Headlines from The Mt. Juliet News and The Chronicle, 10/15/2008

Summit wants to open center in MJ

would like a long-term lease for approximately five acres at this site for the development of medical services. The city is “fine tuning” details to purchase the prime 12 acres from the county. The County Budget Committee has voted to put the 12 acres back on the market. County Commissioner Bernie Ashe said “the time ran out” on the city’s deal. “Nobody has done anything. We want to sell it.”

Candidates spar at Mt. Juliet News’ ‘Your Voice. Your Vote.’ Forum
According to the newspaper, the forum was taped and “will be aired on Mt. Juliet’s Comcast Channel 3.” No schedule for the broadcast given. It’s been a week now. Our bet – the video of the forum will never be broadcast. The “quality” of the video will be deemed “not good enough.”
Elam attacked Marlowe over voting $1,000,000 for a county horse arena, and charged he “never met a property tax he didn’t like,” and pointed out that he continued to serve as a county commissioner for seven months after moving out of his district.
Marlowe defended his vote for the horse arena, saying it would pay for itself. As to moving out of his district he said he stayed on, “because he was asked to do so.”
Mack charged that the City had once again been neglecting the problem of traffic and pointed out that Elam had been censured for a conflict of interest.
Justice said the City should start its own fire department and defended the purchase of land for a YMCA. Justice said his district generally supported a property tax.
Floyd said no property tax is needed at this time.
Mack reminded everyone that he had voted to repeal the city property tax in 2000. Bradshaw added his “no” on property tax as well.

MJ Mayor candidate Marlowe leads in campaign contributions
Did Marlowe accept an illegal corporate contribution?

Marlowe has raised $10,725; Elam has raised $2,499; Mack has raised $699; Bradshaw has raised $100
Elam also reported two personal loans from herself to her campaign totaling $14,000.
John Gipson (developer of the Paddocks Center) has made $1,000 contributions to Marlowe and Elam. The Tennessee Realtors Political Action Committee made a $1,000 contribution to Marlowe, no contribution to Elam.
Marlowe also received $1,000 from Ken Powers (developer of Mt. Juliet Crossing, and Elam’s former employer) as well as $1,000 each from Mark Distefano and Brenda Distefano.
The Mt. Juliet News reports that Marlowe received a $1,000 contribution from Summit Realty Group in Mt. Juliet, but that can’t be right. Why can’t that be right? We’re glad you asked. T.C.A. § 2-19-132(a) provides that:

“it is unlawful for the executive officers or other representatives of any corporation doing business within this state, to use any of the funds, moneys, or credits of the corporation for the purpose of aiding either in the election or defeat in any primary or final election, of any candidate for office, national, state, county, or municipal, or in any way contributing to the campaign fund of any political party, for any purpose whatever.”

Violating this part of the election law is a Class C misdemeanor. A) Surely Summit Realty Group knows that making a corporate contribution is illegal? B) Surely Marlowe knows that he shouldn’t accept a corporate contribution? C) Surely the Mt. Juliet News knows that a corporate contribution is illegal and a criminal act?
For all these reasons, we’re sure the details of the story in the Mt. Juliet News MUST be incorrect and that Summit Realty Group didn’t really make an illegal campaign contribution to Marlowe. . .
[hint: we’ll be happy to provide access to ALL the campaign disclosure reports from ALL candidates]

Summit Medical interested in MJ
And a few other things were done at the Commission meeting last Monday

County squire has “proof” MJ officials overlook fire codes in homes
County Commissioner Chris Sorey says that City officials have been signing off on houses that had not completely passed City fire codes inspections.

Ask the mayoral candidates
Bradshaw, Mack, & Marlowe prefer the Stones. Elam prefers the Beatles.
Bradshaw says the manager/commission form of government works good. Also full-time mayor works well.
Elam says the Mayor should have the authority to match her responsibility.
Mack believes the citizens should be given the opportunity to amend the charter to make the position of mayor full-time
Marlowe doesn’t think the city is ready yet for a full-time mayor, and we don’t have to be in a hurry.

County out $171K in legal fees in ACLU case
Actually, no. In spite of the headline, the text of the article explains that the County is out $100,221. The judge “reduced the award by 30 percent to account for the plaintiffs’ limited success.”


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One response to “Headlines from The Mt. Juliet News and The Chronicle, 10/15/2008

  1. Larry Whitney

    Summit Realty is owned by a guy named Ben Forkum. He develops both residential communities and commercial properties. He is currently doing the development on Lebanon Road where Painturo’s Restaurant is, those houses behind there are his development as well.

    Summit Realty Group
    12904 Lebanon Road
    Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, 37122
    United States
    Phone: (615) 758-6682
    Fax: (615) 758-6684
    Email: forkumb@realtracs.com
    Contact: Ben Forkum, Owner, CEO
    Year Founded: 1986

    The question is, where else does he want to build that he is going to rely on Marlowe to push through approval of?

    It’s all about the money with Marlowe.

    Hey Marlowe, we are still waiting for you to pay back the County that 6 months of pay you illegally collected after moving out of your district and not telling anyone.

    Marlowe new campaign slogan: “Mayor For Sale”

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