone, Personnel Manual, Town Center

The City Commission met on Monday night and approved the installation of traffic cameras at the city’s busiest intersections. Bradshaw was the only vote against.

They voted to authorize the Mayor to sign a grant agreement with TDOT under which the City will receive $100,000 towards the cost of implementing a Quiet Zone. [better double-check the population figures in that grant app, Madame Mayor!]

They revised the personnel manual. There’s no agenda up for the Jan 26th meeting at the City web site, so it’s difficult to be specific about what they did. [There have been no Commissioner packets made available online since November of 2008 – perhaps the IT Department is overwhelmed maintaining the City Manager’s blog.]

The Commission approved the appointment of a “Town Center Committee.” No details on what the Committee is charged with doing, but the members are Mayor Elam, City Planner Lisa Keylon, Kenny Martin, JC Hixson, Jay Camelli, Pat Everett, David Baker, Sam Anderson, and Phil Smartt.


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