Lowes & Walmart on track despite rumors?

That’s the headline on the front page of this week’s Chronicle.

In the story on page 7, the developer is quoted as saying everything is on track and that Lowe’s is now set to open in May of 2009 and Walmart in September or October of 2009.

This is a curious definition of “on track.”

In the February 13, 2008 Chronicle the headlines announced that Paddocks was “full steam ahead” with a target opening date for Lowes and Walmart of December 1, 2008.

And the City Manager made a big deal of announcing that this year’s City budget had NOT included anticipated sales tax dollars from the opening of Lowes or Walmart. Which turns out to have been a good thing. The City’s current budget year ends on June 30, 2009. If there had not been talk/speculation/announcements about opening Lowes and Walmart by Christmas of 2008 (or early in 2009), then there would have been no reason for the City to have even considered including projections of the sales tax revenue that would be generated.

So, it’s pretty clear that the initial opening dates for Lowe’s and Walmart have changed. They were originally scheduled to open by December of 2008. Now, it appears that they will open in 2009, with Walmart pushed back almost a year from the original estimates.



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4 responses to “Lowes & Walmart on track despite rumors?

  1. Butch Huber

    I noticed this same thing. I thought to myself “how is this on track when they were saying that Walmart and lowes were going to open between January and March of 2009? If I remember correctly, Randy Robertson even talked about how he was planning to give the employees a raise of 1 percent when these two stores opened in January.

  2. Bobby Franklin

    Paddocks is building at normal shopping center speed as opposed to the incredible pace set by Providence Marketplace.

    I will never forget the day Bill Misaveg came to City Hall and told me the phasing schedule of construction for Providence Marketplace would be altered. Instead of building it in three phases as planned they would be building it all at once.

    No shopping center in the Nashville region has ever been built so quickly. All of the others were constructed in 200,000 to 300,000 sf phases, most in three phases.

    All 840,000 sf of Providence Marketplace was built in phase one. It was the biggest and fastest shopping center built in the entire United States that year.

    I wouldn’t worry about Paddocks – it is just normal.

  3. Janet J.

    It is funny to me that the parking lot is done but I have yet to see any buildings being built yet. What has happened are they going to go ahead with the lowes and Wal-mart? Sure would like to know and when it might open.

  4. Paul Deyo

    It is my understanding that both Lowes and WalMart had closed with Gipson in January on the sites for their stores, as far as when they are built that is an open question.

    It is also my understanding that the main ‘Paddocks’ road was supposed to be connected to Pleasant Grove Rd. and N Mt. Juliet Rd. in December. It looks like they are close to doing that. The road must be open before the stores are.

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