The latest Elam mailer . . .


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  1. Butch Huber

    This stuff is funny. Elam said the developer of Providence happened to be driving by Mt. Juliet and decided to build here and that Mack had nothing to do with providence coming here, but she recruited Paddocks. Ironic isn’t it? Neither would have been here if Mack didn’t get the interchange built or Mt. Juliet Road widened. But he had nothing to do with the growth according to Elam. I wonder how she would have been able to recruit anything had Mack not accomplished anything the way her administration hasn’t accomplished anything. Elam happened to be Mayor when everything around her happened. There are those who make things happen (Mack), there are those who watch things happen and take credit for what happened (Elam), and then there are those who wonder “what the hell just happened?” (guess who that is).

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