Mack leading in the polls

According to the Mt. Juliet News website poll, Mack is leading with 47.1%, followed by Marlowe with 41.2% and Elam with 11.8%:



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41 responses to “Mack leading in the polls

  1. Chris Sorey

    Shouldn’t it be poll in the headline? Might want to add the part where they say on their website that it is not a scientific poll as well. I’d hate for everyone to think it is over with Mack leading in the “poll” and all. Folks might get the idea Mack has it wrapped up and not get out to vote for him since the “poll” has him so far ahead.

  2. Butch Huber

    Polls are not election results…they are polls. So if there are any voters out there that think that Mack has this sown up, remember, you still have to go vote….but when you do, vote Mack.

    While this election isn’t over, I like Mack’s odds. Does this mean that out of 1000 votes Mack got 471 of the total vote? Is Mack going to win with over 50% of the vote in a four person race? I hope so, it will certainly be a mandate that the people of this city want to see real and substantial results from the next commission, results that only Mack has the ability to deliver.

    Now, if we can just get this city government to stop spending money like there is no tomorrow. District 1, please do be a favor and send Ray packing. He is trying to spend $2,000,000 of our tax money to give the YMCA a gift. He is a tax and spend liberal! If you put him back in we may need a property tax sooner than we think. When you go to the voting booth please ask yourself, do you like Ray enough to come out of pocket every year to finance his gift to the YMCA?

    Don’t believe him when he says that there are people out here that are spreading mis-information. The one that is spreading something is Ray Justice, and it isn’t mis-information that he is spreading…Whew, can you smell that?

  3. Nathan Clariday

    I know the poll is not accurate. Bradshaw always get about about 1500 or more votes. Last time it was 23% of the votes cast.

  4. Joe Fleenor

    I want to hear someone give me a reason why Jim Bradshaw should not be Mayor of MJ.

  5. Lex Luther

    Bradshaw stays three and a half meetings behind the rest of the Commission understanding the issues.

    It is hard to lead a group you cannot keep up with.

  6. Chris Sorey

    Bradshaw will get a lot more votes than most people would imagine.

  7. Lex Luther

    There are people betting he finishes third ahead of Elam.

  8. Chris Sorey

    There are some who are betting he finishes even higher than third when the vote is split up among four candidates.

  9. Nathan Clariday

    I believe he will probably finish 2nd. Joe…. I believe Bradshaw makes a good commissioner because he always questions everything and is probably the most honest one of the bunch. However, Monday night when he was questioning the YMCA deal; he let the rest of them blow him off. I just don’t think he has an overpowering personality to keep people in line….but I do beleive he needs to be a commissioner to balance out the commission

  10. Lex Luther

    Not meaning to bash Bradshaw but after a decade of board meetings can you name one single thing he has accomplished? Besides perfect attendance?

  11. Joe Fleenor

    Bradshaw may not have that “tough personality,” but the guy only wants what’s best for Mt. Juliet and that is very important. Nobody can question that. He actually listens to his constituents.

  12. Lex Luther

    It is not Bradshaw’s intentions I question, it is his ability to lead. The world is full of well-intentioned followers.

    Mt. Juliet better elect a leader this time because it hasn’t had one in four years.

  13. Truth

    I agree with Joe , Bradshaw is exactly what we need in government “He’s Honest”

  14. Joe Fleenor

    I don’t buy the whole “he’s not a leader” and the “he’s 3 meetings behind” arguments. Tell me why Mt. Juliet will be in worse hands than Elam, Mack or Marlowe should Bradshaw win. I want to hear policy faults, priority faults and judgement faults.

  15. Lex Luther

    Well, for one thing Bradshaw voted to repeal the MTAS ethics ordinance and replace it with one that does not hold elected officials to high ethical standards.

    He also voted against investigating Linda Elam’s involvement in the Reitz sexual harrasment complaint. There is ample evidence to suggest Elam encouraged the filing of that complaint and its submission the day before mediation of a similar complaint.

    Voting the right or wrong way on issues is one thing but Bradshaw has not produced one thing, vision, or direction in 10 years of being on the board.

    I am waiting to hear the one thing he has ever accomplished.

  16. Butch Huber


    The position of Mayor is a position that requires a tremendous level of influence to perform well, Bradshaw doesn’t possess the leadership skills to actually lead Mt. Juliet. The position of Mayor requires a person have vision, Bradshaw doesn’t really offer much in the way of “vision”. The position of Mayor requires the ability to get leaders of all level of government to work together to get things done…Bradshaw has some of those skills, but when compared to Mack, Bradshaw is still a school boy.

    I think that Bradshaw is every bit as good a candidate as Marlowe, if not better, he is light-years ahead of Elam, not because he is brighter or knows more, but because he wouldn’t knowingly do anything illegal to get his way.

    The qualities we are needing in Mt. Juliet are all contained in one person, Mack. The question shouldn’t be “why not Bradshaw” at this point, but rather “why not Mack” considering that he is the reason for the growth that has occurred in this city over the past 8 years. He lead this city well four years ago, he will do it again. We are in a time when we need a mayor that we know will do the job right, this is not a time for risking our future as a city to those who “may” be able to do the job.

    For me, because Marlowe refuses to set things right with the county, he is not an option. Elam, had she not taken a hard left, harmed a lot of people, and done so many things that were self-serving, and had she not caused this whole YMCA mess would have my vote if Mack were not in the race. Bradshaw just doesn’t have the juice.

  17. Joe Fleenor

    I was in college when Mack was Mayor so I am not as knowledgeable on him as others. I have heard from most of you — and from his website — all the positives that he has done for the city, but one thing that I am missing are the “negatives” from his time in office and his proposals for the city leading forward. Will someone please provide me with information on the real “Kevin Mack” and things that we might not hear on this website, which is obviously pro-Mack. I am not saying that’s a bad thing, but I’d like to hear from some of the people who are opposed to Mack reclaiming the Mayoral post.

  18. Butch Huber


    The fact is, Mack really didn’t have any negatives. He did an awesome job as mayor. There are those who don’t like him, but that is because he makes new development pay for itself rather than making the citizens pay for it. If you are a builder, you might not like him, if you are a property tax guy, you might not like him, if you are for big government and waste and abuse, you might not like him, if you want government to control your life and your money, you might not like him. I guess one might call not being in the back pocket of the tax and spend crowd and not being in the back pocket of local builders or special interest groups a negative, but as for me, those are positives.

    I honestly don’t any legitimate negatives about Mack. Well, he did allow an ordinance that is a pain in my backside, and that is the parking on the street ordinance, but as I understand it, the ordinance he passed stopped us from having an even worse ordinance. Then there is the edge city concept. I wasn’t a fan of his edge city concept at first, because I felt it unfairly inhibited development of land located closer to Davidson County, but then I got more information and I believe he is right on the macro level, I am not sure I am 100% sold on the micro level, but then again, you can’t argue with results either.

    He has had some clashes with people who tried to abuse their office or push him around, but that is what he is supposed to do…stand up for his power and authority and not back down.

    I guess what I am saying Joe, is that every negative that someone spouts off about Mack, once I find the rest of the story, it turns out that their negative is actually a positive for me.

    You should also realize Joe, nobody is censoring this site. It may be moderated a little to keep down the personal attacks against private citizens (Myself excepted, I have even posted the personal attacks that are e-mailed to me instead of being posted to show the character of the attacker.), but people are certainly able to attack Mack if they choose to, they just aren’t. Joe, the rest of the pack running for Mayor aren’t even attacking him! The absence of attacks against him at this point in the game should tell you something…he is the real deal!

  19. Many factions want to control Mt. Juliet politics. Developers, Builders, Bankers, and even members of County government have controlled Mt. Juliet in the past.

    Mack was the first Mayor in a long time not a part of any of those factions. The people elected Mack.

    The self-interested did not like Mack. The Chamber of Commerce was against widening Mt. Juliet Road! The Director threatened to lie down in front of the first bulldozer!

    Developers and realtors did not like the Planning Commission Mack appointed. That board started to require the developers pay for the cost of growth.

    I guess the biggest rap against Mack was the self-interest crowd did not like him. But Mack made the community better in spite of them. I heard now the Chamber Director is complaining that the rest of Mt. Juliet Road has not been widened yet.

    Many of the people against Mack’s edge city vision are now trying to take credit for it.

  20. Nathan Clariday

    I may be mistaken but didn’t Mack help get Linda Elam on the planning commission

  21. Butch Huber


    I believe the answer to your question is “yes”. However, that was before Linda came out of the closet as a liberal. She had masqueraded around as a conservative until she ran for County Executive, then she turned hard left and went crazy.

  22. Larry Whitney

    When Mack was elected Mayor, his City Commish seat came open. Mack voted to place Elam in there, and she got in there over two or three others who were vying for the spot, including Sellers.

    The web is tangled.

  23. Larry – not what happened.

    When Mack was elected, and his D2 Commish seat came open, he (along with Hagerty & Bradshaw) appointed Larry Marchese to the seat to fill out his term.

    Mack did appoint Elam to the planning commission in 2001.

    In 2002, Marchese chose not to run for the D2 seat. Elam ran unopposed.

  24. Joe Fleenor

    There’s been one constant since the “boom” of Mt. Juliet started years ago — Jim Bradshaw on the City Commission. Coincidence?

    I honestly don’t know his voting record, but I would be interested in seeing it. My guess is that he has voted for most of the good that has come to Mt. Juliet and probably opposed most of the squandering of money. Does someone know his voting record?

  25. Lex Luther

    Jim Bradshaw has voted against almost every city budget. He voted against the Central Pike Interchange before he voted for it. He is against the “edge city” concept.

    I cannot think of any original idea or issue that he can call his own.

    If he were leadership material wouldn’t he have done something in 10 years?

  26. Larry Whitney

    I stand corrected.

  27. Truth

    Worth the review

    Chapter 3 scene 1

    Colonel Randy Pinoche stands pounding on Acme Hollow-man door. I can’t take this any more! My nose is soooo sore. He pushes open the door, and there Acme Hollow-man stands stirring potions into a big smoky pot. Alligator tears, that’s what we need, more alligator tears, murmuring as he throws them in the pot. He looks up, “Not so loud Colonel, you have to be quiet, because everyone around here thinks you’re a real boy”.
    The Colonel cracks his wooden knuckles and speaks; “we need to prepare for the incoming commission”, (the changing of the guard as some might say). “We will need more flags, more mirrors, more plaques, and some sharper shears for the new sheep. And yes, Jelly Johnson needs more guards at the city gates”. “I thought I changed those locks!” Acme Hollow-man shouts. “NO! NO”! Colonel Pinoche speaks out;” it’s the truth, that’s what’s trying to get out”.
    Marty Kill’s hands shot straight up as the Colonel’s nose hits his back. “Put your hands down, it’s just me,” he says. “Where’s Aimless Rookie, Gary Brando and inspector Gary Gadget? We need all the troops for a special meeting. Listen up! We need to start taking more credit for the things we haven’t done, the roads, the schools the building inspections, and those fire code inspections, right Marty? And don’t forget if we spin all our gold to protect the peasants from fire, we won’t get that lifetime membership at the Y. So wake up people”.
    “Now, where is that Army tank I ordered from Acme? It’s going to look real nice in front of city hall. Maybe that will keep those peons from the secret files. And finally, be very, very careful of all the pits we’ve been digging that we don’t fall in ourselves. How’s that brew coming along Hollow-man? I’ve been a puppet a pauper a pirate a poet, a pawn and a king, Oh how I love to sing”!

    To be continued

  28. Joe Fleenor

    The question really is “who will be willing to sit down with Lebanon city officials without any preconditions?”

  29. The question really is “who’s been pal’ing around with terrorists developers?”

  30. Paul Deyo

    Joe, wouldn’t the question really be “who will sit down with county officials and REPRESENT THE CITIZENS OF MT. JULIET?”

    Also, now that you live in Franklin you are aware of how building quality of life into the city fabric improves the whole appearance and value of a city. We have two mayoral candidates who favor high standards, one who voted against most efforts to raise the bar and one receiving financial support and endorsements from those whose self-interest precluded any attempt at civic pride and improvement.

    Compare the Lebanon Road widening done under Waynick (no sidewalks or bike lanes and narrow shoulders) with that of Mt. Juliet Road under Mack. Mack and his staff cared and did the extra work to get a better road from the state. If you remember the appearance of the city in 1999, when it was run by Marlowe’s supporters, and look at it now the difference is clear. And that difference began in November of 2000 and continues today.

    Larry, I understand your confusion as D2 has been a merry-go-round. Kevin Mack replaced Clark by winning election in 1998. Larry Marchese was appointed in 2000 and did not seek re-election. Linda Elam was elected without opposition in 2002. Glenn Linthicum was appointed when Elam won the Mayoral election in 2004 in an amusing ‘comedy of errors’ selection process that was in the news for weeks. And Sellers was elected in 2006.

  31. Glen Linthicum

    I am glad I could be an amusing appointment for you Paul! LoL
    I agree Paul; we need someone at the county level that will represent the citizens of MT JULIET and not the “old boys” network and not Lebanon. Too long has Mt Juliet sat by and watched the county short change the citizens of Mt Juliet and we keep electing the same old commissioners to represent us. I am sorry I did not do more to keep my seat. I have always felt a bit guilty for not doing more and allowing this city commission to slide so far down. I hope that the next commission moves the Home rule issue forward and amends the city charter to protect us from a punitive property tax. I hope the next commission does find a way to work with the county commission. I hold out hope to an end to the whole East – West debate but I wouldn’t bank on it.

  32. Livin south of I-40

    One thing with the race that hasn’t been discussed as of yet have the been all the residents who live in Providence who did not live here in 2004. Bradshaw has been pretty active in Providence and with the over 600 homes not including the apartments that makes for a lot of “new” voters who can make a serious twist to the election.

    If you look at all the districts in the city District 4 has seen the most development with Providence and Triple Crowne growing in the past 4 years. District 2 has seen a fair amount also, but not at the rate of District 4. I’m sure Bradshaw is banking on that in his race.

  33. Butch Huber


    Elam caused so much damage to this city due to her arrogance and her bullying tactics. Bradshaw would cause damage for another reason…his personality. Bradshaw may or may not be a great guy, and he is active in his community, but he is the guy who woke up on top of the mountain one day and is now sure he climbed it. He has little to nothing to do with why Providence is there. Kevin Mack, Rob Shearer, Bobby Franklin, and Mae Beavers are the reason that Providence is there. Bradshaw was allowed to stand by the road and wave to the people as they passed by.

    The people who live in his district may like him, but I am banking on the ideal that when a person enters the voting booth and casts their vote they pause to think for at least one moment before they push the button or pull the lever. He simply isn’t the guy for the job. Nothing more can really be said about it, except that he isn’t the right guy for the job….he doesn’t have the right stuff.

  34. Livin south of I-40

    True comments Butch, but you need to remember that very few if any lived here when Mack was Mayor so they do not know who was responsible for getting Providence here and I’m sure most don’t care. .

    If you look at all of the candidates, the only one that the residents know if Bradshaw. The reason, he’s the only one who makes appereances at the events.

    I agree with you, but unless you educate the new residents they vote on who they know and in District 4 its Bradshaw. Mack though has had the best mailer’s though that paint a good picture of his record from his first term though

  35. Butch Huber


    You are right about Bradshaw making appearances. However, I am not sure that the best move he could make is to make appearances.

    Bradshaw votes for what is in the interests of Belinda City, not Providence. There will be a time when Bradshaw isn’t even on the city commission, much less as Mayor.

    And, I am not sure that he will get all of the votes from Belinda City either, there are a lot of people who live there who know that Mack is the best candidate.

    Who knows how this crazy election will turn out, however, as long as it turns out with Elam and Justice off the commission we will be much better off.

  36. Paul Deyo

    Glen, I’m glad you were in there but you must admit the process that got you there would make a good sitcom pilot.

  37. Glen Linthicum

    It did make my head spin! 🙂 Thanks for the kind words Paul! One good thing did come out of the process. Susan Lynn was able to write and pass legislation to require a special election should a city become deadlocked in an appointment process. So some good did come out of it! 🙂

  38. Joe Fleenor

    The Tennessean reported that some voting machines were not allowing people to vote in the MJ Mayoral election.

  39. Lex Luther

    There are always a lot of new residents that think they live inside the city but don’t.

    Election Day educates many people who are confused by their zip code.

  40. Chris Sorey

    The person in the Tennessean article was Richard Short, and he does live inside the city limits. The polling place was the Center Chapel Church of Christ, in district 4, where Bradshaw should have most of his support.

  41. Madi

    It’s 9pm, has anyone heard the election results for MJ?

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