Mt. Juliet City Attorney (and Metro Councilman) Jason Holleman rumored to be running for Congress

from an article on the Tennessean website:

Councilman Jason Holleman, also rumored to be exploring a run, was a little more coy, writing in an e-mail: “It is an intriguing opportunity, but I think it’s premature to speculate on what might happen if Obama gets elected and if the Congressman takes a position in the administration.”

Holleman is a first-term councilman from Sylvan Park.



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9 responses to “Mt. Juliet City Attorney (and Metro Councilman) Jason Holleman rumored to be running for Congress


    Hollow-man with all the other Hollow-men.
    I guess he would fit in. A man with no conscience.
    Look at how he has listened to the people of Mt Juliet.
    He sees the truth and ignores it. “Let’s get the deal done no matter what or who it steps on.” Have you notice how Randy has been quiet and let Jason run the show that’s the sign of a true leader right after all Randy said he went to John Hopkin, but you know I can’t seem to find him on the roster there, hmmmm

  2. Butch Huber


    Are you looking at John Hopkins or Johns Hopkins?

    And who did Randy say went to Hopkins? Himself, or Jason?

    Randy and Jason are there to protect the commissioners, not to ensure that things are done fairly, equitably, and legally. Jason seems eager and willing to allow things that are questionable slide through the process if they are something he wants to have done.

    I brought the fact that the budget was grossly mishandled and he didn’t seem to do anything about it. They see me as nothing but someone who wants to cause problems for Linda because she abused city employees and broke the law on numerous occasions. I am a nuisance to them. Randy Robertson said my efforts would be appreciated if I would draw a line in the sand and let go of the past. The antithesis of that statement is that my efforts are not appreciated when I try to hold public officials accountable for their past illegal actions. That is what he was saying and that was what he meant. Only he and I were in that conversation, we both checked with each other to see if the other was recording the conversation and when I asked him he denied recording the conversation. So, you can believe me, or you can believe him. When I brought to his attention that the things that I was telling him were true, and that he as city manager had an obligation under the law to take appropriate action he told me that he had no intention of doing anything about anything that happened before he became city manager. That logic leads to one thing, if three or more commissioners find themselves in a pickle, the best thing to do is fire the city manager and hire another one who won’t do anything about the things that happened before they came into office. What a criminal protection system! Abuse the employees all you want, break laws, do whatever you will, and nothing will happen to you if you are a commissioner in Mt. Juliet, and if anyone tries to do anything about what you have done just label them the bad guy, make it difficult for them to obtain evidence, and if all else fails, fire the city manager and replace him with a watchdog who will protect you from your past.

  3. Betty Boop

    Sorry it took so long to get back with you Butch,
    But I researched and Randy said he went to Johns Hopkins at that special Tuesday meeting, It’s on video.
    I guess he wants to let us how smart he is. But I still can’t find him on the roster.

  4. Antony

    Hopkins has many off site educational programs, including knitting, and $1.39 will get you a coffee at MAPCO.

  5. Butch Huber


    Randy is very proud of his education, and he is very supportive of those who have such degrees, as noted when he said Ms. Vollet had a master’s degree (the implication is that I don’t have a master’s degree in accounting. Mr. Robertson doesn’t know what kind of degree I have or don’t have. Truth is, I don’t have a degree in accounting at all, but I was able to find a lot of errors in Ms. Vollet’s and Mr. Robertson’s budget. Speaking of which, please also see my new post on the budget.)

    Randy Robertson also is quite proud of some scars he has from his service in the military. He has mentioned it to me more than once. The second time as he mentioned it he looked me up and down as if to say “you are less than me because I have scars from my service and you don’t”. I may not have “scars from my service” but I do have permanent physical damage from my service, does that count?

    I wonder if it is possible that he lied on his application for the position of city manager? This city commission wouldn’t take the time to look into a $4,000,000 discrepancy in their budget, I doubt that they actually checked his credentials before they hired him.

    I think this little tid bit could be of use here in a couple days.

  6. Butch Huber

    Could his running for higher office have anything to do with why he has worked so hard to get this YMCA deal put through? How will it look for him if and when it is revealed to the public in an official inquiry, such as in depositions in a lawsuit in Chancery Court challenging the legality of the votes taken in the November 10th Board of Commissioners meeting, that the city hasn’t actually handled everything in this matter according to law. And if it came to be that a citizen (WHO DOES NOT HAVE A LAW DEGREE) is more accurate than the city attorney regarding what the law says, how would that look for him?

    I have not met one person who, when queried about the YMCA deal and how it was handled that doesn’t say something like “they were just doing what they could to give Ray Justice one more shot at getting this deal approved”.

    If the way things have been handled in this city since Jason Holleman came to town is an indication of how he will lead as a politician in higher office, God help us all…well, let’s say…God help us conservatives….Liberals seem to like it when liberal politicians don’t follow the law. You see, if liberals ever actually had to follow laws it would be very harmful for them and their causes. Laws that dictate how government is to be run are just those pesky little things that liberals trip over on the way to a new world order.

  7. New to MJ


    I’m new to MJ (less then 6 months), but from Nashville. From reading your posts after someone told me about RFMJ I think you should go into writing conspiracy novels.

    With all your comments you need to either 1) run for office or 2) get some better evidence because most of what your saying is out there instead of noting numerous TCA sections or 3) start writing an editorial at a local paper or 4) start posing solutions other then firing all the City Commission and Department Heads

  8. Betty-Boop

    Well “New to MJ” I very much doubt you are new to Mt Juliet, it sounds like you are one of the accused feeling guilty and barking at the judge.

  9. Butch Huber

    New to MJ

    Just because I sound like a conspiracy theorist doesn’t make me wrong. I have challenged this commission again and again on what it has been doing, and in case after case, when things finally come to a head, it turns out I am right.

    I challenge anyone to go back and find some major position that I have taken and prove me wrong. If you can find where I have been wrong, and you convince me I am wrong (you won’t find a person more willing to examine the evidence with an open mind than me..I want to be right at the end of the game, even if it means I have to switch sides.), I will gladly repent, apologize, and make the appropriate retraction or correction to what I have said. I have said again and again, prove me wrong and I am willing to go to the microphone and admit it. So far, nobody has been able to prove me wrong, perhaps you will be the first. I invite and look forward to the debate. (Notice, the commission won’t debate what I say, they only ignore me. I wish they would debate me because I know that the law is on my side before I ever approach the microphone. If they ever actually debated me they would have to admit that they are wrong.)

    Coming from Nashville, there is a very high likelihood that you are a liberal, and based on what you have posted here, I am going to assume you are until you prove otherwise. You will be able to tell from my writings that I am not a liberal. You will also notice that I don’t care much for today’s version of liberalism. You should also know that I don’t understand liberals or the way they think. I’ve tried to understand, but I just can’t ever find a foundation under anything a liberal says or does. There is no foundation in the law for what liberals stand for in today’s society; there are no moral or ethical foundations for their beliefs; there are no scriptural foundation on which to draw authority, because today’s liberals have to accept such a wide separation of church and state they dare not use religion for their justification; there isn’t really even an associated foundation in the animal kingdom from which a functional model can be developed for the society liberals want; which really doesn’t compute in my mind because liberals use evolution as their explanation for the existence of all life, so you would think their model of society would exist everywhere in nature. In other words, today’s version of liberalism breeds, from my perspective, about the most unique creatures on the planet. They just seem to me to want to act outside the natural order of the universe. It would seem that there would have to be a common basis, or foundation, for a system of beliefs so strongly held within such a large group, but there really isn’t one, at least not one that I can discern. From my perspective, the only things liberals are able to act on are feelings, opinions and emotions. We conservatives have similar foundational feelings and emotions, and God knows we have our problems, but we seem to have at least a common basis for our value and belief system, the rule of law, which is more than I can say for Liberals.

    Having gotten that out of the way, on to your comment that I need to (not perhaps I would want to, or should consider, but “need” to) either run for office, or get some better evidence or start writing an editorial at a local paper or start posing solutions other then (I think you meant “than”) firing all of the city commission and department heads.

    First off, I may one day run for public office, in fact, it is highly likely that I will, but it isn’t likely to be a local office. Right now I am in the learning and earning stages of life and in the “raising my children years”. I am learning about government; I am developing my ideas and ideals of what government’s function and role in society is (Based on law and our founding documents); I am formulating my opinions on how best to work toward bringing about appropriate change in government so that I may play my part in an endeavor to help our country return to a place where government only serves in the capacity that it is supposed to function in; I am serving in my dutiful role as citizen; I am working toward developing core competencies so that I can stand strong on what I believe; and I am working on making myself a better person…and perhaps one day I will be a good candidate for a higher office, but I am not finished with me yet, so I will wait. At the same time that I am doing those things, I am working to develop concepts and strategies that will enable me to become very wealthy (I happen to love capitalism) and I am investing my time raising my children. I wouldn’t think of, nor would I recommend, that people with children in the nest run for public office. Right now, I am about two to three terms away from even thinking of running for public office. Over the next 7 or 8 years I will continue to do what I have been doing…working on me…becoming a better Son of God, a lot of work needed there, being a husband to my wife (lots of work needed there as well), a better father to my children (I don’t know if my work will ever be done on that one), playing my role in American commerce (My next goal in life is an 8 figure income, obviously, I have a long road ahead of me.), and doing what I can as a citizen by playing a part in the public process on a local level.
    NEW, I would be interested in hearing what you are you doing with your life?

    You said that what I am “saying” (I guess you mean “writing”, too) and writing is out there. I take that to mean that you are saying that what I write and say are not “credible”. You don’t seem to like me noting TCA. Do you not agree that the commission has to follow TCA? They don’t follow TCA, that is obvious, but how about you, NEW, how does that make you “feel”? Do you think that they need to follow TCA? If not, then by what basis should they govern? Opinion? Feelings? Emotions? We are a federal republic in this country, NEW. WE govern by the consent of the governed under the basis of established law. If government continues to throw out the law in the conduct of government affairs, as it has been at all levels in modern day America, then by what fundamental basis will we govern society? Are we to be a society that throws out all of history, history being a major factor in the development of the laws that exist, and govern from this point on under the basis of the view, opinions, feelings and emotions of the loud and boisterous? Shall we allow the powerful and rich control everything? How exactly, if not by laws, do you propose we operate as a city, a county, a state, a nation, a society, a civilization, NEW? Laws, developed by the representatives of the people, when such laws are held to the scrutiny of central tenets from the foundation of the society, are the only known way, at least to my knowledge, to arrive at a place with some semblance of order. Perhaps you can explain another way to me…I am all ears.

    If government doesn’t have to follow laws, then why should society? Let’s just go ahead and fling open the doors to the jail cells, set the prisoners free, let people do whatever they please, accept a life of chaos and pandemonium and call it “nirvopia” (Nirvopia: Utopia and nirvana wrapped up in one…I made that word up just for liberals.). You are probably saying “man, is this guy ever out there”? But isn’t that the natural end to a government that no longer functions by an established set of guidelines and rules? Find any society that has existed throughout all of time that has long functioned after government ceased to operated by an accepted and established set of rule and guidelines. America, with all its troubles, at just over two hundred years old, is the longest standing government in the civilized world. How did that happen? It happened because we operated by a common set of beliefs and a set of guidelines and rules called the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights. Today’s form of liberalism is eroding our nation like acid eats at metal. It is reshaping our government into one that operates based on rule of feelings, desires, agendas, and emotions and that forgets the lessons of history and the foundation of all existence…God. Don’t get me wrong, I am not speaking of all Democrats, just those liberals that now control the Democratic party in this country. To be honest, I have a hard time with the republican party right now also, even though “I are one”. I think republicans are making purely financial decisions at this point and they have also completely lost their way as well, which isn’t good either. For all I know, they are violating law after law as well, and perhaps, because I associate with that party, I am just missing a lot of the violations committed by republicans because I am locked in a paradigm and don’t realize it. To me, regardless of which side of the isle you are on, if you are in public office, you should have as your main goal when finalizing a law, ordinance, or resolution, the goal to fall squarely at the center of Constitutional law. If the Constitution is wrong, politicians should do what they can to change it, but until the Constitution is changed every politician should do everything they can to follow it and uphold it. Constitutional housekeeping, our ability to keep house by properly changing the Constitution so that it functions properly, is one of the great things about America. The Constitution may have many old and outdated provisions, and perhaps it is time to change it, or even abolish it and replace it with a new one, but until we do so, it is prevailing law in our country and it, along with the Declaration of Independence, establishes the guidelines under which we as a nation are supposed to operate.

    NEW, observe the Declaration of Independence, does it not scream at you that the signers and their followers had petitioned the King again and again to get him to govern according to established law? Even Kings had sets of rules by which they had to live and operate. Do you think that these people just got a wild hair one day and decided “Let’s overthrow the government”? Read what it says! The very document that established this country is at the same time admonishing all posterity “that Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.” I don’t want our government in Mt. Juliet to have to be overthrown, but it may be necessary in order to establish a proper government here. I believe the history of Mt. Juliet, and the history of Wilson County itself, may hold clues as to why this commission can’t seem to get its act together. Perhaps, it is in the best interests of the people of this city and the people of Wilson County for us to start again.

    The signers of the Declaration of Independence when into great detail reporting the long train of abuses foisted upon the inhabitants of this nation by the King. What have I been doing except to establish documentation of the long train of abuses of this city commission? I have again and again gone to the microphone at the city commission, reported what I have discovered, admonished them for their wrongs, sought redress through law enforcement agencies (Mind you, not one law enforcement agency has even once disagreed that I was right, not even in the slightest, they simply refuse to do anything about what I present to them!). I have appealed to the papers. I have appealed to the public. I believe I have greatly influenced an election, even one of which I am not a voter (I think that is why Ray Justice is so mad at me, because I helped him out of office). Finally, in the entire process, I have developed a trail of evidence and developed a record proving that they have had opportunity after opportunity to fix things on their own and self-regulate; and yet they refuse to self-regulate again and again. Only when I make a really big enough fuss, or file a complaint, do they even begin to do anything to change something they have done improperly, and even then they only change just enough to hopefully keep from being hammered in court.

    Just as I knew from the beginning, they (the commission and the leadership of the city) have now gotten to the point where they marginalize me, even scoff at me, they ignore me, and that, my friend, their willingness to ignore me, will change or it will be their ultimate downfall, and even though I am telling you this, and they are reading it, they are too stubborn and stiff-necked to realize that what I just said is true. Just as King George III must have ignored the signs of the times, and ignored the citizens of this nation, this commission is ignoring the will and desires of the citizens of this city. Just because my voice is one of the few that you hear, doesn’t mean that the sentiment isn’t held by many. At some point, as I continue to point out their abuses, the public will have had enough. NEW, people have gotten to know me in this city. They see me on television, they hear about me in the paper, the read what I write on this site. Some hate me, some laugh at me, some like me, and, yes, there are some who actually appreciate what I am doing. But make no mistake, people are hearing me…and that is the goal, to make them aware. I know that the common decency of the average citizen will one day work in my favor in all of this. I think it did in District one, and had we not had a four way race for Mayor, I think it would have worked in the Mayoral election.

    Everything I have said on here, and in public meetings, has been true to the best of my ability to know it, and in all cases where I have been proven to be wrong, I have retracted what I have said (at least to my knowledge I have anyway). You speak of conspiracy, but you have to understand the cause and effect of “Motive”, New. Motive, you know, that thing police look for when they are trying to crack a case, is one of the main focuses when looking into the actions of a politician. Rather than being transparent, politicians practice the art of illusion. They vote “for” things that make no sense whatsoever and vote “against” things that make all the sense in the world. Doesn’t that make you go Hmmmm? It does me.

    For instance, Ed Hagerty has historically been one of the most tight fisted fiscal conservatives on the commission. He even once read a talk given by Davy Crocket, now known as “Not Yours to Give”, at a commission meeting. Not Yours to Give is a conversation during which Davy was speaking of how the government had no business taking money from one citizen and giving it to another; it is a great story that all public servants should read. Yet, this year, he is voting, and even pushing as hard as he can, to get the city to give the YMCA a gift that is worth as much as 16% of our entire annual budget! This gift in proportion would have been the same as a $300,000,000,000+ gift from the federal government to the YMCA. The real cost of that contribution of land, no matter what we would have paid for the land, wouldn’t have been the retail value of the 8 acres, although that would have been a cost to us, no, the real cost to us would be the continued erosion of our society through yet further usurpation of the Constitution of the United States. Will Sellers, Ed Hagerty, Ray Justice, Randy Robertson, Jason Holleman and the YMCA itself, the lawyers of the YCMA, and perhaps even particular parties involved at the county level all worked as hard as they could to take money from the people and put it in the hands of the YMCA. Never mind that they had no legal basis from which to conclude this deal in the first place, how do you reckon such a shift in ideological positions by Ed Hagerty and how do you quantify the obvious and blatant actions taken by members of this commission and staff to overthrow the will of the voters in order to conclude this deal with the YMCA, if not through and by some level of conspiracy? Make no mistake, NEW, this commission, and members of it, have conspired with one another on many issues and matters, and the evidence is available for you in public record…just ask to see their e-mails to one another where they discuss matters before the city (as if Randy would ever give them to you). Every time they discuss a matter that is to come before the commission outside a public meeting it is a level of conspiracy, whether you or they want to admit it or not. If nothing else, they act to conspire to decide and influence decisions outside the view of the public when they engage in such discussions. They are violating the law in order to reach some level of agreement before you and I hear them discuss it in public. Who knows what kind of deals are being made.

    Instead of accusing me of being a conspiracy theorist, folks like yourself should be asking “why” are these folks working so hard to do this thing for the YMCA that they would stumble all over the law in order to do it? They are risking so much to make this thing happen, even risking the possibility of a major lawsuit, the possible loss of bond funds and the public humiliation for themselves and this city if they were successfully challenged in court, just so that they could do this deal with the YMCA, doesn’t that strike you as being an oddity?

    As for firing them all, what else is left to us? I have tried everything I know to do. They ignore whatever evidence brought to them, they hide evidence (Observe the withholding of documents in the Franklin case), they refuse to self-regulate, they changed their ethics ordinance to make it nearly impossible to bring them to account for their misdeeds, and no enforcement agency will hold them accountable, so, please, in my most humblest posture, I beseech you, pray tell, what is left but to run the perpetrators of such folly and mischief, and the causers of such embarrassment and shame, out of town on a rail? There is no doubt that they have violated their offices, or not lived up to the standards of their offices (which is yet another violation of its own kind), so what is left to do? Is ignoring the problem going to make it go away, or will ignoring the problem serve only to allow it to grow?

    Remember, I am not the one who caused these problems, I just the one holding the light so you can see them. If you don’t like what you see, blame them.

    New, I do sincerely appreciate you input and I welcome you to the site and to Mt. Juliet. My efforts are to help you, not to cause you harm. Right now, the matters at hand may be ones that you are in favor of, but that can change at any time. No matter whether or not I favor a matter or not, I remain the same in my stance that the commission must act within the framework of law. My efforts may serve you one day when you least expect it.

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