Wendell Marlowe is proudly claiming endorsements

from the only Mayor in the history of Mt. Juliet to impose a property tax (David Waynick)


from the county mayor who presided over the canceling of fire protection for Mt. Juliet and the construction of a new high school at the end of a two lane road with no shoulders and no sidewalks (Bob Dedman).

The two endorsements figure prominently in a full page Marlowe ad on the back page of this week’s Chronicle of Mt. Juliet.

Apparently Marlowe is the choice of the “good ole boys” in addition to the developers.



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4 responses to “Wendell Marlowe is proudly claiming endorsements

  1. Butch Huber

    How much evidence do you need in order to know that Marlowe will raise the property tax if he gets a chance? Marlowe is accepting the endorsement, and advertising it, from the very mayor who brought Mt. Juliet a property tax set above zero.

    Remember folks, Marlowe still hasn’t fixed the “moved out of his district and still took a paycheck issue”. I am certain that those three former mayors know that what he did. If they can throw their endorsement to Marlowe without him reconciling that issue then how much value is there to their endorsement?

  2. Larry Whitney

    Can we file a small-claims lawsuit against Marlowe on behalf of the citizens of Wilson County to force him to repay the amount he illegally collected while illegally “serving”?

  3. Mom

    Remember, he only stayed because he was asked to stay. Next year my son will be attended WWMS (where he is the principal). If my child or any of his friends use the “I only did it because my friends wanted me to” defense for any mischief that they may get into, will he get a pass from the school? (My child knows that “defense” doesn’t work at home!)

  4. Larry Whitney

    Great point Mom!! Marlowe is setting a terrible example to all the kids who he oversees at WWMS. How can he talk to them and morals and values, when his are so bad?

    Pay us back Marlowe. It is stealing what you did.

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