Will Obama finish the widening of Mt. Juliet Road?

TDOT apparently hopes so.

In their nine-page list of potential stimulus projects there is only one road project listed in Wilson County – the widening of Mt. Juliet Road from Division St. north to Lebanon Rd.




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7 responses to “Will Obama finish the widening of Mt. Juliet Road?

  1. Butch Huber

    I didn’t have another place to write this, so I will just say it here. I wish you a merry Christmas. We have our problems in this city, county, state and country, but over the next couple days I hope you will shift your focus to what Christ did for us 2000 years ago. I hope you and your family and friends have a wonderful and blessed Christmas full of joy and happiness and peace.

    For the Board of Commissioners, the city leadership, Chris Sorey, Bobby Franklin, Cathy Reitz, Bobby Macdonald (SP?), and those embroiled in the controversies, I pray that over the next couple days all of the cares of your present situations will be gone and that you will have true peace during the Holiday.

    Merry Christmas to all,

    Butch Huber

  2. Butch Huber

    Again, for lack of a better place to write this, I will say it here.

    2009 is going to be an interesting year. While many are looking toward the future with a lot of anxiety over the economy, I would encourage you to look for the opportunity. What we are facing is nothing more than a reckoning. Many people have made fortunes over the past 30 years by scamming society. While we are going to be losing pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and dollars, those who have made fortunes on the backs of the masses are losing millions of dollars and billions of dollars. This, is the purest form of redistribution of wealth. It’s going to happen in spite of everything the government is doing to stop it. We are moving into the day of the small and medium business again! That, to me, is so exciting I could pee my pants. Instead of government hand-outs, we need bold people to lead the charge to help shift our economy from consumerism to production and manufacturing. Consumerism will make us broke as a nation, as it already has, however, production and manufacturing will not only enrich our nation, it will help the rest of the world as well. We need to shift toward a nation that is an innovative manufacturer and an innovative producer of goods that will increase the lifestyle of citizens of third world nations. Rather than doing the same thing over and over and looking for a different or better result, we need to engage third world nations to help them develop as rapidly as possible. That is where the real opportunity lies!

    The break-up of these large financial power houses and the massive corporation will provide unprecedented opportunity to those who are equipped and read to step in and take advantage of it. Look to partner with people to take advantage of market opportunities. Our poverty binds us, but together we can do whatever we want. Think outside the box and look for ways to leverage your time and money to take advantage of the opportunity that comes from this market shift. As people get laid-off from their jobs, small and medium sized businesses now have a bigger well of labor to draw from. That means these small and medium sized business will be strengthened because they are able to attract larger quantities of high quality workers for their businesses than they have been able to attract for decades!

    The immigration problem will largely take care of itself over the next few years as more an more people have to revert back to lower status jobs and take the jobs now being held by immigrants. I can tell you that the major corporations have a lot of people working for them that never should have been there in the first place….they were not qualified for the job, but corporations needed them so badly they would put up with their incompetence in order to keep their companies growing.

    By keeping your eyes on the horizon, rather than right in front of you, you will be able to see that on the other side of all of this economic turbulence is a brighter tomorrow. I don’t have money in the stock market, so in effect, my relative net worth is going up, not down (even if the value of my home drops). The key, in my opinion, over the next three to five years, is going to be in not holding on to what you have so tightly that you can’t take advantage of the opportunity that could propel your financial life to a much higher level. Because people tend to fear losing what they have, they don’t take risks. I say, take risks. Take calculated risks, but take risks. Fear is the greatest thief of all, for it locks people in the bondage of indecision and inaction. Don’t let that happen to you. Go into 2009 with you eyes and mind wide open. Start networking and partnering to develop a group of people who are willing to take risks during this time. Warren Buffet seems to be taking risks right now, and I would gamble that in a couple years he is going to look like a genius because of it. Now is the time to move forward with your dreams and goals, not a time to shrink back and retreat. If you are ever going to start that business or pursue that goal or dream, now is the time to start. I couldn’t think of a better time to do it than right now. The worst that is going to happen is you end up failing and go belly up. I would rather take a risk and go belly up, get back up, dust myself off, and take yet another risk, then live my life out in the land of couldhaveshouldhavewouldhave always wondering what could have been. I would rather bust out the other end of life having lived pursuing what I was wired for and never have reached it then to end my life never being fulfilled but never trying.

    I am personally experiencing an avalanche of opportunities and they just keep coming! I am developing a plan that will hopefully allow me to take advantage of all of them! Opportunities are coming at me faster than I can think them through! If you think creatively, and with an open mind, you too will have opportunity hurling itself at you.

    Here is a key to your future: During depressed times, during recessionary times, businesses need to hire and employ the services of innovative thinkers. If you are a person who can find solutions to problems where there previously wasn’t a solution, you have security during these times. If you are an innovative thinker you will be of tremendous value over the next several years. But I encourage you to use that innovative thinking to develop your own niche market or concept and work hard to bring it to market. Own your life by owning your own business or company. The times we are headed for are, in my opinion, the greatest time in history for launching a new business. I say that because the greatest asset of almost any business is its people, and there is a growing mass of available people. The only trick will be to be in a business that provides products and services that will be in demand and that people can afford to buy.

    No matter what happens in the here and now, I know that, statistically, forging ahead and being bold in these times has a greater probability of success then at any other time in our lives. Sure, you still have to be careful and choose your business and investments wisely, and you have to make sure you structure things wisely, but if you do your homework, and make good choices, you couldn’t pick a safer, more secure, more advantageous time to launch a new business.

    I spent years trying to hire people during the up-times, the quality of what was available was so poor I stopped trying. Instead, I relaxed, took a lot of time off to be with my family, and waited. I knew it was only a matter of time before we entered this period of opportunity, and here we are! I am so excited about the next few years I don’t know what to do with myself.

    Small businesses have a hard time competing against the big corporations for labor because of benefits and perks. We experienced a time of unprecedented growth during the early 2000’s that caused major corporations to suck up just about every available person from the labor pool, leaving small businesses to fight like hell to get quality recruits. Now, with an increasing labor pool, small businesses can flourish…and flourish they must! If small and mid sized businesses don’t flourish we are really going to be in a lot of trouble in this country. If small and mid sized business retreat right now, we will enter the deepest depression the world has ever seen. Encourage every small and mid sized business owner you know. Help them in any way that you can. Become a small or mid sized business owner and share in the rewards that will come from the largest shift in wealth the world has ever experienced! It is time to get rich!

    If you can’t bring yourself to start your own business, try to find a business owner that will partner with your. You invest your knowledge, expertise, and skill and let him or her invest the money and infrastructure. Create your own opportunity!

    A shift is coming, it is happening now, I want to benefit from that shift, how about you? Go boldly into 2009, and don’t believe what you read in the paper. If you ever wanted an opportunity, now is the time!

  3. Madi

    Mr. Huber,

    You are a real motivational speaker. I do mean that in a positive way. It all sounds good. If your plan was put into action with all people/
    businesses, it would be an asset to the economy. Growth is good, but looking at the big picture, wasn’t the small businesses/ family owned & operated in MJ run out of business for the big boxes? I’m not knocking the big boxes or the small ones and I don’t mean to sound negative but people are scared at this point and I agree that risks should be taken but it has gotten to a point that people are trying to pay there living expenses and put food on the table.

    I know we should all be grateful for what we have. Some have it better than others. As we all wish for a better year, we can only pray for blessings from God, Love & Peace. I wish everyone a Happy New Year in 2009.

    To the Firemen & Police Officers
    I also want to say “God Bless” ALL of the Firemen who get out and fight fires in the line of duty. Also, Our Police Officers who also keep us safe, As you put your life on the line, we commend you for all the hardwork you do in protecting us in a time of need. We as citizens expect you to be there but we dont always tell you how important you are, knowing that your there when we sleep at night. Whatever happens in 2009 our prayers are with you.

  4. Tennessee Jed

    The skies will clear. The trumpets will play.
    Obama will widen the road in one day.

    The folks in Mt Juliet will realize their wishes.
    And the road crew will be fed with loaves and fishes.


  5. Paul Deyo

    Butch, in your December 31st post you outdid yourself! In a good way.

    Great job of showing that the glass is really half full with hypotheses bolstered by an educated analysis to back it up. Made me feel better about the coming year.

    Obviously I haven’t been on here in a while, glad I checked in.

  6. Butch Huber

    There is a new wind blowing in the world today, a wind that would change America and convert it into a blend between communism, socialism, and capitalism. The birth of the new wind is from the east, from China and Russia, and from the south, from Venezuela and Cuba, and from part of the West, from France and Germany. They, those who caused us to need to have a military ten times as strong as any other nation, are now deciding what is best for America. They will launch an initiative to force America into their “New Democracy” under threat of isolation and dismissal. I heard the wind pick up awhile back, but over the past several months I have noticed the wind has picked up strength. It is time to awaken the American Spirit as a buttress against the gales to come, it is time to return to our roots as a nation, a nation of ideals and ideas, a nation of hopes and dreams, a nation with freedom as it central and core reason for being. These nations that would have us meld with them to form a “New Democracy” must quickly learn that this is not a nation to be trifled with or diminished in any way, we are not to be isolated or dismissed, and we will not become what another nation purposes for us to become, but rather we will steel our spines and we will become even freer. We will not allow the indiscretions and greed of the moguls of Wall Street or the pandering of the politicians to cause us to accept a “new democracy” that dismisses a government “of the people, by the people, for the people” and replaces it with one that not only sees itself as ruler, but one that sees the citizenry as chattel and slaves of an industrial machine. The indoctrination of our youth in America is bad enough already, need we go the full measure into the abyss of tyranny? These are the same people who forced us to enter into wars that were not of our own to save the free world from fascism, nazism, communism and socialism. These are the same people who have found that their way was wrong and was not a fitting form of government. These are the same people who have adopted a watered down form of capitalism and, due to the hand of friendship extended by America, have found success and prosperity, by trading with the United States of America, and who are now cutting off the hand of friendship we extended and are now trying to shove that hand down our capitalist throats. Who are they to decide for America what is right for us? We are not down and out, and those nations would do well to recognize that America has seen worse and survived, and we will survive and rise again. Perhaps there will be a change in our nation, perhaps there needs to be a change, but that change will be decided by the good men and women of this nation, not by the despots and tyrants of the nations we have conquered, nor by those who are cowards, nor by those who caused such bloodshed in the last century.
    America may have many problems, but we shall never fall to the pressures of foreign nations as long as we possess a great love for freedom and liberty.

    To the rest of the World, blow your winds of change all you please, but know that we are a mighty nation, and while we are capable of change when change is good, it will be us our citizenry that will do the changing by our own will and decision based on what we feel is good and right and just. Know that we have no quarrel with you, but do not forget, we value our freedom more than we value your lives, know that we will not let you change us no matter what the cost, for freedom won and lost is lost forever. Just because you don’t have the guts to go the full measure toward freedom and capitalism doesn’t mean that we are planning to meet you half-way. We are America, there is a tarnish on our shine today, but we will do the cleaning thank you very much. Blow-hards.

  7. Butch Huber

    I just read of the meeting that happened in Davos, Switzerland. Apparently, many of the world’s leaders are not happy about the injection of capital into the American Auto Industry. I guess they saw the troubles we have in that sector as an opportunity to take over the automotive industry, and are now concerned that we might just be able to pull off a magic trick to keep the big three alive.

    I am not for all of this bail-out stuff, I think it is just wrong policy to make us pay for bad decisions by corporate fat cats that get 8 and 9 figure incomes and bonuses. I am not against 8 and 9 figure incomes and bonuses, but if you are going to pay that much you ought to get what you are paying for. I am not for the bail-out, but now that I know it is upsetting Russia, China, France and Germany, I not quite as angry. From my perspective, if it makes those countries angry, it must be good for us and bad for them.

    They are all talking about free trade and how we need to stay away from protectionism. I believe we need to move away from “free trade” and move on to “fair trade”. Is is fair to us that China has been intentionally devaluing their currency? Is it fair to us that Russia allows such corruption in their businesses and then runs off at the mouth about how we have corruption in ours? Is if fair that we seem to have to provide protection for France and Germany out of our own pockets, only to have them say that there will be serious consequences for the United States if we move toward “protectionism”?

    I say, let’s move away from “protectionism” by first moving our forces out of Europe. Let’s close our European bases and bring our troops home. Let them pay for their own “protection”. I wonder what kind of a hit to their economy it would be to have to replace the benefit they get from knowing that Uncle Sam is watching over them as they sleep well each night? We spend $600 to $700 Billion on Defense every year to protect not only the United States, but to play policeman for the world. We could retract to just protecting the United States and its territories, and let the rest of the world have at each other. So soon they forget the ravages of the last century. So soon they forget our contributions to their way of life, they economy, their rebuilding, they survival as a people. Who are they to lecture us on “protectionism”? Who are they to lecture us on anything?

    Russia and China have enough corruption and human rights violations in their own back-yards to keep them busy, what right do they have to talk about corruption in our country at all.

    I say that we should pull out of all free trade agreements and start an initiative for the development of “fair trade” agreements. As long as their is a trade imbalance, we should never again talk about free trade. Free trade is a mechanism for globalization of the world’s market, and for the introduction of one world currency. Along with the globalization of the world’s markets and with the institution of one currency will come the election of one world leader to be president or king or czar or tsar or monarch or some other title and position.

    The effort is afoot to lead America into a new world order where the rest of the world will be able to elect leaders who will vote to “spread America’s wealth around”, only this leader, unlike Obama, will spread our wealth around the entire world. That is the end goal of all of this, to take the money from the rich nations and give it to the poor nations. It is the world’s liberal agenda, and it is starting to crystalize as we speak.

    If the conservative base of this country doesn’t rise to the challenge and take back this country, one day, within our life-times, we will see the introduction of a world government. We already have a world bank. We already have the United Nations. The only real thing that is holding back the tide of “globalization” and the “New World Order” is the Constitution of the United States of America and what’s left of the American Spirit and love of freedom”. But that spirit is losing its strength and our apathy toward freedom is taking its toll. Too many Americans are now looking at globalization as a good thing. Globalization is not good for America, its good for China, France, Germany, Russia, and for many other nations that don’t do as well financially as Americans have done over the past hundred years or so. Globalization is a neat and warless way to transfer wealth from America to the rest of the world. Our economy is so much larger than any other nation, and our military is so much stronger than any other nation’s, that is would be nearly impossible for any other nation to take us over or beat us, so now they are trying a new tactic, they are inventing a “New Democracy”, and through that “new democracy”, which sounds so good to the average American because it has the word “democracy” in its title, they will bleed off America’s wealth and power and shift it to some central power somewhere else in the world where it will enrich the live of the new world order’s leaders and power brokers, and where little of the wealth will actually make it to the people.

    A better way for America to go is toward developing nations. We need to invest in third world markets like no one has ever seen. We need to pick one or two to start with, and we need to rapidly move them from the stone age into the modern world.

    Another thing we need to do is amp up what we spend in the commerce department. We hardly even finance that department at all. How are we going to win in the world economy if we continue to ignore the very department that could establish beneficial trade deals for us and that could develop market ties with third world nations?

    The report I just read said that third world nations are having trouble securing loans because America is sucking up all of the money that is available on the market and because we are running up the interest rates. Do you see the opportunities that statement is laden with? I do. There has to be a way to develop third world nations as future trade partners with the United States, there just has to be. I remember when I was a child, how Japan was regarded as a country and as an industrial entity, look at it today! Just a few short years ago, before we opened ties with China, where was it? Look at it today! Just a few short years ago we were bailing out Russia, isn’t it growing and developing its economy? Capitalism works, but like anything else that works, it can be “overworked”. The problem with our economy is that we have been “overworked” because, while the rest of the world enjoys our “protection”, we are holding the globe up over our heads while they get to make hay in their little countries. If they want us to stay away from “Protectionism”, I say, let’s give them what they want.

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