Depositions postponed in former City Planner’s lawsuit – City withholding emails

Both the Mt. Juliet News and The Chronicle carried stories this week reporting that depositions in the federal lawsuit filed by former City Planner Bobby Franklin had been postponed.

The depositions had been scheduled to begin this week, but the City has refused to turn over to Franklin’s attorney several hundred emails which have been requested. The emails were exchanged between Mayor Linda Elam, City Commissioners, and then-City Attorney Paula Flowers. The City is asserting “attorney-client” privilege and refusing to turn copies of the emails over to Franklin’s attorney.

Franklin’s suit charges that his termination by acting City Manager Sheila Luckett was in retaliation for his testimony in the investigation of the ethics complaint filed by former Public Works Director Hatton Wright.

The suit seeks monetary damages from the City as well as from Luckett and Elam personally.

Franklin’s attorney, Doug Janney, said that he is unwilling to proceed with the depositions until the City supplies copies of the emails. Janney said he intends to request that the federal courts order the City to turn copies of the emails over.



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2 responses to “Depositions postponed in former City Planner’s lawsuit – City withholding emails

  1. Butch Huber

    Perhaps when Franklin wins I will finally get the e-mails between Linda and Paula Flowers that I asked for a long time back….oh yeah, I forgot, before I can get anymore records from this city I have to pay Randy Robertson’s fraudulent bill for records that I didn’t ask for.

  2. Madi

    That’s absurd! This paying for records is a joke! As you have stated; there are procedures for this. Butch, you or no one else (especially the courts) should be expected to pay for records or be denied from getting them. You know they(the city) have reviewed them, which leads me to believe items are withheld for a reason. What do they have that they don’t want the courts or public to see? I hope they are forced to bring the emails forward; I hope Mr. Franklin gets what he needs; and if there are wrong doings;then they will be held
    accountable for their actions. This city government cannot be above the law; when this suit is federal. More power to him!

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