Developers have picked their candidate in the Mt. Juliet Mayor’s race

Wendell Marlowe has raised by far the most money – $10,725. More than the other three candidates combined. And most of the money has come from realtors and developers.

Two questionable business contributions are to be found in Marlowe’s Financial Disclosure form.

One is from Summit Realty Group in Mt. Juliet, which the TN Secretary of State lists as an LLC. There is an attorney general’s opinion from 1998 which opines that the state prohibition on corporate campaign contributions does not apply to LLCs. It is unclear if the issue has ever been tested in the courts.

Browse through Candidate Marlowe’s financial disclosure form here.

And here’s a summary of Marlowe’s contributors ranked by amount.

To review all of the candidates’ financial disclosure forms, go to our Campaign Finance page.

– Publius


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One response to “Developers have picked their candidate in the Mt. Juliet Mayor’s race

  1. Paul Deyo

    Anyone who is not scared by this list should be.

    Also keep in mind that when Marlowe was a County Commissioner, for seven months longer than he was legally allowed to be, he never saw a tax or public-funded project he didn’t like. A million dollar horse barn for Lebanon is just one example.

    Those of you who lived here in 1999 remember the lack of retail, lack of sidewalks, run down and abandoned buildings, ‘anything goes’ approach to development, and a city property tax which was to be used to construct a ‘developer road’ that turned North Mt. Juliet Road into a dead end with no state highway funds available to it. If you miss those days, Marlowe is your man. If you don’t, and he gets elected, hang on to your wallets.

    Always be suspicious of the candidate with the most money behind him.

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