Can’t Anybody Here Play this Game?

Police finishes investigation into LHS’ missing funds
Police is plural, guys. This should read “Police finish investigation” or Police Department finishes. . .”

Tax collections dip farther down
This is more than a bit redundant. “Tax collections dip” would work. “Tax collections dip farther” also makes sense, since one of the points of the story is that this is not the first month with lower receipts. But “dip farther down” is redundant. They could hardly dip farther up, could they?
Also – admittedly, this is picky – generally “farther” refers to actual spatial distance, while “further” is used for anything symbolic, metaphorical, or simply quantitative. So, “Tax collections dip further”

Candidates taut experience over opponents
Two problems here. One, the word you’re looking for is “tout.” “Taut” is a synonym with “tight,” and it’s an adjective, not a verb. Two, the headline reads as though the candidates represent one group, and the opponents a second group. Better headline: “Candidates tout experience.”

All in all, not the Democrat’s best day for headlines.

Herein concludes the grammar lesson for the day.

– Publius



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2 responses to “Can’t Anybody Here Play this Game?

  1. Lori

    Good job with the grammar lesson. Both the Democrat and the MJ News need a headline proof reader. Or, we can keep waiting for the “good” one to send to Jay Leno for his Headline segment.

  2. Edit Red

    LOL ~ seriously, I am.

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