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  1. Butch Huber

    For those who think that these cartoons depicting Elam as a witch are over the top, let me fill you in. Hatton Wright filed a complaint against Linda Elam last year. There was an investigation into Linda’s behavior and she was found to have committed an act that amounts to official misconduct and she was censured for her behavior. She was very indignant during the entire process, acting as if she had done no wrong, speaking arrogantly and being haughty and elitist, but in the end, she was censured by the commission, and then after the commission meeting was over, and she was censured, she said “now that the witch hunt is over”. She, called herself a witch with that statement. Pansy has only been depicting her as she described herself so arrogantly during those proceedings. Instead of be contrite and repentant, she was characterizing those involved in her complaint as “witch hunters”. So if the witch hunt was over, and those involved really were witch hunters, then they must have found the witch, Right?.
    Now, do I think she is a witch? No, I don’t. In fact, I speculate that Linda is someone who is dealing with some sort of wound from childhood. That wound manifests itself in a persona that is not very flattering, but sadly, is the only persona she knows. I think she actually thinks she is doing what is right for Mt. Juliet, I truly do, but unfortunately, she doesn’t believe the rules apply to her. It’s as if breaking the law is okay as long as you are Mayor of Mt. Juliet, but the truth is, she really thinks that it is okay to break the law as long as you are Linda Elam.

    I didn’t call her a Witch, she did, I am not Pansy, but I believe what Pansy is doing is hanging Elam’s own words around her neck. Elam has no regard for due process of the law when it comes to her actions. If you don’t believe and act the way she does you are wrong from her perspective, and if you attempt to hold her accountable you are a witch hunter. Well, I may well be a witch hunter if the definition of being a witch hunter is when one endeavors to hold elected officials accountable for their actions. But “if” I am a witch hunter, what is Elam?

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